Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott talk about Liam and pregnancy cravings

06/06/2008 at 10:02 AM ET

Torispelling224242_cbbThe Spelling-McDermott household has probably been a bit hectic lately with all the happenings in the family!  Tori, 35, and her husband, Dean, 41, not only have been wrapped up in filming their reality show Home Sweet Hollywood, but they are also parents to a 14-month-old boy, Liam Aaron, and are expecting their second child together — a baby girl — with reports from In Touch saying a c-section is scheduled for Monday, June 9th. 

In an interview with Monsters and Critics, Tori says, "the pregnancy has been a big part of the season," so viewers get ready to have the newest arrival "figured into the season!" For now, though, Tori is thankful that she shares a "great connection" with Dean which allows them to work together and include their growing family as well.

T: Dean is more than hands-on.  He is unbelievable with Liam, so that really helps, especially being this pregnant.  But the best thing for us is that we all get to work together.  So we get to take our baby to work every day which is really helpful.

D: And that’s the best thing in the world.  And I think it’s rare that couples get to take their baby to work.  So it’s incredible.

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Although Tori thinks Liam is "a little young" to understand that his sister is inside mommy’s tummy, he has caught on to pointing to her belly when prompted with ‘Where’s the baby?’ However, Dean — speaking from a male perspective — jokingly explained that age doesn’t matter when it comes to understanding that you will be getting a sister who will ultimately "wreak havoc" on you!

T: I keep showing him the belly.  I keep saying baby.  At this point, when I say baby he points to the belly and I’m not sure if he knows what that means.

D:  Even if he was older, I won’t think little boys can grasp or get prepared for a little sister.  He’s in for a world of change having a little sister.

There are no worries that little Liam will be camera-shy as he grows older, as both parents proudly call him "a pro" when it comes to being filmed.  Since the reality show began before his birth, Liam has grown up with the crew, with Tori saying "they’re like family to him."

T: He’s been seeing cameras in our house since he was born and so there was never any confusion.  It’s just kind of a way of life.  And it’s really different from what people would think.  People think of cameras and crews, and TV shows and they think of a lot of people and a lot of set up.  We’re just a small reality show, so it’s a very small crew.  So, he has like one camera and like three people he knows.  And that’s it.

As for cravings during her pregnancies, Tori says she is pretty level-headed with the strange requests pregnant women often have and so far "never wanted to eat dirt or anything.

D: The only craving [in] this pregnancy that was kind of regular was Rocky Road ice cream, but even that tapered off.  The first pregnancy, her one craving — one and only that she had only once — was a root beer float.

T: Yeah, I didn’t get cravings really bad.  Like you hear about these crazy cravings that pregnant women get.  I never had that.

The new season of their reality show is set to premiere on Tuesday, June 17th at 10 p.m. on the Oxygen network.

Source: Monsters and Critics; Photo by Flynet.


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Yasmin on

Dean obviously gives Tori strength. They are such a nice couple. I don’t know why anyone would want to criticize them, unless it’s out of jealousy because they’re so happy.

dee on

I think the criticizm comes from the fact they meet on a movie set and were both married. It’s any woman’s/man’s worst nightmare. Think about your husband coming home from a work trip and telling you he has found someone else. I don’t think people dislike them(they are a great couple) I just think they haven’t forgotten about their past…..I would like to think that most of the world has some sort of values and morals and when they read about situations like theirs they are alittle turned off by it. But we all move on and lets not dwell on the past. They are in love and have a beautiful family.

Tracey on

They seem like a really nice couple and I can’t wait to see their next cutie. It makes me cringe a little when I hear her talk of how hands on he is as a father to Liam as I can’t help but think how he must have been that way for his first son too. I’m sure he’s still very active in his first son’s life but it’s just a little sad to me for his first son 😦

Meaghan on

I just think a lot of people remember how they met and how they began by having an extramarital affair. Dean was even in the process of adopting a daughter with his wife when this all happened but took his name off the birth certificate when this all came out. I think it’s a sad situation for all involved especially the children.

dee on

I agree….lets hope he dotes on his 10 yr old son Jack as much as his kids with Tori.

Sarah on

i don’t have anything against them because i obviously don’t know them. it just kinda makes me sad for little lola that dean adopted her, met tori, and then signed away his paternal rights to his daughter. babies aren’t something that you can just return and forget about. it just left a very bad taste in my mouth, especially since he still spends time with lola’s brother, jack, and not her

sue on

Don’t really understand that one. Adopt a little girl but then sleep with your co-star. Why go thru with something that is such a big deal like adoption if you are not in a happy marrige? Lets hope he shows love and attention to his older son Jack. He needs that right now.

Bancie1031 on

I’m excited for their new season to began and with their little girl on her way. I’m real happy for Tori, Dean and Liam and wish them the very best.

brooke on

I’ve seen pics of tori and dean with jack, and always got the impression tori seemed like a good stepmom and dean a good dad to him. He lives with his mom though, so obviously he won’t be with them as much as liam and the girl. I like them though, can’t wait for their show

ang on

tori&dean r not bad people, they r good people who made a mistake-there’s a difference IMHO.dean adores both his sons, but few reporters ever ask about his life before tori, so it’s not surprising that people think he doesn’t care about jack.(however there’s a post somewhere on here which dean calls jack his “hero”-thanks CBB for including that). i think it’s sad people r so quick to judge dean-after all,he never speaks bad of anyone. fyi,there’s a 30sec trailer of t&d’s new season of their show on