Christina Aguilera defends 'mommy-daddy' nights out

06/05/2008 at 09:46 AM ET

Christinaandmax Those who have questioned her devotion to son Max Liron, 5-months next Thursday, now that she has been photographed at several high-profile clubs crossed the line, Christina Aguilera told Access Hollywood.  The recent first-time mom defended her actions, telling the show "I spend all day with my son and once in a while if I want to go out and have a mommy-daddy night with my husband, I am more than allowed to do that."  She added,

Everybody has an opinion and everybody sometimes wants to cause drama and be mean spirited, but it’s something that comes with what you do and I learned that very early on.

What’s more, the images are misleading.  The 27-year-old songstress said that, in reality, she goes out very little. 

They never air [footage] of the paparazzi actually pulling up beside my husband and being like, β€˜When is she going to leave the house? I have been trying to get a picture of her for weeks.’

Source:  Access Hollywood; Photo by Splash News.

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Kayla on

I hate to say this but that is the price you pay to live the life they live. The paps and tabloids are up your waazoo:(

Michelle on

Obviously, I don’t know her personally, nor how much time she spends at home or out, but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, good for her! Of course, each couple/family has to work out what’s best for them, but it’s really important to preserve and nourish the relationship between the parents–not only for the adults, but also for the kids!

Nicole on

You go Xtina. She has every right to go out every once in a while if she wishes. Please people – it’s not like she’s Britney or anything. Plus, Nicole and Joel go out, and they don’t get scrutinized for it any longer. I remember after Harlow was born, Joel said something like, “We decided to go out to dinner because we’d been in the house for weeks, and then everyone says we’re always out or leaving the baby. We were gone for a couple of hours.”

Elyse on

I can’t even imagine having to defend myself like this. God forbid a couple should want to have a date night and leave their baby at home. Gheeze! Parents do it all the time, but the only difference here is Christina has her every move photgraphed. I honestly hate how the press tries to find any excuse to make celebrities look like they are bad people.

N on

People really blow things up out of nothing! She’s a new, young mom. Does it mean you give up your social life when you have a baby? Props to her for being happy & healthy & keeping her relationship with her husband fun & alive!! That’s not easy to do when you have a new little one. As long as the baby is in good care, they are entitled to their nights of fun. Are we forgetting that the kid is asleep & does not even know his mom is gone? Sheesh people have a drink!

Gemma on

Sure mothers don’t have to stay at home for the rest of their lives, but partying 4 times a week does not equal “once in a while”.

tiffanyyy on

I agree Gemma!

Nicole on

Gemma – where does it indicate that she’s out 4x/week?

Chicki on

Who cares? Seriously. I don’t even see why she feels the need to defend herself – I’m sure her family and friends close to her know the devotion she shows her son, so why make a point to tell the media (knowing how rude and intrusive they are) that she is indeed a good mom? She shouldn’t even entertain such absurd ideas! I say it’s to get more media coverage – period!

jochuaz on

I just envy her for having the energy to get out and have a good time. Good for her!

joy on

I don’t understand this. Lots of moms work during the day, and are home with their kids at night. They receive very little criticism.

Christina is home with him all day and goes out at night. She is a celebrity–this is her work. Why should she have to defend herself for a choice thousands of women make every day?

TwinMamma on

Some of y’all are quick to place blame. She stays at home during the day right? She goes out some at night? Guess what, she’s a performer. In order to maintain her status and popularity (and with that income) she has to be out and seen somewhat. If she were a regular 9-5 Mom, none of you would have one word to say. Keep your judgemental comments to yourself.

sara on

very true joy! plus, my baby who is the same age as her’s is asleep by 7:30/8 and isn’t up until 7 the next morning, so how is he ever going to know the difference?

Courtney on

how sad is it she has to defend herself like this!

THe press would be all over me then. I travel most of the week for my job and my husband is home with the kids on those days.

Who cares if she goes out with her husband, she has every right!

Tracey on

This is ridiculous to me that she has to defend her right to go out at night. God forbid she go out with her husband or even alone once in a while?! Some babies even sleep at night and wouldn’t know she was even gone…no one knows enough about this family to judge them like that. Going out even a few times a week does not make a bad parent!

Renee on

Gemma, how does her going out affect us? It doesn’t and why are you just attacking her? I have noticed that. The husbands/boyfriends are never mentioned. Some people will always attack the woman. It’s none of our business. Her son is being well taken care of. Also, I wouldn’t exactly trust random celebrity sites for information like this. They can make up stuff in. Perez Hilton is a prime example of that

Gemma on

@ Nicole
I have to admit that I read the gossip blogs a lot and there are pics of her going out and being drunk like every other day.
I seriously have no issues with new moms having a date night once a week, but she’s been partying a LOT recently.

beatrice on

In addition to the fact that “mom” does not always equal “home 24/7 with offspring” for *anybody*, a professional entertainer has to remain in the public eye at least some of the time. It’s part of her job.

Mimi on

Leave X-tina alone, it’s not as if she is an absentee mother and spends an inorbinate amnt. of time AWAY from her children. Such as i.e. : Victoria Beckham!

SLS on

I’m on my computer all day for work and I read various blogs. It’s true, over the past couple of weeks there have been tons of pictures of her out several times the same week, being helped out of various clubs. (she appears seriously impaired) Take that as you wish…I’m not judging her. If I had her income and resources I would go out with my husband too.

With that said, just because you have nannies or help with your kids, it doesn’t replace you the parent. (notice I didn’t say Mother only) I just wonder what shape she is in the next day after all that. I hope she is balancing her time with her son with her own needs as an individual. You don’t have to sacrifice your whole life when you become a parent but obviously your kids should be your priority. Only Christina and her husband know what’s really going on so we should give her the benefit of the doubt. It has to be so tough with the world watching your every move!

Lenny on

Who cares if she goes out every night when she’s home with him all day? I have to agree with the person who questioned how is this different than someone who goes to work all day. The difference is that at night the baby’s probably sleeping!

Nicole on

Gemma –

I read Perez Hilton, People, CBB, Pink is the New Blog, every single day, and I read Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly almost every week as well. I have not seen pictures of her drunk every other day. What blogs are you reading where you’ve seen those pictures?

janie on

I agree with Gemma..there are numerous pictures of her being out almost every other night at “clubs” looking wasted…I mean if she and her husband went out for dinner then that’s fine but all her pictures were her hitting L.A and Vegas night clubs…she’s in the public eye and should be more guarded of her actions if she did not want to be criticize that’s all

Natalie S. on

Yet another reason not to read too much into gossip magazines. They distort the truth just to get people to buy them. Really people it’s entertainment magazines ~ take it with a grain of salt. Someone mentioned that’s the price you pay when you’re in the limelight which I kinda agree with but I also like that some people in show business have opt to live anywhere but LA… Hmm to each their own I guess

Sadie on

She has every right to spend her nights how she wants to and I think its great she is going out with her husband and keeping her marriage fun. I read X17 Online and recently there have been more pictures of Christina Aguilera out at night. I think people are making a bigger deal of it because she is going to places like LAX, Villa, and all of these Los Angeles clubs, when Nicole Richie is photographed at restaurants. Plus we see her out with Harlow more than we see Max, so we think she isn’t with him or something.

Here is a link of Christina’s pictures on X17. She doesn’t go out 4x/week more like once a week but she goes to clubs-

Lisa on

SOrry to say but Christina is not out all the time. She does go ut at times and maybe a few weeks ago she went out 2 times in a week but who cares.. She is raising her child and if she decides to out out at night that is her business. People just need to back off and stop judging. Wish her all the best!

Melissa on

@ Nicole not that I speak for Gemma but I’ve seen TMZ covering Christina’s night’s out over the last few weeks. Most of my thoughts on the issues are framed by the pictures that have been shown there.

Kate on

I too scour the blogs and recently a boatload of pictures from different nights over the past couple of weeks have seen Christina out and about a lot. In some she was very intoxicated. Today, there are pictures of Christina leaving a friend’s house in the early morning, apparently hungover. The blog ohnotheydidnt almost always has pictures of her.

In no way should a new mom be chained to their baby’s bassinet and she certainly can go out, I am just pointing out there are a lot of pictures of her and from someone who doesn’t know her and only views her life from pictures, it SEEMS that she has been going out a lot lately. Britney got slammed much worse for partying(after the birth of Jayden, I believe it was) than Christina is getting it.

Renee on

Melissa, TMZ isn’t reliable source. They make up stuff too . Also, don’t believe everything you see.I don’t get why people continue to attack her. Again, why aren’t any of you saying anything about her husband? Also, yet again, why does it matter? It’s her life and her family. Christina has every right to raise her family the way she wants to without people who don’t personally know her try to attack her as a mother like a few of you are. It’s none of our business. It sounds like some of you think if a woman goes out of the house for a good time a few times a week, she’s a bad mother.

Irishgal on

Christina has been out partying a lot lately. I have seen a lot of pictures of her out over the last few weeks on various blogs. It is okay to go out once in a while but not 3/4 times a week like she has been doing.

Sasha on

I personally don’t agree that Xtina looks “wasted” or “seriously impaired” in those pics…the paparazzi are just trying to create another “Britney Spears” in order to get that fat payday, and the very sad part will be if it works. However, I am glad that she has made a statement, precisely because she has handled her image so well to date.

Erica on

Well I don’t find anything wrong with going out at night when your baby’s at home asleep, but to those who are saying that Christina hasn’t been out that much…yeah she has. And it’s not just stories in UsWeekly or Star, there are a lot of recent pictures of Christina stumbling out of clubs where she can’t even walk by herself. To me, it doesn’t matter if she’s a mom or not–she sets herself up for these mags and gossip blogs to write about her antics by putting herself out there in a questionable way. I don’t really sympathize with her because that kind of scrutiny comes with million dollar paychecks–she’s not the only one who has to deal with it. btw, I AM a fan of Christina. I think she’s incredibly talented but not above reproach.

Sasha on

She does not look hung over in the pics at ONTD. Period. She looks like she’s bundled up and facing an army of paparazzi while exiting a building. Also, pics of her getting helped out of clubs more accurately reflect the following facts: 1) It is dark out, 2) there are 200+ flashbulbs going off in her face 3) there is a mob of however many photographers that she has to get through in order to get to her vehicle and 4) she’s probably wearing 5 inch heels. But of course, she’ll just get slammed if she tries to explain this, so she’s taking the high road and just saying “Yo, I have a right to go out with a baby at home”, and guess what…she’s right πŸ™‚ *steps off soapbox* πŸ™‚

HardCandy on

I see no problem with Christina being out because she probably has a nanny at home. I am surprised no one has brought up the fact that if she is breastfeeding and should be at home to nurse. I’m sure she probably pumps a supply.
Anyway, what I am really surprised about is how many people are defending Christina. When Britney was doing the same thing everyone was attacking her.

Ericka on

give the girl a break.

so she went out 4 times in one week?…big deal. The baby is what a few months old and ONE week out of those few months she went out with her husband to get some adult time. Get over it!! Its not your life, that kids is OBVIOUSLY loved and wanted and is treated great. Do you know who he’s left with when they go out? Nanny, one of THEIR parents,?…It’s a night…the kid is sleeping he doesn’t know the difference. Seriously…get over it.

Enough! on

Please stop calling people’s opinions “attacks”. Nobody is being truly offensive or nasty.

Beverley on

I wouldn’t have done that when my boys were that little, but I also don’t have the financial resources to go out to restaurants and clubs and have a nanny at home to look after my boys every time I get the urge. At the age Max is, he’s probably in bed asleep for the night by 8pm (unless he’s like Suri Cruise) and as long as a responsible adult, probably a nanny, is looking after him, I don’t see anything wrong with Mommy and Daddy putting him to bed and slipping out for a few hours alone. Perhaps she should re-think the getting trashed though. There is no good excuse for that.

Sasha on

There’s no comparison, HardCandy, in my mind at least πŸ™‚ They may have both been on that kid’s singing show at the same time, become successful pop stars and had sons at a similar age but…that’s where the roads diverge…

Christine on

To be honest, I’m glad she’s finally feeling the backlash. I mean, Nicole Richie is seen out at events (not nightclubs or bars)—not even drinking and the media has insinuated mean spirited things about her parenting skills. I’m sorry but when I see new sets of pictures of Christina out partying 2-3 times a week, I get suspicious. The first thing I had to say was, “Where are the negative comments that Nicole keeps getting?”

Tara on

Good for her. Why shouldn’t she go out and club? If she enjoys it, and has fun then i see no issue. Just because she’s become a mother does not mean she has to give up her entire lifestyle. If she can combine both taking care of her son and still enjoying her partying, then good for her!

HardCandy on

Ericka not all babies sleep through the night but I sure he doesn’t know the difference between a nanny and his parents yet, it takes a few more months before that happens.

terri on

Babies know their mother’s voice from birth I hear, but I digress…

Christina is an adult and is free to go out at night and enjoy herself as such. If that means one night a week at a restaurant or 5 times a week having a little too much at a club. Either way her son is well cared for, she has plenty of time to bond with her son all day long, and most importantly, she is not driving drunk.

I haven’t seen the criticism of Nicole mentioned above, but I feel the same way about her.

brannon on

I agree that there have been many pics recently of Christina out at clubs, partying and appearing intoxicated. I’m not sure why that is being debated. As to whether or not she should be out, i will leave that to you guys. Here is my question: How does she do it? I know that if I go out once in a while (sorry guys, once in a while is usually once a month for me) and have a few drinks, I am miserable come 7am (if lucky) when my son wakes me up wanting to play and go the park. It’s usually that wake up call that keeps me from going out again for a while. (This doesn’t mean dinner or what not – I mean out for drinks/club/whatever.) So, that being said, I just find it hard to believe she is waking up with her infant and truly spending a great day with him? I don’t know of course, but if she is able to do it, I want to know her secret.

Becky on

How dumb that people are giving her crap for going out and that she has to defend it. For one, she is a celebrity. She has to stay out there to stay on top of her game. She can’t just disappear. Plus, when she goes out, I am sure her son is asleep so she is not missing out on time with him, but even still, mom’s need a break and she should be able to go out. That is just silly.

terri on

I don’t think that there’s any secret. Some people are just different. I know that I need a certain number of hours sleep, but others seem to run on empty. I couldn’t do it, but it doesn’t mean that others can’t.

Ellen on

I’m not sure what everyone else is looking at, but she sure has looked wasted to me in a lot of the pics recently. Seriously, you can see the difference between someone being guided thru paparazzi and flashbulbs by escorts….and someone who is disheveled, jelly-bodied, with their eyes rolling back in their heads. And, YES, she has been in pics in that condition recently. They are all over the blogs. I think the thing that gets me is….how do you care for a newborn with a hangover like that? AND….she says she’s breastfeeding. Doesn’t that affect the milk?! I think people need to realize…she’s not just criticized for going out…people have the right to go out and not be chained to their child every second. But….there’s a limit, IMO.

Heather on

I admit to reading the gossip sites, but we have got to take this stuff with a grain of salt! No one was there with a breathalizer. All they gotta do is get a couple bad pictures of her and it’s “OMG! She’s wasted…AGAIN!” Plus, those pictures of her supposedly “hung over” are reported on other gossip websites to be her going into the studio to record all day (maybe wanting to be comfortable while at work?). I am just saying we don’t truly know the circumstances.

So, she goes to PURE one night to perform (which is what she gets paid for) and then later the same night, she goes out to LAX with her husband to have a good time.

Doesn’t sound too crazy to me, but that is just my opinion.

Renee on

But again I ask, why do so many of you acre? Some of you act like she is a horrible mom. I still don’t see anyone mentioning her husband which doesn’t shock me because when it comes to parenting, the women get more of the criticism while men are free to do whatever they want to. I still don’t believe she has been drunk as much as people seem to think. I suspect it was two times .If some of you think these sites can’t manipulate pictures, you are wrong. We should not take celebrity gossip blogs like TMZ as fact. They are after drama and will create some even if they have to lie some. How does Christina going out affect your life? It doesn’t

brooke on

Ellen I totally agree with you. And I’m not so old fashion nor am I prude, I’m 26yrs old and see nothing wrong with a mom going out sometimes, but she has been seen almost daily looking drunk, wasted, it’s very easy to tell, and that was since right after the birth of max. In fact I see more pictures of her at club villa and other clubs now that she is a mom, than before she even had max. Unless she is going through some ppd or something, like britney had after jayden, and she needs to go out a lot, who really knows. But it’s a double standard because if this was paris hilton, omg every single person here would be calling her all sorts of names and saying she has no business having a child, the same goes with nicole, and I’m willing to bet if this was ashlee or jessica simpson, same would apply. And god knows britney got critized for every little thing she did, even when she was with sean all the time, people would pick at the little things. I like christina’s music, grew up with her and have every single album she has every made, but yea I find it strange that a new mom who is supposedly breastfeeding, you can check any blog almost everyday and she is there looking wasted, and I feel if it was any other female celebrity, for the most part, she would be called all sorts of things

abc on

Christina is out every single night at a club and in my eyes that is bad. A mother should be home taking care of her child, end of story. The child did not ask to be born. She made it and it should be her responsibility to care for it.

Renee on

ABC, you don’t help your argument by calling her son “it”

Becky on

Sounds like a lot of people are jealous of her!

Ellen on

Renee, if you’re the same one that always posts….you say the same thing a lot. Basically, criticizing everyone’s opinion. And complaining, asking people why they care. I think it’s the same person b/c the tone is always the same. Just want to remind you: you get to post and opine. we get to post and opine. It’s a two-way street like that. πŸ™‚

Jen on

This is the first I heard about Christina apparently partying like crazy so I looked up some photos to see what was happening. I kept getting the same few photos on various nasty gossip blogs.

Some of the shots just look like photos taken at the wrong time when she was mid blink. (shrug)

If she’s drinking, well that’s one thing since she’s breastfeeding, but I don’t see what’s the harm of going out with her man and having some fun.

A bunch of celeb moms who go out a few times a week after giving birth get guff from the nastier gossipmongers. Where do the nastier gossip people get off telling celeb moms how to raise their kids.

Sasha on

Ellen girl, you’re spreading rumors πŸ™‚ Show me pics of her looking “disheveled with her eyes rolling back into her head”. I’ve been looking and can’t find any like that.

Renee on

Ellen, I know that but I also have the right to disagree which is what I’m doing

Tara on

“A mother should be home taking care of her child, end of story. The child did not ask to be born. ABC”

Blimey, would you have her shackled to the kitchen sink and wearing a sack cloth and ashes too? What’s she supposed to do, sit by her baby’s bedside every night and accept that her life is over?

alisa on

Men always get off the hook!! ABC Christina isn’t the only one responsible for Max. Jordan is his father, why isn’t anyone on hsi back for not being home 24/7?

I agree with Renee. It’s disturbing that people are taking sleazy blog sites like TMZ, X-17 etc… as fact. They manipulate, lie & twists thing too. They want celebs to do bad things, it’s good for business.

steph on

Wow..I remember oh about a year or 2 ago when Britney Spears was going out (before she had a nervous breakdown) and BAM so many of you were calling her the worse names in the book. But since Christina is so love you forgive her. You always throw the “dont be so quick to judge comments” but if the name had been Britney Spears, ppff there would be 90 messages of what a terrible mother she is.