Lisa Marie Presley at The Waverly Inn

06/08/2008 at 07:00 PM ET

Lisa Marie Presley, 40, was snapped leaving The Waverly Inn in NYC after dinner out with husband Michael Lockwood on Saturday, June 7th. Lisa Marie expects her third child in September, reportedly.


Photo by Johns PkI/Splash News.

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brannon on

Isn’t she having twins?

Mandy on

She looks lovely.

kim on

I can’t see Sept. Maybe late July, August sometime..

Sarah on

If she is having one, then I think earlier than September. However, if she’s having twins, then yes…I can see early September.

Amanda on

She looks so tired! September is totally reasonable, not everyone shows the same. I was due with my first Sept 2, 4 years ago and if I remember correctly early June was when I hit 3rd trimester, 28-ish weeks and she looks like that is possible, some people show early and then don’t change much as time goes on. Plus this is her third baby. I used to hate it when I was asked my due date that summer because I’d without fail always get the ‘oh…you have ALL summer yet’ Yes I was very aware of that, didn’t need to be reminded all the time.

tegan on

Lisa Marie looks great for how far along she is. She was always carrying big with this baby if i remember right. I can totally believe the september due date.

J.M. on

I’d say she’s due before September. Pretty big to be only 6 months even if it is her third imho.

EK on

is she having twins????

St├ęph on

I could understand a September due date if she’s in fact carrying twins, but for one baby I would’ve said July or August maybe.
Hope it’s twins, it would be so nice!

carla at on

I think she looks very pretty and, yes, tired. Hang in there!

Godiva on

She is a very striking woman, even when she looks tired! Those are some good genes.

brooke on

She is quite big, I think she is due sooner, like july if it’s one baby. But since celebrities have twins nonstop now, maybe it’s twins due in sept lol. I think she will have one baby and it will be a girl though

meghan on

i am due in september – she’s a reasonable size… she’s entering the 3rd trimester now.

Erin on

I cannot WAIT for her to deliver… she knows how to name babies, that is for sure: LOVE Danielle Riley and Benjamin Storm! ♥

Angel on

I agree that she definitely knows how to pick names. I, too, the love the names of her children. She looks beautiful!

Snow on

I don’t know how true it was, but I seen the video of photogs asking her Mom if they were excited for twins and she said yes. BUT, it very well could have been taken out of context or “fixed” too. I guess time will tell!

Gay on

I think she looks absolutely radiant! Tired, yes, but beautiful just the same. As far as her due date? She and Michael know, but I think we should all respect their privacy and let them enjoy their new baby for a while and not hound them for pictures or anything right away. Sure, everyone is going to be SOOOO curious as to what the new arrival looks like when they get here, but I’m sure with time, she’ll be more than happy to let us all have a peek at the baby!


~ppl she is having two TWO 2 children and is due in August. I know this being true as i am close with the family. so please let her be and think of you if you were 40, had 2 previous children and was pregnant now in middle life. Almost every woman I know has gained weight upon weight in their 40s due to menopause. So men your just idiots and females that are being hinkey .. just remember your day for the weight is comming too! except you wont have any excuse your not strong enough to do what shes doing!