Elizabeth Hurley and family leave home

06/07/2008 at 05:44 PM ET

Supermodel Elizabeth Hurley, 42, was spotted leaving her home in London, England today with her husband Arun Nayar, 43, and son Damian Charles, 6.  Damian’s father is film producer Stephen Bing.


Photo by INFphoto.com.

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missusB on

damian looks like a little prince from a fairytale.

y on

Poor kid…why on earth would she make him wear that??

Beverley on

I think he looks like he is dressed to be a page boy in a wedding. It’s kind of like Britain’s version of a ring bearer.

Xan on

Damian’s cute. He looks like he’s an actor in a period piece. Love his darling haircut, too:)

Erica on

I love the way Damian is dressed, very clean and classic. He is a handsome little boy!

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

Damian looks like such a little gentleman. He seems so tall.

Becky on

He is the spitting image of his dad!!!

JC on

It does look like they are heading for a wedding. Liz has the traditional big hat on.

Cassandra on

Oh, he definitely got his dad’s height, he is gonna be really tall. Elizabeth is tall too, so he gets it from her as well.

He looks just adorable, too. 😀

Kara on

Why is she dressing that kid like a freak. It is not 1920 and he looks ridiculios

irene on

Aww! He’s the spitting image of Elizabeth when she was a child. What a darling boy.

lucy80 on

i think he is kind oh homely..doesnt look much like his mom at all.
cute clothes though

Erin on

He looks just like his father!

I wonder if his half-sister, Kira (mother is Lida Bonder), looks like Stephen too? Any photos of her?

Christine on

wow he’s the image of his father!!

ekaterina on

she is lucky no way would my 2 boys wear clothes i chose for them! especially white ones! (ok that is me- how does he stay clean?? doe she have shares in the tide pen?) well hopefully my daughter will be able to wear it!
not my style of outfit for my kids but to each his own

brooke on

He used to look just like his dad, still a strong resemblance but I see a lot of elizabeth in him too

Elisa on

Awwww. Where this young man is going dessed SO CUTE?

shannon on

if he goes to school like that he will get jumped. she has a ton of cash dress him like a boy not a doll. and his name is evil sounding. at least hes cute.

babyboopie on

I would never ever dress my son in that outfit but he does look cute in it- like a little prince!

Sanne on

Cute? I’m sorry but I think the clothes are a bit girly! I don’t know where they were headed but I would have chosen a blouse or him.

Elizabeth wears a lovely dress!

Emaline on

I think we’ve figured out they were more than likely headed to a wedding. That’s a very traditional outfit for a page boy. And look at Elizabeth’s hat, total wedding gear! Such a cute family, she doesn’t look preggers to me, I was hoping that rumor was true 🙂

Jill on

He doesn’t look right, what is she doing dressing him like that.

Nikka on

they could also be going to the horseracing. they were these kind of hats there as well.

April on

I’m glad there is an explanation for that outfit! It’s a bit much, IMO.

He does look a lot like her now, and he’s so tall!

Sindy on

He really looks like he could be a Holy terror.

emma on

I have to disagree with most of the previous posts, I’m afraid. I am English, like Elizabeth, and have a 6 year old son, like Elizabeth. However, I would never consider dressing my son in an outfit like that! I know it’s a sad world when we have to think like this but, quite apart from the fact that he wouldn’t wear it, I know my son would be teased mercilessly by other kids his age if he did! I’m surprised they even make outfits like that in his size.

Aitch on

Why can’t I dress my sons in clothes like that!!!lol!

Audrey on

I agree its cute because its royally english looking.

But i’d kill my mum if she dressed me like that, lol.

Either way Damian looks quite the young gentleman and is raised that way, and Elizabeth is beautiful as always.

Livy on

They were going to a friend’s wedding where Damian was a page boy. I think he looks adorable and a lovely page boy outfit.


Nat on

Behave Emma, they’re obviously not popping to the local pub!! Liz has dressed him appropriately for where they’re going – to a wedding! (I’m from the UK too BTW).
I think it’s nice, for wedding gear. And he’s only little – 6 years old remember. My six year old would wear anthing that I asked him to when he was that little. He looks older than his age so maybe that’s why people think he looks odd – I wouldn’t expect a nine year old, for example, to wear this outfit!

Vanessa on

That is a very tall 6 year old…or I’m just extremely short!