Violet Affleck's double dropoff

06/17/2008 at 07:45 AM ET

Actors Ben Affleck, 35, and Jennifer Garner, 36, dropped daughter Violet Anne, 2 ½, off at preschool in Santa Monica, CA on Monday, June 16th. Violet seemed to be in a wonderful mood, as per usual!


Photos by Flynet.

An image with Jennifer and shoe info below!



Violet wears Superga Torino sneakers in navy ($40).

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Emaline on

She’s so cute! I can’t believe she’s old enough for preschool already! Time for #2 Jen & Ben! 🙂

Sheri on

That little Violet is just too precious for words! Jen and Ben must be wonderful parents because their little girl always looks SO happy 🙂 They are such a cute family! I’m finally beginning to see a little bit of Ben in Violet … but she still is the spitting image of Jennifer.

dickie on

Violet is so adorable. What an amazing smile. Anyone have information on her shoes? They look like Superega, but I dont know.

Colleen on

This is my FAV. celeb couple. They are totally real with their child. Jennifer is the only celeb mom who is a real mom….she goes out without the make-up, hair in a pony, jeans and a t-shirt….and she is still gorgeous. She is always doing things for her child, and I love her for that. You only see them at the park and farmers market…can they be any real or what? I think this family is totally adorable!

irene on

Love this little girl! Maybe this is weird to say, but I think Ben and Jen have very similar features and that’s why little Vi looks so much like both of them to me. I actually see more of Ben (nose, lips) than Jen. She is too cute for words!

Jeannie on

It’s good to see that Violet isn’t frightened of the photographers, though it’s sad that she seems to be used to them. She shouldn’t have such an intrusion in her young life. She is super duper cute.

sharon on

such a beautiful family 🙂 I love them!

amandamay on

aaaahhh! adorable!!

Nancy on

I love the way she inherited her daddy’s chin dimple and her mommy’s cheek dimples. What an adorable, happy child! She seems to have a sunny disposition just like Jennifer. What a refreshing family!–One of the few families that the average person could imagine having as next-door neighbors.

Amber on

Nancy, you read my mind. I never noticed her chin cleft but it’s adorable; more pronounced and all Affleck. He is so handsome to me, like an old movie star.

Patty on

Violet is the CUTEST celebrity baby. She’s always smiling and happy. She’s just a little mini-me of Jennifer! I’m so glad they focus on her and not making her a little cash cow like other celebrities. She’s adorable!

Krysta on

Haha Violet always has a perfect pose/smile for the paparazzi.What a gal!

Nancy on

Yes those are SUPERGA shoes. My kids have them also in navy blue! Great and comfortable shoes for kindergarden because kids can easily take them off when needed! And of course Violot looks absolutely adorable once more! I also can’t believe that she is already old enough to go to preschool. Where I live kids start preschool at 3y.

Nancy on

Yes those are SUPERGA shoes. My kids have them also in navy blue! Great and comfortable shoes for kindergarden because kids can easily take them off when needed! And of course Violot looks absolutely adorable once more! I also can’t believe that she is already old enough to go to preschool. Where I live kids start preschool at 3y.

jenny on

Irene, so funny you should say Ben and Jennifer have similar features. On Oprah, Jennifer said she and Ben look like brother and sister with their similarities. So, you are not the only one who thinks that Violet looks like both of them!

irene on

That’s funny Jenny…I didn’t catch that episode. Thanks!

hug on

Violet is such a cutie patootie!

She always has such an amused look, or smile on her face!

Crystal on

I think it’s great for CBB to say that Violet is in a great per usual. It’s sooo true! She always seems so happy and well rounded child. Her parents are so down to earth and seem to feel so lucky to have little Violet Anne. I really love this family.

FC on

She does have a tiny cleft in her chin like her dad. I didn’t even notice that til now! She’s still all Jen, but I do see more of Ben at various times. It all depends.

But I just love seeing photos of them. I wish they were my neighbors! They seem so down-to-earth, and Violet just seems to be such a sweet little girl with an even sweeter smile. 🙂

Janie on

Violet is absolutely adorable! What a cutie pie!

Jaybird on

Why haven’t we seen them for months and now their picture is taken every day? Do one of the parents have a movie coming out? Is that why they are being seen around town again?

Nikko on

Just wondering anyone know what preschool she attends in SM? We live here and are shopping around for preschools!

SM on

Jay, they were living in the Boston area with not much paparazzi for the last few months. They just moved back.

Rosy J on

This little girl is definitely a heart stealer. Lol. One look at that adorable smile and you just melt. She is the cutest most lovable celebrity baby. Jen and Ben are doing a great job as parents in spite of the business that they’re in. By trying to bring her up in as normal a lifestyle as possible. She seems so well adjusted in spite of the whole paparazzi frenzy. Jen spends more time with her in public, I think that can be attributed to the way she handles it even though she is constantly criticized for “primping” her out.

Rosy J on

Sorry, I meant to type “Pimping” instead of “Primping”. I want to take this opportunity to say I adore this family. They are my favorite. I wish them every happiness in the future.

Natalie on

LOLOL shes always smiling love it! What a little mini Jen!!

cutie on

She is so adorable! Love this fam 🙂

Nikko – They haven’t been pictured because Jenn was in Mass shooting two movies and Ben was in DC shooting a movie and the past month has been in Africa and Calgary for charity work. I’m sure they didn’t want to go back to LA after having so much time where they weren’t hounded by the paps, but it is their home. Neither has a movie coming out any time soon (that I am aware of).

Stephany on

Ben’s expression in the first picture is so similar to my uncle’s, it’s nuts. We all say he looks like Ben Affleck’s brother. Haha.

Violet is looking super-cute as always! They are such a wonderful family.

chandu on

I think violet is the most happiest celebrity baby i’ve seen. She’s always happy and always smiling when she’s around with her parents. As you all say violets parents are the most normal down to earth people in hollywood. Recently Ben Affleck mentioned that his perfect women is his wife Jen. I’m really happy about the way how CBB handles its reader comments. When I go through other websites those readers come up with nasty comments about this family. Which are untrue.

Elyse on

I seriously can’t get enough of these two! It just makes my day everytime I see photos of them! I hope I am as great of a mom as Jennifer is someday!

sweet_bambi on

mary on

anyone know what preschool she attends in Santa Monica? We live here and are looking around for preschools!