Gillian Anderson expecting third child

06/04/2008 at 07:30 AM ET

Gilliananderson_51949481_max_cbbActress Gillian Anderson is expecting her third child, People reports. A fall due date was given for the 39-year-old X-Files star, who sported an obvious belly at Cannes on May 14th. The new baby — Gillian’s second with boyfriend Mark Griffiths — will join son Oscar, 19 months, and daughter Piper Maru, 13, from a previous relationship.

Source: People; Photo by Tony Barton for WireImage.

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gin on

Wow, baby # 3 for Gillian !!!

Congratulations to Gillian and Mark !

xena on

Congratulation !! I Hope they have many more babies. I love Gillian

Sanja on

I love her! Congradulations!

Are there any pictures of Oscar and Piper?

martina on


I know “relationship” can mean a marriage, but I just want to clarify that Piper is Gillian’s daughter with her ex-husband Clyde Clotz.

Liesl, no trampo on

Congrats to the couple!
Wow, I can’t believe Piper is 13 already, I feel old LOL

tovels on

Awwww 😀 Congrats to Gillian and Mark and the whole family!

She can’t be very far along (I think the belly in that Cannes pic was mostly due to the dress, really) because when she appeared at WonderCon at the end of February she certainly didn’t look pregnant at all.

tink1217 on

I absolutely LOVE her!!! Congrats!!!!!

Pist on

YEAAAA!!! I hope I get to see her cute pregnant belly in July when I go see the XF2 premier!!

Mary on

yay so happy for her. daily mail says the baby will be born on her birthday in 2 months. that can’t be right bescasue in recent pics she doesn’t even show a bump.

carla at on

Gillian looks great. She has a very stylish bump.

pck on

I thought the waistlines on her dresses were a bit suspect.

Happy for her, she put family on hold for the show for 8 years, it’s good that she gets some time to enjoy it now.

Can’t wait for XF2!

xena on

They say now that will be a fall baby.. Associated Press and Daily Mail only said she is going to have the baby when she is 40 years old, not exactly in the day of her birth.

Emily on

YAY! So exciting. 🙂

Elyse on

Love her, and can’t wait for the new X Files movie!

holly Muench on

Wow! She and having another baby good for her,the whole family must be over the moon about it. Their is some pictures of Gillian with mark at cannes and one that I throught stick out is Gillian standing and Mark siting looking at her stomached.Can’t wait to see the whole family out and about, with two childern plus the third.Hope to see Piper and Oscar this summer

csc on

Just wondering…
Since she is still married to her 2nd hubby Julian Ozanne, legally arent Oscar and this upcoming baby Julian’s?

I know that is how US law works. Children born in a marriage are legally seen as the husb’s kids becausemother is married.

scully on

The last few months have been so exiting for me. I am an avid X-Files fan and think Gillian Anderson is such a wonderful actress. When they actually started filming the movie after so many years of false starts, I was almost giddy. With the movie coming out and now a GA baby on the way, it’s going to be a fun summer!!!!

tally on

Congrats to her! I always loved her on the X-Files.

Mary on

holly Muench! I hope there will be new pics of the entire family at some point. but she hides them well. There has only been 2 sets of Oscar pics. and not even a pic of his face yet.

nir on

She is not pregnant
other images from the same occasion show a flat tummy.

Mani on

This is so major wonderful.
It’s like her life played all over again.
What if the baby s a girl and they name her Emmy awwwwww that would be too cute.

Margot on

csc, given that Gillian and Julian have now been separated for more than two years, they are probably legally divorced. Just because they didn’t announce it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Besides which, I’m reasonably certain that the legal father of a child is the man named on the birth certificate.

Anna on

Congratulations, I’m so happy for her!! I love Gillian and can’t wait for XF2!!!

tovels on

Her official site now says it’s going to be a fall baby.

holly on

The answer is yes but I can’t say what web site. But I put down is (Any pictures of Gillian Anderson with her son Oscar) and that helps me find the newest pictures of Oscar, their is one more of Oscar but in the picture Gillian is coming out of the building with Oscar in the arms but he is uncover but you still can’t see he face.As for Piper their is pictures of her but maybe they will let be put down starts with a T and ends with a U. I am glad to know their are people out their who want to see Oscar nd Piper faces has much as I do.

xena on

Next month Gillian will be featured in a magazine called Family Circle… Maybe her kids will be showed in at least one picture. She only has 2 official pictures with her daughter she always protected their privacy. None official picture with her young boy so far.

Bancie1031 on

OK please forgive me, I don’t know who she is ….. but how is it possible to have a 19 month old AND a 13 month old??? Can someone please help me to understand this! But anywho congratulations to them on their 3rd child.

Sarah on

Piper is 13, not 13 months.

Ludmila on

She doesn’t have a bump if u look at pictures from the same event – it is just the cloth of her dress.


Ludmila on

She doesn’t have a bump if u look at pictures from the same event – it is just the cloth of her dress.


EK on

I bet she will have a girl 🙂

Mel on

it’s an alien hybrid baby clone for all the xfiles fanatics

gin on

excuse me but you have approved the comment of Mel ???

“it’s an alien hybrid baby clone for all the xfiles fanatics”

I think that’s disrespectul, we are talking about a human being and not an alien. Of course, it refers to her role in X files but seriously it’s rude and mean

holly on

I’m writing to tell people I don’t have any new pictures of Oscar. Just the ones on this site and one that he is uncover, I wrote the wrong title of the other site. It begains with a T and ends with a u, if you have kids they will know what I am talking about. But it doesn’t mean you can not connect me, if you want to talk to me please do so. And of the person who send me the picture of Oscar uncovered thanks, Holly.

ali on

Thank you for telling us about this great actress. I´m from Spain and I love Gillian and I always read CBB, but get tired sometimes about people I don´t like, i.e. Tori Spelling…

anita on

omg.. this is genial..
congratulations for her and mark.

i want to see photos from oscar.

Paypal on

She is NOT legally married anymore. During the XF promotion she talked about having two ex husbands and that just recently could say that, so my guess is that the divorce from Julian Ozanne was finalised in the Spring of 2008.