T.R. Knight says adoption is a possibility

06/05/2008 at 02:32 PM ET

Trknight_butterfly_084_cbbjpgGrey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight is happy in his relationship with Mark Cornelson and the two have been dating since February. However, even though the state of California has given the green light for same-sex marriage beginning June 17th, T.R. isn’t thinking of walking down the aisle right now. He explained,

We’ve only known each other for six months, so I think it’s a little soon to consider marriage. [However] I don’t think you date anyone that you don’t see a future with.

However, when asked about his interest in having children in the future, T.R., 35, replied:

The idea of it, yes. Adopting.

T.R. and Mark, 19, attended the 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in L.A. last Saturday night. To see a photo of them at the event click here. Extra is airing an exclusive interview with T.R. this evening.

Source: People; Photo by Flynet.

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Kristine on

I love him! him and his boyfriend are so cute together.

k on

I love him, thanks so much for the post. I bet they’d be very loving parents.

Candice on

Aww, TR is cute. I love him.

Can’t believe his boyfriend is only nineteen, though. Quite an age difference there, yeah?

AmyK on

Is that a typo? Or is his boyfriend really that much younger?! If he is then I can definitely see why TR would wait to even think about marriage yet… although I think when you meet the right one you know right away.

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

I really hope he stays on the road to happiness. T.R. seems like he found the right one.

marta on

I am just interesting -What are the legal issues about same sex couples adpoting a child in USA ??

I am asking because where I live ( in Poland )it is not possible .

Alisa on

I think it’s weird that a 35 year old is dating a teenager. I think it’s a good idea on TR’s part not to rush into marriage & babies when you’ve only known you BF for 6 months & he’s a teen at that.

Beverley on

I think that the biggest holdup for marriage for TR should be his boyfriend’s age. 19 is very different from 35. I will be 35 next month and would never in a million years consider marrying someone who is 19. My husband is 2 years older than me and we were pretty much equal in maturity when we got married a 23 (me) and 25 (him)since males mature slower than females. Now, he may be TR’s Mr. Right, in which case, he still will be in a few years, but a 19 year old male is probably not the best choice to make a lifetime commitment with. Let’s not forget what most of us were like at 19. This young guy hasn’t had enough experience at dating to know enough to enter marriage.

brannon on

Marta – interesting question. I have friends who recently adopted from China and Guatemala because they said it was too difficult to adopt domestically as partners. They had no problems adopting as partners from Guatemala but they were asked to adopt from China as a “single parent.” The other partner’s name was added once the adoption was final. Hopefully these hoops will be gone soon so that more children – domestically or internationally – may be adopted by loving parents.

COurtney on

I;m glad that he has the right to marry and to adopt. I think its fair to everyone to be able to marry and have a family with someone you love.

He BF is much younger…BUT I dont think as many people would care if it was a 34 year old man with a 19 year old woman….

Just my opinion…

Ellen on

Beverly and Marta, you said what I’ve been thinking. Same with Hayden and Milo. What are 35+ year olds doing dating teens?! It’s so odd! Makes you wonder what the 35+ year old’s maturity is like if their attracted to a teenager. Yes, I’m admittedly being judgmental….but I have a hard time even focusing on what they’re saying….all I can think about is the ages. It’s just weird and just two years outside of being criminal.

Beverley on

COurtney – I should have said in my comment that I too am glad that they will have the right to marry, even if they make a bad choice. I guess they are just as likely as a heterosexual couple to make a mistake and get a divorce because of unmatched maturity levels, but I am glad that it will be their right to do so. I think in a few years, we will see that homosexual couples will get divorced at the same rate as heterosexual couples, which is about 50%.

I also wish that adoption was equally as accessible to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, or economic status. Love is not confined to married heterosexuals and it comes in many forms. I think any loving home where a child could be cared for and nurtured should be allowed to adopt legally.

Erica on

I think people would make the same kinds of comments if this were a het. couple, Courtney. It’s not that 16 years is an insurmountable age difference (ie Ashton and Demi seem to doing fine), but when one person is a teenager and the other one is nearing forty then yeah, that’s a different story. As a 22 year old I can maybe understand the appeal of dating a successful older guy but I don’t understand why a 35 year old would want someone fresh out of high school. Oh well, either with this guy or someone else (or even on his own) I imagine T.R. is gonna be an excellent dad one day.

Ivey on

T.R. is living like a normal 35 year old hollywood tv star, dating a young hot guy. I too don’t think it will last because of the age gap, but seems pretty normal for hollywood dating standards.

iluvallbabies on

Gosh lots of judgemental comments on this one.

19 year olds can be extremely mature, no-one knows their relationship so shouldnt pass judgement. I was 19 & started dating my boyfriend who is 9 years my senior. Nearly 12 years down the track and we are still happily together.

One comment above was quite mean “It’s just weird and just two years outside of being criminal”- remember it IS LEGAL and they are happy. Isnt that the main thing, that people are happy in life? They arent hurting anyone…just my opinion.

chloe on

Can I say respectfully,of course,please don’t? I am a 25 yr old female who was raised by my gay father and his partner. My life was a living hell. Their lives were in no way conducive to family life. My fathers partner was a flamboyant gay man who was either screaming or in tears most of the time. That is until he succumbed to AIDS 4 yrs. ago. That is when my father started drinking heavily and he still hasn’t recovered from Robins’ death. I’m not saying all gay people can’t raise children but speaking from first hand expereience it’s a stretch. Seeing the lives of many gay men I would have to say focus on the self at the expense of others is a very prominent feature. So I vote no on adoption.

chloe on

Why are people called “mean” when they disagree with something?

iluvallbabies on

Because you are passing judgement on someone you dont know- and to say its “2 years outside of being criminal” is refering to their relationship as something distasteful.

He is a legal age so the word “criminal” shouldnt have even been used….thats what I was referring to as mean spirited.

hitomi on

Chloe – I don’t have first-hand experience with being raised by a gay couple, but straight couples, yes. No matter the sexual orientation, parents are parents. Just because you had such an experience (And I’m sorry to hear about that) doesn’t mean that all gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Your situation is much like other straight couples situations, which means that straight couples shouldn’t get married either. I think that if two gay people do make the conscience decision to have a child together, they have a right to. And I understand the different dynamics of “gayness”, but everyone is different.

Ellen on

iluvallbabies…..i’m explaining why I find these age differences weird. I do find them distatasteful actually. And regardless of whether it’s older man, younger girl or vice versa. Which I is why I mentioned Milo and Hayden. I work in the criminal justice system, my mind references that way.

Erica on

Chloe–I’m sorry to hear about your unhappy childhood. While I can’t personally relate to what you went through, I can tell you that my own mother’s childhood was also a living hell–alcoholic, sexually abusive parents who happened to be straight. I don’t doubt that there are some terrible gay parents, but I know for a fact that there are just as many bad straight ones as well. I can’t speak with authority on the subject but I honestly believe that the ability to be a good parent has nearly nothing to do with sexuality IMO.

Aura on

I’ve been raised by a lesbian mother, and have had a wonderful childhood with people who have loved me. I think gays and straight people can make mistakes as parents, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have that right to do so. There are lots of gay parents who are just great! Just like there are lots of straight parents who are also great too!

TR sounds like he is taking things slowly, so I’m sure he won’t just jump into anything, so he’ll probably have a good long think about it. Good luck to him if he does decide to adopt!

Renee on

Chloe, your statements are hurtful to every single gay and lesbian couple out there who want to adopt. Your statements aren’t mean, they are insulting. I wish you would have thought about the impact you statements can have on people. You’re not being respectful and it’s not fair to condemn all gay parents just because of your childhood. There are bad parents who are straight, where are your negative comments about them? Gay people should have the right to adopt.

Livy on

I too was raised by gay parents and my experience is entirely different to Chloe’s. My upbringing was wonderful. I was brought up in a loving, secure family unit with parents I could talk to and respected. Myself and my three siblings are all well-rounded individuals. I am just pointing out that all experiences are different. My experience, just as Chloe’s, could easily occured within a heterosexual parenting unit. The upbringing comes from the people, not the sexuality.

Melissa on

I don’t think it matters if people are gay or straight, either way they can make bad parents. My parents are straight and they have to be the worst parents ever. So i think sexual preference has nothing to do with the ability to raise children.

chloe on

Renee I’m sorry you took my comments so negatively. I was merely trying to convey my personal experience. My fathers’ partners’ frequent outbursts and bizarre behavior caused me confusion on the roles of both men and women. Speaking of hurtful, when my father and I read you’re comments we both we’re tearful. To this day he admits having Robin in our house was not ideal for raising a daughter. And I’m sorry again if I offended you or any other gay person. That was not my intent.

iluvallbabies on

Ellen in turn you are saying you find my relationship distasteful.

I dont care what field you work in, it doesnt excuse lack of manners.

Talk about judgemental.

Joelle on

My boyfriend and I have a 32 year age gap (yep thats correct!) and I met him at 17 and stated dating him at 19. All you jugemental people can believe what you want, and assume to “know” that he must be immature or a loser to be attracted to such a young woman, but its 101% wrong. Its been 6 years, Ive never been happier and you could think all the negative crap you want, but many people would kill to have the wonderful, caring passionate relationship we have. So I have zero problem with this relationship and I completely understand it. It is too bad that people cant get rid of their narrowminded views to

wetcnt on

Joelle wrote: “My boyfriend and I have a 32 year age gap (yep thats correct!) and I met him at 17 and stated dating him at 19”

Ewwww! What kind of messed up 49 year old man would date a 17 year old?

Missy on

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