Bruce Springsteen, Patti and Jessica all smiles

06/11/2008 at 11:00 AM ET

Rocker Bruce Springsteen, 58, wife Patti Scialfa, 54, and daughter Jessica Rae, 16, apparently weren’t Born to Run, as they happily posed for the paparazzi on Tuesday, June 10th. The family were leaving Barney’s New York on Madison Ave.


Photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash.

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Kate on

Awww, they seem like such a nice family, though it surprised me they posed for a photo. I’m used to both Bruce and Patti shielding the kids from publicity. Must have been one of the last days together before they leave for Europe. I’ll see Bruce and his band on Monday 🙂

Lissette on

Cute picture! I dont think I’ve ever seen a picture of their daughter before.

1165 on

Goodlooking family! Love Bruce!

carla at on

Great family picture. I can’t remember seeing a picture of their daughter. I wonder if she is a talented as mom and dad.

Emma on

What a great family picture. Jessica is actually a very talented equestrian and performs all over the country.

rachael on

She is the perfect comination of her parents! Very cute girl!

Star on

Great picture, was wondering why we never see their children. I think she looks more like her mom, pretty girl. Would love to see more pictures of this family.

Susan on

Whoa, Jessica looks a lot older than 16. At first glance I thought she was Patti’s friend.

Bruce sure isn’t trying to be incognito, is he? Only thing missing is the guitar slung over his shoulder.

Marie on

Beautiful family!

larice_s on

Great family. Jessica is a lovely girl, she definitely looks like her mother.
Here is a celebrity who has been able to raise his kids right.

brooke on

she looks like both parents

Christy on

God,she is gorgeous! If she doesn’t make it
in the equestrian thing, then she could surely make it as a model! Looks like both of her parents. We never see his kids in the
limelight. Celebrity parents who ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO RAISE THEIR KIDS RIGHT!!!!!!
Brad,Angie,and Brit-Brit could actually learn something or 2 from Bruce and Patti on

Kiahe Coleman on

all their kids are ugly because of patti

Candace on

She is absolutely adorable. They seem like such a great family. I’ve seen a couple of other pictures of her here and there and I have a feeling she’s going to grow up to be really gorgeous.

carol on

I have followed Bruce (the boss) since the I was a (past tense) hippy. I was so glad he final saw the beautiful Patti singing right next to him, he certainly was the hollywood what evers.. He knows what its like to see his family try and try to make it just to support their families and they certainly raised a good kind and humble man. As far as his children, I hope he doesn’t over do it with the fame and money. Remember money is nice when you don’t have it but there are children of singers and stars who are not worth the paper the money is printed on because they only know how to spend it and have no conception nor do they care where it came from. I am a 60 year old woman who raised 3 great kids, kids that knew the parents worked hard and were give the best we could and most of the time it was not “a brand name”. And they turned out just fine. One son has 2 degrees (science and math education and computers) my second daughter is in her second year at UGA majoring in American Literature and my youngest son just completed his Eagle Project (at the age of 16). So some times,most of the time kids just need love the hell with the got to have junk. So Bruce I hope your reading this your doing just fine keeping your kids out of the publics view. I have “Born in the USA” on my phone ringer,You should see the faces when I answer it…. I lost my eldest brother in Viet Nam in 1967 so that was my song as soon as I heard it. Thank You and Patti
You will always the boss