Park playtime for Jennifer Garner and Violet

06/18/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 36, toted daughter Violet Anne, 2 ½, as they walked back from playtime at the park in Brentwood, CA on Tuesday. Dad is Ben Affleck.


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Violet’s shoe info below!

Rgbar243272_137062_jbViolet wears Superga Torino sneakers in pink canvas ($40).

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Rosy J on

Jen Garner and her beautiful little girl Violet. God, I love these two. It’s another good day for me! I love Jen’s dress and her sunglasses. Violet as always is so precious.

Amanda on

Ohh, JG is just beautiful. And young Violet is so sweet. Can I be just a little bit jealous?

Megan on

LOVE these pics…I adore Violet’s little sweaty curls–girl worked up a sweat playing with mommy at the park =)) I just love this family I do! Violet is so freakin gorgeous–you just want to squeeze her…haha love the Garner/Afflecks…

Tigerlily on

what a cute little girl!!

Is it just me or does Jennifer look a little fuller around the middle?
(pregnant perhaps?)

Sam on


Shannon on

Is it just me or does Jen seem to be sporting a small baby bump? The last few recent pics of her look like there might be something cooking in there. I sure hope so!

sharon on

OMG she is so pregnant!
and V looks cute and sweaty 😛

Elyse on

Gosh, Jen looks gorgeous! I agree she does look a little fuller in the middle, but she has said she has belly since having violet. (but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a bun in the oven!)

And violet is as cute as ever! I wish I could be as happy as her all the time! 🙂

Liv on

I think someones pregnant:) I sure hope so. The last few pics look like she might have a little bump and this one definintly shows a bump.

Lola on

What a fabulously cute sippy cup Violet has!! Does anyone know where it’s from?

Thanks 🙂

Sarah on

Yes, this dress makes me think she is pregnant too. Not a lot – maybe like 10 weeks….

Janie on

They are both adorable!

CelebBabyLover on

Jennifer DOES look to have a bit of a bump, but I think that’s mostly due to the fact that she is leaning back a bit to support Violet’s weight and the fact that she admittedly still has a bit of a “baby pooch” (my words, not Jen’s!) leftover from Violet.

This past Fall (if I’m remembering correctly, it was September or October), a very similar picture of Angie holding Zahara (like Jen is doing in this picture, Angie was leaning back to support her daughter’s weight) made the media rounds, including CBB, and a lot of people thought Angie was pregnant. However, at that point in time, she wasn’t (since the twins are due in August, they were mostly likely concieved somewhere around December or late November).

I also want to point out that pregnancy rumors surronded Jen last Spring as well (in fact, several people were not just sure, but POSTIVE she was pregnant)…and they turned out to be false. For that reason, I’d be pretty skeptical about believing she’s pregnant.

All of that said, I do think she will get pregnant next year. I also think Katie Holmes will get pregnant next year.

chandu on

I agree with Sam, Sharon and Shannon about Jen’s belly. She looks pregnant. If she’s pregnant she must me on her first trimester. This is not the first time we spotted a bump in her? But her belly is visible with her slim figure.

brooke on

Violet looks just like jen, and yea I think jen is pregnant too.

baby gifts on

Thtas not a belly, i think thats just her dress looking baggy! What a sweet little girl, bless.

Kellie on

How sweet if she has another little cutie like that one, you go Jennifer!

facingdawn on

not sure about the belly. as a photographer- probably just bad lighting angle. but that would be great. maybe ben would get his own mini-me like violet is for jen. i love that jen is always just so normal. just a mom in (cool) mom gear, going about her day.

Jennifer on

I came on just to make the comment that I conquer with the prego belly! It really looks like one! It looked like one in the other post about Violet starting preschool – I think..

IG on

Violet is adorable as always. I love that shirt and wish I knew where it was from!Violet is carrying a Playtex My First Sipster cup

Chiara on

I have a feeling Violet will be their only kid. Don’t know why, just a hunch.

Shannon on

Violet’s sippy is a Playtex Sipster sippy cup.

erinbeth on

isn’t that cup meant for babies just learning to drink from a cup? my pediatrician advised against using these cups form long periods of time due to the spout shape.

aldine meister on

Does anyone know what brand of sunglasses she is wearing? I love them.

CelebBabyLover on

Chiara- I think so, too. I know I just said that I think she’ll get pregnant next year, but what I forgot to specify is that IF they do have a second child, I think the pregnancy will happen next year. However, I do have a strong gut feeling that Violet will be their only kid.

I also must say that I feel bad for Jen and Ben whenever I see comments like, “Time for no. 2, Jen and Ben!” or “They need to have another one!” or “Violet needs a sibling!” (especially the last one). What’s wrong with Violet being an only child? My mother is an only child, and she had a perfectly happy childhood. I have never once heard her say that she regrets not having a sibling.

Also, I know Violet is adorable, but that doesn’t mean that Ben and Jen have to keep having adorable children. I realize that they more than likely do not read sites like CBB, but still, they shouldn’t be pressured to have more than one child.

Kat on

the cup can be used past the baby stage… just because it has handles doesn’t mean older toddlers can’t use it.

Yes, the spouts can be bad long term, but I doubt she’s sucking on it all the time and she has plenty of time to switch to a cup like the coolster tumbler.

What I LOVE is that it’s clear Violet has WATER in that cup… so great for her to have such a good habit… water is the best thing on a hot summer day.