Rumor Update: Jessica Alba has given birth

06/08/2008 at 09:15 PM ET

JessicaalbaUpdate: Us Weekly is reporting that the baby was born this weekend — Cash was seen bringing food in the maternity ward, and Jessica’s father was overheard saying, "She’s beautiful." At the moment, Jessica’s rep Brad Cafarelli has no comment. When he does, we’ll post the birth announcement.

Originally posted June 7th: A CBB reader emailed us early this morning to say that she spotted Jessica Alba, expecting a daughter at any time, being wheeled into Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles around 10 pm on Friday. The reader reports that Jessica’s husband Cash Warren was also on hand, carrying birthing balls, and was seen standing alongside security guards. Jessica has not been photographed in 11 days, so we would not be surprised if she has given birth.

Jessica, 27, is believed to have been due in late May. Baby-on-the-way is the first for the couple. 

Photo by WENN.

Thanks to CBB readers Brianne, Mary Beth, Caitie, and Betty.


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Tigerlily on

CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA AND CASH! If it is true that is! I can’t wait to see what the little one will look like and what they shall call her!

Laura @ Dashin Worldwide Guide to Children's Clothing on

How exiciting…we love Jessica Alba and are excited to see photos with her new baby!


Lacey on

Yea! I hope it’s true. Congratulations!!

JK on

I hope she’s born today. Great birth date: 06/07/08! Congratulations and good luck!

Whitney on

I really hope its true…Now I am gonna be coming back to the site a million times throughout the day to keep checking!!

Becky on

Like Nicole Richie, she has eased into motherhood, with wisdom and maturity. It has been a great vicarious pleasure.

jasmine on

I hope it’s true!

yeah 6/07/08 — I didn’t even realize that…that’s cool. 🙂

k on

I remember an interview posted here about how Jessica wanted to have as much of the labor as possible at home – I hope it all goes like she hoped! She must be so eager to have her little girl in her arms. Can’t wait to hear if it’s true and that everything went well and what the name is!

nori on

wat do you mean 6/7/08 is good i dont get it is it a certain date that i dont get that has a significance

Stephany on

I’ve been checking this site about 5x a day to see if she’s had her baby yet! I hope this rumor is indeed true. What a fun birthday – 06/07/08!

Beverley on

I think the significance of todays date is simply that it is 6 7 8 today.

Becky on

Nori – It is a cool date because it is 678

Tammy on

I have been thinking about her for the last few days. I hope everything goes well for these two in the coming family time ahead of them.

Krissie on

I was wondering when she was gonna finally pop…it seems like she’s been pregnant FOREVER

Gena on

this baby girl is going to be beautiful. 6-7-08 is a cool birthday.

my predictions on who will have there baby next.

1st Jamie lynn
2nd Angelina
3rd Gwen & Lisa Marie

what do you guys think?

tink1217 on

I hope its true and that she has a wonderful birth experience!!!


I think:1st Jessica Alba 2nd Tori Spelling
3rd Jamie lynn Spears 4th Angelina 5th Camila Alves.If the rumor is true when we finally read the annoucement of her baby girl?I Can’t wait to hear the name!

jamie on

Actually it’s been like six days. She was at the MTV Movie awards on June 1st.

carla at on

I hope it is true and that it is going well and everyone is healthy.

Becky on

I think Camila Alves will have her baby before Angelina. Also, isn’t Nicole Kidman due soon?

Sarah on

I think Camila and Jamie Lynn will be around the same time, maybe Camila a little later. Busy Phillips is sometime in July too. Then Nicole late July. Gwen is due early August but if she has another c-section it will probably be late July I think.

k on

Jamie, I think she pre-taped her appearance in the skit at the MTV Movie Awards but was not actually present at the awards. I feel like we would have seen a bunch of pictures, even if she skipped the red carpet – like at the Kids Choice Awards back in March when they had all those lovely audience shots. So I think it has been 11 days since she was photographed.

Mary-Helen on

If it’s true, congrats to Cash & Jessica. I wonder if her name is going to be Honour as previously reported?

Celebsy on

Can’t wait to see the baby!

Becky on

Gosh, I hope she doesn’t name her Hounor. I hope that was just a rumor. Blech.

brooke on

Yea she seems due any day now, so she probably gave birth. I don’t see the big deal about the baby’s birthdate if it is 6/7/08, different if it was like 7/7/07 but that’s just my opnion.

ashley on

I think her due date was this week so that is def a possibility that she gave birth today. I think Tori Spelling is having her baby on Monday and I think we will wear of Jamie Lynn Spears REALLY soon.

kirstie on

she was photographed on the 2/7/2008 in her backyard swimming pool looking very pregnant so i would say she definitely hasnt had it yet.

Moore on

I think she may have had her baby and that they could be waiting till Monday to announce it if they’ll announce it at all. Maybe to give the family the weekend in private. Would be nice but who knows.
Congrats to the family!

Sarah on

These pictures, Kirstie? They were taken back on Tuesday, May 27th, almost two weeks ago.

Mel on

girl was born this weekend at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center!

Nikka on

IMHO, Jessica was one of the most beautiful and stylish pregnant celebs EVER !!!

Nelle on

Perez Hilton is reporting the baby was born this week-end.

shalinda on

Honor Marie Warren was born June 7 in Los Angeles, her rep, Brad Cafarelli, confirms. This is the couple’s first child.

Shaine on

According to People, her rep has made the announcement.
Honor Marie Warren was born Friday.

congratulations to the happy parents!