Billie Piper loves Greek food: What was your pregnancy craving?

06/16/2008 at 11:00 AM ET

Billiepip_danw_13087228_max_cbbjpgAs with most expectant women, singer Billie Piper is experiencing the usual pregnancy cravings. Her food of choice? Greek! Husband Laurence Fox is doing his best to keep us with her wants and needs, a source shared.

Billie is always hungry, so Laurence is cooking non-stop. He’s doing moussakas, Greek salads and meze.

The doting husband is working hard at making Billie feel more comfortable with a source also adding that Laurence is "working 24/7 to make Billie feel cared for. He wakes up during the night to check if she is OK."

Billie, 25, was seen on holiday caressing her stomach in April. Since then pregnancy rumors have circulated, with a friend confirming the news to The Sun. Billie and Laurence are yet to announce any news themselves.

Source: Mail Online; Photo by Dan Woolier/WireImage.

Thanks to CBB readers Kate and Joanne.

Did you crave any particular foods during your pregnancy?


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andrea on

salads and watermelon- i could not get enough of that stuff. Really made me question whether i was going to give birth to a human or a rabbit. :p

Had hoped to indulge in a doughnut or chocolate here and there…”oh, the baby wants it!” πŸ˜‰ but everytime I so much as had a nibble, it would come flying back up within moments. *sigh*

kendrajoi on

The only thing I remember craving is honey-roasted peanuts. My hubby came home one day after I had been at the local Wal-mart, and found an industrial-size can in the house…he was like, OK….guess you had a craving!

MB on

so far, i haven’t really been craving anything big time. there was one night i haaad to have some graeters ice cream, but that’s about it.

Alana on

I had craving for maple&peacan plaits, it was weird for me as i don’t like sweets or pastries that much.

Mom2boys on

well, I love greek food too, but I craved ORANGES big time during both my pregnancies. Would easily eat 3 or 4 a day.
I would also have the occasional craving for a Johnny Rocket’s chocolate malt. Had to be from there, and no where else though.

Melanie F. on

Watermelon and Doritioes with Picante Sauce. =)

Vanessa on

Enchiritos and Hot Tamales (the candy)!

Eva on

I had so much fun during both my pregnancies b/c they both came with so many cravings!
My first pregnancy I craved salty and spicy foods and candies and lots of fresh fruit.
I found out I was pregnant the second time around when I was already 7 weeks along… and I thought, “so that’s where all the chocolate cravings are coming from!”. One night I HAD to HAVE a tall glass of milk with chocolate Quik.
I don’t particularly like gyros so much but I loved them while pregnant, with lots of tsatsiki sauce! And I pretty much had to had french fries every day. Luckily for me, I only gained about 18 lbs during that last pregnancy!

Evi on

1st pregnancy: Salty and spicy foods and candies… tons of fresh fruit.

2nd pregancy: I couldn’t get enough chocolate (milk chocolate w/nestle Quik was a must nightly!), gyros w/tons of tsatsiki sauce. I overindulged on navel oranges and french fries. I have a feeling my 3 month old will either absolutely love or absolutely hate fries!!

Becky on

Hmmm…what DIDN’T I crave? Just random things at random times.
* The candies…Runts. Hadn’t eaten those in years but for some reason I HAD to have them…ALL the time! I had a big bag at work at all times. My office even decorated my shower cake with runts.
*Subway sandwhiches. HOT sub sandwiches (hot meaning spicy) with lots of jalapenos and pepperachinies (sp?). The doctor told me in the beginning all the foods I can’t have while pregnant. I heard her say no deli meat but for some reason, Subway didn’t click as deli meat. I was thinking sandwhich meat you buy at the deli counter of the grocery store. So for three months, every day (no joke) I had a turkey sandwhich. Once I brought it up to the doctor, she said that was a no-no. I asked if I get it toasted, if that would help (it is a no-no because supposedly it can carry a pestaside) and she said no, the best thing to do if I had to eat them (which I did…I DID have to have them!) is to have them put the turkey in the microwave for 45 seconds. So….I was THAT obnoxious lady in the line everyday asking for them to nook my turkey for 45 seconds. πŸ˜‰
*What else? OH! Watermelon Gushers. You know, the kids fruit snacks with a gooey center. Mmmm. They totally randomly popped in my head. We were at the grocery store and I had to have them. We went to the gushers and…no watermelon! My poor husband started picking up strawberry, blue raz, etc etc as tears welled up in my eyes. I HAD to have watermelon. My husband literally pulled every box off the shelf until he found the one and only watermelon in the back. Have I mentioned I love my hubby?! πŸ™‚
*Grape juice and Orange Pop
*There are many more, but lastly…Garlic El Perfecto pizza at Godfathers (little did I know they had gone out of business). There was a Godfathers right by our house so we went there and they were closed. Thinking they moved or closed just that one, We went to the Lynnwood one about 10 miles from our house….closed. We called the Woodinville one which was about 20 miles the opposite direction and it was still listed and when we called it just rang and rang so we figured they were still around. Went there…closed. I had just driven by the Redmond one not to long ago and insisted they were still there, so off we went to Redmond, about 10 miles from the Woodinville one we drove to and about 30 miles from our house…CLOSED! I cried and husband was not too happy (he gets really grouchy when he;s hungry….does anyone else’s hubby’s get like that? I have to carry a granola bar in my purse at all times, not for my daughter, but for my hubby if he gets grouchy). No joke. That was a horrible day for this pregnant woman! It’s not like I could go to a different store and get that pizza. It was a one of a kind.

cm on

I craved icees and slurpies and fruit

erica on

1st pregnancy: spicy mexican food – tacos, enchildas, chips and salsa, etc. i could eat it every single day. i also ate a cup of ice cream almost every night the last month or so, even though it was the dead of winter!

2nd pregnancy: fast food – burgers and fries mostly. i was pretty disgusted by it, but i just HAD to have it!

anna on

Becky, thanks for the laughter!

jill on

First pregnancy- Lemonade and mashed potatoes…

Second – same as above

Third- chef salads, turkey sandwiches
(all girls)

This Time *due in late Nov* Citrus fruits and mexcian food…

It’s so odd, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

Tara on

LOTS OF ONIONS AND HAMBURGERS….I never ate them before I got pregnant, I hated ground beef now I love it.

MB on

when did your pregnancy cravings kick in? from the get-go? later on?

i love billie’s glasses!

IG on

Clementines, apple sauce and McDonald’s fries (not all at once ;-)).

dawn on

The first trimester was all about Honeycrisp apples. We got through the winter on Grapes, melons and bananas. Now…it’s about the sweet. Suddenly pancakes and dairy queen sound good. Thank God this boy is set to arrive any minute!! Otherwise, I would be as big as a house!!

Kelly on

I saw a comercial for Golden Grahams cereal on New Years Eve. I just had to have a bowl. I was at the store the next morning buying 2 boxes! I also craved Lemonheads.

Brittany on

I had a HUGE craving for pizza!! I wanted pizza just about for every meal.. I also really craved blue raspberry slushies. What a nutritious meal, lol.

Allison on

Lemonade. Pickles. All the time.

Karen on

With my son I craved pineapple and pink lemon aid. With my daughter it was bacon. The thought of bacon makes me sick now. How sad.

tammi on

After about 4 months of morning sickness and not being able to eat anything, I couldn’t get enough cereal. Wheaties, corn flakes, and raisin bran all day. That was with my twin boys. With my daughter it was meat. I would go to Wendy’s and get 1/2 lb. double cheeseburgers and only eat the meat. I tried to eat a baked potato with sour cream and chives once but had to pull over before I got home and throw it away because the smell of the chives made me sick.

Kim on

Fruit! Totally different than my first pregnancy.

monica on

Oh man, wendys egg and cheese sandwiches every am, they were downstairs from my office coworkers would complain I was making them hungry lol. Also starbucks strawberry frapp every now and then,I missed my coffee badly though.
Also taco bell for some reason and mcdonalds cheeseburgers. I exercised a lot during my pregnancy. I was totally grossed out by chinese food (which is usually my fav) I was never a big fast food eater until I got preg. I gained 30 pounds with my pregnancy!

Dana on

With both pregnancies, I craved breakfast foods: eggs, grits, oj, sausage, pancakes.

With my first I also craved pasta and red meat, and fast food (taco bell and skyline- two things I had never eaten before).

DivaStar on

Ice and sunflower seeds. It had to be the big bag, the small bag just would not do. I went to work everyday with my bag of sunflowers seeds. My daughter was born with a sunflower seed shaped birthmark on her back. Because I am anemic (when pregnant)I ate liver and onions every single day which is one of the foods my mom use to make us eat that I actually like.

Natalie S. on

Ribs..all I wanted was Uno’s baby back ribs, Indian food and California rolls. Oh my god it was non stop with the ribs. My husband had to learn how to make them, (of course the way I wanted them made) so I could have them on hand when I needed ribs 24/7.

Kelli on

I wanted spinach-artichoke dip all the time. I think I ate so much of it during pregnancy that it was almost three years after my son was born that I could even think about eating it again.
I also wanted orange juice all the time, but my diabetic counselor said that was a no-no.