Stella Ritter attends dedication ceremony in her father John Ritter's memory

06/07/2008 at 08:15 PM ET

Stella Dorothy Ritter, the 9-year-old daughter of actress Amy Yasbeck, 45, and the late John Ritter, attended the dedication ceremony of her father’s addition to the Portrait of Hollywood mural at Hollywood High School in Hollywood, CA on Friday, June 6th. Stella also spoke to the crowd about her father who passed away in 2003.


Photos by Charley Gallay/Getty Images.

One more below.


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amy on

Wow – in the first picture she looks like her mom, but in the second one she looks just like her dad! Such a beautiful girl!

Rosy J on

She is a very lovely young lady. I see a lot of her dad but she also looks like her mom. It is always sad to lose a parent at such a young age. I think it was during the same time as her 5th birthday.

jillyen on

I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years! It was Stella’s 5th birthday when he died. I remeber in an interview they mentioned her birthday would already be sad because of 9/11 and then her dad died on her birthday. Amy’s birthday is 9/12,John’s was 9/17 and I believe their anniversary was around that time too. very sad

Mary on

awww she’s beautiful. so is Amy. it’s so sad that he died. I loved John on 3’s company.

Bren on

Aw she is beautiful. I remember her mom doing an interview and saying that when he died she saw her daughter looking up to the ceiling saying something along the lines of come back and her mom said that it wouldn’t work and she said something like well I wouldn’t have known unless I tried. So sad. I cant imagine losing my father at such a young age. Its hard any age but its important for a girl to grow up with a good father.

gigi on

i cant believe its been that long already! john’s ladies sure are beauties! he is so missed!

gigi on

i cant believe its been that long already! john’s ladies sure are beauties! he is so missed!

Christine on

that little girl has been stunning she was born.

i still feel sadness when i think of his death.

brooke on

I loved john, was so sad with his sudden death. Stella is pretty, she looks like her mom, but with john’s eyes

jasmine on

She’s a cutie…she looks like Camilla Belle a little bit.

RIP to her daddy. 😦

SAR on

I remember seeing a picture of Stella when she was a baby — she was beautiful then, and she’s beautiful now. I can see a lot of both of her parents in her.

I can also see the resemblance between Stella and her half-brother Jason, John’s oldest son.

Sasha on

What a stunning girl!

Kelly on

beautiful girl
very pretty but very sad as well
i may be missing something but is that the women who was in problem child with him in the 2nd pic? & is it just me or does it look like poor Stella was crying in the 2nd pic i think so which would make total sense since shes 9 & lost her dad at such a young age

Jess on

She is so pretty, reminds me of her father alot.

Such a tragedy, to lose your father at such a young age.

RIP John.

Leslie on

Is there a transcript of Stella’s speech anywhere? That was so brave of her to speak in public. I guess she is in an acting family, so they are used to it. I wonder if she will follow in her parents (and half-brother’s) footsteps.

Laura on

Awww I just had to comment. Its been so long or felt so long since seeing these amazing girls. I loved John in threes company watching re-runs, and seeing them both in the Problem Child movies, and I cried so much when he passed during 8 Simple Rules. That show was so not the same after that.

Bless. Lots of love goes out to the family. Lovely ladies right there.

tink1217 on

gorgeous little girl. Perfect mix of her parents. I still miss John. He was one of my all time favorite actors. What a sad time the month of September must be for the family.

Emaline on

She has the perfect features from both parents, what a beautiful young lady! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already, he was one of my favorite actors.

Michelle on

Very pretty little girl and a definate mix of both parents. So sad what she’s had to go through. Celebrity deaths are always so sad but John’s death was (aside from Princess Di) the only one I actually cried over.

carla at on

She is such a cute little girl. It is so sad that she lost her father at such a young age.

Stépj on

Wow, what a gorgeous little girl! She looks like her dad! She is beautiful, just as he was.
I am watching Three’s Company at the moment, I love watching that show, I bought all the DVD and I just love it. Most of the time when I watch TV it’s Three’s Company, and I never get tired of it, and of John’s craziness.
It is so sad that he died on the day of his princess’s birthday, for this little girl, her birthday will always be a sad day, cause it’ll be the anniversary of her father’s death. So sad!

Gorgeous Girl Stella!

donna daniels on

she is incrediable she is a perfect combanation of her mom and dad. so incredible,such a beautiful young lady

amanda on

What a gorgeous little girl! My heart goes out to her and her mother.

trina on

i feel so bad for this girl to have lost her father…

i don’t know if anyone knows this, but john ritter passed away on sept. 11, which not only marks the tragedy of the terrorist attacks in new york, but it is also stella’s birthday.

Kat on

Yes, Amy was in Problem Child and Problem Child 2 with him.

Adriane Miles on

She is the spitting image of her dad. So sad he could not see her grow up, she is going to break alot of boys hearts!

Jennifer on

Stella is such a beauty, just like her mom. She’s truly the perfect mix of both her parents.

It doesn’t at all seem like nearly five yars since John passed away. His untimely death was such a tragic one, and it’s sad that Stella lost her daddy at such a young age.

Julie Lorraine on

I feel so sad about John Ritter as I had lost brother Stuart too. Stuart died of massive heart attack as 49 yrs old from Julie Lorraine Jackson