Friends show support for Clay Aiken, Jaymes Foster

06/03/2008 at 04:26 PM ET

Clayaiken_2 Eric and Eliza Roberts, two close friends of Jaymes Foster — who expects a baby with Clay Aiken in August — want the world to know that the relationship between the first-time parents-to-be is not as impersonal as some have speculated.  Eric, older brother to actress Julia Roberts, said he first learned of the pregnancy in March at Jaymes’ 50th birthday party although it wasn’t until later that he and Eliza learned who fathered the baby.  In any event, according to Eliza, "it’s not like [Clay]’s the donor and [Jaymes] is the surrogate."  Quite the contrary, Eliza said, "these are two people who made a very loving decision to have a baby together."  Added Eric,

This is a story of two people, who perhaps not typical as parents –- whatever typical is –- or at a stage of life typical for parent, want to have a child to love and to experience parenthood.  These people have the best foundation of all to share such an important task, which is a strong, abiding friendship.

Meanwhile, Clay’s former American Idol cast-mates are also chiming in with well-wishes for the 29-year-old singer. Carmen Rasmusen said that Clay has spoken often of his desire to be a dad, while Jennifer Hudson said she thinks Clay "will be a good parent."

Source:  People; Photo by RCA Records


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csc on

That is great for Jaymes, Clay, & their forthcoming baby.

I think whoever leaked it (who was it David Foster?) shouldnt have said that they did art insem bc its the AI that has everyone in a craze.

If the press release was simply
— “Yes Jaymes & Clay are expecting. They’re super excited.” —

I dont think everyone would be pulling @ their hair.

tink1217 on

I really think Clay will make a great dad!! I am really happy for them!

Jen on

Eww. Weird.

Natasha on

Congratulations to them. People become parents in many ways today, and if they can love this child just as much (even though they aren’t together) then so be it!

Colby on

I’m happy for them but when the kid is 20, she will be 70?! I just don’t agree with having kids at a later age. My parents had me very very late in age and now I am 21 with no mother or father due to age. It’s just hard growing up without parents since they are your ‘idols’ (get it, clay aiken american idol) I just wish everyone lived forever I guess….

Renee on

Colby, it’s not our place to judge when people have kids. It’s a personal choice that should be respected without judgment by other people. Congrats to both of them

Molly on

People shouldn’t judge women if they want to have kids later in life. It’s not our place to judge them.
I do think Clay will be a good Dad. I bet that kid is going to be talented when he/she grows up with having a Dad like Clay and and uncle in David Foster. 🙂

machick on

It sounded more like a comment based on personal experience than judgment.

brannon on

I think it’s wonderful that the definition of “parent/ing” is growing more and more each day. It offers so many wonderful opportunities for children everywhere. I’m conducting my dissertation on family bias and families such as Clay’s and Jaymes’ are not as rare as they used to be. I hope they receive more smiles and congratulations than doubts. New life by excited, willing parents should always be celebrated.

Sarita on

I agree with Colby. Yes every parent can suddenly die but this way you know for sure you will die when your child is still quite young.

And this is not judgment, it’s my opinion on this topic.

Kate on

I’m very happy for both Clay and Jaymes and I hope they have a healthy baby.

I don’t think Colby was trying to be malicious, but I agree it is the mother’s choice whether we agree or not, but I do understand where she is coming from and not even about the kid being 20 and the mother being 70, even though I understand her point of view in that area because she is older and more susceptible to age related illnesses that can result in her death and no child wants to lose their parent, especially at a young age.

Also I’m a nurse in a neonatal unit and there are serious health risks for women that age having babies, for both her and the child, but I assume they can afford excellent medical care which reduces these risks, but it doesn’t erase them completely.

jo on

It’s very nice to have a site to support Clay and Jaymes.

This is a very unconventional way to have a baby. I wish them the best. I have no doubt that they will be great parents.

However, I can totally understand why some find it so hard to accept.

PJ on

I agree with Colby also. I think it is unfair to a child for him/her to grow up with a parent so much older. I think it really takes away from a lot of aspects of that child’s life. It’s just MY opinion though and not everyone has to agree with it or not. I think it’s cool though that this is a WOMAN of age though instead of a man. Men go about and have kids into there 60’s and 70’s (heck, even 80’s like Anthony Quinn) and I definetly think that is unfair to a child. There father will be 80 when they are graduating high school. Look at Larry King-he has two young son’s who he (GOD FORBID) most likely won’t see reach there 20’s. I dont think it’s fair to have children so late in life, knowing the heartache you are going to put them through at such a vital time period in there life. Being in that age range and losing a parent is EXCRUCIATINGLY difficult. Not having that parent there to see you get married, walk you down the aisle, hold your own children…it’s just robbery in my opinion.


Renee on

It’s not fair for any of us to basically attack people you don’t know for not having kids when they weren’t prepared to have them. You don’t know this woman’s personal life story or why she waited to have kids. It’s basically hurtful to older mothers who may visit this site by calling them selfish like some of you are.I doubt you would say it to their faces, so why post it here?

Sharon on

I think that as a woman who lost her parents at a very young age, Colby has all the right in the world to express her feelings on the topic, especially she has experienced firsthand. And nothing about her post, or the people after her that agreed with what she had to say, said it in any sort of judgemental or malicious/attacking way…but thats just my opinion!

Jen on

I think if some older parents of younger children read a lot of these comments they probably wouldn’t be offended.

Nobody is being attacked.

halifaxhoney on

I didn’t find Colby or any of the other posters that agreed to be judgemental.I don’t really have an opinion either way, just experience on both ends.
My friend’s father was 50 when she was born. He’s 74 and is having a difficult time with the fact that his health is declining. She is realizing that he will miss out on grandchildren, weddings, etc. That being said my mother had me when she was 17 and died at the age of 30.
I think more people are speaking of the AI since many people believe that Clay is gay. If he is and he was out, people wouldn’t really be talking about that.
Lots of luck to them though!

Renee on

Colby, I’m sorry if you thought I was attacking you and about your loss. A lot of times, jobs and other responsibilities come in the way of having kids.I just want older mothers/ parents to feel like they have strong support.

karen on


Colby on

I’m not attacking older mothers as 40’s are the new 30’s in this era. But, I believe PJ said it best when they stated it was robbery. I just don’t think anyone should grow up without a parent….I don’t want to start drama, I just wanted to throw my story out there. Cheers.

lis on

I think it was very brave of them to share the story of the baby. They could have just as easily never mentioned who the father was and Clay could have gone on without really bringing it up for quite some time.

To say before the child is born that he is the father – and that they had an non-traditional relationship – is quite strong of them. I also think they have raised a very good point together, stating that they have the required element to raise the child together: a strong, solid friendship.

And frankly, I don’t think it really is necessary for Clay to tell us what his sexuality is. It’s irrelevant.

Kristi on

I know from personal experience that it is hard having older parents. My mom is 68 and my dad is 76 and I’m only 22, for one I was teased a lot as a child because everyone thought my parents were my grandparents because they were the same age of most of my friends grandparents and knowing that my dad likely won’t be around to walk me down the isle or my mother won’t see her grandchildren is very sad to me. I mean I was the “surprise” of the family because all my brothers are in their 40’s and I was actually jealous of them growing up because I know they were able to do a lot more with our parents than I have been able to and I really won’t get much of a chance for that. So I don’t think Colby meant anything bad by what she said, she likely just knows how tough it is sometimes with older parents.

PJ on

If Clay isn’t Gay than I’m a flying unicorn with one eye. But, who really cares! I think gay fathers are some of the best out there these days.
In fact, I think this situation is probably going to turn out to be one of the healthier environments a child could be raised in these days.
With half of all marriages ending in bitter divorces, I think it is MUCH more copasetic for a child to grow up with two parents in a situation like this…who are friends and companions.
There are no expectations other than to love and bring that child up as happy, friendly, cohesive parents.
That, to me, is the best environment a child could be raised in.
So, Hopefully people start to realize that families like this aren’t unhealthy or weird…because, In my view, they are the opposite of that.
But, Clay…Dear, sweet, Clay…please get a new hairdo.

halifaxhoney on

I don’t think that Clay needs to discuss his sexuality. That’s his personal choice.

amy on

Well said, PJ! I also agree with Lis that Clay’s sexual pref/orientation is irrelevant.

Colby- that’s too bad that your parents were elderly and you felt left out of some things. I can see your point.

PJ on

Thanks for agreeing! It’s crazy because I was raised to believe that the only way to bring a child in the world was in a married, heterosexual relationship-but, I strongly disagree with my family on this. It’s just so wrong to judge and strike down people for deciding to have children in a “non-traditional” sense. It doesn’t ruin a kid. It ruins a kid more to have two parents married to eachother who HATE eachother and fight all the time! Jeeeez! Some people need to get over there insecurities about things and let people live there lives!

I’m not a Clay-mate…but, I think he has just as much a right to have a child as anyone else. It’s awesome that he found someone to do it with.

Also, just a note to the board readers but it was mentioned on TMZ that they are having a boy.

Eliza on

Just an example to the naysayers:
I was born when my mother was 39.
I lost my Dad through divorce when I was eleven; never heard from him again after I was 21, once I was married with a child.
My mother never remarried nor did she try to “replace” my Dad.
My mother was with me heart, soul, and presence until she died at the age of 83, after enjoying a full life with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
I survived simply because of love–wherever, and from whomever it came from.
Do the math: I’m still here.
My heart and best wishes go out to Clay, Jaymes and their child.

K on

I’m thrilled Clay saw fit to fall in friendship, (aka love) with an older woman. That is as it should be as most of his fans are of an age that remember the Beatles. However, looking back to certain comments he has made regarding his birth-father, I am confused as he did not get along with him. As far as AI procedure is concerned this woman has never had children before (maybe couldn’t) and every third person you meet has had help in getting pregnant. So all is maybe not what it seems. Think about it. Love you, Clay