Buff Terri Irwin hoists Emmy winnings

06/17/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Those Emmys have heft! Naturalist Terri Irwin, 43, and daughter Bindi Sue, 9 ½, showed off their statuettes in the press room at the 35th Annual Daytime Creative Arts & Entertainment Emmy Awards, where Bindi was named outstandingperformer in a children’s series forBindi the Jungle Girl. The event was held at the Frederick P. Rose Hall on Friday, June 13th in New York City. Dad is the late Steve Irwin.


Image by INFphoto.com

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Stéph on

OMG Look at those muscles on Terri!! Gosh!

And Bindi is such a beautiful girl, she looks like a princess, too bad her show doesn’t play here, where I live, I would’ve like to see it.

Hea on

Terri looks GREAT! I want her arms! Bindi is cute as always.

Camilla on

Wow! They both look incredible! Two of my favorite people in the world.

Sanne on

Bindi & Terri look very girly and classy! I admire their strength to cope with Steve’s loss. I think he would be very proud of his family!

No one should judge Terri on the way she’s grieving or how she’s managing Steve’s legacy…. I think she’s dealing great with everything.

Vanessa on

I am so happy to see Bindi dressed like the little girl that she is.

tink1217 on

I don’t like muscular arms on women at all. Madonna’s are the worst! But, I guess some women like it. Its great to be fit! Which Teri definitely is! Bindi looks adorable as always! Congrats on those Emmys!!

Sarah on

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Terri’s dress the same one or similar to Jennifer Lopez’s dress a few years back?

babyboopie on

She’s very muscular, isn’t she?? Bindi is so cute!

Erin on

So glad to see Bindi dressed like a little girl! She is so cute! ♥ Terri is looking fabulous! Can’t get over the arms! LOL Wish we could see some new pics of Bob! =)

Sarah on

Bindi and Terri look great!

michelle on

Steph, I dont know where you live but Bindi’s wonderful show BINDI THE JUNGLE GIRL is on Discovery Kids. It is a wonderful show and especially great for little girls to watch.

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

Bindi is really growing up. She looks just like Dad.

Nikka on

Tink1217, I totally agree with you, it’s great to be fit, but I don’t like the muscles neither, especially not in the evening dress. I don’t say it’s ugly, I just say I don’t like it myself. I would watch the way I would pose though.

I would like to watch Bindi’s show too, I live in Canada and I don’t think we have Discovery Kids, only Discovery itself. But maybe it’s been released on DVD…???

L on

You can see Steve in Bindi – the eyes and mouth especially

nona on

Bindi’s cute as a bindi, and it’s great to see Terri looking excited. For so long, she (understandably) looked sad in photos. I do hope she’s able to find joy and/or peace, if she hasn’t started already.

Stef on

Picking on Terri’s muscles? How lame.

Terri looks absolutely glamorous. I’m so used to seeing her in khakis.

Renee on

I think her muscles look great.Why shouldn’t women have muscles? Why is it okay to talk negatively about a woman’s body?

NL on

Nikka & Stéph – Bindi’s show is also on TLC every weekday morning at 8:30.

Diane on

Wow, I wouldn’t want to get into a fight with her. I’d lose!

iluvallbabies on

Stef & Renee- Who is “picking on” and talking negatively about her muscles?

I haven’t read one negative/nasty comment- only people saying they PERSONALLY dont like them but its good to be fit. Just other peoples opinions, they were in no way putting her down or being negative? Thats how I took it anyway 🙂

Hea on

I think muscles are sexy. It shows dedication and strenght. I am sick and tired of Hollywoods thin malnourishly veiny spaghetti arms.

jasmine on

I love them both! I love Terri’s personality and attitude! Bindi is getting so pretty!

Lauren on

I think in her line of work with all the physical things she has to do I am happy she has those muscles, I think if she wasn’t flexing or holding up the award that it wouldn’t be so pronounced. But I must agree that I dislike Madonna’s buffness very much.

meghan on

i agree – it’s great to see terri looking happy! and bindi too of course!

Natalie on

Bindi is very wise beyond her years. God has is going to offer her so much in this world/future. She deserves it! Way to go Bindi, your daddy would have been SO proud of you.

Godiva on

I think her muscles also look great! It is about time that women starting paying attention to their health (and muscles are healthy) instead of trying to be stick thin. She is a wonderful role model for her wonderful daughter!

Elyse on

I seriously would kill for arms like that!!!

babyboopie on

I may add that she may be muscular because she has to do so many physical things now that Steve would have normally done and perhaps doing these things is therapeutic in dealing with her loss?

Carrie Jo on

Teri looks fantastic! I would love to have arms like that, My husband would love it too! Bindi is such a cutie…

Taylor on

Ha. . .it’s funny to see the various posts on her arms. I’ve actually worked hard for 5 years and have very toned arms like Terri’s, but my husband hates it. I’ve had to stop working out my arms for him to let some of the muscle fade (but I’ll always keep up some of it b/c I like it). I think her arms look great, but I’m sure my husband would disagree. I think more women should gain muscle and perhaps images would change. . .although I do agree that Madonna’s a little over the top. Other than that, I’m glad to see her and Bindi happy after all their tragedy.

Sharona on

Does anybody know the brand of her dress?

Maegan on

Nikka-I live in Canada, it plays either on Discovery,TLC or Family in the morning. Ive seen it with my neice many times.

jess on

wow i’d kill for arms like that