Quote of the day: Angelina to Brad: It's your turn to work!

06/17/2008 at 03:30 PM ET

Angelinajoliebradpitt_51958371_max_Yeah, it’s not the thing you love the most. I love being a mom and I dolove traveling and the work I get to do with children in the field andwith refugees. Brad and I take turns working. So instead of it being "Iget to work next," it’s "You have to work next, because it’s your turn. I’m staying home with the kids."

    — Wanted’s Angelina Jolie, when asked if family and humanitarian work has her less interested in making films.

Source: MTV News; Photo by Tony Barson/WireImage.com

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cm on

thats funny. i just read an interview where gwyneth paltrow said something completely opposite. about how even though she loves being a mom being an artist is something you dont b/c you have to..there is a burning…its just funny to hear the to diff views

just a little bit jealous on

I watched the interview and Angie said only worked 4 months last year. 2 months for Wanted; 2 months for Changeling and 4 days for Kungfu Panda. Must be nice to work when you want to and then go home to Brad Pitt. Sigh.

(LOVE- aJ ) on

Angelina is a woman of substance.
I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!

michelle on

Ditto JUST A BIT JEALOUS!!!!! I would love to do that and come home to Brad. I love them and that they take turns working. I wish all families could work like that.

Michelle on

How do I sign up for that kind of life?

alexp on

funny that they make it seem like they HAVE to work. considering the amount of money they have between the two of them, neither one “has” to work another day of their lives. so i guess they like it a little more than they want us to believe.

Lisa on

Seriously, do either one of them HAVE to work at all? Ugh, spare me Angie.

Sasha on

lol, it’s all a roll of the dice 🙂

Sami on

No kidding. Gosh I only have to work for four months and four days. It’s so grueling. And my husband get to work next year while I take the year off?

Come on, Angie life ain’t that bad.

Allison on

“You HAVE to work next?” I don’t think either one of them HAVE to work. In my opinion, if they both so desperately wanted to be at home with the kids, then they could, and should. Lets be honest…neither one of them (or their kids) will ever have to work again.

Amy on

I took Angelina’s statement to mean something completely different from everybody else. I thought she was saying although she and Brad love working, it’s almost like they to force themselves to do it because they don’t want to be seperated from the kids. I didn’t get the feeling Angelina felt sorry for herself for working or desperately wanted to quit. She was just making an analogy of how much they love being with the kids. If she or Brad really wanted to quit they probably would.

Rayan on

It’s good that they have become so successful in the Entertainment world to where they are able to work only 4 months (and 4 days) outta the year.

They’ve certainly worked hard for it for many years before theyre now able to settle with their family a lot more.

Tracey on

I totally agree, Amy! I did not get the feeling it was meant to be perceived as a “poor me” thing. But, I guess I’m getting used to hearing those who have something negative to say about everyone lol.

Ashley on

Thank you Amy my thoughts exactly. i mean i really can’t believe that you guys are trashing this women for this comment. You guys should give the link to the video and maybe people will better understand what she meant by her comment.

blab on

Tracey YOUR comment in itself is negative towards non Angelina fantasy fans, so dont accuse others of posting negative comments. I cant understand why shes in the news all the time and talking about her sex life?! I though they wanted privacy (hence going to AFRICA to give birth) yet she gabs on about her sex life and kids. Im sure other celebs who talked about their sex life would be called trashy on here. I dont remember her last hit movie, yet she is still in the news constantly. Mia Farrow and Madonna took alot of flack for adopting, yet somehow Angelina is portrayed as a saint… Stop with the charity thing, millions of people and other celebs do it constantly, some devote their lives to it, yet get no recognition, she is not the only one guys.

Sarita on

If they don’t want to work, they don’t have to. They have so much money, they don’t have to work ever again. I’ve noticed that more celebrities say this kind of thing and don’t know who they are trying to kid, we all know the millions they make per movie!

lisa on

Angelina says she prefers being a home with her kids and this is criticized? unbelievable!

She loves her work but loves being with her kids more..same as Brad. Nothing negative about this statement in the slightest.

just a little bit jealous on

Wow even if I had not seen the video I would never have read the quote with a negative spin as some of you obviously have. Do some of you really dislike the woman so much that you automatically read her words and think she’s being shallow or is asking for pity? IMO the negative reaction to her words speaks more to the writers’ dissaction with their own lives than Angelina with hers. From the video Angelina is clearly happy and undersands how lucky she is. Anyway for those who want to watch the clip to witness a woman who is obviously comfortable in her own skin, here the link to the part where she talks about working. Oh and I’m still a just a little bit jealous. 🙂



MIA on

If these comments were by ANY other actress, no one would bat an eye except to praise her for having her priorities straight. I think some people don’t realize that Angie has a good sense of humor and laughs quite a bit. I think people pick apart things she says and makes them oh so serious and grave. She was just saying happily that she and Brad love it when it is their turn to stay home.. it isnt like one of them is glad for the break from the kids..just the opposite. I think it shows how great parents they are, and how much they love and enjoy their children.

oh please on

They work because it is their job, they love it but their kids come first. They work to earn money for their charity, their foundation, and for the many children in the world they hope to help in the future(Angie has said they are putting other children through school).

But they both seem to love it most when they can be home just being with their children. This is nothing to be critical about, they are blessed to be able to take turns working and to work just a few months a year.

I admire this family so much..and pray for them because they seem to have so many who want to attack them for no good reason(im not talking about posters on this site).

COurtney on

I took her comment to mean that she doesnt want to leave the kids and neither does he and they boht want to be the one to stay with the kids.

I dont think she was saying poor me at all…

and on a side note, the last time I checked none of us are privy to their bank accounts. My mom used to say, with bigger paychecks come bigger bills….LOL

arriel on

Love this woman, she has her head on straight and her priorities in the right place.

meghan rose on

From the video Angelina is clearly happy and undersands how lucky she is. Anyway for those who want to watch the clip to witness a woman who is obviously comfortable in her own skin, here the link to the part where she talks about working. Oh and I’m still a just a little bit jealous. 🙂

Posted by: just a little bit jealous

Thanks for posting the link. Angie is a very down to earth lady and a really cool mom. (I hope she does Atlas Shrugged)

not surprised on

I’m not surprised that people found something to nitpick since this is Angelina after all…

If you watch the whole interview, she says that she considers herself very lucky because she knows there are many others who have to work much harder than her.

And she does have to work because she not only pays for all her UN trips, she supports multiple charities and funds the Maddox Jolie Pitt project in Cambodia. On top of that Brad donated $5 million of his own money to help New Orleans with their reconstruction effort. So yeah, as long they continue to support these projects, they will have to work.

Sarita on

I don’t think it is nitpicking because it is Angelina Jolie. I like her and her family but I do not believe they have to work.

Even if they never work again they will be very rich the rest of their lives. Just the interest on the money Brad Pitt makes from only one movie can support his family the rest of their lives. Not just getting by, but living a luxury life and giving to charity.

They work because they want to? Great! But don’t say it is because they have to. And This applies to all Hollywood stars that makes millions and complain about having to work.

karol on

What?! Angelina says she and Brad love it when it is their turn not to work. HOw DARE SHE!!

Seriously though…She and Brad are wonderful parents, they have a beautiful family that obviously brings them a lot of joy. They are both such positive people, which we need more of since it is clear there are too many negative people in this world.

stephanie on

not surprised- exactly what I was going to say. Thank you.

Frankly, I’m more interested that she wants to do Sin City 2! She’d be amazing in it.

Allison on

Amy…I don’t think anyone was saying that she was a bad mother,person etc… We have a right to our opinion and we stated it. I know for me, it starts getting a little annoying when Angelina starts talking this way. Or any other celeb for that matter. It comes across as though she is trying to be like the rest of us, working mom, the “wife” title and trying to keep things balanced. While I LOVE Angelina, I don’t believe it for a second. I think celebs need to know when to keep their mouths closed because most of us know…they are not like us and have it much easier than us fiscally.

lavamouse on

yes we’re all entitled to our opinions, therefore my opinion of this whole thread is that some of y’all take things in print way too literal. print are one dimensional can be so easily misconstrued as it is stripped of any of the emotion she originally conveyed in the video. have any of you seen the video as suggested? She’s looked incredibly happy when she said that. I didn’t find that she was complaining at all. Just my opinion

everette on

Sounds like a lot of jealousy to me.

Why should celebs “keep their mouths closed” when asked about their families and work? I love hearing how celebs balance work and home life since it is probably one area I have in common with them.

She was asked a question by a reporter, she wasnt saying she was JUST LIKE US or saying she didnt have it easier than most. Just the opposite, she admitted she has it easier..but that still doesnt negate the fact that I can relate to her love of family and how she makes her kids top priority.

She was asked if the other things in her life (kids, family life, humanitarian work) had made work less important(not unimportant). She agreed and said she and Brad are happy when it is their turn not to work.

I don’t know what is so annoying or upsetting about this unless some are just envious they can’t do the same?.

She wasn’t complaining about having to work, just saying they both are happy when it is their turn not to.

Becuse this is a celebrity baby blog, most of these celebs have more money, and help, and fiscal security than the rest of us, I dont begrudge them their wealth. I do however, love reading about how in spite of the obvious differences, they can be just like us when it comes to their children. I like reading how they juggle their home life with their profession; I for one am glad she is asked these questions cause I myself am interested.

Angelina always admits though that others aren’t as fortunate to get to work just a few months a year or hire help when needed.

She gets it.

I don’t get why some are so quick to jump to negative conclusions about just about anything, no matter how benign, that she says.

Dee on

Negative people get a LIFE, it’s a shame that celebs have to watch everything they say because it may offend you. To bad we can’t hear all the negative things that come out of your mouths in an average day.

Who cares why she said it, they may have to work, you don’t know the what they support with the money they make. Amazing it ok for you to sit home but you have to judge the reason a celeb wants to stay home. AMAZING!

wow on

I’m glad I’m not famous and have people nitpick my every word.

If you listened to the interview, she was saying that when it comes to their taking turns working, their mindset is not oh goody, I GET to work! Instead it is oh goody, it is my turn to stay home and You have to work!

She wasnt saying “have to work” as in they dont have the money to stay home, they cant pay their bills, or that they are like the average person in this regard.

But, they do have obligations that the rest of us will never have. If they signed a contract for a film, they DO HAVE TO WORK to fulfill their obligation. If they want to continue with their many charities, then yes, they will have to work in some capacity.

True they could stop working and stop helping others and live very comfortably..but why should they? Just like I could probably quit my job, sell our second car and move to a smaller house.

But if I want these things..and a better education for my kids then on Mondays I have to remind myself that I HAVE TO WORK.

celebs are already so different from me in so many ways..I just like to appreciate how similar we are.

That is one reason I visit this blog.

M on

She has a better attitude about “work”/”working” than most other celebs who also don’t have to work but are too afraid to be out of the spotlight for too long for fear of being “forgotten”- i.e. Victoria Beckham is one that springs to mind.

Ange is an inspiration in how she chooses to live her life, mother her children, love her partner. Love Her!

Erica on

Keep in mind–Brad and Angelina donated a total of 8 million dollars to charity last year. If they keep up that kind of generosity (which they probably will) I imagine they WILL have to keep working. Especially considering that they will soon have six kids to raise and put through college.

brooke on

Of course neither of them have to work, but considering they are celebrities who like most have a lavish lifestyle and now so many kids, they have to keep up with it. Plus they both love attention, they would never wanna fully stop working in my opinion.

love on

angelina i love you!

Renee on

Re: Erica: I could be wrong on this one, but since their donations are to charity wouldn’t they be able to use that as a “write off” for tax purposes and then be able to recoup some of the $$$ donated? As I said, I am not an “expert” in this by any stretch, just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this.

rachelsun on

Some people need to stop thinking they are tax attorneys and know the tax code. charity has limits. you don’t donate 6 mil and get 6 mil in credit on taxes. it does not work that way. also, as another poster says if they want to continue to donate as much as they do yes, they will work but as another more sensible person says they know how lucky they are.