Celebrating Celebrity Baby Birthdays — Coco Riley Arquette

06/13/2008 at 07:00 AM ET

CocoHappy Birthday Coco Riley Arquette. You are now 4 years old!

Name: Coco Riley Arquette

Birthday: June 13, 2004

Famous for: Being the long-awaited first child of actors Courteney Cox-Arquette, 44 on Sunday, and David Arquette, 36.

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Name meaning:

Courteney wanted to call her Courteney, after herself and her mother. However, David’s Jewish religion prefers children not to be named after living relatives, and instead they compromised, apparently going with Coco due to the combination of the “co” from “Courteney Cox.” Riley is a name the couple liked.

Birth story:

Coco was born naturally after a night of labor and weighed in at 8lbs, 6oz.


Actress Jennifer Aniston is Coco’s godmother.

What they said:

Mom says that Coco has her own idea of what directing is — and it involves cookies.

She’s great. She’s going to be four in June. She’s just really precocious and fantastic. I’m doing this movie right now with Adam Sandler [‘Bedtime Stories’] and she said, “Mommy I want to direct,” and I thought, “Of course — sometimes she says ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’ on the set of ‘Dirt.'”

[Instead,] she said, “No Mommy, I want to direct!” So I said, “I know, let’s go to Adam and you can say it.” She looked and pointed at this table of little kids sitting around a table eating cookies — they were all acting — and I said, “No! Negative.”

She also added that Coco is definitely an actress.

Coco’s very comfortable on the set, very comfortable around all the people. She’s an actor, for sure; she’s a little performer.

On Coco wanting the attention after watching the Oscars.

We have people over every Sunday, and this weekend we were watching the Oscars. Coco was hearing all the clapping, so she comes in the room and says, ‘Mom, I’m going to come out and everyone clap for me.’

So she came out and we were like ‘Coco!’ and clapping, and she loved it. So she goes back and puts on her Sleeping Beauty wig — not the whole costume, just the long blonde wig — and a bathing suit and comes back out again for us to clap. The next time it was Jasmine…

Courteney on wanting more child, but the struggles of infancy.

I used to want to have eight kids. It was such a fantasy when I was younger because my mother, who was an only child, had four kids. Now, looking back, I don’t understand how she did it. I think the baby part — like, waking up early — is hard. Really hard.

Courteney suffered from post-natal depression six months after giving birth to Coco in June 2004, but she got through it with help.

Do I believe in post-natal depression? Yes. Did I have the worst case of it? No. Women have hormones. It’s not easy and as we get older, it gets harder. But there’s ways to deal with it and stay in balance. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with therapy. Post-natal depression can be devastating. Luckily, I was able to get through it.

Courteney has discussed the option of having another child and said that she would “adopt in a second, there is no difference.”

I do want to have another one. But, you know, I don’t know how to achieve that at my age, but I would like one more. I had a little harder time with Coco.









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lara on

when you do this, i think you should add a “through the ages” picture shoot. i always click hoping to see baby pictures of these now-toddlers!

Sara Watson on

Awe Happy Birthday 🙂 shes a cutie!

It’s My Daughters FIRST birthday today 🙂

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

Happy Birthday little Coco. I have a 4-year-old Coco too. Both Coco’s have so much spunk!

Bren on

Happy Birthday Coco (and Happy B-day to your daughter too Sara Watson)Coco is a cutie.

Are there any pictures of Jen Aniston with Coco?

say1031 on

Where does Coco get her blond hair from? She’s so cute.

phoebe on

She’s a really beautiful kid with two gorgeous parents. I don’t see much of Courtney or David in her though.

Kelsey on

Do Courteney or David dye thier hair? Coco has such beautiful blonde hair – wonder where she gets it from?
Adorable little girl

lk on

LILKUNTA DO NOT PUBLISH Yes as ‘say1031’ asked, where is the blond hair from? I know Courteney is naturallly black haired, but David may have naturally lighter hair, like brown maybe.

Bancie1031 on

Happy 4th Birthday Coco! I just absolutely love the 2nd picture of Coco (under photos), She looks like a very happy, go lucky, ambitious, full of energy, beautiful little girl.

As far as Coco’s blonde hair (say1031), David or Courteney could have had blonde hair when they were younger, plus Patricia (David’s sister) is a blonde. Also she could have inherit her blonde hair from farther down the family tree. When she gets older it could turn brown or darker like her parents hair.

And Happy 1st Birthday to your daugther Sara Watson.

Kaley on

Happy Birthday Coco! She is so cute, but she doesn’t look like David or Courteney, and I’m not just talking about the blonde hair.

Stephany on

Happy birthday, Coco!

She is such a little cutie. I see a lot of Courteney in her.

Stéph on

Happy Birthday Beautiful Princess Coco!

SHe is SO cute and her parents are a really beautiful couple, they just celebrated their 9th year of anniversary. Happy Birthday to all of them and to Courteney, whose birthday is on Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to David.

Love this Family!

K-rose on

Happy birthday!!!! She is so cute. I don’t think name Coco came from the first two letters of Courteney’s first and last name. I remember an interview and an article that they did and they said they got Coco from Courteney’s mom. When Courteney was little people called her CeCe and they called her mom Coco. I could be wrong but I remember them saying that. Either way……Happy Birthday little Coco.

melanie on

my FAV little gal! Happy Bday Coco..gosh she’s so adorable and looks just like Courteney!!! <3

Donna on

She’s got her dad’s calves and is as cute as a button. She certainly inherited the ham in her, sounds like.

Alex on

Wow!! 4 already!!

I think she gets her blonde hair from David. He was probably blonde as a kid, and She’ll probably grow out of it. It’ll most likely get darker, like her dad’s.

NLT on

Bren: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of Jennifer Aniston interacting with Coco. I think she even said in an interview that she was “not the babysitter!”.

Now, I have see her walking alongside David with Coco, but not with her actually acknowledging her presence.

Heather on

I remember a while back (and by a while I mean a few years) I saw this adorable picture of Courteney, Coco, & Jen on the beach. Coco and Jen were leaning towards each other to kiss. It was really cute. No clue where you’d find it now though.

Rory on

She is the most adorable child!

She looks exactly like Courteney did at that age! ANd the same ears!

Very cute!

Emma on

Oh i love Coco she is so cute!
I think she looks a lot like her parents david and courtney. some of her facial expressions remind me a lot of them both. so cute. happy b-day coco.