Tori Spelling poses for the cameras

06/03/2008 at 04:06 PM ET

Actress Tori Spelling, 35, posed for the cameras while filming was wrapping up on her reality series Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.  She and husband Dean McDermott expect their second child together in about a week — In Touch reports her c-section is scheduled for the morning of Monday, June 9th.


Photo by Michael Simon/

Fashion info below.

Tori is wearing a dress from the Nicholai Clothing Line.

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melissa on

cute pic! she is almost ready to go!!! awww!

I have a question, why do so many pregnant women put their hands/arms on their belly for pictures? Never been pregnant so I don’t know the answer to that.

csc on

What happened to ‘inn love’ show?
What channel is this show for?
Also, CBB why is people magazine atop this page? Did Danielle sell the website?

francoise on

She looks radiant, i love her dress

Sara on

I love her dress, she is so preety!

jacky on

i was convinced that she already had her baby since it has been a few days since we have seen any pictures of her. but i guess she is still pregnant… i hope she enjoys the end of her pregnancy and best of luck to her and her family!

Sasha on

Love this look!

Hilda on

She looks so cute in that dress. I looooove the dress!

Ivey on

I love, love, love that dress, makes me want to get pregnant 😉

chris on

melissa – i think it’s just a natural inclination to being in contact with the baby. i have noticed newly-pregnant women (not yet showing) touch their bellies without even realizing it. either that or the babies are kicking or something. just my guess.

lucy80 on

i read previous comments by tori stating she haden wanted a c-section, and how hard it was to recover from one, so on that note wondering why she isnt going to try for a v-back?
just a thought

Stephany on

Gosh, she has looked spectacular this pregnancy! She still looks good. It’s insane!

brannon on

I think they hold their stomachs for “definition” in pictures. Saw a celebrity interview once (forget who) and they said photographers advised it so that the pics couldn’t be used later in some “bad pics/overweight pics.” that the tabloids like 🙂 In other words, “there’s a baby in here!” 🙂

elisabeth on

So I guess since she is having an elective c-section her real due date was closer to the end of June? Usually with C-sections they take the baby 2-3 weeks early to avoid you going into labor. I am due July 27 but they are doing the c-section July 7th as it is my second and they said I could go into labour earlier and it might be faster. I have to have one it is not a choice.

brooke on

She looks great, can’t wait to hear her birth annoucement

Sarah on

Lucy it’s very hard to find a doctor willing to do a VBAC nowadays, and if you do find a doctor, sometimes the hospital itself won’t allow it. Also with Tori only giving birth 15 months apart, she’d have a much tougher time finding a willing doc than someone with 2-4+ years healing behind them.

I love her look with all her dresses!

Bancie1031 on

lucy80 doctors want you to have at least 2 years between a c-section and a vaginal birth. That way it gives a woman’s body time to heal properly.
Tori looks great! I can’t believe it’s already time for her to have her little princess, seems like last month when she announced she was pregnant. Can’t wait until the new season of their show.

ang on

tori looks so great-i love the dress too! im having surgery too on tues afternoon here in Australia(mon night in the U.S.)im only in for the day so look forward to reading all about it when i get home =)(assuming in touch is accurate, of course)

babyboopie on

All the best to Tori with her new baby daughter

Elle on

It feels like the past 2 weeks it has said Tori is having her baby in a week. lol. I thought she’d have had her by now. But she looks absolutely wonderful. 🙂

Brannon – I don’t think anyone could say that Tori is overweight rather than pregnant. I think we all know she is by now. hehe.

kiki on

@ melissa

I wonder why so many pregnant women let their pictures be taken at all lol

over here in Germany (at least in the part I live in) taking pictures of a pregnant belly used to be a bad thing to do… so when my mum was pregnant she wouldn’t only support her belly but actually shield it with everything at hand… at times even pulling me in front of her lol

Suzianne on

I loved being pregnant and wish more photos were taken but years ago, I guess it wasn’t the norm. If anything, at least for the children to see how I looked.

Elyse on

I love her dress! I am with the others, I thought for sure her little girl had made her arrival already. I guess she just wants to bake a little longer! 😉