Pete Wentz says he's 'at peace with everything'

06/05/2008 at 06:19 AM ET

Ashleepete1 For a "generally nervous person" like Pete Wentz, feeling at ease about wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’ pregnancy didn’t happen overnight.  He’s previously said the couple felt strongly about waiting until the risk of miscarriage had lessened before sharing their happy news with the world and in a new interview, Pete revealed that a momentous prenatal visit went a long way towards calming his fears.  Pete told E!,

The first time I ever went to the doctor’s office and heard the heartbeat, I felt totally content and at peace with everything. It feels good.

The Fall Out Boy bassist, who turns 29 today, added "I’m excited to be a dad."  Baby-on-the-way is the first child for the couple, who were married last month.

Source: E!; Photo by Ilya Dreyvitser/

Thanks to CBB reader Kate.


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Autumn on

Aw that’s sweet. 🙂 The miscarriage idea is probably true, because too early on that is a possibility.

Still though I also think that they didn’t admit to the pregnacy until just after they were married was also because of how Ashley was raised and so forth. (Even though the Simpson family has lived in Hollywood for almost a decade now, the rest of Ashley’s extended family probably would disapprove of her being an unwed mother.)

Ally on

Oh that is so cute…now I don’t know who to love more-Pete or Joel Madden. Both of them say the sweetest things about their babies. I wish him and Ashlee all the best throughout the remainder of her pregnancy!!

SLS on

I totally understand why they wouldn’t want to confirm until after the first trimester was over, I would have done the same thing but I would NEVER deny being preggers if I actually were….I’m way too superstitious for that. LOL Best of luck to them.

Jenny on

The thing I never understand is why all these young celebs seem to have forgotten how to use birth control! Nicole Richie, Jamie-Lynn Spears and now Ashlee Simpson. I can hardly believe they were all “accidents”. If they were going to get married anyway, why not wait until you ARE married and then try to get pregnant? Now there was a shotgun wedding and they had to deny the whole pregnancy.

Ara on

Wow, who said that Ashlee and Pete’s baby was an “accident” or even unplanned? For all we know, they planned that baby. Not everyone HAS to be married to have a baby.

Sarita on

I think Pete and Ahley do believe you have to be marries to have a baby, why else would they have gotten married in such a hurry?

I agree with Jenny, haven’t these people ever heard of birth control? Aren’t teens educated about that in Hollywood?

brooke on

I think jamie lynn’s baby might have been unplanned, she was only 16 when she got pregnant. But nicole richie and ashlee simpson were not really teens, maybe it was no big deal for them to get pregnant before marriage, seems a lot of celebrities do that now lol.Anyway congrats to pete and ashlee, can’t wait to see their baby

Bancie1031 on

Happy belated birthday Pete. But speaking of Jamie-Lynn Spears, we haven’t seen or heard about her lately does anyone know if she’s had her baby yet or how she’s doing? Congratulations to Ashlee and Pete once again on their baby. I wish them the best of luck and we will start seeing her baby bump pretty soon.

cbbreader on

Ash is 23 so is she high risk?
I know Lily Allen (also 23) miscarried in her 1st 3months in January, so its possible in young ladies, but wasnt Lily’s miscarry due to her smoking and drinking?

I think instead of lying Pete shoulda just said no comment. Divert like Ashlee did.