Jessica Alba explains her comment on baby's skin color and more

06/06/2008 at 12:02 PM ET

Jessica_alba_624955cbbjpgActress Jessica Alba caused quite a stir among CBB readers when she stated that she was "excited for my baby to be brown" in an interview with Latina magazine.  The 27-year-old expanded on that statement while speaking with USA Weekend.

I mean my dad is dark-skinned [Mexican], Cash [Warren]’s daddy is dark-skinned [African-American], and our moms are both white. So there’s a 50-50 chance of our kid coming out dark or light. It would be nice if the daddies can see themselves in our baby.

Another hot topic with readers is the amount of money that is paid out to celebrities for the first photos of their babies. It appears as if Jessica and Cash will not be taking part in that with their daughter.

I haven’t really gotten any — not that I’m aware of. You have to understand, everything that is written is kind of bull …

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In what is apparently becoming a trend, Jessica was asked again if she is planning to breastfeed her daughter.

Yeah, I’m definitely going to try to do everything to give the baby as much nourishment as possible.

The former Dark Angel star previously shared a glimpse of her nursery with US Weekly, and when asked if she had chandelier in the baby’s room, she replied,

Actually, I do. I got a really beautiful one.

Jessica and Cash were married May 19th.

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Marie on

I don’t really understand her explanation of the “I’m excited for my baby to be brown” comment. If she is having a girl, then wouldn’t it make more sense if the MOMMIES could see themselves in the baby? And if there’s a 50-50 chance of either skin color why didn’t she just say something like “I’m excited to see how my baby will look” instead of choosing a specific color? I don’t know, I just think she’s trying to do damage control.

And please note that I’m not an “Alba Hater”. I really like her, but that comment just rubbed me the wrong way…

brooke on

Jessica don’t try to explain yourself, because I still don’t get it lol. I think she wants to come across so smart in interviews, and in my opinion the opposite happens and half the stuff she says comes out making no sense IMO.

Jess on

I think she is just trying to be proud of her heritage, and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m a blonde hair blue eyed girl, but the rest of my family is dark. My mom tells me all the time that she is hoping for dark skinned grandbabies some day.

Morgan on

I would have to agree that the whole statement was a little confusing, but I think that what she’s trying to say is that both grandfathers have darker skin, and both grandmothers have lighter skin, as do Jessica and Cash (not necessarily white, but based on her explanation, I’m assuming that they look more like their mothers.) I think she’d just like for the grandfathers to have a little granddaughter who looks more like them. I don’t know if that’s what she meant, but that is how I understood it. In that case, I can kind of understand her point.

allie on

I don’t know I didn’t like her comment either and I like her as well. I think she really tries to sound smart, but she ends up not making sense at all.

Marci on

I think it will be hard for someone to understand that may not come from a family or culture of different skin tones. I am black american and of course you know we come in many different shades. The skin tone discussion is not uncommon. Just like hair color and eye color, you never know the skin tone our babies will have, regardless of the parents because of the way genetics work. I am a dark skinned and my husband is dark skinned, but both of our mothers are very light skinned black women. I often wondered what complexion our children would be. They are not as dark as we are, but they aren’t really light either. I don’t think Jessica meant anything negative or racist with her comments…I also think it will be hard for others to understand..not because you are haters or negative, just because sometimes it’s hard to understand things outside of your experience. Please keep that in mind when judging comments people make.

Amanda on

I think the reason Jessica even mentioned ANYTHING in regards to her baby’s skin color, is because in the past she has gotten much criticism for not being proud of her latina heritage. In my opinion she probably just wanted to use this as an opportunity to show that she IS indeed proud of her heritage and that of her husband. The poor girl can’t win either way…if she had said “I hope my child has light skin”, she would have come off as racist. We should all know by now that the media loves to spin things and get words twisted to stirr up some drama. I am not even an Alba fan, but I think people need to cut her some slack.

Marie on

Marci, I am also from a multi cultural family, so I do in fact understand the whole discussion of skin tones. But Jessica wasn’t just musing how her daughter would look, she flat out said that she wanted a brown baby. I found that offensive.

J-Lin on

What’s wrong with her saying she wants a brown baby? I have often heard people say they want a baby with blue eyes, blond hair, or porcelain skin. Her comments are rubbing people the wrong way because we live in a society that has not valued brown skin and elevated white and light skin.

I’m not a Jessica Alba fan, but I applaud her for saying exactly what she thinks.

Chicki on

I agree with Amanda, and will add that she’s probably subliminally bracing herself (and her fans) for the very real possibility that her child will be dark-skinned based on her and Cash’s shared genetics! What’s wrong with that? Just because she’s one complexion doesn’t mean she’s not proud of her dad’s too, and would love to see some of him in her child. Many of the comments seen here just show how people get really ruffled by even the *discussion* of race or skin color! I can just imagine the uproar of accusations and insinuations if in the first pics we see of her child, the kid’s much browner than we expected!!

Ella on

I get what she is saying about the brown baby, as my best friend is half-white and half-tahitian…of her brothers and sisters, she was teased by them as she looked the “whitest” of them all…She married a latin american man, and is proud that of her neices and nephews (some of who are blonde and blue-eyed)…her children have darker skin…

It was really important to her…I guess because she felt “left out” as a child…

I can’t say that I would have understood Alba’s comment before, but after hearing my best friend talk so much about this issue among her and her brothers and sisters, I can see where she is coming from…

Marie on

“Her comments are rubbing people the wrong way because we live in a society that has not valued brown skin and elevated white and light skin.”

…I find that statement ridiculous, sorry. If she had said “I’m exited for my baby to be white” believe me, people would be even more up in arms than they already are.

I meant to use a word other than ‘offensive’ but by the time I realized my mistake, I had already posted it. Anyway, the reason that I do not like her statement is because I feel that she made it just to prove to people that she was proud of her Hispanic culture. And as a White Hispanic myself, I don’t like the fact that she is feeding the whole Latino = Brown stereotype. There are ways of being proud of your heritage that don’t involve skin color. I wonder what she will think if the baby is light-skinned? Just a thought.

carla jones on

Jessica is just fine. She is a woman who is not prejudice. She likes people regardless. She is an example of someone who survives in a world which does not recognize her as being a woman of color. Because they do no recognize her as such when she makes a comment about things that are important to people of color no one understands because she is perceive as white. Jessica and Cash are being honest, but people are not ready for such honesty. Our Society likes people like Cameron Diaz all smiles no frowns.

cm on

I agree with you J-lin.
Im black and my husband is multiracial (both of his parents are mixed Asian German Puerto Rican/ Russian). I hope that when we have children they will be BROWN babies. Of course you love the child regardless but please..there are plenty of people who want one sex as opposed to the other just as there are those who hope to have a child that resembles them in some way. Jessica and Cash are also brown, they do not look like white people. So she probably wants a child that looks more like her and there is nothing wrong with that…

kristen on

i’m not a jessica fan, either, but i think everyone needs to relax a bit. i proudly refer to myself as brown, as do many members of my multi-culti family. and we don’t use the term because we are actually brown (some of us are olive, some very pale, some cocoa), but because we are not white (aka caucasion). many people of color do this, as do many organizations. student groups on my old college campus, for instance, celebrated “brown unity” (which meant that all people of color — asian, latino, black, should stop hating and come together).


It’s a little nice to see someone hoping that. When my cousin had her baby (were mexican, all darker skinned/hair) the FIRST thing out of peoples mouth was how happy they were that she was light skinned with blonde hair. It’s refreshing!!! although I think she’s doing damage control!

Michelle on

My friend’s sister-in-law is VERY fair-skinned, and has very blond hair. She married a man from Ghana (I believe) who has VERY dark hair. If they have children, I am very curious to see what they will look like, but am sort of afraid to ask for fear of sounding rude/insensitive/racist. My husband has considerably darker skin than I do, and our firstborn son has very light skin, like me, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Our second son has a darker complexion, dark hair, brown eyes. It’s fun to see the differences, and I wonder what the next one(s) will look like if we are blessed with any more children. All that to say, I have no idea what Jessica may have meant originally, but I can see how she’d be curious and excited either way. She didn’t say a white-skinned baby would be bad, did she, so who really cares?



Krista on

Not really sure I understand what the big deal is. It’s her baby she can wish for whatever she wants. I am very fair and my husband has a darker cuban complexion. I said many times during my pregnancy that I hope my children would have his darker complexion. I think sometimes celebrities are just judged to harshly for what they say. If she would have said it in the privacy of her own home like the rest of us, no one would care.

jenni on

I agree with Marie on this. I don’t think she necessarily cares one way or the other what color her child’s skin is(and I think that is a good thing,) she was just saying this to *prove* that she is proud of her Latino heritage. If you read interviews with her prior to ever being pregnant her *heritage* is always brought up and she has been criticized for not really being openly *proud* of her background(fwiw,this is all ridiculous criticism.)

Anyway, I think she is just like any other woman and is excited to meet her child and probably has no vested interest in her child’s *coloring* either way. It is actually unfortunate that she was even put into this position by having to answer to these sorts of claims about her pride(or lack of) in her ethnicity.

J-Lin on


I don’t think you understand that coloring is very important to many people. I am black and one thing that older folks do when a baby is born is look at the baby’s ear tips to see how dark the baby will be. I don’t think my generation cares as much, but it sure makes for an interesting conversation with the older folks.

Because there have been so many negative connotations associated with dark skin, I believe my generation has truly embraced “black/brown is beautiful”. And I, for one, love it. The human race comes in so many different colors and hues and I appreciate each and every one of them!

Amber S on

Maybe she’s just pointing it out because if she and Cash are light skinned and the baby is darker there will be rumors that the baby isn’t his. Maybe she’s trying to avoid all that by stating there is a chance the baby will be darker?

ewok on

Helloo???! She was interviewing for Latina magazine. Can people not be proud of their heritage? It’s like it’s a no no or something. People of mixed heritage have it prety tough. alot of times, if they relate to one side better, then they are denying the other, and vise versa. I was not offended in the least. And let’s not pretend that we do not want to see certain features in our children…we want healthy babies yes, but we also hope they get mommy’s nose or daddy’s cheekbones. A little sensitive are we?

Ashley on

I think people read way to much into the comments here. Of course we all will LOVE our children no matter how they come out. But, I know I have heard alot of people while pregnant say, ” I hope that my baby has this, I hope that my baby has that.” What makes her comment any different then someone say, “Oh I hope my baby has blue eye like his daddy,” or “I hope my baby has curly hair” etc. We all make comments like that through out the pregnancy, because we are just so ready to actually see how the baby looks.

So yes, she is hoping the baby comes out with darker skin. But, if not she is still going to love the little girl matter what.

Bren on

Black, white, brown, pink, yellow…I bet this baby is going to be gorgeous! 🙂

AllAngela on

Amen, J-Lin! Beautifully put.

toni on

It’s her baby, Jessica and Cash are both bi racial. Brown is beautiful.

Erica on

Well Jessica is wrong about one thing–there is not a 50/50 chance her child will be light or dark. Genetics don’t work that way and aren’t nearly that predictable. Frankly I agree with the first couple of comments, Jessica tries often to sound very smart in interviews but the problem is she doesn’t articulate herself well. I feel badly for her that people may have been mean about her saying she wanted a “brown” baby, but I don’t even understand why specifying a certain color is necessary! btw, I am black, so I do understand where she is coming from I just don’t agree. I mean, you never heard Halle Berry making comments along those lines, or really any other celebrity with mixed heritages.

trinh on

I don’t even like Jessica Alba that much, but I cannot believe what she said is causing any uproar. I think it’s cute that she said that! People say ALL the time, I want my baby to have my wife’s nose, or blond hair, blue eyes, etc. How awesome that she wants a brown baby.

tasha on

It’s so sad that often the biggest discussions or debates on this site often refer to race. Meaning the texture of someones hair or what color they would like there baby to be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a person of color wanting there child to show their heritage. I am of mixed race…African American and native Americancant and can’t wait to have BROWN babies. Why wouldnt you want your children to look like your family.

Diane on

I really don’t see the big deal with her comments either- in fact, I think I can relate to what she is saying. My husband is Middle-Eastern, I’m Native American Indian & Welsh. I was born with light skin & eyes but dark hair, and my husband is light-skinned compared to most of his family as well (but dark hair & eyes). Our first child has blonde hair and blue-green eyes (and quite beautiful, I might add!), so while pregnant with our second, I was actually hoping for a “dark-skinned” baby- not really sure WHY, other than I always had wished I had darker skin to match some of my other relatives. Sure enough, he is a “mini-me” of his Daddy with jet black hair, big, brown eyes, & darker skin (but still not real dark).

Regardless, we love all our kids the same- I don’t think it’s abnormal for any parent to wish for a specific “look” for their baby (or better yet, “dream about” as opposed to “wish for”). Also, I agree that Jessica has been given lots of heat for some of her remarks regarding her heritage, so I’m sure she’s just trying to making some kind of a point (although it seems to have just confused people even more- lol- the joys of being a celebrity!).

No matter what, she is going to have one gorgeous baby! 😉

Mo on

There’s nothing wrong with what she said. The reality is, the baby may be darker. I’m glad she’s looking forward to that. I have biracial children, I’m Mexican and my husband is African American. My three kids are different shades from dark to light, and you know what, I loveeee their brown beautiful skin! If they had been born lighter, I would have loved that too! People read into things too much, that’s how you get drama started.

carrie on

People take one line on here and run with it. Who cares if she wants a “brown baby”
When I was pregnant I hoped my little girl would have curly hair like her father. She wants her baby to have her skin tone. Big deal. I’m so tired of people having to watch their mouths for fear of being politically incorrect.
It’s her baby, is it not okay for her to think about what her child will look like, furthermore express her feelings, quit judging people!

SS on

Wow! We are so sensitive about race/color issues…just look all these posts. I think that is the real problem, we are so crazy when it comes to race that a person can’t even wish for their child to be “brown skinned”. I just see it as a trait, like wishing for blue eyes…my hair …daddy’s mouth etc…same thing. We need to stop reading so much into everything. Beauty is found in all races/skin colors/ sizes. Don’t we know this by now???

My children are biracial and look more like me, as we plan for another, I’m hoping the baby will look more like my hubby. What’s wrong with that?

M. on

I just hope that whatever her child looks like, she loves it just the same.
I think she’s had enough criticism regarding the fact that she’s looking forward to having a night nanny in order to get her beauty sleep, now to add this… makes me wonder what kind of parent she will end up being.

hegye on

jessica alba NOT too smart too me …

Jay on

J-Lin I’m right there with you!!! Jessica’s comment wasn’t anything different from other pregnant women hoping their child has this nose or those color eyes. Jessica no need to explain yourself because people are just going to pick apart your words!!

J.M. on

In the first statement she said, “I’m excited my baby is going to be BROWN!” One how does she know it won’t come out really light skinned?? She should of said that it will be interesting to see if my child comes out light or dark vs her comment. But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and just say she was caught in a moment and didn’t think before she spoke (which for her happens quite often). I think for anyone all you SHOULD be saying is, I can’ wait to see my child and I can’t wait to see who he/she looks like or a plain and simple I just hope he/she is born healthy! Who really cares what they look like. It’s one thing to have a preference and another to simply say your happy it’s going to look one way even though you have no idea if it will!

Helen on

I think Jessica Alba would do best to not discuss race or issues surrounding race. She seems to put her foot in her mouth every time she speaks on these subjects. There is a definite pattern in her statements which makes one assume that she is either truly dumb or has some problems with her ethnic background. I don’t have children and am not currently pregnant, but if I ever get pregnant I hope to have a healthy child– period.

More importantly, I think Jessica is exaggerating her looks if she thinks that she and her husband “look white” and are viewed as such by the media. How many covers has she done for magazines geared towards Latinas? I’m mean really, if she “looked white” then she wouldn’t be in this never ending controversy over whether she embraces her Hispanic background. Cameron Diaz’s father was from Ecuador, if memeory serves me right, but she “looks white” and because she “looks white” I don’t believe anyone has ever really asked her about her “Latin roots.” Its not even an issue in the media or hollywood for that matter. Whereas Jessica Alba has constantly complanied that early in her career she was only called to audition for roles that specifically asked for a latina actress or some other brown, ethnic minority. People view her as Hispanic because she does not “look” like an anglo-european at all. So I don’t think she has to worry about her child “looking white” or “looking brown.” If anything she should pray that she has a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

jools on

For me, what makes Jessica’s most recent comments so annoying is how she has, in past interviews, made a point to distance herself from her culture. She has said that she feels “finally cut loose” from her Mexican roots. She has also made it a point to say how she does not speak Spanish, and how it would be “insincere” or “not fitting” to call her Latin–even pointing out that Cameron Diaz is more Latin that her. That does not sound like someone who is proud to me. Other comments she has made are downright offensive such as: “Mexicans just spread all their seeds. And the women just pop them out.” I’ll admit that since hearing those things from her last year, I have not been much of a Jessica Alba fan.

Summer on

Why are people so afraid to discuss race?! I’ve noticed that several of the posts are about being upset that people are giving their honest feelings about this topic. Not every post is going to be filled with roses and taken from an episode of “Barney”! We don’t all think alike… and it’s okay!

Tara on

I agree with J-Lin. Perfectly put.

marcia on

Hey what is the big deal? She is a Women of Color!!! what is wrong with her saying she is excited that her child will have color to it’s skin?? why would anyone be offended by that comment? It’s is her life and her child!! I am a women of color ( african american) and I am married to a man of color (filipino and white) and our daughter is very fair ( we both have white in our family’s) all things considered but she has color to her skin and I am not ashamed to say that nor is Jessica! It is perfectly okay for a person of color to be okay with there skin color and the skin color there child will inherit. I am so bothered by these comments and all the fuss over this. It seriously makes me sad that this world is still like that. I pray for change.

fuzibuni on

i think the only people who matter in this conversation are cash, jessica and their baby. hopefully the kid lives up to her expectations, otherwise he or she might read this quote one day and feel like they disappointed her straight out of the gate.

anonymousie on

It’s her baby, Jessica and Cash are both bi racial. Brown is beautiful.
Posted by: toni at Jun 6, 2008 4:12:32 PM
Yes. That’s true. And white/pale is beautiful as well.


Harley on

People seriously need to chill. It’s her kid and she should be allowed to say whatever she wants without having outrageous comments made about it. It’s a good thing I’m not a celeb with half the things I say lol. Some things make more sense in your mind than they do when spoken.

I have more mixed nieces and nephews than not and even their parents have said things along the lines of, “I hope he’s whiter than I am” or “If it’s a girl I hope she has more Asian color than her dad’s white self”. Inhaling and exhaling tends to keep things in perspective…maybe some people should stop being so friggin’ PC.

Meghan on

I don’t think I could applaud someone who said that… even if they really meant it. I honestly think she’s trying to be PC (and win back some people she may have estranged by not initially embracing her Mexican heritage) by saying she’s *hoping* for a dark-skinned baby.

I just think it’s a strange thing to say all-together. And, I would find it just as strange to hear someone say it the other way around (about wanting a light-skinned baby). Here’s hoping the baby is healthy and happy.

m on

I hoped my baby had my husband’s skin color. He is Latino and has gorgeous skin. I don’t find anything wrong with what she said. Some of you take things too seriously!

Becky on

Wow…really? People really take offense to that?! People are way too sensitive! I see nothing wrong with her comment. My husband is half hispanic and has that beautiful dark complextion and he tans in the blink of an eye. When I was pregnant, I was so excited for my daughter to get his complextion. Maybe she is attracted to darker skin people and see their beauty and wants that for her child. Everyone needs to chill out. There is nothing wrong with her statement.

Jasmine C. on

Why is it that everything that comes out of a celebrities mouth is scrunitized and twisted as if someone is trying to read between the lines. It is what it is. What was said was said. I am sure she didn’t mean anything by it. Let it go Geez!

brannon on

Personally I think she just comes off sounding a little awkward. But what I think upset people is the idea of what kind of reaction she would have received had she wished for a “white” baby. Skin color is always sensitive which is an unfortunate aspect of our society. That being said we always form a picture of what we think our baby will look like and it rarely happens. But they are always gorgeous – ask any mommy!

Kate on


Maybe you’re not aware, but caucasians come in all sorts of different skin tones too. All races and cultures have variations in skin tone. It really bugs me when people make statements that only certain groups come in different skin tones or imply that some groups DO NOT.

I am the fair-skinned redheaded daughter of two brunettes whose skin tans easily whose other child is olive-skinned. Not every white person has the same color skin.

As for Alba. I don’t think her comment makes her sound particularly intelligent nor does her explanation. And while I agree that had she said she was looking forward to having a white baby people would be calling her a racist all over the mainstream press, people ALWAYS want their children to look a certain way. We all have visions of what our children will look like and it’s normal to express that, it just seems that Alba does not express herself very well.

Jennifer Griola on

I don’t see anything wrong with Jessica referring to the possibility of her baby being “brown”–I have tons of friends who are of color who use similar terminology (interestingly both Hispanic and South Asian friends have used this terminology, my Bangledeshi friend regularly jokes with me when comparing how we raise our kids–“ya brown people don’t do that”). Would anyone have raised an issue if someone who was bi-racial black/white had said “I’m so excited for my baby to be black!” Embracing one’s heritage is wonderful and I applaud Jessica for being proud of her baby’s shared Mexican/African American heritage.

Margot on

Actually Amber S, you may be onto something there. The tabloids will grab at any excuse to spread cruel and hateful rumors, and if Jessica and Cash’s baby does end up more like her grandfathers in skin tone than her parents, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a ‘is she really Cash’s’ story somewhere. There’s always someone ignorant and callous enough to spread rumors about innocent babies that stab at the hearts of their parents, and plenty of fictitious ‘friends of the couple’ who are willing to ‘share’.

Aya on

My family is mixed, but my Auntie came out dark. Her husband is white and her baby came out looking completely caucasian.Blue eyes, blond hair, they only way you could tell he was her son was by the way he had her features, but you had to look really close. It started at the hospital.They mixed up her baby and they gave her a hard time to see him because some of the nurses thought that he belonged to a white lady.Then one day she had ran out of milk while we were out and had to breastfeed in public.OMG,people were so rude.These ladies walked by and even said ” I wonder if the parents know that the nanny is feeding the baby”.My brothers daughter looks pure asian, and they get the same flack. It worries me too.Not to say “I want a brown baby” but I think what was meant was that she would like the baby to look like her and her family.Not until you are in the situation do you realize how bad and how racist the world still is.

Armine Abrahamyan on

I agree with all the statements Alba has raised. Well said.


sadie on

I’m of Welsh heritage with blonde hair and blue eyes, and my husband is very dark-skinned. All through my pregnancy, his mother kept saying how much she wished the baby would have dark skin, hair and eyes. I found it extremely hurtful and offensive. My family would never dream of making such comments or thinking such things. All we wanted was a healthy baby. My MIL would say things like, “my husband wouldn’t have married me if I had blue eyes” and prejudiced digs like that all the time.
I’m sure Jessica didn’t mean anything by it, but racism works both ways and it is horrible and hurtful to the recipient…
(PS – our little boy came out the spitting image of Harlow Madden!).

Becca on

I guess that what I don’t understand is why the skin color of her, her baby, or the baby’s father, even needs to be brought up or commented on by the celebrities themselves OR the people commenting on celebrity comments! If everyone wants skin color and race to stop being an issue, then STOP MAKING IT AN ISSUE!!!!

Keeana on

I totally understand what she is saying. I am a dark skinned african american women who grew up feeling bad about my dark skinned. I’d get comments like, “You’re really cute to be so dark..” as to say that I should be ugly by default just because of my skin color. I was able to gain a better self image through other adults in my community – so when I became pregnant, I was excited at the prospect of having a child with my (and my husband, who is also dark skinned)complexion.

Marci on


Thanks for your response. You are correct, caucasians are not all one shade of color…I am aware of that, but in my opinion, it’s not the same as the various shades you would see in the black american, or latino communities that range from very fair to very dark. (just using those as examples, I’m sure their are others)The point I was making is that it isn’t uncommon to use terms such as “brown” when referring to skin tone. I do think Jessica should have never tried to explain her comment. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in the spot light the way she is and have everything you say disected, and I’m sure she feels she needs to do some damage control so that no one feels offended….for the record, I have heard caucasions make references to beautiful porcelin complexions referring to how pure white someone’s skin is…and to be totally honest, it never offended me, in fact, at times I agreed. Just because we think something that looks different is beautiful doesn’t mean we hate ourselves…and just because we think our own looks are beatiful doesn’t mean we hate others. We all come in different colors, and all of those colors are beautiful, and I don’t think that celebrating any of our shades mean you have to hate others. I think it is a racial issue when you put down one skin tone to glorify another.

Nettie B. on

Well, brown babies are beautiful, too!

In many Black communities people also wish for their children to have “good hair”, as if that will help them overcome prejudice. Skin color is no different.

My mother was a fan of Cash Warren’s dad (Michael) and Cash does resemble him. I think Alba-Warren should feel happy no matter the outcome but I can see why she felt a need to say what she said.

Mia on

Jessica commented about HER baby. Anyone who took offense has issues that are not Jessica’s.

Vijaya L on

I don’t think Jessica has said anything out of line. There are loads of women who want their child to be light-skinned!.. so much more annoying!. Plus, she was innocently talking about her heritage and her child’s grandfathers. There’s no point in taking it all so seriously. I’m Indian and my husband’s Italian from the north where Italians are much paler, I’m also 9 months pregnant and he sometimes tells me that he’d like our baby to be darker because he’s always wanted to be. There’s really nothing wrong with making comments about yourself and your baby to be.
In the end, you’ll love your baby no matter what!!. Good luck Jessica!.

Joelle on

Vijaya, why is it more “annoying” for people to want a light skinned baby? Oh thats right in our politicially correct society, it is more acceptable to wish for darker skin than lighter, because if its the latter, people are assumed racist. Im pale as a ghost with flaming red hair and i would love for my kids to have my skin colour…but I guess that makes me annoying right?!
I was born with tan skin, people all though I was a black baby, I am not kidding. So the skin colour at birth wont prove anything just yet

terri on

Much ado about nothing. Jessica can wish whatever she wants for her own child.

rachelsun on

This is much ado about nothing. If she said she wanted a baby w/ blue eyes she would be accused of not wanting to be Latina. Since she said brown skin all the white people get offended. Give us all a break and stop reading so much into her comment.

Carrie Jo on

Why does it matter that she wants a brown-skinned baby? Lots of people hope that their children have a certain inherited trait, like hair color, eye color, height, etc. Why should skin color be any different?

sinclair on

“It’s her baby, Jessica and Cash are both bi racial. Brown is beautiful.
Posted by: toni at Jun 6, 2008 4:12:32 PM
Yes. That’s true. And white/pale is beautiful as well.”

LOL!!! Anonymousie, don’t worry, we GET that white/pale is beautiful–all over the place, from tv, to magazines, to advertising. The only reason the proclamation that “brown is beautiful” needs to be made is that Eurocentrism still rules in the minds of those setting the standards in so many industries: beauty, corporate america, etc. And saying that “brown is beautiful” does not mean that one thinks that white/pale is not beautiful. It simply means that there remains a lack of recognition for the beauty that exists in the various brown shades out there.

esperanza on

thank you sinclair, you said it exactly. We are bombarded daily with images of the so called “ideal” As for Jessica, its her baby not anyone elses and if she said she wanted a white baby then that’d be okay too. I don’t want a white baby, and thats okay! She can feel how she wants, maybe she’d just do better to say “no comment” from now on, lol.

katia on

People talk about porcelain skin being beautiful all the time yet those same people sit and bake in the sun for hours on end wanting a “tan”. Albeit a “brown” skin tone! and yet people have the nerve to take offense to Jessica’s comment about her own baby. Jessica comes from a beautiful family both white and latino and they are both beautiful. And yes “whites” do come in all shades because there are sicilian’s darker than some African Americans.

New For Babies on

Who cares if she said that? I think its her right as a parent to want any skin tone of her baby.

nessa on

Having brown skin is beautiful. If you watch old episodes of dark angel, you know jessica was dark brown. even as a teenager she was dark brown. My mom is light skinned and my dad is very dark. both filipino. I have dark skin, so I know all about the comparisons. but jessica alba has a very pretty shade of olive skin. and she is always told in the media that she has a nice skin tone. so if she wants her baby to have the same then why not.

Whatev on

Jessica Alba herself is brown. I grew up thinking she was black. Come to find our she is half Mexican, which doesn’t necessarily mean brown skinned people you delusional people. And she’s delusional too. Just watch telenovelas and you’ll know there are indeed white Mexicans, whiter than her and you all. Spain is in Europe and the people that came to Latin America and conquered it were WHITE from SPAIN, so why do I constantly have to educate fools like Ms. Alba and you guy Mexicans, Latinos; etc. don’t have to be dark? If their ancestors didnt mix with the Indian or afro population…their descendants are white!!! Alba is not a fair skinned person like she wishes. She has her fathers complexion more so. Both my gpas were white (Germanic/ Celtic Italian and Castilian Spanish) castllian means of most likely Celtic Spanish descent FYI… I came out like my Gma (brown) I like white guys will most likely be light.

Monica M on

I understand her completely as a mixed woman myself, to want her kids to be a certain color but people simply just don’t understand and I can stand their point of view too (if you have a baby, all you want them to be is HEALTHY regardless of their characteristics) to which I COMPLETELY agree on. To be honest, I’m actually surprised that Jessica Alba said that she wanted “brown” children since she has always felt she had this stigma with being a Mexican-American actress and that she considers herself to be a white Caucasian in the Hollywood industry. She even stated her father did not even teach her Spanish because he wanted them to have the advantage of having the upper class “white” privilege. But I do know that’s something that Jessica dislikes because she felt deprived from her Mexican heritage and even wanted her daughters and even herself to learn Spanish. So it seems like she’s proud of her Latina heritage and her husband (like myself) has an African-American father and an Irish-European mother. I’m sure since Jessica feels the way she does, and with Cash having an ethnic father himself, I’m sure she does want the grandkids to come out “brown”. In reality that didn’t happen because Honor came out looking just like Cash (physical characteristics) but had Jessica’s light skin and caramel blonde/brown hair and Haven came out completely pale and has ginger hair (Jessica Alba has a Dutch grandmother who is a redhead and Cash’s mom is Irish). So really their kids came out looking on the light side, after their mothers which is not a bad thing. I’m sure their fathers don’t care, I bet they’re just glad to have grandbabies. I empathize with Jessica on wanting to have kids with certain characteristics because I was raised by my mother’s parents (who are white) and my maternal grandmother is a beautiful, green eyed Irish woman and my real father who is African-American and his family didn’t want nothing to do with me, so I don’t feel a connection to them. Also I identify myself as a white, and I’m attracted to white males so I know my partner will be white. So I’m looking forward to having my “white” baby (opposite from Alba). Doesn’t mean I don’t admire gorgeous, ethnic beauty but I would really like my baby to take after my mother’s side. So I completely understand Alba in a sense. Sorry for the rant lol.