Jodie Sweetin and daughter on People; introducing Zoie Laurelmae Herpin

06/05/2008 at 07:00 AM ET

Jodiesweetin24_399 Jodie Sweetin and her newborn daughter Zoie Laurelmae Herpin appear on the cover of People this week. Inside, Jodie discusses her journey from meth addiction to recovery, marriage, and motherhood. Revealing that Zoie is "taking in and noticing more of the world" every day, the former Full House star still can’t quite believe she’s a parent.

You look at your baby and think, ‘Wow, I did that.’ It’s reallyamazing. I’m still like, ‘Oh, wow, I’m a mom.’ It’s the most overwhelming, exciting amazing thingI’ve ever done. It’s really wonderful — and then she starts crying!

The 26-year-old actress delivered Zoie by emergency c-section on April 12th; and she is the first child for Jodie and her husband Cody Herpin. When asked what she’s found most surprising in the 7-weeks since her daughter’s birth, Jodie shared that she had prepared for the worst, but has been blessed with a relatively laid-back baby.

I guess what surprised me is that our baby has been really easy. I was prepared for the horror stories of the child that’s up all night crying and won’t stop. It’s not as hard as I was expecting it to be. She’s wonderful and fits right into our life.

Check out our exclusive interview and photoshoot of Jodie just before she gave birth to Zoie.

Cover courtesy People; full size image below as well as a video clip from Good Morning America. Additionally, watch an Access Hollywood appearance here. You can also watch an interview/photoshoot video at — more images of Zoie there!


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christinajo on

The Friday’s in June are

The 16th is on a Monday. In spite of that I do realise that it was most likely a typo on the part of the senior contributors to the site

tink1217 on

what a cutie pie she is!!!!

gigi on

nothing like a good success story!!!
zoie is a sweetheart!

Stephany on

Zoie is adorable! I’m so happy for Jodie. She was my favorite FH sister (mainly because we shared the same name!!) and I’m glad she has emerged with her dignity intact and now has a beautiful husband and baby!

Elyse on

She is so adorable!! I think Jodie looks even more beautiful since she had Zoie. She really has this newfound softness about her. I am definitley going to go buy this issue!

Lisa on

Such a great photo of her and zoie. Jodie looks great. I love her in FullHouse. I’m glad she is talking about how it is being a mom. Look forward to more photos. Cute baby.

Crystal on

She looks like Jodie to me….so cute!

Stef on

Stephaney–That’s funny. I felt the same way about her on the show too because we had the same name and were about the same age. LOL

The only thing that saddens me about this article is how her meth addiction has to be brought up in EVERY interview. She’s never denied it, but why is it at all relevant to her giving birth?

Sarita on

It seems like People only wanted to give her the cover if she allowed them to splash “meth addict” on it. It’s tacky and unnecessary and it’s sad she agreed to do it. I guess it’s all about money.

NIkki on

WOW! She looks a lot like her dad! What a cutie!

mmh on

I didn’t like at first either how her meth addiction has to be forefront of her interviews. But then I realized that she is speaking out (literally, through speaking engagements) on how she overcame it and she is probably OK with the press’ focus on it. She wants to help others… So although it may seem a little sensationalist at first, the main goal is to help others…

Lorry on

OMG, she’s so CUTE, look at those little feet and hands, adorable, simple adorable. What a lovely family

J.J. on

ZOIE IS SO CUTE!!!! Finally a pic of the little one! I really loved the other photos and video from as well =). This little girl has brought a new change into Jodie’s life.

Kelly Medved on

Wow! Zoie is a cutie pie! They both look so cute together. I loved Full House and watching her grow up. I’m sure Jodie will be a great Mom.

tan on

A cutiepatootie indeed!Glad I got to see her thanks CBB!

ladymama on

I’m glad she recovered from her addiction and is a happy married new mom. And I don’t mean this rudely. I’m just wondering why someone who was not even the star of a show that was popular twenty years ago gets a People cover to show off her new baby. I was only mildly surprised to see her on this blog (in an,”Oh, yeah. I forgot all about that girl,” kind of way) but I’m really surprised about the People cover. Has she been on some reality show recently or something? No insult intended. Just wondering if I’m missing something.

Jenn on

I sort of see what you’re saying, ladymama, although I think this cover is really cute! I think it would have been a good idea for People to put Jodie, Soleil Moon Frye and Melissa Joan Hart on the same cover together with their newborns. That way there’s a theme – child stars with their new babies – and it doesn’t sort of scream “slow celebrity news week.” On the other hand, children of the 80s (like me) probably make up People’s largest readership, and we were the ones who grew up watching Full House, so maybe that had something to do with it. In any case, I’m excited to get my People and see all the pictures!

Sherri Blum on

Jodie and Cody are great people. I had the pleasure of working with them when they requested some of my wall art designs for their nursery. The “Chic Royal Banner” in black and the “Girl’s Skull Name Plaque” are both from my collection, Sherri Blum Designs. It was obvious in talking with them that they are so in love with each other and of course, Zoie!
Best wishes for continued happiness!

Meyoshi on

That’s funny how she says, “Oh wow, I’m a mom”. I remember having that feeling when my daughter was born 12 years ago. Now that my daughter is a tween, I’m saying “Yikes, I’m a mom”! LOL. Have fun Jodie.

Sarah on

What a sweet baby, she looks like her daddy.

Kirsty on

She’s a cutie!

So, she only has 1 middle name, not two?

Sarah on

Finally! She’s gorgeous and it sounds like Jodie is loving every minute of it. I love how she reacted when Zoie started crying.

BTW She recently hosted a show (before she got preg) Pants Off Dance off. I guess not many people watched it lol

As for her addiction, I applaud her! She’s not ashamed to be herself and isn’t hiding it. If she changes one persons life by talking about then isn’t it worth it in the end?

brooke on

She looks just like Jodie

Bancie1031 on

About time we get to see this adorable precious little bundle of joy. She’s gorgeous. Congradulations once again to Jodie and Cody on Zoie — wow that’s a tongue twister LOL.

Bancie1031 on

About time we get to see this adorable precious little bundle of joy. She’s gorgeous. Congratulations to Jodie and Cody on Zoie — wow that’s a tongue twister LOL.

christinajo on

No Kirsty, she has two middle names: the full thing is ZOIE LAUREL MAY; the way it came out may have been an error on the part of the CBB staff

lisa on

anyone else think Zoie looks like Harlow Madden?

Cezanne on

She is an adorable little girl, and Jodie looks so happy. I’m glad things are working out for her now, many blessings to her and her family.

elaine on

AWWW!!! shes soo cute!!! jodie was my favorite character in full house!! she was always funny!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!