Pete and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz at Foxtail

06/06/2008 at 12:26 PM ET

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, 23, held hands with husband Pete Wentz, 29, as they entered Foxtail in Hollywood, CA on Thursday, June 5th, where they celebrated Pete’s birthday with friends. Reported OK!,

They didn’t sip a drop of alcohol — though I can’t say the same for their guests!

The couple expect their first child this fall.


Photo by Fame Pictures.

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jillyen on

had she been drinking?

Raye on

probably not the most flattering picture ever, but i still think she look’s great! not sure i can wrap my head around the simpson-wentz though….

Chicki on

Someone looks a little tipsy, no?

Jaime on

When is she going to stop dying her hair? Thats the thing I don’t get! And, she looks a lot like nicole ritchie in this picture!

Top on

For heaven’s sake….pregnant women are allowed to dye their hair.

Jaime on

It’s not recommended!

Shannon on

Actually, according to most physicians, very little of the chemicals in hair dye are absorbed into the body, and the few studies that have been done have shown no change to the pregnancy or fetus b/c of dyeing. Most physicians will recommend waiting until after the first trimester, and making sure you’re in a well ventilated area wearing gloves, but it’s pretty much been confirmed that there is no evidence to suggest dyeing your hair has any effect on pregnancy.

Seeing as how Ashlee is definitely past her first trimester, based on Pete’s explanation of why they waited to make an announcement, it sounds like she is doing nothing wrong at all by continuing to color her hair.

crimpe on

Right on, Shannon! I did my research and kept highlighting my hair through all four pregnancies. Her hair looks great, she looks great, but jeesh, no one looks good mid-blink! Now, speaking of hair, can we discuss Pete’s comb-forward? That issue deserves its own blog!

carrie on

Anyone ever heard of complications…from hair dye.
Didn’t think so…

I love her with red hair.

That’s worry is so unwarranted. Ask a OB and they’ll tell you the same thing.

gigi on

oh boy….i never noticed that she had that giant wrist tattoo!

SS on

LOL @ Crimpe! I was thinking the same thing about PW. The Simpson ladies are not my fav entertainers but Ashlee comes off very likeable. They seem like a nice couple.

Daniela on

Jaime – I was thinking the same thing! She’s looks seriously like Nicole Ritchie…I had to scan the heading to make sure it my eyes weren’t deceiving me! LOL!

On another note..I actually like her hair. They always say never to use chemicals but I permed and dyed my hair a couple of times during my pregnancy and my daughter is just fine. I think it’s the inhaling of the chemicals that’s actually more of a concern maybe???

Jory on

i adore Ashley Simpson- Wentz. I am looking forward to watching her grow and cant wait to see pics of her and baby!!

sheba on

I look terrible in “mid-blink” pictures. Like I had too much to drink and trying to give the sexy-eye. Yikes!

I’m liking her hair and her all-black mini-dress look.

She could be using an organic dye. I believe Debra Messing used one she highly recommended when she was pregnant with her son.

Kelly Ripa also dyed her hair with Joaquin. She jokes that’s why he came out blonde. She didn’t dye her hair with Michael and Lola and she didn’t like her roots one bit. Especially with Michael.

I didn’t relax my hair with my two children. Just kept it braided and I looked just awful. Just to be told after the fact that hair dyes, perms, and relaxers have no effect on the fetus. Yikes! It just as well, my hair didn’t get thick or grow or had any of those positives that come with being pregnant. Instead it was limp, very porous, and breaking so relaxing it probably would have left me with a baldy. LOL!!!!

Laura on

If she keeps it the same color she probably only needs to get the roots touched up every now and then.
Now about Pete’s hair. How long do you think it takes to perfectly manicure each section into those points. I was checking out their wedding pics and they both seems to love this style. Wonder if bub’s hair will be fashioned in the same way.

brooke on

She is so pretty, she looks great. Once your past the first trimester, it’s ok to dye your hair, especially if it’s just every few months. It’s not like she is doing it every week. I think she will look like nicole richie, she won’t get too big and she will have similiar style too, not wearing maternity clothes more like regular clothes just a bigger size.

Becky on

It’s funny how Christina gets slammed for being “drunk” and if I didn’t know Ashlee was pregnant I could see how someone would think she is drunk in this picture. It just shows how pictures taken at the wrong time make people suspect things, like someone appearing drunk.

Sammy-xx on

I absolutely adore this couple – was a huge fan of both of them before they were together and was so happy when they started dating

Pete has said a few times that he promised his dad when he was younger that he would name his first son Pete as he is named after his dad – Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third

Asiram on

Given the brilliant red color of her hair, it’s possible she’s using henna to dye her hair, which is a plant/all natural with no chemicals at all. It actually produces a wonderful red color just like she has, and you can touch it up at any time.

Susan on

I wonder why in every picture we see of them together he’s always pulling her somewhere. Literally, every picture.

Melissa on

Did Ashlee get her wrist tattoo in the early stages of pregnancy??? That’s a major NO NO!!!

Stephany on

I adore Ashlee’s hair. It’s such a great color on her.

LOL at Laura – it is funny how perfect Pete’s hair always seems to be. I wonder what he looks like when he wakes up in the morning!

Can’t wait to see her grow in this pregnancy. She’ll be super cute, I’m sure.

Sarah on

You gotta give Pete credit! At least he wasn’t drinking too.

terri on

She looks good as a red head, but then again she would look good with blue hair. I prefer her with her natural blonde hair though. Don’t like the tatoo at all. Is it a rose?