Honor "definitely looks like an Alba," says family

06/10/2008 at 09:45 PM ET


Nothing could stop Mark Alba from being present at the birth of his first granddaughterHonor Marie Warren, who was born Saturday, June 7th — even if that meant catching a last-minute flight from Florida to California.  Mark’s daughter, Jessica, 27, "flew him right out" to Los Angeles as soon as she and her husband, Cash Warren, 31, realized that it was not a false alarm — the baby was definitely on its way!

Being in the delivery room as Honor made her appearance, Mark — who admits that he was "really choked up" and "everybody was crying"– was touched in an entirely new way after seeing his own baby girl give birth.  Although he was also present for the birth of his son Josh‘s first child, he says "somehow, this was different."

I never thought that I would cry so much.  The fact that this little girl came out of my daughter’s stomach, it blows my mind.

Like any proud father, Mark was in love when his daughter, Jessica, was born and thought she was the most beautiful baby that could possibly exist — until he met Honor!  Saying he was "wrong" thinking "Jessica was the prettiest baby I had ever seen," he now thinks that title has been passed on to his granddaughter. 

Continue reading to find out who Honor looks like, Jessica’s natural birth, and what her brother, Josh, had to say about his new niece!

As for first-time uncle, Josh Alba, he is "ecstatic" with the arrival of his niece.  Already loving and doting on the baby girl, Josh is calling Honor "gorgeous."  He revealed that his sister chose to have "all natural" childbirth and said everything "went really well."  The end result?  A baby that "looks just like my sister."

Josh isn’t the only one to think little Honor takes after her mother.  Mark and the rest of the family agree that Honor "definitely looks like an Alba" and is the clone of her mother, with Mark saying, "she looks like Jessica when she was a baby" right down to having "Jessica’s complexion, her hair, [and] her eyes."

Mark summed it all up by saying that Honor’s arrival made for a great Father’s Day (for himself and for first-time father, Cash!) and became emotional as he expressed how thankful he was for "such a blessed family."

According to Mark and Josh, Jessica and Cash are at home now with Honor.  Jessica has a "wonderful nanny, and her mother will be there to help her" as she begins the journey of motherhood.

Source: Latina and E! Online; Photo by WENN.


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Amy on

I just had a baby boy on the 6th and somehow never heard Jessica had her baby (possibly because I was in the hospital for 3 days). I was shocked to read this posting! Bet she is beautiful.

Nikka on

AAAAAAAAAwwwwwwwwwwh !!! This dad really can show how much he loves his daughter, that’s such a sweet article, thanks for sharing !! I am glad that he made it to LA in time, it’s a very long flight !!! Congrats again to the whole family for welcoming baby Honor

Nikka on

And one more thing, I am glad to see yet another celebrity who didn’t opt for the C-section without a reason, and that she has a great nanny and doesn’t hide it (there is nothing wrong with having a nanny, lots of other mothers have them even if for only couple of hours a week) If she needs little help, go for it, having a new baby is overwhelming from time to time !

Nikka on

Amy, congratulations to you for having a baby boy too !!

Leslie on

She did good 🙂 Wonderful the family could all make it!

Emily on

Good for her for having a natural birth! I had an au natural birth with my daughter six months ago..it is sooo truly amazing, you feel like you can do anything after getting through it!

I love that Honor was born on the 7th too, that is my son’s birthday! He turned 5 the day Honor arrived!

brooke on

For some reason, I pictured the baby looking just like jessica. I remember bryce howard saying her dad saw her give birth too, I can’t imagine that, but to each is own lol. Just like exactly how I would like my dad to see me, it’s a little akward to be so exposed in front of my dad IMO. My mom no big deal, but my dad I’m too old fashion for that.

Kevia on

“And one more thing, I am glad to see yet another celebrity who didn’t opt for the C-section without a reason, and that she has a great nanny and doesn’t hide it (there is nothing wrong with having a nanny, lots of other mothers have them even if for only couple of hours a week) If she needs little help, go for it, having a new baby is overwhelming from time to time !”

Tell me something Nikka, if Alba were to have a C-section, would that have changed your views about her or any celebrity for that matter? I’m sorry, but part of your post seemed a little ignorant to me.

Starla on

If Honor looks just like her mother, I can just see my son drooling over Honor in 20 years the way his dad does Jessica! Is the world ready for that much beauty? Congrats to Jessica!

melanie on

kevia, I don’t think nikka meant anything other than exactly what she said…and I don’t think she seemed ignorant either. in fact, I agree. if there’s a medical reason to have a c-section, by all means, have one. but if, however, you’re having a c-section because you’re “afraid of giving birth” or “afraid of tearing” then you should probably rethink having children biologically. childbirth is hard whether you’re a celebrity or not–thats why its called LABOR!

I used to hate the phrase “too posh to push” but for many celebs, I think its true. my doctor would never consider doing a c-section without a medical reason (as would most doctors). I think what nikka was getting at was that she commends jessica for going through childbirth like the rest of us “normal” women rather than choosing an elective surgery that comes with unnecessary complications.

that being said, everyone has a right to their opinion. but just because their opinion differs from yours does not make them ignorant.

joy on

I think the comment about not opting for a c-section without reason was simply because lots of celebrities choose elective sections for convenience or control over the birth process. This is totally different from c-sections for a medical reason (pre-ecclampsia, breech positioning, or other complications). The situation is totally different.

It sounds like the poster was referring to c-sections for no medical reason, which put both mother and baby at higher risk for complications.

homefly on

I agree Melanie. Calling someone else’s opinion “ignorant” really was uncalled for.

Besides, Jessica’s still quite young, and she could still opt to have several more children if she wanted to. Why would she want to limit her family by choosing to have surgery when it might not have been medically indicated? Sure, with a cesarean she could have one or two children without adding too many more complications, but as with any surgery, the risks pile up the more cesareans you have. Why go that route without any medical need? I say, good for Jessica, Cash, and their need baby girl!

hayley on

i think opting into a c-section makes it sound like they are easy, they are much much harder to recover from, it is a major surgery, i think we should all be aware that we don’t no the reasons why some have them b4 we judge x x x xx

Nikka on

Thanks, Melanie (and others). I don’t see anything ignorant in my post neither and to Kevia, yes, that would change my view of her, not that it matters to Jessica or anyone else, I just respect her more for making the choices by not what’s easiest for her, but what’s the best for her baby (and the mother) and natural birth, however harder at the moment it looks, is still better then c-section, if there is no medical reason requiring the latter. That’s actually not my own opinion, but the one of thousands of doctors accross United states and other countries and it has been discussed here many times as well

Nicole on

I cannot imagine having my father there when I was in the position of giving birth. But, that’s just me. Mom is a different story. But, my dad?!? Nope. And I REALLY can’t imagine having my father-in-law there in the room. That SO would not happen. But, that is what he makes it sound like with his son’s child…That’s just too much for me…

Sarah on

I doubt grandpas-to-be hang out down by the business end though!

It sounds like their family is very close, which is always nice to hear.

Nickelle on

For some reason, I too, pictured that the baby would look like Jessica. She’s such a beautiful woman, little Honor is bound to be gorgeous as well.

And I commend Jessica for having a natural birth.

machick on

I don’t think as many celebs opt for c-sections as people think. Please stop assuming all do just because of a few who openly admit it.

Lilybett on

I wouldn’t mind my dad being there, but not down the business end. I have a feeling he’d be a blubbering mess anyway. Hee hee.

jasmine on

Oh my gosh…this seriously has got to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard/read. It’s so special. Awwwwwww!

Jessica on

was her father with them when she was in labor?. Thats kinda weird, I would never want my father to see when Iam giving birth.

Mon on

Machick, we don’t say all do, but there are some celebs (and fortunately not many) who do opt for c-section without any medical reason but because they think it’s more comfortable. We don’t talk about those who didn’t opt for it but had to have it due to emergency or a medical reason (noone is ever discussing those)

sadie on

Oh for crying out loud, why does the old C-section bashing always have to come up every time a celeb gives birth naturally? PLEASE people, stop throwing stones on this issue. It’s not even relevant to Jessica Alba’s new baby.


I’ve always thought I wouldn’t be able to have anyone but my mother and my future husband/boyfriend in the room while giving birth. It just seems so odd but everyone I know that has had a baby says you’re in so much pain and the day(s) just go by so fast that you don’t seem to care once that time comes. If I really think about it my dad would probably be really hurt if he wasn’t allowed in the room while his first grandchild is being born. He would NOT be allowed to watch from below my stomach ha…but being in the room would maybe be something I’d consider but once you let those few people in EVERYONE wants to be there to share in the experience. How do you say no? wow…

Congrats to her!! Honor sounds like a beautiful baby and I can’t wait to see her! She also has MY middle name!!

Jen on

I don’t understand the commending her for having a natural birth. Just be happy ANY birth went safely and everyone is doing ok. 🙂

Erika on

It seems a little strange to me that Jessica’s dad said that comment about the baby being “so different” than his son’s child. Is that because Jessica is famous? It just seems like he is REALLY prefering one child over the other. I would be pretty offended if I were Jessica’s brother and sister in law.

Teacher on

Cash Warren is 29 not 31!

Alisa on

I agree with Hayley. How can you judge someone for having a c-section when you don’t know all the reasons as to why they got one?

Plus how the heck is choosing to have a c-section easier for the mother?most times it’s a worse experience & more painful for longer than labor.

Heather on

Congrats to them! Dont love the name but I bet she will be beautiful!! I couldnt have my dad in the room either!!!

Dana on

My sister-in-law had her dad in the delivery room with her. I held one leg while her husband held the other. Her parents sat on the little couch and every once in awhile he would pop up with the video camera and tape the “business end.” I was a little weirded out by it, but to each his own. The only people allowed in the birthing room with me when I gave birth were the only people involved in making the baby (and medical professionals).

Robin on

I was a little bothered by what her father said about the difference it the births of both grandchildren. While he may not mean to have it sound the way that it did and I am aware that the press takes things out of context, the birth of ALL babies are miraculous and should be celebrated and I felt for both Jessica’s brother, sister in law and for cute little Josh who I have seen on this site when I read that statement but let me stress again, I know that quoted words can be taken our of context but this statement was a little bothersome to me.

Allie on

I don’t think he “favors” anyone. Don’t you think the experience would be a little different if your daughter-in-law had your first grandchild vs. YOUR DAUGHTER having her first child? I mean, it’s HIS daughter bringing life into this world. HE brought HER into this world. Why wouldn’t the experience be different?!?! I don’t think he loves Honor more than Josh’s son. Geez people.

Cait on

I’ve never given birth, as of yet, but I must say it irks the heck out of me to see people who make comments about not commending women who do it naturally. I’m sorry, but if someone ever said that to me after I’d had a natural birth, I’d be horridly upset AND offended.

Yes, recoveries from c-sections are usually harder than a natural birth, but during a c-section, you’re numbed up from the chest down and you don’t feel a thing other than tugging and pulling. (Unless somehow the doctors mess up your anesthesia, which yes, does happen. It happened to my aunt.) Women who do it natural feel EVERYTHING.

I’m am NOT saying that women who have to have c-sections, due to medical reasons, are less of a woman because they didn’t do it naturally because yes, I realize that sometimes nature doesn’t work out right. Two of my aunts, after days of labor, ended up with c-sections after pushing for hours because my cousins just refused to budge.

I recently had a friend give birth, au natural, after forty hours of labor. Her boyfriend begged her to throw in the towel and get drugs after the first 24 hours and she adamantly refused. She knew that she could do it and she did. She gave birth to a very healthy baby girl and Mama is doing just fine.

In my honest opinion, I believe that she DOES deserve to be commended, along with ANY mother who gives birth naturally regardless of length of labor, over the women who opt for a c-section because they believe it’s easier and like most of the women here have said, without medical necessity.

Medically necessary c-sections, or repeat c-sections when the first one was necessary (Like Tori Spelling, who I doubt wanted a repeat experience like her labor with Liam) are not only understandable and justified, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control.

Yes, I believe that birth is incredible no matter HOW it happens and every mother should be happy and proud of herself, I do think it is ignorant and rude to say that “just because she did it natural” she should not be commended.

Jen on

I don’t really have an opinion on the c-section debate one way or another, but something that has always puzzled me is the reasoning behind people who dislike women having elective c-sections. Even when there’s no medical reason to have one, why is it wrong? Even if it’s just because that’s what the mother prefers? Even if it’s because she’s simply too posh to push? What difference does it make, and why ought we be against it? I’m genuinely confused, sorry if this seems like a silly post.

Luisa on

I completely understand what Mr. Alba was saying when he stated that “somehow this was different”. I really think it’s ridiculous how some people are saying that because Jess is famous, her father prefers her child over her brothers. Give me a break. It has nothing to do with preference. It is just a whole different experience watching your DAUGHTER, your own flesh and blood, giving birth to another human being, rather than your son standing around while someone you’ve only known for a few years does it. He never said that he “favors” or “prefers” one grandchild over the other, all he said was that it was different. Not good, not bad, just different. Let’s not make something out of nothing here…

CC on

Allie – well said. Of course it’s different. I mean, I had to laugh when I read the comment about Jessica possibly being favored because she is famous! That was hilarious!

chris on

I can understand her father’s comment. Her brother is a parent which is also great to see but there’s probably nothing like watching your own child being pregnant and giving birth. It’s just a totally different process to observe. I’m sure he loves all of his grandchildren. I actually think his comments are very sweet.

Robin on

Again I NEVER said ANYTHING about her father favoring one child over another…and the press can and do twists things. I just said that the satement could be and has VERY OBVIOUSLY been misinterpreted. This should be a joyous occasion for the WHOLE family and NOT a debate…never was meant to be. End of subject!

Leslie on

When my sister had her first baby the following people were in the room with her: her husband, both of our parents, and her mother-in-law. I asked her if that was weird for her and she told me that she was too busy giving birth to really care who was watching.

I had my first baby on New Year’s Eve, and although I only had my husband and my mom in the room, I completely agree with what my sister said. When it was time to push, I didn’t care who was in the room or where they were standing. All I wanted was the baby out!

I’m guessing it would be the same for Jessica.

TwinMamma on

I think her father’s comments are too cute.

Jen, the difference is, by opting for a medically unnecessary c-section (major abdominal surgery) you are putting not only yourself but your baby at a significantly increased risk for serious injury and death. Not to mention the fact that babies were meant to go through the birth canal which actually squeezes out the amniotic fluid from the lungs. C-section babies don’t get that.
We should also care because we as a country have a C-section rate that FAR exceeds what the WHO sees as acceptable. It’s just bad medicine.

brannon on

I love how Jessica has a vaginal birth and this post still turns into a c-section debate — meanwhile Tori had a c-section and nothing has been mentioned. Weird (or good editing.)

In any case, no way my father would be anywhere near the delivery room but to each their own. Hope Cash isn’t feeling left out.

tara on

yeah, I am pretty sure it’s different when your daughter gives birth vs. watching your daughter-n-law who you may not know very well give birth. A different kind of pride…and possibly more emotion. I don’t see the issue with that comment. Also, I have heard several woman talk about how convenient induction or c-sections are. My bosses wife doesn’t want to “mess up” her girl parts by a “risky” vaginal birth. That type of attitude is what bothers me and probably many other people who posted a congrats on the natural birth. Sorry, but I will NEVER think it’s better to have an elective c-section. That is my view and inducing so it’s convenient for you or your Dr is just no fun to me. I love going into labor. The feeling and the whole process is just wonderful for me. It may not be for everyone, but that is how I choose to do it and I think it is best for my babies.

Bren on

Grandpa is sure in love with Honor! 🙂

My sister in law had everyone and their mother in the delivery room when she had my niece…it was too much I thought, I only wanted my mom and my daughters dad, NO MORE people…lol She loved everyone being there, she was not embarrassed at all…I would have been…we are so different in that way, yet we were both so happy and excited at the end, and that is what counts!

My mom also said that seeing me give birth was different than seeing my sister in law, she said she was more excited and nervous when I was giving birth, she does love her grandaughters the same, but I guess seeing your own daughter giving birth must be magical!

My mom also says that she thought I was the prettiest baby girl when I was born, until she met my daugther…lol

Bren on

One more thing…I would NEVER have a unnecessary c-sections, I would only have one if my baby or myself were in danger. Natural child birth is the best IMO. Having a c-section does not make you less of a mother at all though. We are ALL together in this journey trying to be great mothers 🙂

Renee on

Aww, what sweet comments by her family. But I think the c-section debate has ruined a sweet post. Do we have to have this debate every time a celebrity gives birth.This is really between a woman and her doctor. Celebrities don’t owe us an explanation as why they have c-sections, neither do regular women. I guess people also forget that there are risks when giving birth naturally as well. Basically the whole process of pregnancy and child birth have risks.That’s why I really think it’s between the mother and doctor to decide what’s right for everyone involved.

Beth on

Congratulations to them!! I couldn’t imagine having my dad or father-in-law in the room while I had my kids, I didn’t even want my mom in the room when DD was born but there was a misunderstanding and she was there and I’m ok with it now….sort of. I think it is different for everyone, for me I felt that it was a special time for myself and DH and everyone else would be able to see the children right after the actual birth so I hoped they weren’t offended that I didn’t feel comfortable seeing me in the nude. It was hard enough having the 10 different doctors/nurse who came through during my labor and birth, one can only handle so much….lol

sheba on

Congratulations Jessica & Cash! I hope to see pictures of the baby soon. I’m sure baby Honor is absolutely gorgeous.

I think it’s best to ignore any C-section comments. Jessica had a natural birth as stated by her brother and the C-section comment was clearly brought up to inflame the viewers and posters on this site.

Allie on

Robin — No need to get on the defense. 🙂 If you read Erika’s post, I think it’s like 2 posts above yours, that’s were the reply comments are coming from. 🙂

Julia on

The comment about the baby having Jessica’s comlexion seemed odd to me. Everyone knows it takes awhile for a darker babies skin color to come out. They might be in for a wonderful surprise!

mmh on

My dad was in the room when my son was born, as was my mom (and hubby, of course!!!) My parents stood at my side and held my hands — my hubby helped hold my feet. So they didn’t really “see” anything until my son was born!! =) It was really neat. But I completely agree — to each their own. I know plenty of people who wouldn’t have been comfortable with that — I didn’t even know if I would be but it all just seemed right as things progressed. The important thing is doing what feels right to you… (Now as for my father-in-law — well, I’ve never seen anyone decide they needed food from a hospital cafeteria so quickly as he did when the lactation consultant came in and suggested I try nursing!!!!!!!)

Erika on

Even if the father feels differently b/c it’s his daughter giving birth rather than his son’s wife, it is still wrong and hurtful to say. I would be very upset if I were Jessica’s sister in law. Daughter favoritism drives me crazy! His son’s baby is just as much his flesh as his daughter’s baby and every baby is a miracle.

Amy on

With my first child only my husband was in the room (along with a few interns, nurses, and my doctor). After having my baby I was kind of disappointed I didn’t let my family share in the birth, because it was such an awesome, magical experience and I wished they could have shared it. So, this time around (I am pregnant with my second), I have told my parents they are welcome to be in the room, along with my SIL. In all honesty, my experience was that the janitor could have been mopping up the floor while I was giving birth and I wouldn’t have cared. It was just not a big deal, and I really felt no huge sense of privacy at that moment.

Lauren on

I can’t imagine wanting either of my parents in the delivery room while I give birth, but to each their own. I’d MUCH rather have them in the room up by my head than have someone videotaping the birth. At my cousin’s son’s Christening afterparty, they chose to play the video of his birth on the living room TV for all the guests to watch. I came in through the back door and walked in just as the baby was half in/half out, and tbo I found it somewhat distasteful that they chose to put it on assuming everyone at the party was comfortable with and wanted to see it. Childbirth in and of itself is a beautiful thing-the birthing process is anything but. I would have been absolutely mortified had I been in my cousin’s wife’s shoes.

And I second those who are questioning why 90% of threads announcing a birth on this site inevitably turn into the c-section/natural childbirth debacle. I’m against c-sections without a valid medical reason, but for the love of God, some people need to get new material to work with. The high-and-mighty act got stale long ago.

Courtney on

My dad was in the delivery room with me for both of my births (he stood by my head). My mother died when I was 4 months pregnant with my first, or she would’ve been in there as well. My sisters, MIL, friends, and of course my husband were all there by my side- along with several doctors, nurses, and med students.

I see nothing weird about that- it’s a personal preference.

Lisa on

Not only did I have my dad in the room with me I also made him go to the birthing classes too… I am adopted along with my 5 siblings and I decided that my dad really needed to have the experience of pregnancy and birth… It was quite amusing having 2 coaches.. my dad and my hubby… somehow i ended up having my mom, mil, sil, hubby, dad, 2 doctors and 3 nurses in the room… too many people but didn’t care just wanted him out… when my son was born my dad was the first to hold him… i invited him to be there for my 2nd delivery and he politely declined and asked to just let him know when he could come see the baby… rofl…
The experience was decidedly weird but it gave my dad a whole new education and also a small amount of empathy (which he had been missing up until that time…) as for my mom, who could say no to having her there??? she has only missed one grandchilds birth and that was my 4th child… he came so fast the doctor almost missed it… 😀 she was really bummed but having just me and my hubby there was a magical experience as well…
I say… whatever floats your boat… You are the one having the baby, have whoever will help you be calm with you!!!
I love the name honor and I’m so happy that mom and baby came through happy and healthy… nothing is more important than that… Good luck to them in everything!

Kim on

I had a natural birth with my son and fo most part only my husband and 2 nurses and a doctor were in the room with mum in law coming in occasionally and that seemed fine, I couldn’t imagine having my dad there though, that would have been a bit awkward LOL But each to their own I guess.
Also on the baby looking like Jessica, I hate tell Jessica’s dad, but the baby has Jessica’s complexion eyes and hair? Last time I looked Cash looked pretty similar in all those categories! Don’t forget there was a daddy involved in making little Honor! LOL

Jen on

Thanks TwinMamma, I appreciate it! What are WHO’s recommendations based on? I had heard the bit about amniotic fluid but thought that, so long as the doctor was competent, it usually wasn’t a problem helping the baby clear their lungs after birth.

Of course major surgery is something individuals would want to avoid for the risks to their own personal health and that of their child, but I didn’t understand why the community as a whole were against it. (as opposed to say, any other personal choice that carried risks).

Anyway, thanks for helping me understand!

Becky on

Quite a few celebs have openly admitted to having a sceduled c-section. Not for medical reasons, just because they want to. Christina Aguilara said that she had to schedule and plan everything so she had a sceduled c-section so it will be on her time. My sister’s friend too did the same thing. She had a 9:00 am nail appointment, 11:00am hair appointment and a 1:00pm scheduled c-section. Again, not because she needed it, but because it fit in her schedule and the poor little guy was not ready and his lungs weren’t ready and he had to spend days in the NICU becuase of it. If you need a c-section, by all means, whatever it takes to get the baby out safely. I would never look down on someone for having a c-section, but to schedule it in to fit your plans, not because you medically need one, I think is silly.

I also agree, I couldn’t imagine my dad in the room. I love him to death and he is a gret father and granfather and I felt bad not having him in there, but that would just be weird. When I had my dauther he offered to be there to help and I know he really wanted to, but I just couldn’t do it.

I don’t think her dad said anything offensive about Jessica’s daughter vs. her brother’s. He was saying that, IMO, there was something so special about knowing that little baby came out of his daughter. I don’t think he was saying he favors one of the other, just simply stating that seeing Jessica give birth to her baby was a different experience.

Congrats to Jessica and Cash! I am sure she is absolutly beautiful!!

terri on

I’m pretty sure that my dad has no desire to see me give birth. My mom had to make him be in the delivery room for the birth of my younger sister and their their child. He’s welcome to be there if he wants to be, but he would definitely opt out! I think I’d like to have my husband and maybe my mother, not a large audience.

Jasmine C. on

AGAIN PEOPLE YOU ARE READING TO MUCH INTO THINGS! Anyway, what I was bothered about is the whole “nanny” thing. Why is it that rich people insist on having a “nanny”. The real test here would be to do it yourself!

Allie on

Erika, let me break it down for you. Do you have children? It’s like this, if his daughter-in-law were to have complications during birth, yes, I’m sure Grandpa Alba would be upset. I mean, it IS his first grandkid, and NO ONE wants to see ANY person suffer. Now, if it’s HIS daughter having complications, it makes it a little more real, because it’s YOUR ACTUAL child. If you were to lose your DIL vs. your daughter, it’s a not the same thing. Your daughter came from you, the DIL didn’t. It’s a different kind of love. If I have a son, and he gets married, has kids, yes, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE that child to death. If one of my daughter’s were to have children, it’s a different experience, because it’s YOUR BABY HAVING A CHILD. That doesn’t mean he FEELS ANY DIFFERENTLY ABOUT JOSH’S SON OR EVEN JOSH, FOR THAT MATTER. He was saying the actual EXPERIENCE is different. It’s more emotional if it’s YOUR child having that baby, as opposed to the daughter-in-law. It’s not hurtful, and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his son or his DIL. And it sure as heck doesn’t mean he’s favoring his daughter, or her baby, IN ANY WAY. If Josh actually carried the baby, and birthed him, I’m sure Mark would have cried for his first grandchild’s birth. If you still have the opinion you do, wait until you have kids. It puts things into perspective, a lot. And if you do have kids, and still think he’s favoring his daughter over his son, well then………………….

Angie on

I think one of the most special memories I cherish was that my dad was there when I delivered my daughter. He stood firmly at my head, my husband ‘caught’ her, and my dad was one of the first to pat her little head as she was being dried off. A tough Marine, he cried shamelessly. That was in 2000. He died in 2004, and knowing he saw his very cherished granddaughter’s birth before he was gone was the most special of things. Good for Jessica that she made sure to include her dad.

sally on

I’m so jealous that she had a successful HypnoBirth. I tried the method, took the classes, etc but ended up with an emergency c/s.

aNnA leN on

she`s just so pretty an`i hope jessica will be allways so happy like now..