Celebrating Celebrity Baby Birthdays — River Russell Deary

06/09/2008 at 08:15 AM ET

River_dearyHappy Birthday River Russell Deary. You are now 1 year old!

Name: River Russell Deary

Birthday: June 9th, 2007

Famous for: Being the first child of actress Keri Russell, 32, and husband, Shane Deary.

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Name meaning:

Keri and Shane did not find out the sex but did have names picked out. However, when their son arrived the chosen name didn’t suit him.

We had another one picked out. Then when he was born, he was so calm and [we] realized that ‘River’ just worked.

What they said:

Keri Russell: 5 things I’ve learned about being a mother.

1) I thought before that you have a baby and you would instantly be like, ‘I’m a mom!’ But I still feel like a kid. I didn’t anticipate that. I have this baby I love very much, but I’m the exact same!

2) You can’t control things like you used to, and you have to roll with things better. I like to keep things very clean, but all that goes out the window.

3) You still have to see your friends, but the one thing that changes is you have to develop weird bedtime rituals to get the baby to sleep, so that kinds of x-es out the dinners with them. Shane and I sing, play guitar, and do bath time.

4) He throws up, so you can’t wear nice clothes. But none of that stuff matters as much anyway. There’s something else that’s so much more important.

5) You just become that much more empathetic, and your heart is that much bigger. It’s wild, but it happens!

The couple were convinced that their baby-to-be was a girl.

We kept the sex a surprise.  We were convinced [the baby] was a girl, but so, so happy to have a boy.

On the most rewarding aspects of motherhood.

It is truly overwhelming all of the new things you feel being a parent for the first time, not to mention trying to work at the same time.

And I would say everyone kept telling me that those first 3 months were going to be hard but then you’d get over the hump and [now] I know what they meant. Because right after that, the baby starts smiling and laughing and having more exchanges with you and its easier to read what’s going on with them.

But yeah, those first smiles and laughs…they’re everything.

Keri shared her thoughts on motherhood and how she manages her time.

The hardest thing for me is learning how to manage my time. To delegate. I’m such a control freak and I want to be able to do everything myself. It’s very hard learning to ask for help. I want to feel like I can do it all but I can’t.

You can’t work, keep the house clean, try to make dinner, be a good wife, try to look cute, buy your friend a birthday present and be a good mom. You need a little bit of help.

The best change has been being less worried about the way I look. You’re just instantly less self-absorbed. Before, I was in the habit of straightening my hair, but now when I have 35 minutes to myself, I want to put it in a bun and go to sleep, or walk. There’s no room, no time, no energy for vanity anymore.

Birth story:

Keri had a midwife-assisted hospital birth. She shared her experience with ePregnancy.

I absolutely loved having a midwife. I just felt the attention was more personal and more … connected. There is a great new documentary called ‘The Business of Being Born.’ It is amaaazing. And it really discusses how natural child birth is and should be. And what an amazing powerful gift it is to experience as women without all the intervention, when possible.

Anyway, very inspiring film and it made sense to us. And yes, we were in an actual hospital, which was nice as well. Especially for our first, when you just have no idea of what is in store.







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Christine on

WOW! That went by fast!!
Happy Birthday!

Bren on

Happy Birthday little one!!

Keri is so cute and her son is just adorable!

The business of being born is a great movie, I so recomend it!

Crystal on

It really seems like yesterday that he was born! I cant believe he is one already!

Paula on

Awwww! Happy first birthday! Keri has definitely fit into her role as “mom”, and it suits her well!

Stephany on

Aw, happy first birthday, River!

I love the comment of how she thought she’d have her baby and feel like “I’m a mom” but still feels like a kid. I totally feel like that will happen to me! She’s just sooo normal! I love her!

Krysta on

He is soo cute! In all seriousness, does he look to you like he has a form of dwarfism? Could just be me, but he looks like he has some of the features. What do you guys think?

bethany on

She is just so incredibly lovely. Felicity is my all time favorite show and I will always have a soft spot for Keri. They all just seem so down to earth! River is a DOLL, too! I love that she stays out of the paparazzi’s’ eye and looks like SUCH an involved mom, you never see her without River. Inspirational!

ZBella on

Ah – what a refreshing family. They are so adorable and normal! Happy birthday, little man.

anonymousie on

I love her. She’s one of my favorite celebs you have on here so thanks:)

Little guy is so sweet. I noticed she used the Baby Bjorn carrier when he was younger. I like my sling but the Bjorn was nice and sturdy and I opted for that when out power walking with our 5 month old. Now he was grown out of that (the weight limit is 22 lbs. and that is what our baby is!!) I hate to use a stroller but want a carrier sturdier than the sling I use for walking. Any ideas anyone? :))

amanda on

Aw he is one of the cutest babies! Happy 1st Birthday 🙂

Madge on

WHAT A DOLL!!!! He is so adorable, and Keri looks great. As a nurse, he does appear to have Skeletal dysplasia- poor little guy!!

What a cute family! Happy Birthday!

Kelly on

Happy Bday! Keri is such a good mom!

Kimber on

Happy Birthday! Wow, he’s really small for 1. Are there any pics showing if he can walk yet or not?

lesha on

anonymousie, the Ergo that Keri is using is great for babies of all sizes. You can carry on your front and on your back. Just Google Ergo. Or for many many many more options (can be a bit overwhelming even) just Google “Babywearing”.

Ans on

Aww, this little guy is on my list of absolute FAVORITE celebrity babies. What a cutie. Keri sounds like a great mom.

brooke on

I love keri

Bancie1031 on

LOL it’s funny that she had a name picked out for her son then when he was born she (they) changed it to River. I had another name picked out for my daughter (Caitlin Brooke) when I had her and seen her Caitlin just didn’t fit her – so I know exactly what Keri means there.
Happy Birthday River. I can’t believe he’s already a year old.

Idris on

I’m sorry but I don’t like River Russell Deary… his name looks like Ryder Russell Robinson, Kate Hudson’s son, but I like Ryder so much…!