No delivery surprise for Pete Wentz

06/12/2008 at 07:20 PM ET

Wentz When the time comes to welcome his first child, if Pete Wentz gets his way there will be no dramatic pause as he and wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz learn whether they are parents to a boy or to a girl.  In Touch Weekly reports that Pete has no interest in keeping the sex of their baby — due in the fall — a delivery surprise.

I’d like to know the sex of the baby.  It would be a bummer if you bought a boy a bunch of pink stuff!

Pete, 29, also revealed that he has every intention of growing a big family.  He joked that the couple want enough children to start "a band or a football team or a good geometry club."  As for the recent decision by Ashlee, 23, to postpone her summer concert tour, Pete downplayed the notion that anything was wrong with the pregnancy.  He added,

I think any pregnant woman knows it’s a lot of stress on your body, but she’s really healthy and handling it like a champ.

Source:  In Touch Weekly; Photo by DS-ISM/RS/


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tegan on

Its nice for Pete to recognize the pain a woman goes through when pregnant.
I hope Ashlee has a really easy pregnancy.

Sammy-xx on

I really like Ashlee and Pete together. Their kid is sure to be hilarious.
i think I’ve said this before but i have read a few places that Pete promised his dad when he was little that he would name his first son Peter to carry on the family name. Pete is Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third.

Gabrielle on

I think it is really interesting that Pete is talking to the media. It seems like he is taking a lot of responsibility with her pregnancy, and her privacy, and that’s really nice to see. It’s nice to see a young couple taking the steps to handle a pregnancy responsibly.

Stephany on

I’m just falling more and more in love with this man. He seems so mature and protective of Ashlee. It’s refreshing!

Kelly on

It really bothers me when people refer to couples who are almost 30 (well he is) as a “young couple”. Like it’s a bad thing that he is 28 and starting a family.

Lau on

Not that Pete wouldn’t be the first one to buy a boy a bunch of pink stuff =P

Those two are really cute together, I’m very happy for them, and they seem happy as well =)

brooke on

I’m with pete, I don’t have the patience to wait to find out the sex lol. I like to know before hand. I love ashlee, can’t wait to see her baby.

Ryan on

I hope they decide against naming the baby Peter the 4th. lol.

Also, I couldn’t wait to find out the sex either. I am one of those people who will go out of my way to find out what gifts people get me for holidays and stuff! Surprises and I do not go together well!

I would want to know so I could pick out a name and communicate with the baby on a more personal sense. Also, getting all the right clothing and room decor together would be a biggie to me.

I know a lot of people who will find out the sex and not tell anyone though to surprise OTHER people, and that to me is just weird. I do however understand the keeping the name a secret situation since once you tell someone a name they almost always either seem to say, “ohhhhhhhhhhhh” in a way that makes you think they hate it or think it’s just OK. Or they go as far to say, “I have known some MESSED UP people with that name!” which makes you feel just wonderful.

R on

A morning radio show where I live had an interview with Pete the other day. One of the hosts was giving his advice on a new baby- to take lots of pictures to remember everything. Pete replies, “Yeah, we’ve been keep a journal for them..” Then there was a pause where he realizes what he said and he tries to backtrack the “them.” But he kind of gives up and repeats it. They have been replaying the clip and saying that if it comes out that Ashlee’s having twins, we heard it first!

Hea on

I’m all for dressing boys in pink and girls in blue. It’s time to stop the madness of color and gender.

TZA on

Too bad it won’t last long.

brannon on

I agree about non-gender colors – my son loves pink! 🙂 The thing I don’t get is why it’s assumed they wouldn’t be viewing this pregnancy “responsibly.” — ?? They haven’t given any indications to the contrary? I am excited for them – I think they’re adorable 🙂 (Secretly hoping it’s a boy 🙂

MB on

Haha Hea, my mom did the same thing. When I was a few months old, some woman stopped my mom on the sidewalk to compliment her “cute baby boy” and when mom corrected her as to my gender, the woman began to YELL at her that she was going to cause gender confusion for dressing me in blue. Sheesh! My dad wore pink all the time, as do many of my male relatives.

lis on

Brannon – I think it’s just because Ashlee comes from the crop of younger singers that haven’t been known to practise the most responsibility. I think Ashlee personally has never shown herself to be part of that crowd, but it can be so easy to get caught up in it!

Point being, it’s so nice to see two people who have basically grown up in Hollywood lead a (relatively) normal, responsible life. 🙂

Sarah on

R, Pete gave a statement on that to Perez that said,

“That was waaaaay wrong. I meant to say ‘the baby’ and said ‘them’ ’cause it was 7 a.m. Not in a BS way: I can tell you we are absolutely not having twins. I totally misspoke ’cause we dunno if it’s a boy or girl. I try to speak vaguely, and I totally blew it on this one.”

meghan on

i think he said them instead of him or her – not because it’s twins. if it is – i want to know what’s in the celebrity water…

lk on

LILKUNTA DO NOT PUBLISH I think they’re called a ‘young couple’ bc Ash only 23. Most 23 yr olds are just finishing college & heading to grad school or trying to get their first real job.
Ash’ fanbase is teens so they’re the ones following her, no 20 & 30 yr olds.

Posted by: Kelly at Jun 12, 2008 11:12:44 PM
It really bothers me when people refer to couples who are almost 30 (well he is) as a “young couple”. Like it’s a bad thing that he is 28 and starting a family.

Sasha on

Wow they are going to be a very popular celebrity pregnancy. Welcome to the insanity Pete and Ashlee! 🙂

Hea on

MB – HAHA people can sure be stupid. I wonder how the neanderthals knew what gender they belonged to? Did they color the boy bearskins with blueberries?