To pose or not to pose — Readers ask, 'Where's Nahla?'

06/06/2008 at 10:08 AM ET

Halleberry_2 It seems more and more lately that the first question asked of us at CBB following a celebrity baby birth is when the baby will be introduced to the world via the cover of a magazine.  At the moment, we’re fielding a lot of ‘Where’s Nahla?’ emails from readers and the easy answer is that she’s at home with her mom, actress Halle Berry

But as for why Halle has not yet sat for a photoshoot or given any in-depth interviews about new motherhood and the birth of her 11 ½-week-old daughter, we have no easy answer — for we know no more about her decision-making process than anyone else.  If history is any guide there could be several reasons why we still haven’t been ‘officially’ introduced to Nahla and other celebrity babies like her, including Courtney Thorne Smith‘s son Jacob ‘Jake’ Emerson and Toni Collette’s daughter Sage Florence, both of whom turn 5-months-old next week.

Suricover_2When Suri Cruise, 2, was introduced to the world in Vanity Fair in September 2006, it was to much fanfare.  Magazines were printed in a cordoned-off area of a Kentucky printing press under the watchful eye of security guards.  At the time, the delay by Suri’s parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in introducing their daughter to the public was viewed with skepticism.  Speculation ran the gamut from rumors that the couple were disappointed in the purchase price offered for exclusive photos of their daughter, to even rumors that Suri didn’t exist.  In the end, Tom recently revealed, the real reason they opted to forego a photoshoot was far more straightforward:  They simply didn’t think it was necessary.  Said Tom,

Kate and I didn’t feel any need to [introduce Suri].  We said why?  It’s just our family.  We were [in Telluride] with the whole family, then we heard all this stuff that was going on, and I said ‘What do you want to do?’  Kate said, ‘Okay, lets just do [a photo shoot].  This is ridiculous.  And we’ll just do it.  And that will be it.’  We just wanted to have our baby and have the kids and our families and everyone get to know Suri and just chill.

Sashaschreiber_3 For actors Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, a simple trip to the post office was all that was needed to quell paparazzi interest in their then 2-week-old son Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, now 10 ½-months.  Naomi said later that the decision to introduce Sasha while out running errands as opposed to in a posed setting was the right one for their family.   

I didn’t even leave the house until two or three weeks after [Sasha was born]. [Paparazzi] had just been really waiting for the first picture. We tried to think of the best way to deal with it.  People offered to run the exclusive, and some people thought it would be a good idea. Once they see a close-up of the baby, [paparazzi] leave you alone. We didn’t feel right about it. We wanted to do it as normally as possible. You can protect yourself so much, and then you start feeling not normal, and you want to be normal.

Other recent first-time celebrity parents appear to be following in Naomi’s footsteps.  Actresses Amanda Peet, mom to 3 ½-month-old Frances ‘Frankie’ Pen, and Constance Zimmer, mom to 5-month-old Colette Zoe, both introduced their daughters to CBB readers by simply being out and about. Actor Chris Noth gave us our first real peek at Orion Christopher, 4 ½-months, while on a coffee run.

Angela Kinsey was recently depicted in US magazine strolling with daughter Isabel Ruby, 4 ½-weeks, in a candid photograph.  Agreeing to a photoshoot was something the 36-year-old actress expressed reservations about previously; While still pregnant, Angela blogged about being uncertain over how best to introduce her daughter to fans.  She wrote,

Some of you have asked if I am going to do a magazine photo shoot of me, the baby or the nursery.  I am still on the fence about this.  It’s just such a tough decision for me…Of course my sisters think a magazine with her and I in it would be such a neat thing for her to have someday and too cute for my baby scrapbook.  But there is part of me that wants to protect her from the world.  It all depends on how comfortable I feel once she is here and safely in my arms.

Nicole_cover_2 But it was that same maternal instinct to keep her baby safe which led Nicole Richie to sit for a photoshoot with PeopleAfter welcoming Harlow Winter Kate, 5-months next week, Nicole said she knew paparazzi interest was high.  By introducing her newborn daughter on her own terms, in a controlled setting, Nicole said she was "just being a protective mom."  As she later told Harper’s Bazaar,

The day before it came out, I was nervous, because there was going to be a picture of my daughter everywhere. But if I didn’t put a picture out, it would have been 10 times worse. I wanted to stop people trying to get pictures of her.

Are there any other celebrity babies you’re still waiting to see photos of?  Do exclusive photoshoots lessen or increase your interest in celebrity babies?  

Photos by Bauer Griffin, Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair, Bauer Griffin and Andrew MacPherson

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eilidh on

hi i have seen a vidio of baby nahla and halle berry leaving a photo studio propale doing her first photos the were lots of paps and a secutrity guys brought nahla out in her carry seat and put cover over her so noone cud see her

i think the vidio was acess hollywood
im not to sure

Paula on

I had read somewhere, where Halle says she doesn’t want pictures being taken of her daughter, and that she’d like to shield her from the spotlight as much as she can.

HardCandy on

I can’t believe people feel entitled to see these children. Why? I am so happy Halle has decided to keep Nahla under wraps from the public eye. She does not belong to the public she belongs to her family so why are people asking to see pics of a child that is not there’s?

I find it funny when celebs like Nicole say “I did it to protect my baby.” What she should have said is “I did it for the attention.” It’s ok I understand that she is a celeb and celebs rely off of media attention to maintain their careers, but look at Halle is the media staking out her house to get the first pics of Nahla, no, or at least that is what I believe because we have not heard Halle complain about anything like that. Jen and Ben never did a photo shoot with Violet and the list goes on. So the explanation/excuse that they are doing it to protect their baby holds no weight for me especially from the celebs that complain about media attention.

I think the whole Suri fiasco happened because everyone was trying to find something bad about Tom because he was having a crazy year. They decided to pick on him and say this whole baby thing was a publicity stunt and Kate was never pregnant. So the ultimatum was show us your kid or we’ll keep making up stories about her.

Jenn on

I guess the confusion (about not having seen the baby yet) with Halle comes from the fact that she seemed to have no problem “promoting” her pregnancy in the media – talking about it on Oprah, doing a People photoshoot right after the announcement, etc. She wasn’t coy about answering questions, she didn’t try to hide it, etc. It was built up (in part by Halle herself)…so naturally, her fans want to see the baby!

Newbienew on

ITA HardCandy especially about the Tom Cruise thing which ironically is what the media is now doing with angelina with the fake pregnacy news since they have chosen to be much more quiet about this pregnacy and we have seen less of their kids in general. I would like to believe that maybe they learned a lesson and now realize reagardless of whether are not they sell pics the paps are going to make money off of their kids anyway.

GIa on

I actually can see both sides of the coin on this one.
I think for some celebs, it’s very possible to say they will just have some candid shot taken at some point, and it won’t be a big deal. I mean, who gets in a flurry about Chris Noth’s baby anyway – rarely do the MALE celeb babys make headlines, unless the mother is also a celeb of a certain stature, excluding Mathew McConoghey – he apparently is a tabloid fave regardless of what he does. (BTW – Chris Noth’s baby is darling, I use him as an example to my point, not that he isn’t a huge star, or that his baby isn’t cute as a button).

But when Nicole Richie had her baby, and katie holmes and some of these other SUPER big tabloid favorite women also, it’s almost necessary to do the staged intros. On any regular day these women have 50 photogs following them around, and when something major happens in their life, it swarms to 100 or more. It’s crushing, and I can see why these women choose to have a quiet photo session with just one mag. It just keeps things less ridiculous and certainly more safe than if they went walking down the street with a 2 week old. Who wants all those flashes in a new baby’s eyes!

I do think it’s really greedy to ask for seven or eight figure payments. Unless ALL the money goes to charity – it’s just selling yourself and your family out, and it’s really icky.

sleekraven on

It is nice to see some celebs hold on to what belongs to them instead of putting their children in the public arena. These celebs are the ones who cry about their privacy being invaded and yet, they seem incapable of realising that their children doesn’t belong to the public. Old stars like Streep, De Niro, Sarandon, Pacino, Hawn, etc. didn’t jump on the covers of magazines to show off their kids who will be here for the next 90 years and will be papped even as babes.

Berry’s baby doesn’t belong to the public and those emailing to ask when they will see the baby should ask why it is so important to them. And the fact that “I am fan” is not an excuse. This is a child, not a product.

The likes of Jolie and Pitt, Aguilera are making things difficult for other big media stars/celebrities because not only are they now under pressure to sell their kids in the name of charity (as if that is a noble thing) via PEOPLE magazine, Hello and OK, they now also have to show off pictures of their babies when they should be at home enjoying their blessing with their family and friends. Children should be protected, they are not new series Barbie or Ken dolls that should be advertised.

So, what happens after Berry shows off her kid, will those so anxious to see the baby be fulfilled?

This “I must introduce my child on a magazine cover” is the reason little children like Suri, Shiloh, Sean Preston, etc., find themselves on the covers of magazines as stories and it seems that we don’t find anything wrong with that. Magazines don’t even have to write about Jolie, Pitt, Cruise, etc. anymore because their children are now stories. It is alarming.

brannon on

Ever occur to anyone that some celebs might just like showing off their babies? I would!! I would love a photo shoot for everyone to oohh and aqahh over. I don’t blame them. And if they can cut down on paps and make money for charity – more power to them. That being said, if they feel the opposite. Perfect for them. it’s a personal choice. ( i did forget, however, how much that vanity fair shoot did NOT look like Suri! — photoshopping her was a little strange, IMO)

Jenn on

I just find it funny that all these “celebrities should not let their children be photographed” comments are being posted on a site that…shows pictures of celebrity children. Haha. I would assume that most people who post here obviously enjoy seeing these photos or they would have no interest in the site.

Nicole on

I say they are the parent to that child. If they want to introduce them in a mag spread, go for it. If not, no problem. I don’t care what the figure is they receive for selling photos of their baby– it’s absolutely none of my business.

There’s so many judgements made on this site. I stopped reading the comments on so many entries because of it.

Sarita on

I would like to see Nahla but I don’t like the sold introductions in magazines. Not only because it seems greedy but also because often the photos are photoshopped so much the baby looks like a drawing instead of a real life baby.

I like the way Naomi and Liev did it, just go outside and done! Also, just placing a cute photo on your own website is a good idea.

Celebs making excuses such as trying to protect their child doesn’t seem true to me. Nicole Richie even did a second photo shoot with Harlow a couple of weeks later; it’s all about attention.

Yasmin on

It seems Halle is trying to protect her baby. She’s not interested in the frenzy to feed the hungry media and public. The sad thing is that the longer she keeps her little one under wraps, the more ridiculous and nasty the rumors will be, just like they were about Suri. There are certainly downsides to being a celebrity and it seems being a Mom can be one of them when it comes to not wanting to exploit your child.

babyboopie on

I am a journalist in Paris and I work for a small company but I do understand from the public’s point of view why they want to see the celeb babies, as these babies will grow up in the public’s eye, especially Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie Pitt, Kingston Rossdale & Harlow Madden. They will always be of some value because of their parents, and while it’s not their fault at all, they will have to accept the fact their life is like this- they will always have paps taking snaps of them.
So why not do it earlier when they’re babies so the level of interest is minimized?
Obviously like all parents, celebs want to protect their children from harm, that’s perfectly understandable but it’s their choice to be famous- they give all these interviews willingly- of course the public are gonna be interested in them! These celebs need to learn to compromise.
That’s just my opinion.

ItsaMEEE on

I do believe that Nicole Richie is an attention grabber but I also think that she did the photo shoot to protect her baby. I don’t doubt for a second that there was paparazzi salking her hoping to get the first picture. She is a paparazzi made celebrity. Halle Berry, on the other hand, got her status through talent so I think her relationship with the Paparazzi is different.

I also think that some part of this whole thing is being a proud mama or papa. If I could I would give CBB a weekly picture of my kid so the whole world could see this perfect little person I created.

I don’t know if I would say people feel “entitled” to seeing pictures but I think that there is a great interest. We feel like we know celebrities because we see them in magazines and read what they have to say. Almost like a friend from high school that we lost contact with after graduation but get updates on their lives from Facebook.

I think it is a little self righteous and hypocritical of anyone that has posted something saying that people shouldn’t be curious because, after all, you are on Celebrity Baby Blog to begin with.

melanie on

I appluad Halle…everyone else is on the cover of magazines and she’s doing it the way she wants!

CTBmom on

I think whether a celebrity chooses to do a photo shoot, take their baby out in public and allow candid shots, or keep their little one completely under wraps is totally their decision. As much as I love looking at these pictures, I do not feel entitled to see them….nor would I judge anybody on the choices they make on whether or not, or when and where, they allow pictures of their babies to be taken. I see nothing wrong with the way Nicole Richie, Naomi Watts or Halle Berry have decided to handle the situation.

Bren on

Nicole: ‘There’s so many judgements made on this site’

I so agree with you on this. Can’t we respect others and let them do what they think is right for their family. I am not scare to admit I LOVE photo shoots of celebrities and their children, yet if they decide not to do one, I don’t loose sleep over it. Is there choice if they want to do one or not, if they want to donate the money to charity or not. I have learn to respect others, what is right for them, might not be right for me, yet what is right for me, might not be right for them…lol do I make sence? lol

ShopLittleGifts on

Hmmm interesting question. I wonder. I think it really goes by the parent – whatever makes them feel more comfortable and happy. I don’t think Julia Roberts ever did official pics of her kids. Jennifer Lopez on the other hand had a great photo shoot. Eventually the kids grow up and people see them (and they see the world!). I don’t think parents should fall to the pressure of paparazzis though…

Michelle on

Personally, I think Cate Blanchett did it best. Here snap a pic of us as we are walking out of the hospital.

carla at on

Each celebrity mother and father has their own opinions on what is best for their child. Halle made a choice for her baby just like the others did. I think the public has a strong interest since other celebrities have been so open about baby pictures.

Mousie on

Julia Roberts did have a People cover with her twins.

I think Halle will do one, too. She loves attention and I think she’s waiting on purpose. She announced the pregnancy when her movie was coming out.

When does she have another one coming out?


We don’t have a right to these peoples children. When/IF they ever decide to get photos taken is their choice. Just because the parent is a public figure doesn’t mean the child is automatically turned into one. I think this world has become a little coo-coo.

Halle has every right to keep Nahla in her home with her and her husband. When is Nahla ever gonna be this little again? It’s her right to want to enjoy that time with her child and her boyfriend. I’m sure we’ll eventually see her but…it’s on Halle & Gab’s terms.

kate on

Halle Berry is a bit more controversial. As beautiful as her daughter is, people will always talk about skin color. Halle’s mom is white, Nahla’s father is white. When Garcelle had her twin boys, people flocked to point out they are fair skinned.
It seems it could be a sensitivity issue to have the “public” pointing out your child is different.

HardCandy on

Sleekraven your right, did Nicole think the interest would fade because she showed her off or did she do it to stimulate more interest?

Brannon you’re also right, every parent wants to show off their babies but what I can stand is the excuses the “I’m doing it to protect them”. However, I also know that if a celeb were to say “I did the magazine cover because I wanted to show off my baby” they would come off as stuck up and lose public favor.

DD on

I love to come to this site and see many of my favorite celeb moms and dads with their children. It is fun to read what they think as parents and the normal side of them. I would like to see Halle’s baby girl since she shared so much of the pregnancy and her deep feelings along with it, I just naturally wanted to see her newborn just as I would anyone else around me that has shared during their pregnancy. I have to be totally honest also…her boyfriend is soooo handsome and since he is fair skinned and Halle dark I am curious what the baby looks like (mom or dad). I suppose my curiosity is what drives the media and paps to hunt these poor people down. I say for the celebs that decide to share, good for them and I will enjoy looking and reading about their parenting. For the ones who hide and beg to be left alone, leave them alone and respect their wishes.It seems that there are enough that share and don’t share to sastify the moms of us who like to see them in normal parenting situations. I will still continue to peek at this site for fun and the paps who are intruding or causing distress should be delt with harshly. It should be enjoyable for everyone, the parents who proudly show their children and those of us who like to see the celeb families 🙂

Kristin on

I think Naomi and Liev did a great thing. Just go on with your life and if they get a picture while you are out and about fine. I also agree with someone putting a picture on their own site. That always works. I know if it were me there would not be an official shoot, it would be out and about. But, I also don’t believe in hiding a child either. I would raise my child out and just avoid places like Robertson Blvd were their as so many paps.

Destiny on

Bren you make perfect sense to me and I agree with you completely.

I don’t think that I will parent my children 100% the way any other parent in the world does. I think that will be the case for every parent. I think we have to be careful to respect other people’s decisions even if we don’t agree and not pass judgement when giving our ‘opinions’. The choices that every parent makes in raising their children are theirs to make.

That being said, to answer Missy’s question, besides Nahla, I would love to see Usher’s baby.

tink1217 on

I do not feel entitled to see any celeb baby’s pic. I enjoy seeing them…if that is what the parent chooses. It is totally up to them. I feel bad for some that actually feel scared by the paparazzi though. That is no way to have to live your life.

Erica on

I admit, my feelings on this are probably a bit contradicting: while I’ve got no problem with celebs who do photoshoots and give the profits 100% to charity (ie Brad and Angelina), I think those who do the shoots for the sake of “protecting” their child (Nicole Richie) are not being honest with themselves or the public. Gwyneth Paltrow is a HUGE star, and instead of doing a “necessary” photoshoot she just walked outside and let a photographer get a picture, simple as that. I think that stars who perceive their children as needing to be protected aren’t really living in reality–Cate Blanchett’s little Iggy, and others who were debuted just like him seem to be doing just fine.

Angel on

I believe Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin arranged for the photographer to be there to take pictures of their children. I also understand the argument of doing a photo shoot to protect your child. Imagine if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hadn’t done a shoot when Shiloh was born! If you though the paparazzi attention is bad now just imagine how out of control it would been for them trying to get the first shots of her. I believe celebrities do what the feel is best. I don’t deny that some celebrities probably also show off their kids for attention but I don’t think that’s the case for all.

GAB on


Amanda on

I can definitely understand why celebrities like Brad and Angelina sell their baby photos. Let’s face it, this family can’t walk down a street, or take their kids to the park or go shopping or anything else most celebrites take for granted without 50+ photographers following their every move.

Now imagine if they tried to take the twins out, without anyone ever having seen a photo of them before and imagine the pandemonium. It wouldn’t be safe for the twins, their other children or Brad and Angelina.

With all due respect to other celebrities who do or do not sell their baby photos, neither the intrest in them nor the paparazzi attention even comes close to what the Jolie-Pitts must face on a daily basis. I mean, the woman hasn’t even given birth yet and look at the world, all in a tizz over an incorrect story published by ET.

Having said all that, if I were a celebrity, I’d much rather do a photoshoot and give the money to charity lest some sleazy paparazzi agency fill their pockets with however many millions of dollars.

Alisa on

Thinking your child needs proteciong is not living in reality?? Since when? that makes no sense at all. Why shouldn’t celebs try & protec theirt children?

I can’t believe anyone coming on this site has a problem with celebs who do photoshoots w/ their kids. But it’s ok to look at the pics the sleazy paps take while endangering EVERYONE’s lives for money.

I don’t blame celebs for selling their baby pics. Why should some stranger make 6 figures off a pic of their child & not them.

Robin on

I just saw a clip from Entertainment Tonight where they said that Halle was leaving a photo shoot and that the baby was with her so maybe it is coming…then again ET also said the Jolie Pitt twins were born already and we know for a fact that they aren’t. Anyways People are just curious and the press knows that babies and weddings make big money for their magazines. Personally I would rather show my baby off in a photo shoot with my guidance than having some invasive photographer shoving a camera lense in my child’s face.

Jen on

It probably depends a lot on the parents’ fame, and one rule doesn’t fit all. I do think that some of the non A-list stars have jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and sought out photoshoots for their newborns even if there’s not a huge amount of interest. It’s nice for them, in a way, because they get a lovely professional photoshoot of their child, and keepsake magazine that they can show them when they’re grown up (how many kids get that?)

But it’s slightly different for the genuine A-list, especially couples where both parents are celebrities. When they’re donating the money to charity, I really don’t see any issue with it. It gives the benefit of introducing the child on the parents’ terms – for once, they’re in control of allowing the world to see their child, rather than a paparazzi skulking in trees outside their home. Also, if millions of dollars are going to charity, there are also hundreds of thousands of people directly benefitting from your choice. Wow, if I was told that as a newborn I had saved the lives of thousands of underpriveliged people, how good would that make me feel?

Bancie1031 on

I agree with Jenn and ItsaMEEE. I personally think it’s hypocritical to make statements like:
“I can’t believe people feel entitled to see these children. Why?”
“She does not belong to the public she belongs to her family so why are people asking to see pics of a child that is not there’s?”
“It is nice to see some celebs hold on to what belongs to them instead of putting their children in the public arena.”
“Berry’s baby doesn’t belong to the public and those emailing to ask when they will see the baby should ask why it is so important to them.”
This is just to name a few that caught my attention right away. Your saying this and YET your on a site that is ABOUT celebrities and their children. How are you doing to contradict yourself like that? If your not interested and think they should keep their children to their families and out of the spot light then what are you doing coming here and look at their pictures and commenting on their children? Don’t get me wrong I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has a right to state their opinion but I think it’s truly hypocritical to make these statement on a site where you come to SEE celebrity babies. No I don’t feel entitled to see their babies but I’m interested in seeing them because most of these celebrities have shared the majority of their pregnancies with the public and we see their growing bellies and see their glows and their swollen feet, in general we feel like we’re sharing in the pregnancy with them because they are being so open with us. Then when they have their babies we’re curious. Just like if your friend was pregnant or a neighbor or a family member, now granted I know we only know these people from their movies, pictures and interviews but we kindof feel like a extended friend. I love CBB and appreciate their hard work on keeping this site up and running and up to date to the best of their abilities! Thank You!
Now on whether they should do it via magazine cover or just by walking outside and letting the paparazzi get the pictures, I’m not sure. Certain celebrities I believe do the right thing by doing a magazine cover. Some state that they (the celebrities) don’t honestly do it for the safety of their babies but for publicity I don’t totally agree with that ….. If you remember correctly when Tom and Katie Holmes & Britney and Kevin Federline (and I’m sure their is more but these 2 come straight to mind when I read these post) didn’t do a magazine cover right away, the paparazzi’s were going all out to get photos of their babies ….. do you remember the aerial shots through windows of Suri? Or Britney down below walking with Sean Preston covered with a blanket by the pool? They were trying everything to get the “FIRST” photos of these babies ….. so just imagine what would have happened if they would have walked out of their front doors with these babies in hand not with them never being seen before. I remember seeing a picture of Shiloh taken by a paparazzi from a tree, it was all blurry but none the less …. this was after Shiloh’s photo shot when we didn’t see her again for a while.
I guess what I’m trying to say is however a celeb decides to introduce their child is fine by me, and I believe they should do whatever they feel is best for them. Like Britney did when she waited with Jayden James because of everything that happened with Sean Preston (all the unwanted attention and criticism on her parenting skills and what not).

brooke on

I respect halle for not pimping out her baby 2 weeks after she was born, like so many celebrities do. Although halle is one celebrity, I’m dying to see her baby, but she doesn’t seem as greedy for money as other celebrities do. Jen garner didn’t sell her baby pics and I saw salma hayek on 20/20 last week saying she didn’t wanna sell her baby pics, but she knew her fans were curious so that’s why she released her own picture for no money. I think that’s a great way to do it. Although it doesn’t bother me when celebrities get money for their baby pics, it’s their kid and if the magazines wanna pay 4 million for a baby, so be it. I do think it’s a double standard though, when some of them sell wedding pics, baby pics, or do photshoots for no reason, and than say I just wanna have a private life, you can’t have it both ways especially when so many of them are hungry for attention lol. Halle has been so open about wanting to be a mom, her pregnancy, and her issues in life, I hope she does release a picture of her daughter, I bet she is a beauty

HardCandy on

Bancie, it is one thing to come to a celeb baby site and hope to see pics it is another to email the editor and ask “Do you know when Halle is going to do show us Nahla” that is entitlement. Like I said I have no problem with celebs doing photos shoots but to say you’re doing it to protect your child is silly because a photo shoot is not going to stop the paps from taking more pics later.

Brad and Angie are on another plateau of celebrity so I can understand them doing it for protection.

chiquita on

I am a faithful reader of celebrity Baby Blog.As long as I have been looking at this sight I have never felt compelled to make a comment. I find it funny that people who look at this sight would have such strong comments about how wrong it is for a celebrity partent to have their children’s pictures taken. This sight is here because people like to see the babies. It’s like looking at someones photo album. When you go home to meet your special someone’s parents, what is the first thing that they do? … pull out the baby pictures. They are adoreable. Whether a celebrity decides to display or not display pictures of their children should be thier choice as should how they choose to do it. I am just as against the whole paparazzi situation as everybody else is. I think it’s sad that some clebrity parents feel forced to have thier children’s pictures taken. What I don’t understand is how people tend not to believe that they feel this way, and insist that they just want attention. In some cases maybe they do, but isn’t that the nature of the entertainment industry. Why be so suprised and upset? Isn’t that why you are on this site? to give them the attention that they are seeking.

Melody on

Funny how people want to throw the Jolie-Pitts into any equation that has to do with celebrities. Maybe there are no offers for Halle’s baby just like Jessica Alba has said she has not received any offers, all celebrities are not equal. Because Angelina has not been seen for 10days, the media have been in a tizzy with all kinds of rumors of birth and names and she is being implored to show her face so the media will be satisfied that she has not had her baby, now I don’t see that much attention being paid to any other pregnant celebrity mom.

Some people just want to be critical, most of the celebrities mentioned, the only couple that I know that the money went to charity was Brad and Angelina, so how exactly are they profiting from their children. Have some of you seen pictures of them trying to take their children and mayhem and the crowd that gather within a very short time, it is silly to compare them to any other celebrity right now because no other couple elicit that much interest from the media, public and paparazzi and again if they do not want the paps to profit from their children, I say good for them.

I don’t really care to see Halle or any other celebrity baby, I come here to see if there is anything new on the Jolie-Pitt twins and I am ashamed that I am also feeding the huge interest in them.

ang on

Are there any other celebrity babies you’re still waiting to see photos of?

TORI’S!!! i don’t know what she will do though about introducing her little girl. i luv reading baby introductions-reading about the birth experiences, where it happened, when and how it happened, who was there, how they reacted once they saw the baby-i enjoy reading about it(obviously, otherwise i wouldn’t be here lol). i can understand why halle doesn’t want to do it, but while she’s well-known she’s not of brangelina status. it’s not like nahla will end up on magazine covers every week.halle’s a public person, it’s only natural people r interested in “meeting” her child. i mean,if she didn’t want any focus on her being a parent, she would have lived out her pregnancy in siberia or something.i’ve seen the bump and now i want to see the baby!

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I think parents like Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani have the right idea. Live their lives and if pictures are taken, so be it. I don’t remember if Kingston was in a photo shoot or not at birth, but in viewing pictures of him now, it’s like seeing the latest emailed pictures to me of my infant niece who lives far away. It is fun to watch them grow and change. I am all for the casual pictures, not the set up photo shoots. I would venture to say we will probably see a lot of Halle Berry’s child in the future. Celebrities have a way of eventually wanting the attention or at least not protesting the attention. Who can you even think of who actually “hides” their children from the public. I can’t think of anybody.

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Listen i totally with halle berry for not showing the picture of her baby yet. Its not for the attention. Imagine the kid was not even born and yet she received threats I’m not a mom yet but i love kids if someone would be giving threats to any pregnant woman or a kid or me I’ll go crazy and try to protect them. its understandable that shes scared to show her baby’s pic. Maybe all she needs is spaces to be more comfortable with all this situation here.

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Gwen Stefani sold Kingston picture to OK magazine for $0.5 mil. At that time baby pic price was lower than now. Gwen and Jennifer are doing similar to paparazzi. Don’t set up but don’t avoid them. Paparazzi who follow them seems to be several people and their target is only one child.
While Jolie-Pitts is stalked by nearly 50 paps around their multiple children. They even invaded into their property to take photos. Their price-tag is much higher than other A-list celebs.
I wish there are only official twins photos released by Brad and Angie and no photos from stalker paparazzi whose akin caused the death of Diana.

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sunny- I heard that about the paps sneaking onto to the J-P’s property and taking photos! I understand that they are celebrities, and obviously if they are out in pubilc then they should expect to be photographed. However, the paps taking pictures of them at their private home is definently crossing the line! It is obvious to me that what the paps were after were the first photos of Knox and Vivienne (thank goodness they apparently weren’t outside with the rest of the family. They were most likely sleeping).

From what I’ve heard, one of the pictures they took was of Pax playing in the water, completely naked! That’s just plain disturbing that a pap would want to take a photo of that! Angie and Brad must be absolutly furious!

..And people ask why they had Shiloh in Namibia! At least then they were able to pretty much avoid the paps all together for the first few weeks after Shi’s birth, as Namibian officals wouldn’t even allow the paps into the country. Only reporters that had offical written permission from Brad and Angie (most likely via their lawyers or reps) to cover the birth were allowed to enter.

I am guessing that they may have gone to Namibia for this birth as well had Angie not been pregnant with twins. I’m sure they realized that if, heaven forbid, the twins should be born very prematurely, the hospital in Namibia probably wouldn’t have the facilites to care for them (the hospital is actually a pretty nice, modern one, but it is very small, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t have a NICU).

I just hope that this will put an end to the questions about why the go abroad for the birth of their bio babies!