Ryder Robinson loves "female parts"

06/11/2008 at 10:45 AM ET

Kate_hudson_627181cbbjpgWhen asked about son Ryder Russell, actress Kate Hudson knows there’s one topic she can count on coming up — his hair. Her Monday night appearance on Conan O’Brien was no different, with Kate exclaiming, "I have given him a haircut, it’s just incremental!’ The 29-year-old explained that Chris Robinson has flowing locks himself, and their boy wants to look like dad. However, "the hair is not even the issue now," Kate groused. Instead, her son has taken a keen interest in body parts mom has but he doesn’t.

Now I’m working on getting him off being interested in female parts. He thinks it’s hilarious when he pulls off my shirt. He’s four years old! The interest of boobies…

Source: Late Night with Conan O’Brien; Photo by INFDaily.com

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brooke on

So cute, I love kate as a mom, she reminds me of goldie and ryder is so cute.

DLR on

Ah, Ryder’s at the curious age, wondering why mummy has those bits he doesn’t. It is never too early to learn about body differences between males and females, and it sounds like Kate is going to have a good and relaxed attitude about sex education for her son, although if he comes across that video he’ll be pretty embarrassed!

jenny on

My almost four year old son is also very interested in boobs. I am 37 weeks pregnant so the boobs are really enormous. He thinks they are hilarious. I explain to him what they are and what they will do for the baby, but he just says, “Look at those nipples, mom”. What can you do? Gotta love the little men.

Stephany on

Haha, Jenny, that’s cute! “Look at those nipples, Mom.”

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

Kids are so curious. Even girls are curious about “boobies” because they really don’t have them either. My 4-year-old always talks about my “boobies” because hers don’t look like mine.

Patrice on

Kate is so likeable… I love her personality!! I do wish she would cut Ryder’s freakin hair but I understand him wanting to look like his daddy…
That is too cute that he is curious about “boobies” I think all little kids go through that stage.. lol Jenny your story was too cute about your son! That’s funny!

Christine on

Ahhh! Boys and boobs!
When my son was 3 he put my bra on his head and said “Hey I got your boobs on my head!”

I love Kate Hudson – she’s a breath of fresh air!

Bren on

Cute anecdote!

My daughter keeps asking me when we are going to the store to buy her big boobs like mommys! lol

Jen DC on

My neighbor’s son – who was two at the time – reached out one day from his father’s arms and gently squeezed one breast, then the other. Then he says to me, “JJ, I really like your breasts.” His father was understandably horrified, but I laughed and laughed and laughed. (A) Because it was a well-meaning compliment and (B) clearly this kid’s a breast man.

His dad eventually regained enough composure to remind Darrow that they had had a conversation about touching breasts without permission. Darrow turned me again, apologized, and asked if it were alright if he touched my breasts in the future. I about died; but he was serious so I gave him a serious answer… “I would prefer if you didn’t, but thank you for asking.”

kim on

My boys are now 14 and 11 but I remember the days when they thought they were squeeze toys..

Elyse on

Oh, my gosh Jen DC!! That story was so funny!!

Crystal V on

Jen DC,

That is an awesome story!!

Marie on

first, I’m wiping laugh tears away from Jen DC’s story!! Love it!

my lil man will be 2 next month and is still very much a booby boy. He’s still nursing, tho only at bedtime (and a couple of times through the night when teething.) when I get changed and remove my day bra or bed bra, he says, “titties!” because his father, also a boob boy, always would say that as D was a little baby. Unfortunately, of all of the words the child has picked up…”titties” is one of them. *headdesk*

Alana on

My niece is two and as I live out of town when I come to visit I spend the night with the 3 girls ages 2,3 and 9. Since I get my own bed I sleep without a top on because I feel as if im being choked.

Well during my last visit my niece stuck upstairs and came into my room and onto my bed and sat on my belly. She was happy and asking me to please wake up. I turned over and as I am a large chested lady (im 25 and an F cup) my breasts popped up right under my chin and she looked at them with her finger on her lips and put her hands on my breast and grabbed my nipple and she said “Oh Nana what happen to your boobie? You get ouchie? Where you get ouchie?” LOL Apparently she thought my nipples were big swollen bruises as my sister is a B cup it totally fascinated her. I cant wait to tell her that when she gets older.