Laura Flores confirms she is in the process of adopting a child

06/05/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

Mexican actress and singer Laura Flores, 44, is preparing to welcome a third child into her family in the very near future.  The baby — who will join Laura’s other two children Maria, 9, and Patricio, 2 — is the result of a promise the actress made to herself over two years ago, when she first found out she was pregnant with her son.  Due to legal issues, Laura is under strict protocol and is unable to reveal any further information about her child, but does confirm that she has already had the chance to meet her son or daughter.

I can’t talk about the sex of the little one, I’ve already met [him or her], but I can’t give any more details because I have precise instructions.

Calling adoption a "process that requires a lot of patience" and saying that it is much more than "hang up the phone, call this person, [and] tell them to arrange it for you," Laura opened her eyes to the idea of adopting after seeing the reality of life at an orphanage.  While that was the experience which led Laura to adoption, she tells people that each situation is different and feels that "the reasons that lead you to adoption aren’t important."

Yes, it’s being thankful for life because I — in my house — it’s not like I can’t have kids; while not being able to have children and you’re going to adopt counts too, that’s marvelous.  That to me is loving life.

Source: People en Espanol

What opened your eyes to adoption?  If you haven’t adopted, is there anything specific that makes you think about possibly considering it?

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Megan on

I haven’t ever adopted a child, but from an early age, I have felt in my heart that I will one day adopt. I just feel that there are so many children in the world who wants a permanent home that I can make that dream come true for at least one child (although I’d love to adopt more). I truly believe that adopted children are born in the heart. I can’t wait until the day that I can bring home a child and tell that child they are in a safe and loving permanent home.

paula on

We were experiencing infertility and had had two miscarriages. We decided to look into adoption as an option as well as various infertility treatments. We gathered as much information as we could, joined an adoption support group and met with many different adoptive families and in the end decided that adoption was for us, regardless of whether or not we were able to achieve a successful pregnancy. We now have 3 children; 1 through adoption and 2 biological and I feel so fortunate to have had both experiences, adoption and birth. Both are miracles.

joy on

I met my husband working in an orphanage in India, and we both independently knew we’d someday adopt. After we married, we decided not to have biological children, as there were so many great kids in need of families.

We started the adoption process, then were very surprised when I became pregnant (as we’d been trying to prevent that!). We now have a lovely [biological] daughter, and will be starting the adoption process again in a few months.

Now, I’m open to having more biological children, and I expect we’ll adopt 2-3 children as well.

Natasha on

My husband and I both embraced the idea of adoption from an early age, it just seemed like such a gift! We decided that since money was tight, we would have a bio child first, then adopt. We ended up having three miscarriages and decided that must mean we needed to adopt now, not later! We have a gorgeous son who turns 2 tomorrow & I couldn’t imagine a more perfect child in our lives. We’re going to adopt again next year and have decided that a bio child just isn’t for us.