Kate Hudson's main men head out for brunch

06/16/2008 at 05:45 PM ET

Although Kate Hudson refuses to confirm if they’re a pair, son Ryder Russell, 4 ½, showed that he’s comfortable with Lance Armstrong during an outing on Sunday, June 15th. Kate, 29, joined ex-husband Chris Robinson, 41, and his girlfriend, along with Lance, 36, and the cyclist’s children Luke, 8 ½, and twins Isabelle and Grace, 6 ½, for Father’s Day brunch in Brooklyn, NY.


Photo by Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt/Splash News Online.

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Max'sMom on

That’s so cool for the kids that they all get along! So much healthier that way.
And how unlikely is it that they are both dating someone named Lance! 🙂

Sarena on

Max’sMom, I think that you misread the caption. Chris Robinson’s girlfriend was not named.

I agree with you about how refreshing it is that they get along!

UggaMugga.com on

It’s great to see that they are truly looking out for what is best for their son…what a healthy situation for all of them!

Jess on

How cool that they all spent it together! Good for them!

Nikka on

Well, this is news to me !!! Hope to see more news soon 🙂

Kristin on

It’s great to see Lance has gotten the memo that Ryder’s feet are never to touch the ground. 😛 I KID, I KID! 😉

Jen on

Kristin — You’re funny:)

Anyone know what is going on in Toronto? Why were they all there?

heather on

Wow!! So I had to re-read this post a couple of times to make sure I was reading it right, lol. How AMAZING that Kate and Chris can go to lunch with their new significant others and their kids. I really, really commend these two on accomplishing what so many can’t or won’t do when divorcing/divorced. I think this is one of the most peaceful and well done divorces I’ve ever seen. Very cool!!

Natazz on

No offense, but they were not in Toronto, they had brunch in NYC, Brooklyn in fact.

angie on

I know I am more than likely in the minority here, but does anyone else think it’s a bad idea to start bringing your kid (or kids) around someone you’ve only been dating for a few weeks? You see it all the time in the media with all of these stars. I know it’s Hollywood, so it’s not really REAL life, but I would be hesitant to introduce my kid to someone I’d only recently been spending time with…

S on

They were in Toronto for a bike race of Lance’s, but are back in New York now. The caption was fixed.

I think it’s great that they can all celebrate father’s day together. Not a lot of blended families can do it successfully.

mlc on

They had been in Toronto over the weekend because Lance was doing a charity bike tour in Waterloo, Ontario (45 min West of T.O.) with the owner of BlackBerry for Cancer Research!

Natazz on

IMO it’s too soon for Ryder to be with Lance and his kids. They have been spotted together around often.
As for Chris, he has been with his girlfriend for quite some time. She has been on tour with him as well. The relationship is not nearly as new as Kate and Lance’s.

amandamay on

i’ve been a single mom for 5 years and have dated a few men in that time – not one of them spent time with my son. maybe it’s just me, but until i’m sure it’s really serious, i don’t want my son to get attached and then “lose” the guy if we break up. i, too, find it odd that so many of these celeb moms have their boyfriends around their kids when it seems like they are with new guys every couple of months.

a note…i don’t consider myself conservative or overly protective – i live in los angeles and am young and open.

iluvallbabies on

Angie you took the words out of my mouth….



I agree with Angie but at the same time he could be just seen as a new friend of mommy’s in Ryders opinion. I doubt they are all over eachother infront of their children. It’s a good way for Ryder to meet new children and make new friends but I do think that it should be kept from him for awhile until they become more serious. Growing up we never met my mom’s boyfriends until they were together for months and my mom thought it was serious. I didn’t meet my step-dad until almost a year after they dated.

Isn’t Ryders last name Robinson? =\

brooke on

Angie and amandamay I agree with both you guys. Nobody is a bigger kate hudson fan than me, I see all her movies, I met her in person, and love her. She seems like a good mom, but in less than a year I’ve seen pics of ryder with all her ex bf’s dex shepherd, owen wilson, and now lance. I don’t think it’s good to introduce your 4yr old to ever guy your with, because say she is still single when he is around 6, imagine how many bf’s ryder will meet by than.

Lisa on

I agree that it may be confusing for these kids to be around new boyfriends and girlfriends and then possibly lose them.

The thing I always notice is that celebrity kids seem to always be “carried” about. Ryder is always being carried or in a stroller and he is 4 and a half and that seems to be quite old to be carried or pushed. Denise Sheen is always carrying her two girls around and at the same time, (wow!) and a stream of others. I don’t know, I just think it is silly.

S on

Yes Robinson is his last name, CBB uses mostly first and middle names in their posts.

I don’t think introducing kids to boyfriends is bad, I just think if it was me, I would wait until the relationship was many months older first.

emma on

I think it’s great that Kate and Chris (not to mention their partners) could do this for the sake of their son. I truly hope that all four of them (the adults) didn’t feel too uncomfortable! I bet the kids had fun whatever! Very selfless I think.

Michelle on

I think Kate introduces them probably as friends, not boyfriends. Afterall, she knows what’s best for her son and seems like a good mom.

As for the carrying thing. I read an article with Angelina Jolie and she mentioned carrying the kids a lot around the paparazzi for safety reason. I have heard Denise Richards mention this as well. I think this is why we see so many celeb babies (Violet Affleck) being carrier all the time. It’s for there protection. I am sure their parents don’t carry them all around the house.

silentgirl on

I love Kate Hudson and I too am her age and a single mom. I waited 2 years to begin dating (our kids are the same age) and I never ever bring anyone around to meet my son. I will reserve that for if I get engaged and it becomes a major thing. Dating for a weeks or months and then having them around is nuts IMO. It isn’t ok to do to your kids and I know my mom was single and I saw every flavor of the month.

Lauren on

I think it would be just as harmful to wait and have your child or children meet the man you are engaged to, I think that might be an extreme, the child might have a feeling of it being fast and having to get used to that, I think waiting till it is a least serious is the right amount of time.

silentgirl on

To Lauren, if I were to get engaged I would wait a good solid year and integrate a man into my life slowly. I really think that Kate is doing something that is ultimately not a good idea for her son. I’m surprised at her, I really thought she had a good head on her shoulders. I suppose she is too dependent to be single for long. It’s too bad.