Sara Evans wants more children but hates being pregnant

06/09/2008 at 08:45 PM ET

Sara_evans Though she danced around the topic of expanding her family with fiancé Jay Barker just a few months ago, country singer Sara Evans is being a little more forthright about her plans, telling CMA Celebrity Close-Up that she "would definitely love to have another child."  She added of Jay, a sports-radio host,

He’s just too cute. I just can’t imagine not having a baby with him. 

Together, the couple — who plan a summer wedding — will bring seven children to their marriage; Sara, 37, is already mom to three children with ex-husband Craig SchelskeAvery Jack, 8 ½, Olivia Margaret, 5 and Audrey Elizabeth, 3 ½.  She will also become a step-mom to Jay’s four children from his own previous marriage.  Fans anxiously awaiting a pregnancy announcement may be in for a disappointment, however.  Said Sara,

We still have plenty of time, and I’m in no hurry because I hate being pregnant.

Source:  People via CMA Celebrity Close-Up; Photo by Peter Kramer/AP.

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Lauren on

I LOVE when celebrities talk about NOT enjoying pregnancy. Its such a real emotion. I didnt enjoy being pregnant but I ADORE beinga mother to my daughter. In fact the joy of being a mother is the only reason I would endure another pregnancy. Thanks for posting this! It makes me feel less alone!

Pencils on

I love hearing celebrities being honest–Gwyneth Paltrow said the other day that she hated being pregnant too. I’m six months pregnant, and it sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I’d do it again in an instant because I want this baby so much, but wanting to be a mother doesn’t mean that pregnancy is necessarily a great thing for all women.

brooke on

I agree, it sounds honest when a celebrity admits they like being a mom but pregnancy was hard on them. As for sara good luck to her, but she should wait a bit to make sure everything is going well, before adding a child IMO.

jillyen on

she said before that she had her tubes tied after she had her last child

carla at on

I appreciate her honesty. Hope it all works out.

Aura on

Jillyen, I’m pretty sure Sara was joking about the tubes tied. She had her two daughters very close together, and joked alot about that.

I kinda hope Sara does have another one, but at the same time, she should wait, and see how the kids all blend together, and live together first. But she and Jay would have some cute babies!

Steve on

Does anyone know the names and ages of Jay’s children? I’m so curious, but can’t find them anywhere

Carrie on

I love beign a mother, but I HATED being pregnant. 9 LOOOOOOOOOOONG months of feeling miserable, but in the end totally worth it. I do miss it in retrospect.

Allie on

I don’t know the ages of Jay’s kids, but I’ve seen a picture and they appear to be under 10. I think there are 3 boys and a girl. I know they are so in love now, but having 7 kiddos to raise will strain things a bit I’m sure. I wish them the best!

mmh on

I saw her perform when she was pregnant — I think it was with her second one… She was so gorgeous and fantastic — I would have never guessed she didn’t like being pregnant!!!

bethany on

I love Sara, but I wouldn’t exactly say that at 37, she has “plenty” of time! The thought of having kids after 35 scares me, personally. Am I alone, here?

Mandy on

I agree 100% with Sara. It’s really nice to see celebrities being honest about their experiences. I had 2 pregnancies where I threw up everything I ate for 9 months. I had to be hospitalized several times for dehydration. So, needless to say…not my favorite time in life. I love my boys more than anything, and I’d love to have more children, but I don’t know that I could go thru it again.

MB on

bethany, i’m not sure. my OB said that is really depends on the woman. he said 35 tends to be a bit more arbitrary of a cut off b/c the risk goes up for some women then, and in his opinion 40 is when more things go wrong (such as that’s when there is an increased risk for downs syndrome, multiples, etc.). however, i was worried about it (i also have some other health problems) so my husband and i decided to start out young and i’m 23 and pregnant with our first.

susan on

Jay has 3 boys and 1 girl. Andrew, who is nine. Braxton, who is 8, and twins Harrison and Sarah Ashlee, who are 6. I know their names but not sure about the ages. There is a video of Sara and Jay on youtube where they introduce their 7 kids though….(that’s where i learned their names)

karen on

I didn’t mind being pregnant with our first son…no morning sickness or anything other than being tired for the first 3 months. Then the second one, OMG! Urpy from the time my feet hit the floor until I went to bed for 9 straight months. Sometimes I wished that I would just puke and get it over with!! I craved peanut butter and tomato sandwiches, ate a couple everyday!

Tara on

I am pregnant right now and I do NOT like it. I am glad that there are others including celebrities out there that feel the same as me, I was worried! All my friends are like, we loved it, it was great, awesome, etc. Am I missing something? Did they not go through the back pain, the bladder pain, the trouble breathing, the aches and pains that I am going through? Thanks for the shared stories everyone! Makes me feel less crazy.