Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson expecting second child

06/18/2008 at 04:24 PM ET

Church_charlotte_09_042908_cbbSinger and television personality Charlotte Church, 22, and her boyfriend, rugby player Gavin Henson, 26, have revealed that they are expecting their second child.  In a statement titled "Here we go again!" on Charlotte’s website, the couple shared that they are "delighted to announce" the pregnancy.

The couple are thrilled, as are their immediate families. 

The baby is due in mid-January and will join big sister Ruby Megan, 8 months. Charlotte also confirmed that despite the pregnancy, she will fulfill her obligations to The Charlotte Church Show in July and August.

Source: Charlotte’s Official Website; Photo by BARM/FAME.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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Kate on

Wow, that was fast but congratulations to all!!

Devon on

Congrats to Charlotte & Gavin!

chris on

Wow they will be so close in age. Charlotte and Gavin will have their hands full! Congrats!

Kelly on

congrats!!! i think its cool that the babys will be close in age two of my little brothers are only 360 days apart

tink1217 on


Courtney on

Cool for them!! CONGRATS!!!

I had my 1st 2 18 months apart and then had another one 14 months later…we added a 4th later. Its hard work but I love having htem close in age..:)

Candice on

Well, she doesn’t waste any time!

Congrats to Charlotte and Gavin!

DLR on

Dang, that’s two pregnancies in one year! Congratulations to Charlotte and Gavin. 🙂

Autumn on

Woah she’s having them back to back! Good luck to Charlotte & Gavin on baby #2! Does anyonwe know when she’s due? I think her daughter Ruby will turn 1 yr in September, so I wonder how far along she is so far?

Harley on


Frank on

wow…a second baby already…kind of fast…but hey I’m happy for them and congratulations! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good luck to them and all the best!!!

Kudzu Fire on


tiffanyyy on

I think that I would like to have my children close in age..((if that ever happens)) brother and I are 7 years apart and my sis and I are 11 years apart…we all live separate lives since we are all from such different sis and bro are 18 yrs apart and ht

meghan on

i was wondering about her recently. i have her beat though – this next one for us is due 11 months after big sister.

brooke on

congrats yea the kids will be very close in age

Eleonora on

Oh I didn’t expect this so soon!

Chloe on

Wow, they didn’t hang about lol! Congrats to her and Gavin 🙂 x

facingdawn on

yay for them!

Stephany on

Wow! This was a huge surprise but congrats to them!

andrea on

what happy news for the Church/Hensen families! I’m envious of the quick timing between the pregnancies…I’m ttc #2 for nearly 3 years, and wish it would happen sooner.

annie on

Yay! I kind of saw this coming, if you look back to Ruby’s introduction interview, Gavin says that he would like to try for another child when Ruby’s 9 months. Haha, close enough. 🙂 I’m happy for them. Ruby’s adorable!

AllAngela on

We found out on Memorial Day that we are expecting our second baby in January, 17 months after we welcomed our daughter. What was the first thing I did? Research people who had babies less than 18 months apart and get some tips!

Congrats to Charlotte and Gavin.

J.M. on

wow talk about quick! With a newborn you wonder how they even fit the time in 🙂

My mom and my uncle are 11 months apart. But then again my grandmother also had 5 kids in 8 years!

Sarah on

congrats!! I’m thrilled
I hope she has a girl again.

L on

Not a surprise because I read a rumour in a magazine here a few weeks ago about her being pregnant again. Actually surprised her daughter is only 8 months old, always thought she was a bit older for some reason1

Congrats to them both 🙂

Jeanine on

Wow, congrats to them. I have 3 and my youngest 2 are 10 months apart.. its a lot of work but she’ll do great!

Kat on

I wish them all the luck in the world!!

It has seemed like they are great parents and I know from experience that, while it’s not easy, having kids close in age is such a wonderful experience.

My two boys are 18mo 8days apart and I have loved it. I sometimes wish that their sister was closer in age to them (she is 2.5yrs younger than my younger son) simply because she is sometimes a third wheel and the age difference is bigger by enough that it is felt more, but I also feel great when I see the intense bond between them.

Due to my older son’s special needs, they are sometimes more like twins than most kids that close in age, but even when they are not, it’s phenomenal.

They are very different kids in terms of personality, but they are great friends and love sharing a room, having told me many times that they cannot sleep without one another.

A friend of mine has her kids close in age, as well, and her two girls are the same way, at ages 4 and 3. They love sharing a room and don’t want to sleep without one another.

Her boys are almost 2 and almost 1 and it’s already clear it will be the same way, as the older loves his baby brother and is just so excited for him to be walking so they can really play together.

Maddie on

A bit of a shock, but so happy for them. I remember when Ruby was born, Gavin saying that him and his sister were 9 months apart and they liked the closeness in age.

Meg on

Charlotte has just said on the show (its airing now) that she is due mid January. She is still early in the pregnancy.