Update: Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix welcome second son, Atticus

06/06/2008 at 07:30 AM ET

Caseyaffleck4251_cbb_3Update: According to this Birmingham Post article, the baby’s name is Atticus.

Update January 15th: We just heard from Casey’s rep Rebecca, who says,

I can confirm they had their second baby, a son, [but] no official statement will be going out. 

However, it appears this is pretty late-breaking news — the baby actually arrived in November! In this video from mid-October, Casey mentions that Summer is due ‘in the next month or so.’

Originally posted January 14th: Actor Casey Affleck, 32, and his wife, Summer Phoenix, 29, have apparently welcomed their second son.

More below.

A posting on CaseyAffleck.com reads,

01-12-08 — Casey and Summer Phoenix celebrate the birth of their second child.

The new baby joins big brother Indiana August, 3 ½. The couple had announced the pregnancy and sex of the baby in September.

We have contacted Casey’s reps for comment, but have not heard back and have no further details or official confirmation.

Source: CaseyAffleck.com

Thanks to CBB readers Catherine and Sherry.

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Pam on

Congratulations to them! I am VERY interested to hear what they come up with for a name. Indiana is an hard name to make a sibset with, I would think. I wonder if they’ll do another ‘place’ name?

celebrity on

everybody is making children in these days.. is that a fashion?

Heather on

Wow I didn’t even know they were expecting again. Can’t wait to hear the name.

adriana on

Casey will have the boys, and ben the girls lol. Because I think if jen and ben have another child, it will be another girl.

Natalie on

aww congrats!! 😀

PSB on

I love him. Can’t wait to see the pic and know which name they picked.

Kat on

aww! I read about the birth on Casey’s website the day after he was born!

I’m a fan of the Phoenix family!!

Daze on

Congratulations to Casey and Summer. I keep hoping they will name one River, after her brother. I was such a fan of his. His flame went out far too soon. He would have been as ot as than Brad Pitt by now. Or considering place names, Phoenix is a place and a beautiful name.

Beth on

Great news for them!

Wasn’t Indiana indirectly named after River (since River played the young Indiana Jones?) I thought I read that somewhere.

PSB on


I remember somebody saying that their first kid was named after River – something about his borthay being in August – I may be getting this wrong. Also, I think one of the other Phoenix siblings named their child Rio (river in Spanish).

Plese somebody correct me if I’m wrong!

Dana on

Beth, yes, I have read (somewhere) that Indiana came from River’s role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Sheylyn on

Yes..Summer’s sister (Rain, I believe) named her son Rio, which is River in Spanish.
And Indiana August was obviously an ode to River. But I’m very curious about the next name. I’m sure it will be peaceful and creative.

M on

FIXED Hey just wanted to let you know there is a problem with this link. If you click on the link to this story at the top of the page (with the box of new stories) you get taken to the store about ella whitesell.

Sabrina on

Actually, it is Liberty who has a son named Rio, she also has two other children: Indigo [boy], and Scarlette.

meela on

They stole the name Indiana from Joaquin because he always wanted to name his daughter that if he had one. They’ve all said so.

and haha caseyaffleck.com is a fansite not his website. the baby was born in november. back in october, casey even said it was due the following month in an interview.

Sarah’s note: Thanks, we missed that interview. You know, I thought it was strange that the baby had apparently just come, because weeks ago we got a tips email from someone saying Casey and Summer had rented a birthing pool for a home water birth coming up soon. November makes much more sense.

Bella on

Im confused,when was bub born?

Sarah’s note: We don’t know, but it sounds like last year. If Casey said November, I assume November, but the news is just out now.

matilda on

that picture of them was taken at the venice film festival back in early september. if the baby was born this month that would mean she would have only been four or five months along, i think she looks a lot farther along then that. november makes sense. heres a link to the interview: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RLcaeVZs_Yw

connie on

what did casey affleck name his son?

connie on

what did casey affleck name his baby boy

Kim on

Nooo!! They stole my favorite boy’s name for their second son!

Chicki on

Atticus is cute, but what could his nickname be? Also I wonder if his middle name starts with an “I” – Indiana August and Atticus I…? I think they’re a really cute family too.

Candice on

Aww, nice! Atticus is a great name.

Tara on

I love the name Atticus if that is true. To Kill and Mockingbird (if that is, indeed where they have got it from) is a top film.

rachael on

*excellent* name!

elena on

Love the name! I planned on using it as a middle name after the great Atticus Finch from the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

Meghan on

I LOVE the name Atticus but I find it hard to say when combining it with Afflek. Atticus Affleck doesn’t flow well…just my honest opinion.

Alexandra on

I agree – I love the name Atticus – and would want to have it as a middle name for my son, but I don’t care for “Atticus Affleck” much either. It really doesn’t roll of the tongue very nicely. Just my opinion.

Liv on

I also love the name atticus, but didn’t even think of there last name being afflek. I don’t think it goes to well. I was hoping they did name him atticus but now i kind of hope it’s something else.

brooke on

Don’t like the name, especially with affleck

Kenzie on

Congrats Casey and Summer!!!