Nicole Kidman says baby was 'meant to be'

06/18/2008 at 07:30 AM ET

Cvr_vogueLike millions of women before her, Nicole Kidman openly wept the first time she saw her child on an ultrasound, for there was a point in time when that moment was one she feared she might never experience.  Having a baby with husband Keith Urban has been "a blessing," Nicole said — a blessing which has only been enhanced in its timing.  In a candid new interview in Vogue’s July issue, Nicole said that embarking on new motherhood at 40 means she is "so much more capable of receiving love and giving it in a far different way."  She added,

To be given the blessing of a child at this stage of my life…you just say, ‘Wow, this was meant to be.’   

Nicole laughed when told by the interviewer that her diminutive frame has led some to speculate that her pregnancy is somehow not real.  Putting the interviewer’s hand on her belly and revealing that she "just felt some kicking," Nicole called pregnancy "primal" and said she loves the "unpredictable nature" of it.  She added,

To feel life growing with you is something very, very special, and I’m going to embrace that completely. I don’t believe in flittering around the edges of things. You’re either going to walk through life and experience it fully or you’re going to be a voyeur. And I’m not a voyeur.

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Nicole has previously spoken about her bouts of morning sickness, morning sickness her Australia co-star Hugh Jackman deemed "horrendous."  Still, the 40-year-old actress was "a trouper" who "put everything on the line every day," Jackman said.  After years spent being "lonely" Nicole said she’s truly content with Keith; The child they are expecting in late July has only brought more happiness to their lives. 

My sister [Antonia Kidman] has had four kids, and she says that when you’re pregnant you draw people to you who are genuinely happy. She’s right. It taps into that thing in human nature that is universal and collective and beautiful.

Source:; Photo by Annie Leibovitz / Vogue; courtesy People.

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chris on

Can’t wait to see the baby! Nicole will be a great (3rd-time) mom!

megs on

So cute….I’m so happy for them!

Kate on

I feel like she has been pregnant forever!!

Harley on

Kudos to them all 🙂 I am thrilled for the pair of them and their families to be bringing another child into this world.

jashmom on

I can’t wait to see pictures of her and Keith’s baby. I’m sure the baby will be absolutely gorgeous!!!

Seeing pictures of her…she is absolutely glowing!!!

I do have a question, though….I know she and Tom have joint custody of Nicole’s 2 older children, but does Tom have physical custody? Isabella and Connor (it seems) are always photographed with Tom &/or Katie. Rarely with Nicole. Just wondering!!!!

HardCandy on

I don’t want to sound negative but I find it strange that Nicole doesn’t talk about her adopted kids much anymore and you hardly ever see her out with them. I know they want to live in Hollywood where all the action is but from interviews it sounds like she is very distanced from them. With the new baby coming I fear that her relationship with them will be even more strained because of the way she talks of always wanting to have had a biological child.
I know this is just speculation because I don’t know these people or their personal lives, I do hope that I am wrong but I think I may be right.

Jillian on


I often feel the same way when reading stories about Nicole and Keith (who are one of my favorite celebrity couples), but then when reading the entire interview I found this line:

“These days she’s most at ease talking about her children. Kidman already is a mother, of course, and she takes care to sing the praises of her adopted daughter, Isabella, fifteen, and son, Connor, thirteen. But carrying a child is clearly something new and overwhelming.”

This makes me think that maybe she does spend time talking about Connor and Isabella, but to the journalists it doesn’t warrant as much story time.

Anyways, I wish them the best and can’t wait until the new little one makes its way into the world…

Allison on

Wow, her belly looks soooo small in the cover photo! Maybe it’s the camera angle… I hope she has a girl, it seems like everyone is having girls now.

lee on

i don’t find it to be a big deal that they aren’t mentioned in magazine articles. like in the comment above: maybe journalists just don’t find the quotes to be very enticing.

but even if this weren’t the case, it’s not like WOMEN have never abandoned their children before and started another family years later in a new relationship. it’s just like men who take off and leave children with mothers and go off and create a whole new family. the roles are just reversed. now i’m NOT saying that she has abandoned her children; this is just what comes to mind when i think of their situation. and who knows, maybe tom is actually a much more loving and nurturing parent, and the children are better off being with him the majority of the time.

Erica on

I like Nicole, and I think it’s great that she’s found so much happiness with her new husband…that said, I wonder if the press purposely omits her speaking of Connor and Isabella, or that she really doesn’t express them as being a focal point in her life. I think it may be a bit of both.

Sarah on

in tom and katie interviews we mostly read about them gushing over suri so this “interview” doesn’t come as a surprise. the questions that are being asked are very focused on the pregnancy/new baby and not on their prior experience as parents. a lot of journalists seem to think that tom and nicole’s older kids are old news. isabella and connor are apparently not sensational enough.

MB on

if i were isabella or connor, i don’t think i’d find not being mentioned in interviews to be a bad thing. from what nicole has said, they really value their privacy.

and jashmom, i think he does have physical custody. nicole has said several times the children preferred living in LA and staying in their current school, and their parents decided the kids were old enough for the decision to be left up to them. nicole has been in australia filming a couple of movies, though i heard she is in the process of buying a home in LA. i think she probably sees her children a lot more than we may think, she just keeps them out of the limelight as much as possible per their desire.

Amy on

No offense and i dont think i know the whole story, but if she adopted cruises kids and cruise went NUTSO, and the kids like the dad better because they are his biologically, then why does it matter? She hasnt techniquely abandoned them..who knows…maybe katies trying to adopt them.

CelebBabyLover on

ITA with Sarah! The fact of the matter is, the media is much more interested with Nicole’s baby-to-be, her first biological baby, than Bella and Connor. When Angie was pregnant with Shiloh, the situation was similar. The media seemed much more interested in her pregnancy and the fact that she and Brad were about to have their first biological child than about Maddox and Zahara. Not only that, but it is Shi, not Mad, Z, or Pax, that ends up on tabloid covers practically every other week.

I also want to point out that Nicole seems to be a much more private person that Tom or Katie, and she has even said that she goes out of her way to avoid having the paps take pictures of her with Bella and Connor. In otherwords, she’s just trying to shield them from the paps (and at their ages, they are probably very grateful for that!).

Also, I read in an issue of People a few months ago that Nicole and Keith were looking at buying a house in LA, near Nicole’s friend Naomi Watts. If they do end up doing that, she will be near Bella and Connor more often and will probably get to spend more time with them.

brooke on

I always thought nicole seemed like a cold mom, in interviews and you rarely see her with her kids, just weird to me. Compared to all the other celebrity moms who are divorced and always still with their kids, she always seemed very aloof and distant from those kids in my opinion

Colby on

she talks as though this baby is her first….really bothers me.

Jeni on

Allison, the reason her belly is so small, is probably because the photos were probably taken fairly early in the pregnancy (as she didn’t really ‘pop’ until these last few months).

I’m so happy for Keith and Nicole. Keith is my favorite musical artist and you can just tell he’s thrilled with all the things surrounding the birth of his first child. The stories (and video) of him learning the word ‘onesie’ always makes me smile now.

Sheri on

I’ve seen pictures of Nicole and Keith with Isabella and Connor fairly recently — and I heard on the news that they just purchased another multi-million dollar home in Beverly Hills to be closer to Isabella and Connor whenever possible (even though their primary residence is in Tennessee). In all fairness, I think she sees the children more than we know — she is just a much more private person than Tom Cruise is and doesn’t seem to welcome publicity like he does. She seems to be a loving, caring mother to Bella and Connor from everything I’ve ever read – even though they live with him.

Sara on

I think Nicole is trying to respect the privacy of her older children by not talking about them as much in interviews. Since she splits her time between Australia and Nashville, she probably doesn’t want to disrupt their schedules-I’m sure both kids are involved with school, sports activities, friends, etc.

stephanie on

Some things I noticed:

1. Fans said she’s not photographed with the children often because she respects their privacy. When she is photographed with them, they’re usually in incredibly public places, such as the Kids’ Choice awards and Darling Harbour. Not where I would bring kids if I want to shield them from paparazzi.

2. She said doesn’t see the children as much as she wants to because they live in LA and she travels a lot, yet this article said that she and Keith Urban have never been apart for more than five days at a time, even though he goes on tour and spent time in rehab.

I’m not saying she’s a bad mother or doesn’t care about her older children, I’m just saying, this happens in a lot of divorced families. You don’t see the other parents as much, it doesn’t mean you love them any less. And as much as a lot of you want to blame Tom, he never says a bad word about Nicole as a mother and they both always have nice things to say about each other as parents.

sleekraven on

Brooke, I understand what you mean but I wouldn’t call Nicole Kidman a cold mum at all. In the few pictures when she is with her kids, you will always see her daughter Bella holding her hand and smiling, talking up a storm and Bella will be 16 years old this year. When Conor was in Oz last year, he was a smiling, happy teenager to be, helping them get the horses ready on her movie set and got his first paycheck ever. If those kids have that kind of ease with her even when the paparazzi are taking pictures then I think she has a very warm and loving relationship with her kids.

As for being cold as a person, she is intensely private and I don’t think she really cares for all the friendly joshing “on the minute” with people she probably doesn’t care for but has to deal with because she is contracted to do so. All she has to be is courteous to people and she has always done that but I don’t think she wants to make friends with her interviewer or talk to them for longer than necessary. She is a pretty serious person.

sleekraven on

I don’t see any reason why she shouldn’t show joy about her pregnancy and why she should even have to talk about her adopted kids. I think at their ages, they already know she is their mother and whether she wants them or not. For those who say she never talks about them, I wonder if you have actually been listening. She has mentioned them in every interview she has done even since they moved to LA. And considering that she is about to enter her 9th month, I think that all she has said about the baby would barely fill half the page of an A4. This has been a most private pregnancy.

If she had her biological kid first and then adopted and started talking up a storm about the adopted kids, people will applaud her. I want to hear about this miracle she has growing inside her and how it makes her feel. It has been a long time coming, almost 20 years infact.

As for not being seen with her kids, when she and Cruise were married, those kids were very protected, you couldn’t pick them out of a crowd. When she moved to NY in 2003 and took them to live with her there, they were barely seen but they went to school, went home, went out with her, she went to their sports activities but pictures were very few indeed. Even when she was working, they went to school and joined her onset almost every day. From 2003 to 2005 (until the kids went to LA), she worked in NY making only Bewitched in LA during that time. It is only in 2005 when they moved to LA that things changed and the kids were seen everywhere almost everyday. That is not her style at all. Infact, I wonder if she is not angry a bit by all the coverage on them i.e. seeing them on the cover or pages of Star, Life and Style on a weekly basis when it never used to happen before.

Also, having a 13 and 15 year old following their mother everywhere is rather ridiculous. Don’t they have friends to hang out with? When I was those kids ages the only time I saw my parents was when I was at home and went out with them sometimes, if they are going out, I don’t have to. I was not sewn to their hips, if they were under 10 then I would understand but TEENAGERS? You don’t see Meryl Streep dragging her kids everywhere or other older actresses infact, they kept their kids very much away from the spotlight and even Kidman herself is rarely seen out and about compared to other celebs. How many pictures of her are here on CBB every month?

Bella will be 16 in December, Conor is 13 years old. They are too old to be following their parents about. They should have better things to do with their time.

Also, Kidman hasn’t been to Oz to make films, the only film she has made there since Moulin Rouge is “Australia”, filmed last year. She has worked primarily in the US and in NY, mostly since 2003.

sleekraven on

Stephanie, taking them to the kids choice awards is a perk. Taking them on a harbour cruise is a day out with the family and it doesn’t happen all the time. The rest of the time that Bella was there, she was rarely seen apart from when she went to the salon and there was a very blurred picture of her and her mom on her movie set. The only time Conor was pictured when he was in Australia was when he was on her set and was seen riding the horses. The rest of the time that he was there, he was not papped doing anything else. That is the difference and I don’t think that they stayed in doors all through their stay. That is what we mean by protecting their privacy. Their day to day activities are not recorded as events in tabloids as we have seen happening in the last 3 years. The LA paparazzi have followed them long enough to call out their names and talk to them.

They have 2 families that they should be a part of. The comparison with how she and her hubby aren’t apart for long holds no water considering that all Keith has to do is travel back home to Nashville when he is on tour anywhere in the States. The times that she goes on the road with him are very few, if she is not working then she is at home in Nashville. I certainly don’t think that Cruise travelled to NY on a regular basis when she had them, they went to him. It is like people who see pictures of her in LA sometimes but because they don’t see pictures of her out and about with the kids, they come to the conclusion that she didn’t see them, I mean, seriously. Whatever Cruise says or doesn’t say about Kidman is another matter, I certainly didn’t believe him when he told Oprah that he and her share custody “whenever” whatever that meant. Why would he say a bad word about her anyway, wasn’t it his bashing of other people that put him in the pickle he is in right now PR-wise?

You also have to consider that she needs to protect herself and other members of her family from scientology and since the children are scientologists, she and her family are at risk because even without the kids knowing, they may be asked to divulge things about the Urban family when they go through something scientology calls “security check”, more than 100 questions are asked covering their family life. I have read the questions and they are invasive and threatening for non-scientologists. And Kidman should know having taken the course and taken up scientology for awhile.

Like I said, the children are old enough to fend for themselves, they don’t need mummy to wipe their bums.

CelebBabyLover on

Amy- Connor and Bella are NOT Tom’s biological kids. Tom and Nicole adopted them together when they were still married.

Colby- After all she went through to have a biological child, can you blame her? Also, this isn’t her first child, or even techincally her first pregnancy, but it IS her first pregnancy to progress past the first trimester (I’m assuming that the miscarriage she had was in her first trimester, and her ectopic pregnancy was probably removed in the first trimester as well). Therefore, this is a new experience for her. Naturally she’s going to be gushing about it.

Seeing all these comments about Nicole’s relationship with Connor and Bella actually makes me want to chuckle a bit…Because people are complaining about pretty much the exact opposite that they complain about about Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Shiloh. People (more the media in this case) are constantly complaining that Angie “must not love Shiloh as much as her adopted kids” (with some people even claiming that she never wanted a biological child.) and, until recently, that she was seen with her adopted kids more than with Shiloh (now that Shi is older, she is seen out with her parents and siblings more often).

With Nicole, people are constantly criticizing her for not being seen with her adopted kids very much and basically not loving them as much as her biological baby-to-be (no one has come right out and said so, at least here on CBB, but comments such as “she talks about this baby as though it were her first” clearly imply that). Honestly, some celebs are just “d**m’nd if they do, d**m’nd if they don’t”!

All of that said, I noticed that it says the photo of Nicole is by Annie Leibovitz. Annie is the one who took Suri’s first photos. I wonder if she will take the first photos of Nicole’s baby as well.