Tori Spelling leaves Byron Williams salon

06/08/2008 at 03:45 PM ET

Actress Tori Spelling, 35, exited the Byron Williams salon after a hair touch-up on Friday, June 6th. If the tabloid rumor is correct, Tori will deliver her daughter by c-section tomorrow morning.


Photo by PhamousFotos/Splash News.

Dress info below.

Tori wears Boob Design’s sundress in storm ($125). That particular color is not available online, but you can get it in purple, or in brick-and-mortar stores.

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brooke on

I love her dress, she looks great. Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name

Aliza on

That dress is by Boob, an awesome Swedish maternity and nursingwear company. I live around the corner from Due Maternity in San Francisco and just bought the short-sleeved nursing dress last week. Who’s fashionable now!

Jennifer on

I LOVE Tori’s style….she always looks so cute and well put together 🙂 I only wish her the best, and can’t wait to hear what they name their little princess!!
P.S. She seems to just be all baby with her pregnancy…it’s so cute…just like a basketball right there in front!!

tink1217 on

Tori has really rocked this pregnancy!!! All the best for her tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to hear the little girls name!

Caitlin on

Man, I can’t imagine trying to sleep the night before a scheduled c-section. It would be like christmas morning times 108083413539.

Luciana on

So… no VBAC for her, huh?

Hopefully either Gwen or Angelina will go that route and show the world that just because you had a c-section doesn’t mean you can’t deliver your next child naturally.
All the best for her, lots of milk, and a healthly baby girl!

Michelle on

I am going to start the guesses and say she uses Victoria as part of her daughter’s name. I just love her maternity style.

Jennifer on

To the person who was talking about Tori not doing a V-Bac this time around….
I’ve actually heard that some Dr’s strongly advise against doing that. Also, maybe Tori has a situation that requires her to have another C-section. Sometimes a woman doesn’t have the choice of having it vaginally after a previous C-section. Just thought I would mention that.

Sarah on

Also if a doc will do a vbac, a lot of times they want you to have at least 2 years of recovery from your first birth, and 3/4 years is even better. Tori is only about 15 months out.

It stinks if a vbac is what she wanted (I know she talked a lot about being disappointed and unhappy that she ended up with a c-section last time), but hopefully she and her doctor talked about it and they decided it was the safest option.

The news about a c-section tomorrow is from In Touch anyway, so we may just want to wait to hear what happens.

Anja on

I usually don`t comment, but I thought I give my two cents this time… ;o)
My first was a c-section. My second was born 15 months later by vaginal birth. My doctor didn’t even consider planning a c-section. I remember asking too whether it would be safe enough. The answer by several doctors was a clear yes. That was in Europe though. Maybe doctors in North America have different opinions.

As you mentioned before though, maybe there are medical reasons why she will have another section.

Stephany on

She looks sooo great! I can’t wait to hear the name of this little one!

ang on

last time i checked,they were planning to give the baby dean’s mother’s name(doreen) as a middle name.dean with lived her as a teenager and she died 1 day after school-dean was the 1 who found her(his dad died a year before his wedding day with tori).SO, assuming their tribute is still in place, the baby will be called ____________ Doreen McDermott. I think it will be something very feminine and not too common,but not unusual either.I’ll put in my 11th hour vote for “Alyssa” or “Jasmine”.

rb on

I think the baby will be Maggie Doreen. Maggie or Margaret after Tori’s beloved nanny.

Star on

Deanna Victoria Doreen McDermott.

Lisa on

Maybe she will name her after her father and call her Erin?

tami on

I just noticed this. But doesnt Tori look really tan, almost unhealthly tan for being pregnant. I know you can get a tan, and thats safe, but she must have spend a lot of time in the sun. I just hope its fake.

MB on

where did you hear about the doreen, ang? was it in a magazine? you said last time you checked, so i was just curious where. 🙂

ang on

they mentioned it before they knew what liam was.i can’t find it now. guess we will know for sure soon enough….

brooke on

Yea tori said that had liam been a girl the middle name would have been doreen after dean’s mom, and how if they ever had a daughter, they would put that as a middle name as a tribute the way aaron is liam’s middle name for his grandpa.

Sami on

Wow, Ang, you were really close!!! ‘I think it will be something very feminine and not too common,but not unusual either.I’ll put in my 11th hour vote for “Alyssa” or “Jasmine”.’

Bancie1031 on

Love this dress on Tori. She looks great here just days before giving birth.