Peter André on Harvey: "He is my son — he's mine"

06/17/2008 at 07:00 PM ET


Peter André has been a father figure to his wife Katie "Jordan" Price‘s son Harvey Daniel, 6, since the little boy was just a toddler, and now the 35-year-old would like to make it official, if possible.

I’d love to adopt Harvey. If I was allowed, I would love to. It’s a big process and not that easy. It’s something I would definitely love to achieve in the next couple of years. He is my son — he’s mine.

Peter, who is also dad to son Junior Savva, 3, and daughter Princess Tiaamii, 11 months, admits that more kids are planned for him and Katie.

I feel we’re only half way, if that. All our kids, even though Harvey is 6, are really under 5, so when they get past that stage it gets easier. They all start helping each other.

Havery’s biological father is ex-Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke.

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Nikka on

that is so sweet ! kudos to him and all the best to the family

Deborah on

such a cute family! we love seeing our tees on them… Junior is wearing the grey super hero tee…. they bought it at Kitson only a few weeks ago.

Brandi on

Aww I love these too and Peter is so sweet!

meghan on

does harvey’s biological father see him at all? i think it’s great that peter sees hims as his own…

Rachel on

I have seen those Dream tees on so many babies!!..They are so beautiful….now I know where to get them. Thank you!

Colleen on

Meghan, Harvey’s biological father has no contact with him.

Charity on

It is so great to see a man step up and take in his wife’s child(ren) as his own. So many times, the “step” dad doesn’t really see her children as his own.

On the flip side, it’s also great to see women be real mothers to their’ husband’s children.

I’ve known too many kids who were screwed up b/c their step parent felt they were in competition with the kid for mom’s attention instead of being the dad the kid needed.

Jen on

Man, Princess sure looks like her dad.

SJ on

Hi everyone.

On Peter and Katie’s reality show, there is so much of the kids, you can forgive their more x rated behaviour, which lately they have admitted to being too much.

Peter and Harvey have this little Sg Bilko routine going on where they talk to each other like an army seargant and his cadet. It’s so sweet. And Peter almost always calls Harvey “son”. Like “Goodnight, Son”

It must have been so difficult for Pete to adjust to Katie’s life, with her and Harvey being so close. Say what you want about Katie Andre, she is brilliant with Harvey, knows how to settle him down and is focused 100% on his growth.

Sanne on

Finally ;-)! Katie must be very happy, I wish them the best of luck!

tink1217 on

step parent adoption, at least here in Fl, isn’t too complicated. We got a lawyer, drew up papers, sent them to my ex husband, he signed them and sent them back. Two months later we were in court. The judge talked to all of us and signed the papers making it legal. It was uncontested, of course, but if Harvey’s bio dad has no contact with him, there shouldn’t be a problem. Unless there is lots of legal red tape over there that would make it difficult. My husband legally adopting my kids was the best thing I ever did. And we did it when they were very young so he is the only daddy they have ever known.

chris on

I hope he gets to adopt Harvey. So sweet.

Kate on

It was difficult for me to be adopted by my Dad. My sperm donor had no interaction with me since my mom was pregnant with me and refused to sign the termination rights papers. I was actually legally adopted by my Dad when I was 17 and it was based more on my input in court. Also that was the first time I ever saw my sperm donor was when we were in court with him. I still praise men that take on their love’s children. Hear, hear. Also thank you for calling Dwight the bio dad, because he is definitely not the father Peter is.

lis on

I think it’s always obvious that Peter has huge amounts of love for Harvey (and all of his children!). I think that’s great, and quite admirable.

Brooke Cale on

Some people give Peter Andre a hard time, but I think he has stepped up and taken complete responsibility for this family and grounded Katie, which a lot of people said couldn’t be done….He clearly adores her and all of the children and seems to be a good man.

Jess on

I was watching their show earlier today (with little Harvey reciting his ABCs and Junior running away from Daddy). They’re awsome parents and it’ll be simply adorable if they can officially have Peter as Harvey’s daddy. However, just how Dwight is, I see him trying to put a stop to it. 😦

Michele on

Peter is a great daddy to Harvey. He loves that boy and I do hope that he will be able to adopt him in the near future. Dwight has never really had any contact with Harvey, Peter is that little boy’s daddy. Let him adopt him!

brooke on

Peter seems to love harvey. I wonder why seal hasm’t adopted leni, she doesn’t even have her bio’s dads name her last name is klum