Laila Ali and Curtis Conway attend 2008 Sports Spectacular VIP After Party

06/03/2008 at 02:38 PM ET

American Gladiators’ host Laila Ali, 30, and her husband former NFL athlete Curtis Conway, 37, attended the 2008 Sports Spectacular VIP After Party at the X-Bar at The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Sunday, June 1st in Century City, CA.  They expect their baby boy the first week of September.


Photo by Arnold Turner/

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Laila is wearing A Pea in the Pod’s black three quarter sleeve cropped sweater swing jacket and black wide leg cuffed pants.

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carla at on

She looks so sexy!

RitzGirl on

I love her & her face is beautiful but am really not a fan of the see-through shirt.

Ella on

Um…I love Laila Ali and all but that shirt is very inappropriate for a pregnant woman IMHO

Darlene on

I think that outfit is inapropriate.

Darlene on

That outfit is awful

Delilah on

What a lovely smile she has.
Weird fashion choice though…

Gen on

Laila is soooo gorgeous! She and Curtis are going to have an adorable baby!

Sarah on

I am not loving her choice of blouse, but her face is radiant as always!

Anna in IL on

Laila is usually dressed very attractively, in my opinion. I wonder if this is one of those situations where the camera flashes made her shirt transparent, and she was unaware of the problem.

Emily on

I wonder if she knew that shirt was see-thru?

Onyx Jones on

Laila looks beautiful. I actually like her outfit and I respect/admire her confidence to wear it. If Curtis is ok with it, who am I to judge?

Niki on

She looks lovely… glowing actually.

IMHO what does it matter what she wears? If she is comfortable and feels confident and sexy enough to wear it, then why do we have to be judgemental toward her?

Amanda on

I don’t think the shirt is inappopriate so much as it is just tacky! If she wants to look that silly on the red carpet, she is allowed to. She is showing no more skin than many young women in the lime-light today. It just looks bad. Really bad.

Kristine on

love her. and there is nothing wrong with her outfit.

Jasmine C. on

what is she wearting? To each is their own I guess.

Laura on

Laila’s top was probably a pretty little sheer thing when she put it on, but camera flashbulbs can tear those things apart – no wonder she’s looking a bit more exposed than (she/we) expected!

mrsb on

I think she looks gorgeous and if she feels comfortable – she should wear whatever she likes! A bit of skin is nothing to be afraid of! She is embracing her pregnancy and nothing is more beautiful. 🙂

tink1217 on

Laila looks wonderful but I have to agree…the shirt is just not necessary! I wouldn’t think she would wear something like that. Even if it had been black and sheer it would have looked a little better. or maybe adding a silk cami under it would have helped.

Tea on

I don’t see anything wrong Laila’s shirt. She wants to show off her beautiful tummy.

Destiny on

WOW…I did a double take when I saw her outfit. I don’t know if I would go as far as to say that her top is inappropriate. I for one think that blouse is beautiful but I would have chosen something different, and less revealing, to go underneath. Her outfit probably wasn’t out of place for the event though.

Destiny on

Oh, and she is gorgeous. Her husband is cute too.

Mandii on

She’s at an after-party at a bar…and she’s with her husband. Pregnant or no, I think she’s dressed right for the event. I only wish I looked that hot while I was pregnant!! 🙂

Nata on

Is that shirt for real? I believe that preg women are gorgeous, but that is just too much

Courtney on

I have to say IN MY honest opinion I HATE the shirt. But I am not a bg fan of how people in general are overexposed. It looks really cheap and tacky. You can be super sexy pregnant but not cram it down peoples throats either. To me that would have been a beautiful outfit if it had lining..;)

chris on

I think she looks cute. This is her first pregnancy and she’ probably just experimenting with different looks.

Nikka on

This kind of outfit would be inapropriate for any woman, not only pregnant. It’s not very flattering or sexy. It was a very popular in the 80′ though. She otherwise looks very nice ! Can’t wait to see her baby boy

K on

Lailah do you! You look radiant. And the shirt is FIERCE. It is wonderful to see a woman embrace her pregnancy with such confidence and sexiness. I know Curtis couldn’t be any happier. Blessings to you and the fam.

Kesha on

i agree i love Lali Ali but that shirt wouldn’t been something that i would wear out in public..but rather behind closed doors. it wouldn’t had been so bad if her belly part was sheer or she a spaghetti scrap shirt underneath…..but with her bra showin….imo was tacky.

Natalie S. on

Laila looks fantastic, she’s glowing and bravo for showing off the belly! Then again I’m sure Laila really doesn’t care if anyone digs her belly or not..Kudos for her!

Chicki on

Exactly my thought Mandii, what’s wrong with her top? First of all the top is gorgeous and looks really great on her and quite appropriate for the event she’s attending. None of the women on here dissing her choice have any problems with a pregnant woman wearing a bikini, or one of those short baby doll tops, so what’s the difference?

Angie on

I think she looks great!! The bra is a little barely there though, that could be why the shirt looks more ‘inappropriate’, but she looks amazing.

J-Lin on

She is a mature woman with a fantastic body who happens to be pregnant in a see through shirt for a party. What’s inappropriate? She’s at red carpet event, not church? I just had a wonderful vacation in Brazil where women didn’t have all these silly hang-ups about their bodies. I saw several pregnant women in halters, half tops, and even bra tops. They all looked radiant, beautiful, and most of all, comfortable.

Tara on

She look, good for her!

Becky on

Why even wear a shirt? She should have just gone out in her bra! Tacky…I think.

cindy on

She is a gorgeous woman! The top, I have to say pregnant or not, is just tacky.

emmalee on

I think she looks fabulous and chic! Rock on Laila!

Ellen on

I’m undecided. I think she looks really cute and sexy. the top is really pretty. I think it’s the bra part that looks weird. it’s not that I think it’s too revealing…it just doesn’t go with the top. For the event, she’s probably dressed as sexy as everyone else. Besides, who’s it really hurting?

Julie on

First off, taking a second look, that top is totally see thru flash bulbs or not. Having said that, I think she looks hot. Embrace the pregnant form! She looks great, and her figure is beautiful. I might suggest next time maybe a silver bra under that top…that would be really pretty. Why would she look inappropriate? If she had on a solid shirt, you’d see the exact same shape. So just because we see a bra (we all wear em!) and belly skin on a pregnant woman (we’ve all seen it!), that makes the outfit inappropriate? What if she had on a bikini at the beach? We’d see even more of her! She looks great, lay off her!

Stephany on

I’m all for showing off a beautiful, pregnant body. I usually don’t mind it but this shirt is just tacky. It’s not inappropriate but I would say that for ANY women wearing this shirt. It looks bad, plain and simple.

T on

To me her top is no more inappropriate than Demi posing seemingly nude when she was pregnant 🙂

brooke on

She’s beautiful, but I don’t like the shirt


I don’t see anything wrong with her top. Some people think they know everything. Why do you have to say the top is tacky? If you don’t like the top, just say you would not wear it. You don’t have to call her top tacky. I just don’t understand half of the comments made on these blogs.

Moving on, I think she is a beautiful woman.

Lisa on

Well, I am not a fan of see through shirts on anyone and I do think that it is a tad inappropriate. Yes, Demi posed nude, but she didn’t walk outside and go to an event naked.

Lisa on

I forgot to add..I think she is FULL aware that her shirt is see through.

Renee on

LALA, I agree. I wish I could wear an outfit like that! She looks beautiful

Audrey on

I agree, Laila is beautiful and a pregnant body is beautiful, but I just don’t think its really appropriate (if it was intentional) for an expecting mother.

jasmine on

I think she looks beautiful, as always! She has a tough elegance to her. Though I did give her shirt a raised eyebrow, she makes it work for her.

babyboopie on

I just don’t like the shirt but I like the fact she’s not afraid to flaunt her pregnancy- she looks hot!

annika on

Will all over u losers STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean damn let the woman se. She can wear whatever she wants to.I read these posts and its always something negative about the lil things. Yall are just mad that your fat asses cant wear a shirt like that. Lola work it girl………………..

annika on

Will all over u losers STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean damn let the woman se. She can wear whatever she wants to.I read these posts and its always something negative about the lil things. Yall are just mad that your fat asses cant wear a shirt like that. Lola work it girl………………..

Delilah on

I personally was not commenting on the appropriateness of her attire.
I don’t care if she wears saran wrap.

I simply think the outfit she is wearing is ugly.

J-Lin on

Can someone give a definition of appropriate and not appropriate?

Lauren on

Imo, the fact that people even need to ask what is inappropriate about a woman wearing a completely see-through shirt that blatantly shows her underwear at a public is far more disturbing than Laila’s tacky top.

Diane on

Picture is nice, but her choice of clothing could be more appropriate.

Melanie on

I would hate this top+bra combo on any woman, pregnant or not.

That said, if she feels comfortable with her (beautiful) pregnant body, there’s no reason she shouldn’t wear something that she would wear when she is NOT pregnant. I just wouldn’t wear something see-thru, at all. Even if I loved my body and thought it was perfect.

I love the pregnant belly, but I prefer to see it covered in a clingy fabric (like the black that Angelina wore recently) because I just don’t like see-thru tops on anyone. I find there to be a classy way to show off one’s beautiful womanly shape and a less classy way. on

For all of the latest on Laila’s pregnancy visit her official website and Baby Blog at

Nat on

I’m with J-Lin.
Maybe Audrey can explain to us why it’s not ‘appropriate for an expecting mother’.
What should she wear – one of those head to toe wraps that muslims wear perhaps?