Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott go for ice cream and pedicures

06/08/2008 at 10:45 PM ET

Actress Tori Spelling, 35, husband Dean McDermott, 41, and son Liam Aaron, 14 months, were spotted out in Beverly Hills, CA on Sunday, June 8th. The family enjoyed ice cream before heading to a nail salon for pedicures — as you can see, Dean went for polish as well!

The couple are rumored to have a c-section delivery scheduled for Monday morning; however, Tori told photographers she is not due for another two weeks.


Photos by Splash News.

Another image below.


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brooke on

She looks great, and liam is so cute

ashley on

are his toenails painted?? what the heck!

jenny on

I wonder if she is really getting ready to enter the hospital sooner rather than later simply because she is having all her grooming done now. I am having a c-section in two weeks and plan on spending the days before doing some pampering. I mean, why not? It is the one advantage to knowing exactly when you are giving birth… perfect, unchipped polish and no roots.

jenny on

Oh… does anyone know the brand of her sunglasses?

Brandy on

Whoah! His toenails are a shimmering gold. Heehee.

amanda on

I thought I was missing something as well but WHY are his toes actually painted??? Anyhow Liam is adorable and Tori is about to pop 🙂

Nancy on

Well, the parents may be “unique”, but that little Liam always looks so happy and adorable. That’s all that matters…..

Jory on

I am so excited for this baby to arrive!!(and for there show to start) I cant wait! I hope she is going for a section tomorrow. Cant wait to hear the name they pick out!!

Jennfier on

Does anyone have outfit information on Tori?

Nikka on

Dean is hoooooooooooooot !!!!!!!!

Krysta on

I wonder if he paints his toenails because theres something wrong with them? Fungus, etc?? Not sure…. I know guys that do it because their little girls want them to but not sure why Dean does it lol.

ang on

god, tori looks fabulous! dean is sizzling as usual and little li-li, so cute and cuddly! tori prob said she wasn’t due yet coz she didn’t want a repeat of last time(paps snapping her outside the hospital. while she was in labor!)not saying i believe In Touch,but it will prob be sooner rather than later.

Leese on

I find her style this time great!It is great to have a fashion sense when pregnant. You have to be able to afford these clothes. 15,14 & 12 years ago, they did not have great clothes. Not that I could afford them after having 3 kids in 3 years.
I wish her the best as her uneven twins get settled in. My first are only 14mths apart. I think you will see her either get MORE help, or disappear to get thin again. The only reason she was in the public eye was her show last time. That has finished.
If she was a real mom in the real world. Her hair would have roots and she would look like average America.
Pampering is great! $$ is great! But to have three kids in today’s economy. YOU Sacrifice! I do not see that she is hurting!! I cannot eat out everyday. My kids get it all. My husband and I sacrifice for the them.
I guess if you are rich this economy means nothing to you. When I look at Tori, it means Nothing to her! Great pregnant rollmodel.
Men with toe nail polish?? Too much time on their hands!! Gross!!!!!!!

Christina on

I hope that isn’t soft serve ice cream.

tink1217 on

um, who cares if he paints his toenails?? And no reputable nail salon would do his feet if they had fungus. I think it looks hot on some men. Liam is so adorable and so animated most of the time! I wonder if Tori is trying to throw off photogs saying she isn’t due for 2 weeks? I guess we will find out soon enough! on

I’m not a fan of theirs, but Tori sure does look fabulous and little Liam is a cutie!

I wish her a wonderful delivery!

Allison on

the first thing I thought was that maybe she IS due in 2 weeks, but is having her scheduled C-section now… didn’t she say that Liam arrived early?

Lesha on

For my birthday and my husband’s birthday we both got facials and a pedicure…complete with painted toes. The girls at the salon doing our side-by-side pedicures really got a kick out of painting hubby’s toes. He even let them pick the color…a nice navy blue. I think it’s hot! Way to go Dean for letting go and enjoying the moment!

lucy80 on

i am also in love with tori’s dress.
does anyone have info on it?

Christine on

She’s probably trying to throw off the press by giving a later due date.
Can’t wait to find out what she’s naming her little girl.

kwinona on

i’m 7 months pregnant and would love to wear that dress, any idea what it is?

tmino on

her dress is by the brand ‘boob’ I believe.

Jasmine C. on

hey jenny its funny you should say that because I too got my hair highlighted before giving birth mainly because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up after having a newborn at home. And you want to look the best you can when meeting you new little one into the world.

Stephany on

Liam is such a character!

Dean is going to make painted men’s toenails a new fad, I’ll bet! He makes it seem super sexy!!!

Tori looks GREAT, but so ready to have her little girl! I hope it’s soon.

anonymousie on

I’m sure he doesn’t paint the toes daily it was just for fun. And btw David Beckham did this years ago and he sported this look too (I believe on his fingers as well) so it’s not as
out there as it would seem. It sounds like a fun day anyway.
Oh and this is def. the year of the maxi dress for preg women:)

Kim Klotz on

The whole family is so cute. Liam always has the face of utter cuteness when his picture is taken. Tori looks amazing and Dean, who cares that he paints his toenails, he is secure in his love for his wife and child(ren). He doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

DLR on

That is so cool Dean gets pedicures and his toenails painted! So many men are like “ugh, that’s not macho” but look at Dean. He’s all male, and goes for pedicures. I’ve seen pictures of David Beckham with his toe and finger nails painted, and he’s also “all man.” I bet David gets pedis and manis with Vicks, just like Dean does with Tori. There’s nothing I loathe more on a man that yucky toe and finger nails. It is even a deal-breaker for me if the guy refuses to take care of their nails proper. Way to go Dean!

Lisa on

Lovin’ the painted toes on him! Tori looks even better pregnant this time; she looks like she’s only gained in her belly instead of all over.

Bancie1031 on

I do not like this outfit at ALL! But little Liam is just a adorable little handsome tyke.

gretchen on

Dean is a fucking loser mooch white trash moron. He is only with her for the large inheritance he hopes to get from Candy once she comes around to her senses. I feel bad for Tori..she obviously has poor judgement in men. Her first husband appeared nice but she should not have married him if she felt no chemistry with him. Her childhood sounds as if it was a tad messed up emotionally. Her nanny practically raised her. She probably has baggage from being ignored, yet lavished with gifts. She appears to be a great mom, but her husband needs to get a regular job and stop sticking to her hip 24/7 and within a year, I bet there will be an announcement of a seperation. Trust. Once Tori matures more and more she will see.

Gillian on

Love the painted toenails, Dean! I hope this is a trend that catches on with men. Women get away with looking like men all the time (jeans, pants, t-shirts). So what if a man paints his toenails, fingernails. He can wear a dress for all I care. Maybe more men would like to do this, but don’t and keep their feminine side too repressed. Expression is healthy!

Jake K on

Dean is certainly not a trend-setter with his painted toenails, but he defo wears it well.

This ‘fad’ actually began back in 2000 or so, but it’s been slow to catch on (unlike men wearing earrings has taken off). However, it has been gaining a lot of momentum in just the last year, based on how many hits you get off the internet when you search on this subject. And it’s great to see men other than celebrities caring enough to take an interest in keeping their feet maintained, getting pedicures and even going for the polish (this info based on nail salon customer surveys). Many women agree that it’s a lot better than typical crusty and yellowed nails that you see on most men’s feet.

Personally, I have been wearing mine painted ever since my wife ‘dared’ me to do it. We both ended up thinking it looked pretty darn good, so it stuck. We even enjoy gettting matching pedicures!

Some may think it’s only for gays, but actually, the vast majority of men who wear their toenails polished are straight, many are married (like Dean) and share this interest with their wives. Not sure how the association between men wearing nail polish and gays was started, but it’s entirely rumour.

Dean rocks, and his feet look pretty good too! He must have a really cool wife ; )

Mike on

The polished nails look great! My ex-girlfriend painted mine on weekends and we’d go to the movies or out for drinks. She wanted them polished all the time.

John on

Nice job on the painted toes for Dean. Awsome idea – think it will become more and more popular as more and more guys try it.

Been doing mine for years and years without worry or care what others think. Wife loves it too….