Jamie Lynn Spears welcomes daughter Maddie Briann

06/19/2008 at 10:37 AM ET

Jamie_lynn_spears_605996cbbjpg_2Actress Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, and her fiancรฉ Casey Aldridge, 19, have welcomed their first child. Daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge was born at 9:33 am CST at Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb, MS.

Jamie Lynn did not have a c-section, as other outlets have reported; however, she was induced. Maddie weighed in at 7 lbs, 11 oz, Jamie Lynn’s rep confirms to OK!. Her rep shared,

Both mom and baby are healthy and happy.

The pregnancy was announced in December, with Jamie Lynn confirming the sex in May.

Source: People; OK!; Photo by Mauceri/Adao/INFphoto.com.

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Veronica on

Congratulations! Cute name ๐Ÿ™‚

Monique on

Aww,that’s beautiful! Congratulations to the family. Her name is equally as beautiful as the news!

stรฉph on

Great News I was waiting for it!
I love the name Maddie and I believe Briann is in honor of her brother Brian with an extra ”n” to make it more feminine.

Do they pronounce it like Brian or Breeann?

Can’t wait to see a picture of this little girl.

I had heard the name would be Emma Jean, which I thought was also beautiful, but I like to be surprised with the name when the babies are born.

chris on

Congrats and best wishes to Jamie Lynn and family!

Christina on

The name Maddie is more of a middle name or nickname but I like it.

Good for her. Hope mom and baby are ok.

Brooklyn on

Aww. Maddie Briann is an adorable name! I wish Jamie-Lynn, Casey and Maddie the best of luck. I hope everyone continues to be happy and healthy! =) Congrats to the Spears/Aldridge Family.

Sylvana on

Congrats. I love the name.

Amanda on

Awww wonderful news! I’m happy to hear she didn’t choose a c-section. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see pics of the baby!

Christine M on

Gr8 news love the name Maddie so cute. Wish them the best

Melissa on

Congrats! Cute name.

I would assume it is pronounced Bree Ann

Cait on

SO glad to see that the National Enquirer was wrong! I knew they were not a publication to be trusted and this just proves it!

Congrats to Jamie-Lynn and Casey and welcome Maddie!

Aelys on

Congratulations to Jamie-Lynn and Casey ๐Ÿ™‚

sarah on

yah! i’m so happy for them!

Ashley on

Congrats to the new parents! I’m sure she’s beautiful. I cannot, however, say the same about the name. I personally hate it. They could have given her a more formal name to fall back on…Maddie is too cutesy and nicknameish. Oh well, congrats anyway!

say1031 on

I love the name Maddie. Very sweet and very southern.

Elizabeth M. on

Steph, I think it’s pronounced Bry-ann.

Congrats to Jaime-Lynn & Casey! I can’t wait to see what she looks like!

Luisa on

Congratulations Jamie Lynn and Casey!

Not really a fan of Briann, I think it would look better with an ‘e’ on the end, but Maddie is cute. I’m sure this little girl is gorgeous and I cannot wait until Jamie Lynn introduces us to her!

Hope the birth went smoothly and mama and baby are doing okay ๐Ÿ™‚

Heather on

Aww congrats to them! Maddie is a cute name..its my niece’s nickname (short for Madison) so I’m fond of it.

tink1217 on

Awww! Congrats to the family! I absolutely LOVE the name too!! I would think its pronounced Maddie Breeeannn, not like Brian. But I am sure its to honor her brother. Glad all went well! can’t wait to see pics!

jacky on

congrats to the happy family!

i love love love the name. i love when parents give kids a name that they will actually be called. why name your child madeline when you plan on calling her maddie, just name her maddie.

best of luck to them! i am sure she will be a wonderful mother!

HardCandy on

Maddie is interesting because Maddie is usually the shorter version of Madeline. I kind of like Madeline better but who cares I’m happy her baby is healthy and that everyone is happy.

Leslie on

Very sweet! I’m a little surprised there’s not a “lyn” in there. Are we sure Maddie’s not the nickname?

babyboopie on

Aw baby Maddie’s here! Congrats to Jamie-Lynn and Casey!

jillyen on

the news was annouced really quick. usually they wait a little while before they announce the baby was born.it seems like as soon as Maddie was born they announced it. did they really name her Maddie? not Madison or anything like that?

Sasha on

Cute name!! Congrats, I bet Jamie is so relieved.

Shawna on

I wonder why she was induced early. She was probably developing pre-eclampsia, which is more common in young mothers. I had it with my first and third children. I think Britney developed pre-eclampsia with her first pregnancy as well.
As for the name I would have done a more formal name like Madelyn or Madison and then called her Maddie but I still think it is a really cute name.

Jessica on

First off, congrats to Jamie Lynn!

but, it’s pretty sad that we’re at a place in society where we have to acknowledge something like not having a c-section. Why does that matter? Who cares how she chooses to give birth? I just don’t understand the mentality of people jumping all over someone they suspect of choosing a c-sect over a vaginal birth.

Bren on


I love the name Maddie, I did read somewhere else that the baby was named Cailynn, that name is pretty too.

Kerri on

That is such an adorable name!

Rachel on

I love the name. I was watching E-News and was watching the little scroll on the bottom go by. It said that Jamie Lynn had given birth. I was like: “WOW!!!!!” I’m happy 4 her.

Jay on

Congrats to Jamie Lynn and Casey!!

Autumn on

Hey that’s cool everything went smoothly for Jamie Lynn and the birth of her daughter. She even was able to delivery naturally which is cool too.

Cute name too.

Interestingly my cousin Rachel just had her son within the past day or so (she was supposedly 8 days over, but her son still only weighed 7 lbs.) and I’ll have to double check, but I think part of his name might be Brian too, named after his father! lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kerri on

Also, what a brave girl to have a vaginal delivery! I’m starting to contemplate having kids and have been reading up, etc…watched some birth videos online yesterday…ohhhh boy, did it scare me a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would have been completely terrified to attempt that at 17.

No offense to anyone who had a C-section…the recovery period alone doesn’t exactly make that seem like a walk in the park, either. Point being: giving birth is completely terrifying and huge congrats to her!

jadeye on

congrats Jamie-Lynn!

could Maddie be short for Madelyn or something similar? Having -lyn at the end would have been very cute. even if its not, the name Maddie Briann is adorable.

cant wait to see this adorable little baby!

Sarita on

Congratulations to them!
I like the name Maddie, although I would’ve gone for Madeline on the birth certificate. I personally don’t like names with a made up spelling, such as adding a useless “n” to Brian. Don’t see how that n would make the name more feminine either.

Caroline on

I have to agree with Ashley. They name is absolutely awful but the birth of a baby is always good news. Here’s hoping she will be given privacy by the press, unlike her sister, to concentrate on being a good mother.

Amber S on

Cute name! Can’t wait to see her!

RitzGirl on

Congratulations to them!
I am not a fan of the name as I find it cute for a baby/toddler but not so much for a grown woman.

Robin on

Congrats to Jamie Lynn & Casey! I was hoping for a more unique name…its cute though

Gabrielle on


I wish Jamie Lynn, Casey, Maddie, and the entire extended Spears-Aldridge clan nothing but happiness!

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

Congratulations to the new mother and father and wishing that Maddie is healthy and happy.

Natalie S. on

Congrats to Jamie Lynn & Casey on their bundle of joy!

Grayson's Girl on

Congrats to them! I’m glad to hear everyone is safe and sound and I’m sure deliriously happy. Maddie Briann is a pretty name and some how fitting for Jamie Lynn and her daughter! I’m sure she’s a beautiful girl!

Emily on

The funny thing is, yesterday when I saw something else about her, I thought, “it wouldn’t surprise me if her baby has a name that is some form of Madison.” My cousin had a baby a few years ago when she was 16 and named her Madison. It seems to be a popular name choice for girls around that age. I know when I was that age, that was my first name choice.

I love that Jamie-Lynn shortened it and it goes really well with the middle name. Very cute.

jasmine on

Awww congratulations Jamie and Casey! That’s so cute and I like Maddie (though I like Maddy better) way more than Cailynn or the other names I heard she was considering. Maddie Aldridge is a really cute name that reminds me of the ’20s or something. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ally on

I love this name…very cute!!

Hea on


Jade on

I think the middle name is really cute. I bet it is after her brother and her sister. Since they are both BRI names!

Congrats to the couple. Enjoy your new baby!

Kate on

Love the name Maddie. Although I do like Madeline, it seems silly since almost everyone I know with that name is called Maddie.

meghan on

that was a fast induction!!!

Colleen on

Congrats to Jamie Lynn & Casey. Maddie is a cute name, I wonder how you pronounce the middle name. Brian or Brianne?

Erica on

Yeah…Maddie is a nickname, and it really doesn’t flow well with Briann. Very cutesy and kid-ish sounding. It’s good that the birth went well.

naomi on

oh congrats i thought she was gonna name her caralynne like reported or haley or cassidy/ cassie as repoted

Caren on

Maddie Briann… love the name…totally cute!

Stephany on

I LOVVVVE the name Maddie! It’s one of my favorites. I have a cousin named Madison and we call her Maddie. It’s such a cute name!

Congrats to Jamie Lynn and Casey!

Sarah on

Congrats! I’m so happy for Jamie Lynn and Casey!
can’t wait to see her.

J.M. on

Normally Maddie is short for Madeline or Madison (my cousin is Maddie short for Madison). I like Maddie but it’s overly common which is surprising why they went with it. Briann is cute though. Best of luck to them. And hopefully she will NOT follow in her big sis’s footsteps! Stay away from LA and you’ll do just fine Jamie!

Heather on

Congrats to the new parents!

The name is sweet, and no matter if you think it’s “nicknamish” or “cutsey”, it’s what they chose for their daughter, and it should be respected. It may not be your cup of tea, but I assume you’d want others to respect your name choice even if it wasn’t to their liking!

She’s a brand new little life, and that’s all that should matter.

Thrilled to hear about a healthy new baby girl, can’t wait to see the pictures!

meesh on

Congrats to Jamie and Casey on baby Maddie! Yay for Jamie for a natural birth, and not opting for a section. Goes to show she’s not gonna be a Hollywood mom. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish this little family all the best in the world. Not the first young ones to start a family, surely not the last.

Colette on

I’d almost completely forgotten Jamie Lynn was pregnant so this news was quite a surprise!

Love the name Maddie, it’s on my own list for babies one day!

iluvallbabies on

Wow, not sure how you can actually HATE a name. Dislike yes, but hate is such a strong word for just a name!?….

Anyway, bet she is a cutie ๐Ÿ™‚

Amanda on

I personally like the name – I think it’s adorable – and I’m sure she’s going to be adorable just like her nephews.I have two friends – one with a daughter Kenzie and the other with her very own Maddi – they gave them those typical “nicknames” as names because they knew they would never be called McKenzie or Madison – they would always abbreviate..so I get it.. and Maddie sounds like a southern name.. cute!

Snow on

To each his/her own, but I personally think the name Maddie Briann is AWESOME! So much better than a “fruity” name and it is a name a little girl can grow with! Good for them, and I wish them all the luck in the world!

Vanessa on


:) on

Cool. . My Birthday is today Too!

Lyn on

What a pretty name..I bet shes a stunner!!

willa.t on

Congratulations to her! Anyone know why they would induce a 17 year old?

I think the name Maddie Briann is adorable, and it’s really sweet she’s honoring her brother (I presume).

It’s interesting that Maddie is typically short for Madelyn, which has Lynn in it, but they left that out. No conspiracy or anything, I just happened to be thinking about names they could choose with Lynn already in them yesterday, and Madelyn was in there. Wonder if that was deliberate, or they just liked Maddie.

melissa on


tegan on

Congrats. Beautiful name and im happy both Maddie and Jamie Lynn are healthy.

annie on

yay! I’ve been waiting for this. I like her name. I think its cute that she (possibly) honored her brother Bryan. I heard that Maddie was 7 pounds, 11 ounces.

Maddy on

As a “Maddie/y” myself, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the name, but I like that it’s simply Maddie and not the world’s 500 millionth Madison!

Best of luck to Jamie & Casey!

Maddie on

very cute name :))

congrats to the spears family!!!

Kristen on

Congratulations to her. I love the name ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope she enjoys her babymoon!

Natasha on

Maybe its not officially “Maddie”. It could be Madison but Maddie is just what they reported

I like it!

Sanne on

Hey… What a suprise! I heard somewhere that Jamie Lynn and Casey would combine their names to create a new one for their little girl like Cailynn or Cammie but I have to say that I like Maddie Briann! I read some posts that Maddie was to nicknamish but why? If she was called Madeline or Madeleine it would become Maddie for short! So I don’t see why there would be negative comments already… Such a shame.

Congrats to Casey and Jamie Lynn! I hope this brings some new happiness in the whole Aldridge/Spears family. They deserve it…

Janelle on

Cool. Me & Maddie have the same Birthday =)

LadyL on

CONGRATS JAMIE!! I heard the name was for BRItney and bryAN…both her siblings!!

Dylan Mann on

Congrats Jamie Lynn and Casey! Hope u have a good life.

Amanda on

Awww, congrats to the Spears/Aldridge family! I can’t wait to see her!
I too wonder if it might be a nickname for Madilynn, I mean if you are choosing Maddie anyways might as well include the family tradition. I’m thinking Briann is pronounced like Breanne and maybe it’s more of a nod to Britney than their brother since his name is spelled Bryan, or maybe they just liked the name!

Cookie on

Congrats to the Spears family! However, Madeleine would have been a better name and they could still have called her Maddie. What’s she supposed to put on her rรฉsumรฉ? Maddie will look informal, unprofessional, and immature when she’s thirty.

Glad for Jamie Lynn that she won’t have to suffer intolerant remarks from the anti-cesarean bullies.

Kelly on

congrats jamie lynn & casey!! ive gotta say i like that her baby doesnt have a ” unique” name like a lot of celebs & no it wouldnt have mattered if she did but its nice not having to figure out how to pronounce it! lol

Shawna on

Are you sure she didn’t have a c-section? I don’t see it mentioned on any other site except this one. It seems more likely that it was a c-section being that everyone just flew in yesterday and baby is already here by 9:30am. I don’t know very many people who labour that fast.

Kelly on

What great news! Congrats to the proud new parents! I love the name too. I can’t wait to see pics of Maddie!!

Cait on


It was only mentioned because the National Enquirer had come out this morning and claimed that they had the exclusive and Jamie-Lynn had given birth via c-section around 830 am CST and was currently resting comfortably in the recovery room. It was just being stated to correct the erroneous reports that had been released this morning.

Molly on

I actually like the name. It’s the parents decision on naming the child’s name and we really should respect that decision. The name is different and sweet.
Congrats to Jamie Lynn and Casey.

Renee on

Congrats to Jamie, Casey and little Maddie. But I don’t understand why it matters if she had a c-section or not. Can’t we just be happy that she had a healthy baby? Even when a mother has a natural birth, a few people here have to bring up the fact that some Hollywood mothers have c-sections. What’s the point of that? Anyhow, again Congrats the whole family

Christine on

ET Canada just reported that she was “induced after an ultrasound showed the baby in breach position”
That confused me…

Congrats to them! Glad eveything went smoothly for her!

Nikka on

Shawna if she would have pre-eclampsia, she would have c-section. She was not early, her due day was believed to be middle of June so most likely if the reports are true she was overdue and they often induce in such a case

kate on

congrats to jamie and casey – maddie is a nice name!! not that it really matters much, but E news is reporting that she had c-section this morning and shows her entering the hospital at 5 a.m. if that’s not true, then i envy her for having a really fast labor and delivery. best of luck to them both with their new daughter.

Taciana on

Contratulations to the family!I’m happy to hear she didn’t choose a c-section.

Love the name.

SM on

Shawna, the rep said it was natural and that’s what people had this morning too. http://www.okmagazine.com/news/view/7442

Seems the enquirer reported wrong weight and method of delivering and others like E! and perez picked it up. But it’s not true.

trm_sassy@yahoo.com on

when I had my first child I was 17, I had to be induced, even though i had already gone into labour. They gave me pitocin to hurry the labour because my physican didnt want me to labour for three days and then have a c section. Glad it was vaginal! Good for Jamie Lynn.
We have a daughter named Madeline who we call Maddy. We chose to do so because when she gets older than she can chose to use her formal name professionally if she wants, or her nickname. That way she feels like she has a choice.
It does drive me nuts when people name there kids and then call them by their middle names. I hope the poor girl doesnt get called Briann all the time.

just questioning on

It’s wonderful that Jamie Lynn had a healthy baby girl and an uncomplicated delivery. My question to you all though is why in the world are we congratulating a 17 year old on her new baby?!
She is not even of LEGAL age and yet people are acting like it’s the best thing in the world for her now that she has a baby. Being a YOUNG mother is hard enough work, but still being a teen on top of being a new mom is doubly hard.
Has our society become reduced to the fact that not only will we accept that 17 year olds will have babies, but also that we should promote their pregnancies in National magazines and other things?
Think if it was your child, your beautiful baby girl – would You want her getting pregnant at 16 and having that responsibilty of a child for the rest of her life? I plan on encouraging my child to wait to have children until she has gone to college and gotten a good job! This is just my opinion though and am puttin it out there…

Mae on

I am 17 and could not imagine giving birth at this point in my life, she’s much stronger than I am, that’s for sure! — I’m actually nervous to just have my first gyno check up.

Pretty name, my second niece (who’s due in 2 weeks) is going to be named Maddie, not Madison, or Madelyn, just Maddie.

She’s a new little life, sure at an unexpected time, but a blessing none the less. I’m happy for her family, a new little girl to love.

I can’t wait to see pictures!

Lid on

Congrats to her!
I wonder when will people start adding a third n to the names. Briannn anybody?

Shawna on

Nikka – That is not true actually. Pre-eclampsia does not have to mean c-section. If a mother has pre-eclampsia the baby needs to be born ASAP. They will usually induce the baby unless there is some reason that a c-section should be done (if baby is breech or mom is really, really ill). I know many people who had pre-eclampsia and were induced and delivered vaginally. I had pre-eclampsia but had a c-section because I was 34 weeks and the baby was breech. I’m glad she got to have a vaginal delivery, I never managed to.

Sarah on

I can’t wait to see this beautiful baby girl!!Congrats to this wonderful family!!

Elyse on

I love the name Maddie! Congrats to Jamie Lynn and her family!

Lisa on

SO typical of people to debate over the c-section issue and how proud they are she chose a regular delivery. Most people do not CHOOSE a c-section, but rather end up with one due to circumstances beyond their control. I have had two c-sections and a vaginal in the middle (VBAC) and I am proud that all three of my children came into this world..I could care less how. As far as younger mothers getting pre-clampsia..NOT TRUE! I have had it with all three of my children and my last was born when I was 35.

Kim on

Inducing does not always mean it will take a while. My 18 sister was induced at 1 am and had her daughter by 5:20 am. They sent everyone home saying she would not have the baby until the following evening. Boy were we surprised..

I think the name is adorable..Congrats…

Stel on

Ugly name Jamie Lynn but good luck! You will do great!

Stacey on

Shawna, this labor was slow compared to my sister’s two. One was two hours, the other 17 minutes.

Anway, congrats to them and the famiy.

Shawna on

Lisa – Yes it IS true that younger women are more likely to get it. That does not mean that other women won’t get it but it is medical FACT that women under the age of 21 and over the age of 40 are more likely to get it. Look it up. I had it with my first (age 21) and with my third (age 26). As for the c-section issue, yes, I am happy for her she got to have a vaginal birth. All 3 of mine were c-sections despite my best efforts and I would have liked the chance to experience a vaginal delivery.

Lisa on

Shawna, sweetheart..maybe YOU need to do your homework! Sounds like you are just angry because you didn’t get to experience a vaginal birth.

Ashley on

Not all induction take forever. With my daughter (my first) – labor lasted a whole 5 hours. I was induced at 8am and she was out at 1pm.

sar on

Nikka- I had Pre-eclampsia with my second child and I did not have to have a c-section, I was however induced at 37 weeks but my labor progressed very quickly and I was able to delivery vaginally.

Jessica on

i bet she is ADORABLE! Congrats to Jamie Lynn!

i notice people keep pointing out about the baby’s middle name.
my daughters name is Alexis Briann [Briann Pronounced=Breanne] its just spelled differently…not Brian with an extra N.

Ashley on

It’s just as easy to hate a name as to love one. I personally hate it. I never said I hated the baby or anything…just her name. She didn’t choose it, not her fault.

I’m so glad so many of you like the name–that’s great. I don’t. I am entitled to that.

alysha on

i had my son when i was 16 he is 2 now and the cutest lil kid, i had an all natural birth n wouldnt do it any other way. congratz to jamie-lynn n casey. i bet she is gorgeous cant wait to see her

alysha on

i hope she had a quick and easy birth. when i had my son i was on;ly in labour for 45minutes from the time my waters broke to the time he was born.good luck with everything she will no doubt be cute as.

kiley on

I found this at the mayo clinic website I think they are pretty knowledgeable and it kind of settles the Preeclampsia and age of mother debate.


It clearly states the risk factors for pre eclampsia are having a baby over 35. It also says it is more likely to occur in first pregnancies so perhaps that is why some people so adamantly think it favors younger mothers?

SouthernBelle on

LadyL, your post cleared up a question of mine. I had heard Jamie Lynn named the baby Briann after her brother, but knew his name was Bryan. If she took the “Bri” from Britney and combined it with the “an” from Bryan and added an extra “n”, that would explain things a little better if she’s honoring both her sibs. I’m glad the baby is healthy and wish them the best. I’m from the South and I grew up hearing the name Mattie (not Maddie) and it was usually an elderly aunt or older neighbor and it does sound like a Southern name. I am not overly fond of the nickname as a complete first name and would have put an “e” at the end of Briann, but she’s not my baby! I wish the best for all of them.

Becky on

Nikka – They do not automatically give a c section with preaclampsia. I had preaclampsia and because my blood pressure was at 110/180 and wouldn’t go down, they induced me 3 weeks early, but I had a vaginal birth. They didn’t do a c section.

Rebecca on

Congrats to the new mama and daddy! I certainly admire both of them for wanting to assume the responsibility of their actions and be good parents.

I don’t understand what the big deal is about having a “natural” birth or a c-section?? Who cares??! Having a baby is hard either way and it really makes me angry the way people are so cruel to women who have c-sections!

terri on

Madeline is one of my favorite names. I like Maddie as a nickname as well. I don’t think the Briann is pronounced like Brian, but rather like Bree-ahn or Bree-anne.

Doreen on

Yahhhh! I can’t wait to see this baby!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I still can’t believe she’s a Mom now~omgosh!!

LucyMarie on

With Mom’s name Jamie and Dad’s name Casey–I think Maddie is perfect. I agree that usually it is better to be more formal, but based on Mom and Dad’s names–perfect!

homefly on

I’m glad she didn’t opt for the primary elective cesarean. Many, many OB’s are against them, especially for younger mothers. This is because it automatically makes future pg’s riskier (placental issues, uterine rupture, adhesions, etc.). If you doubt me, I suggest you do some research. Cesarean vs. vaginal isn’t apples vs. oranges.

Abbey on

Congrats to the young family!

and, i just have to put in, i’m 24 and the very idea of any sort of birth, whether vaginal or c-section, scares the snot out of me. the whole idea of the stomach and the pain and the pushing and the coming out part just freaks me out. It’s miraculous, don’t get me wrong, but enough to make me never want to have biological children (personal opinion). Kudos to Ms. Spears for her bravery.

Kristy on

Yes, she had a natural delivery and some people are blessed with short deliveries. I was ;). My first baby came in 3 hours and 30 minutes. My second was 2 hours with complications. Labor doesn’t have to be 30 hours to be natural.

Sarita on

I don’t understand how Briann can be pronounded as Breeanne. It’s written Brian and can only be pronounced like that (or maybe Bri-ann). It’s like saying her name is Maddie but I think they will pronounce it like Marie.

I do know that there are people that do this, write a name and than pronounce it wrong (like Zoie, I think they meant Zoe but if you write it as Zoie that’s not how you pronounce it.) I think it’s sad because no one will ever pronounce the name right.

CelebBabyLover on

Rebecca- Those of us who oppose C-sections aren’t trying to be cruel to women who have C-sections. Also, what the vast majority of us oppose is not C-sections in general, but elective C-sections.

I was born via C-section myself due to being in a breech position, and my mom and I almost certainly would have died had my mom not had a C-section. I don’t oppose medically neccesary C-sections at all.

However, a woman who has a C-section for non-medical reasons is, in fact, putting both herself and her baby at risk. Just like any surgery, a C-section carries risks, some of them potential fatal. Also, I’ve read somewhere that medical research has shown that babies born via elective C-section are two or three times (I forget) more likely to die during or just after birth from complications than babies born vaginally. Granted, the actually chances are still very low, but why put your baby at risk with a surgery that’s not medically neccesary?

All of that said, I am very surprised and happy that Jamie Lynn chose a vaginal birth. I know Britney chose C-sections because her mother’s stories of HER childbirths made her afraid of the pain, and I thought Jamie would do the same.

As for the baby’s name, I’m guessing Briann is more in honor of Britney than Brian, since Britney and Jamie Lynn have always been close.

mom2001 on

So when is the wedding???

Maggie on

This is a general statement for this site. I can’t help but think it’s quite judgemental as a whole. What they name their children, how they pronouce those names, what you all would have “prefered”. What strollers do they use? And are they strapped in correctly? With this exception I rarely have enough time in my day to focus on whether my daughter’s socks match..let alone disect whether Maddie is short for Madison or Madelyn. I enjoy visiting this site, but the comments, regardless of intention, are often just too much.

estelle on

Congrats to JL for a fast induction! She could have very well been induced because of preeclampsia. I got pregnant with my first child at 17 and gave birth at 18. My doctor said I was at a higher risk for preeclampsia because of my age. Also Preeclampsia.org says a risk factor is being over 40 or under 18 years of age. http://www.preeclampsia.org/FAQ.asp#five

Ashley on

To those who are asking why they’d induce a 17 year old…its probably for the same reason they’d induce anyone…what does age matter?

Congrats to them. They are doing a great job so far and I wish them the best

Nita on

Congrats!!! I wish her the best. Smile

Nikka on

I don’t see anything wrong with debating over c-section and vaginal birth. It’s great, that women now can discuss things openly and learn from each other. So please, don’t get mad that others do discuss it in almost every birth post, instead, please see it as a venue to help others with more information !!!

Stacey on

Guess what?? It doesn’t matter if anyone likes the name or not. It’s THEIR baby and THEIR decision. Those of you who have kids named them what you wanted, so stop giving Jamie Lynn and Casey crap for it.

emma on

Lovely name – Maddie is commonly used as a main first name in the UK and I think it’s very cute. Good luck to Jamie-Lynn, Casey & Maddie – I’m really happy to hear that the baby has arrived safe & sound after all the controversy. Hopefully, they will be left alone to get on with life as a new family now (with the odd photo for CBB of course!).

Manda Jo on

Becky if you had a b/p of 110/180 you would be dead :/ 180/110 is probably more like it. I think it’s wonderful that Jamie Lynn had a healthy baby…after all that is all that matters! And love the name ๐Ÿ™‚

eve on

Yeah! Post the birth announcement of an unmarried 17 year old so your younger readers can see how glamorous it can be!

Becky on

Yes, sorry, that’s what I meant. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jessica on

Heya.. Congratulations Good Luck With Maddie. Hope You and Casey Keep well. I Wish you All The Best Jessica xoxox

Katie on

Jamie Lynn could very well have been induced. I am 26 and last month I fully expected to spend many hours waiting for the potossin to kick in take effect. However, I checked in at 5:30 am and by 8:47 that morning I had my two bouncing bundles of joy!

Leslie on

I hadn’t thought of Briann being a Brit/Bryan combo – how cute! I bet you’re right.

The name’s started to grow on me, they’re right she’d never be called her full name if they chose a longer one anyway!

Erica on


Actually, it’s called having an opinion. And as long as they are expressed within the boundaries of CBB’s guidelines, then you have no right to dictate what is “acceptable” for the discussion or not. I have not read one single post on this thread that is giving Jamie Lynn or her boyfriend crap for their baby’s name, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to gush about how much they love it. I highly doubt that anyone on here who happened not to like the name (myself included) is leading some kind of active campaign against these two people for their name choice…so everyone (not just people you agree with) is entitled to their opinion.

Lisa on

Erica, are you 12?? I think Stacey is spot on and your rage proves it.

Jessica L. on

Here, here Maggie! These comments really are too much and I wish CBB would just continue to post their stories and be rid of the comments option. I don’t understand why half of the things on here get posted when they’re clearly looking for a fight or openly criticizing. Did someone really question why she was induced? Really? Why can’t we just have “Congratulations, I hope mom and baby are well.”, instead of picking apart a newborn baby’s name and trying to once again hijack a thread with the good old c-section vs. vaginal birth talk.

blue_butterfly on

I was quite shocked to hear the news – seems like only yesterday she confirmed she was pregnant!

Anyway, glad to hear both Mum & baby Maddie are happy and healthy and thats the main thing – and Maddie is a lovely name, not sure about Briann but at the end of the day, if Jamie-Lynn wants to honour her brother like that then fairplay I say. Who is anyone to judge their choice of name for their child?

Best of luck to the whole family – I bet Sean Preston & Jaydan James are thrilled to have a new little baby cousin!

Lisa on

They get posted because CBB wants publicity..and they will take it in any form. THink about it, if nobody reads the site, if nobody shares their ‘opinion’, no matter how stupid and childish..Danielle and her croonies don’t eat.

Stacey on


I never said everyone who didn’t agree with me couldn’t have an opinion. However, when people on here are saying how much the hate the name, and how the parents should’ve chose something different, and how they would have for their baby; that’s giving Jamie Lynn and Casey crap for it.

Jessica L,

I completely agree with what you said.

sammy on

I think she is really stupid for having sex!

Maddie on

Love the name, very sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ However, Maddie does seem very nickname like, maybe it is Madeline (which is my name, but gets shortened to Mads or Maddie) or Maddison. Either way, congrats to the proud parents!

mom2001 on

Love how people are getting mad about a name or a c-cection…its an out of wedlock child. I agree all babies are blessings but people are missing the whole point and focusing on silly stuff.



Maggie on

Well..now I’m in it. Mom2001, what IS the whole point? I’m curious.

Meagan on

Im so happy for them!! Im really glad everything went well for them and they have a in which im sure healthy and beautiful baby girl! I love the name its different, but im all about different my Daughter’s name is Laine (like Lane). I think Maddie Briann is beautiful and who cares if you hear Maddie more along the lines of a nickname it just makes her daughter that much more unique and individualized.


phoebe on

Nikka – I don’t know where you got your info about how pre-eclampsia needing a c-section instead of a natural birth, but you’re very wrong I’m afraid! I was born in a natural birth 25 years ago to a mother with pre-ecl, and my year old nephew was also born naturally to my sister who also had pre-ecl. It’s probably just a misunderstanding, but it’s important to clear these things up because someone might read that and start getting worried. Maybe there was confusion over being induced and having a c-section?

Anyway, on the subject of Jamie Lynn and Maddie….personally, I have a slight dislike of nicknames as actual names. If it was me, I probably would’ve gone for the conventional Madeleine and shortened it to Maddie for every day use. This is not a criticism at all, but it might be to do with the parents being young, as I’ve seen that older parents tend to think more about the child growing with a name, rather than the idea of just naming a baby, if you get what I mean.

Jamie Lynn is beautiful and I’m sure her daughter will follow suit. Can’t wait to see pictures, especially those with Sean and Jayden as well. Congrats to the Spears/Aldridge families.

lola on

Maddie like mady from jon and kate plus 8. Cool!

amy davies on

Congrats to them both, Maddie is such a pretty name…

Giuliana on

that’s soo cool!
I’m soo happy for them!
Maddie is a cute name

Becca on

Congrats Jamie Lynn and Casey ! ,
Maddie Briann is a beautiful name =D , enjoy motherhood Jamie and enjoy your new baby girl xx.

Kaydee on

Why can’t everyone just respect the name they gave their baby? Their age has nothing to do with what they named Maddie, my old teacher was in her thirties, and she named her baby Abbey, not Abigail.

Congradulations to them, I wish them nothing but happiness!

mom2001 on

Maggie..the whole point is that people are talking about silly things when its a child created by a child. That is a serious topic that people are over looking. Babies are miracles and a huge responsibility. I wish this girl had made some better choices and not gotten pregnant as a child. But I guess thats just me.

Alisa on

mom2001 – I don’t how many posts on CBB you’ve read but that issue has HARDLY been overlooked here. JL’s age has been debated back & forth on countless posts since her first OK interview. Maybe some people are just sick of talking about it for now.

But you first out of wedlock comment was rude. Does that make the baby less important or valuable or something? There many celebs that are having kids before they get married these days, so this post is hardly the only one that applies to.

Kaydee on

mom2001, so basically you’re saying that we should be discussing what a bad decision Jamie Lynn made? Guess what, it was Casey’s also, it’s a 50/50 thing. I do agree that they should’ve waited though.

I do give them props, because they seem to have their heads on straight about the baby.
I think they will make good parents.

mom2001 on

The post was not rude it is a fact the baby is born out of wedlock. I just making a comment under this article. I am sure it has been debated. I just thought it was strange that people were getting all bent out of shape about the name. And I do know her boyfriend is responsible too. Additionally, I just don’t think because other celebrities are doing it makes it right. I guess I just come at this from a different place. My 3 babies almost died when they were born and I guess I just see this differently and I wish teens would think before they have sex. To me having babies is just this huge deal and it makes me sad that she did not get to live out her teen years carefree and is jumping straight into adulthood. Please lets not go on about this…

Anna on

Congrats to her. The name is cute.

As for all the p/e and csection talk –
Im glad she chose to try for a vaginal birth instead of thinking a csection was the only option. Im all for csections in medically neccesary circumstances but not for having them because you can or want too. Vaginal birth if possible is always the better option. Note I said IF POSSIBLE. I had pre eclampsia with my first at 21 and I had a 3hr induction. So its possible she was induced early in the morning and was done by breakfast.

Casey on

Wow, women are ‘allowed’ to use their vaginas to birth their babies??
What an amazing concept! Maybe more women would realise the amount of money their Obs make from a c/s and tell them to buggar off, and then go hire a midwife, as they are the ones trained in normal, helathy pregnancies and birth.

It’s not rocket science to work out it is Obs performing the c/s, not mothers. Put the blame where it lies.

Amber on

Alisa, you hit the nail on the head.

mom2001, you have to understand that not everyone’s views are the same as yours. However, I do agree we don’t need to get into the age discussion again.

Casey, just exactly where did you get that information? Did you just make it up?
Not all pregnancies are healthy, ones with placenta previa and breach positions are better for the baby to have a c-section. And you’re saying that they shouldn’t do this??

mom2001 on

Yes I am aware that everyone’s opinion is not the same as mine. I was making a comment on a message board. I wish people could state their opinion without getting jumped on here.

Sophie on

Hey that is a cute name an dis she breast feeding if she is good for her

Morgan on

Congrats to her! I thought they would name her Bella or something like that!

mom2001 on

Yes I know that other people have a different opinion than I do….I stated that in my comment.

CelebBabyLover on

Amber- I think what Casey was trying to say is that mothers shouldn’t be pressured by their obs to have medically unnecessary C-sections. Of course there are times when a C-section should definently be performed. Also, I do want to point out that some breech babies CAN be safely delivered vaginally. For example, my mom was breech and was born vaginally without complication.

I think another Casey was trying to point out is that, depending on what position a breech baby is in, some midwives will try to deliver it vaginally. However, most doctors automatically preform C-sections on women who’s babies are breech, when in fact only some women with breech babies actually need C-sections.

All of that said, I do agree with your comments about people having different views in regards to the age and out of wedlock issues. My father is a minister and I used to be about as against having children out of wedlock as you possibly can be. However, I eventually came to realize that, for some people, having children out of wedlock is actually the right choice. This especially seems to be true of Hollywood, where the divorce rate seems to be at least twice the national average.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are just two examples of celebrity couples who never got married, but are still together to this day. (Johnny and Vanessa have been together for about 10 years, and Goldie and Kurt, I believe, have been together for more than 20 years). In their cases, their kids can actually consider themselves lucky to have been born out of wedlock (not saying Johnny and Vanessa or Goldie and Kurt would have split if they had married, but you never know)!

Amber on

CelebBabyLover and Casey , most (notice I didn’t say all) medically unnecessary c-sections are elective, the mother chooses it. I know that some breech babies can be born vaginally, but not all can be.

Another point on this issue- in some (notice i didn’t say all) cases mothers that have big babies have to have a c-section.

Casey, that’s your opinion and I respect it, sorry if it seems as if I’m attacking you.

yoe on

did the birth hurt?

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Jamie Lynn and Casey. I hope they share a picture of their beautiful daugher with us, since they shared their whole pregnancy.

And for the record a lot of Doctors won’t let you have a c-section unless it’s necessary. My doctor for one wouldn’t. Not saying that all won’t but some if not most aren’t going to because it’s unnecessary surgery.

Gabriella on

I love the name Maddie Briann its adorable! Congratulations to the Spears/Aldridge family!!

Tiffany on

Congrats to Jamie Lynn and Casey. My boyfriend and I can relate. I’m 15 and he’s 16. Our daughter,Nataleigh Rene’e, was born about 3 1/2 weeks ago.

Chantell Robbins on

When is there going to be a picture on here? Im getting sick becuz i havent seen one!!!

Raquel on

Congrats Jamie Lynn and Casey on your little bundle of joy. Hope you have a great life together. Welcome Maddie Briann Aldridge.

raptor22 on

Congrats that the birth went smoothly. When i first found out Jamie-Lynn was pregnant i went nuts because she’s only 17and what brittany had done i didn’t want jamie’lynn to follow in her footsteps but im happy for them and i think maddie is the perfect name and i dont like madeline or madison, maddie is perfect! congrats again! Good luck with the baby!

lauren on

congratulation on your baby girl maddie cant wait to see her on a picture well hopw you will be a good mom lauren from liverpool xx

Cassie on

I love the name Maddie Briann! I think Jamie Lynn and Casey will make good parents.

Sooza on

Congrats, Jamie Lynn! My little girl was born a few hours before Maddie on June 19th. It was a very wonderful and special day for our family, as I know it was for the Spears family.

Lisa Guest on

what is wrong with you people,it doesn’t make it alright, just because she is a celebrity, for the 17year old to have a kid already. if it was your average girl walking down the halls of your school, i guarantee most of you would have a different reaction. Its not “okay” for a CHILD to have a child. can you imagine what this innocent baby is gonna go through?… if Jamie is any kind of parent like her sister is… it doesn’t look good, not to mention she isn’t even in her 20’s yet. She isn’t fully competent to care for this child, and what kind of help do you expect her to get from her mom and sister?!?!

Aundrea on

hey jamie congrats on the baby love the name! hope to see u on Zoey 101 soon! but not to soon!

hudha on

i am happy for you when i first heard you were having a baby i was shocked .

i hope your happy in the future.
i wish i was a popstar so i can met you i am a big fan see ya