Kirk Cameron on his kids: "I forget who’s adopted and who’s not"

06/03/2008 at 12:22 PM ET

Kirk_cameron_55033634_maxcbbjpg_2Actor Kirk Cameron and his wife, actress Chelsea Noble, may have welcomed their four oldest children — Jack, 11, Isabella, 10, Anna, 9, and Luke, 7 — by adoption, but the 37-year-old makes it a point to tell his children how much they were wanted.

Adoption is so special. My adopted kids know that they’re in our family because we wanted them to be in our family. We chose them. That’s something special that every adopted child can know. They didn’t have to be adopted by their parents. They really wanted them.

They’re just my kids. Literally, I forget who’s adopted and who’s not. It really doesn’t seem like that. They’re my kids, I’m their dad and Chelsea’s their mom. It’s just a great, wonderful way to not only have a family yourself but meet a real need in the lives of so many of these orphans.

Kirk and Chelsea are also parents to Olivia, 6, and James, 5, and with six kids in one household, there is always a lot going on.

My son Jack is 11, and he’s into music and Legos. My daughters are into ballet and singing. My littlest one, she wants to be a farmer. She wants to be Fern from Charlotte’s Web. She’d like to have a cow and a goat and a goose and a rat and a spider. And my other little guys, they love racecars and power tools and catching lizards.

Source: OK! Magazine; Photo by Mark Sullivan/


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Sanja on

Brangelina look out!

Wow, 6 kids in a 6 year span!
All kidding aside, that’s actually my dream family, just with 3 adopted and 3 bio kids (spaced a bit more though).

Courtney on

His convictions and moral compass make me love him even more now than I did as a 12 year old with his picture on my wall…

Crystal on

I didnt know Kirk had adopted children. Was it recent or have them been with them since they were babies? 6 kids! Wow! Kirk seems like a great guy!

Tonya on

I’m very impressed with everything about Kirk. From the way he “grew up” to how he holds up his beliefs. He seems to be an extremely caring man and father. He has very lucky kids to grow up with someone like this, and his wife is very lucky to be married to him.

Amanda on

Wow! They expanded their family as quick as the Jolie-Pitts are doing now!

Sounds like a lovely, caring family to be part of.

meghan on

haha – my thoughts are the opposite of crystal’s… i didn’t know they had any biological children!

chris on

His comment is wonderful, that he forgets who’s adopted and who’s not. Love him. And he’s still a cutie.

Sami on

What a sweet family. I remember my KC Growing Pains crush. 🙂

Crystal, I believe he adopted the children before having biological kids b/c he wanted his adopted children to know that he specifically wanted them as opposed to them being adjuncts to biological children.

from ‘Sharing a strong love for children, Kirk and Chelsea decided “we would want to adopt our first ones so they would always know they were our first choice – that they were our first babies,” Chelsea explained. ‘

Stephany on

Ah, I so love Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble! I can’t believe ol’ Mike Seaver has 6 kids! He’s such an inspiration.

Michelle on

Crystal — I don’t know if they were babies when he and Chelsea adopted them, but I know it wasn’t recent. I remember reading about that years ago.

brooke on

I remember hearing kirk say they adopted first because chelesa couldn’t get pregnant, even on the view last week, he said both his bio children were a surprise because she couldn’t get pregnant. But chelsea herself was adopted, and always wanted to adopt too. I love kirk, always have. He seems like a nice guy and I swear he hasn’t aged at all

Lisa on

Oh, the posters I used to have of Kirk hanging all over my bedroom. He seems like a great Dad and person and I am so glad that he is happy.

Bancie1031 on

WOW I think I still have a crush on Kirk (Mike Seaver) Cameron. lol … does anyone know where to see pictures of his children? I don’t believe that I have ever seen them. Is their any pictures on here of them? I do honestly love Kirk and his sister Candace. They both seem like loving and attentive parents. Also does anyone know if I can catch The View with Chelsea anywhere on the net?

csc on

They adopted first. Chelsea is adopted so they decided to do that first. Adoption is very importnat to them.

Last week wednesday on TheView he shared that Olivia and James were surprised. He even has a nice story : Chelsea told Kirk to unclog the sink. When he did, he found her + pregnancy test!
Isnt that sweet? A great way to tell one’s partner/husband.

Here ‘s where he was on TV last week on Wd 28May:

Sami on

Interesting, I hadn’t heard that Chelsea had trouble getting pregnant, she herself even said a few years ago. “We had no reason to believe we couldn’t have children. It was just [that] we decided to adopt our first two”. Maybe now that some time has passed she is more comfortable being open.

Not that they are obligated to disclose any of that info….

Dynasty on


notmyname on

Adoption is great! These kids are lucky to have parents but unlucky to have parents whose brains are filled with cream of wheat…. Kirk won’t play a kissing scene with a woman who isn’t his wife, she they shoot from the back and have her stand in — why not use a mannequin, hahahaha, the correct height at least. Or a blow-up doll.

Jeez, child abuse, brainwashing those kidlets. ACK. Such pretty people, too!

sandy on

How can you do a story like this and not show a family photo????

Sharon Fernandez, MS on

Your movie “Connect” is a great presentation of the problems with social media and kids.
Thank you for the research, speaking with the wachmen on the walls and ideas on moving through the new territory of the technology age.