Cynthia Nixon leads rally to oppose cuts in funding at her kids schools

06/03/2008 at 06:32 AM ET

Cynthiaandcharles Plans to slash hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from numerous public schools in New York City has drawn the ire of thousands of teachers and parents, a list that now includes Cynthia Nixon.  The 42-year-old Sex and The City actress yesterday lead a rally in Manhattan, where she lamented the projected budget cuts. 

Cynthia told that crowd that, if the city’s plan is passed, the elementary school attended by her son Charles, 5 ½, would be forced to eliminate after-school programs, teaching assistant positions and tutoring programs while the middle school attended by her daughter, 11 ½-year-old Samantha, could be in danger of losing its theater program, as well as aides who accompany the children outside on their lunch breaks. 

I’m here today not only with parents from my children’s schools on the upper West Side, but with parents from high-needs schools and high-performing schools all across the city.  I think [the plan] is outrageous and we want to make as much noise as we can.

Charles and Samantha are Cynthia’s children with ex-boyfriend Danny Mozes.

Source:  NY Daily News; Photo by Flynet

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Sadie on

I’m kind of impressed that her kids are in public schools

Aurora on

Good for her…put her celebrity status to use close to home. Her character from SATC is my favorite 🙂
It’s sad, but these drastic cuts to vital school programs, aides, etc, are all too common. Where I’m from we are facing similiar problems as we speak… money problems are coming before the needs of children, schools and community. I wish my school board district had a celebrity to protest too!

Bren on

Bravo Miranda BRAVO!! lol

Here where I live, they are firing a lot of teachers and want to close some schools, it pisses me off that they want to do this. Our children are our future and without education they will be no good future for them. I wish all celebrity mommies did this.

Thank you Cynthia 🙂

RitzGirl on

I know this is a bit off topic but is her ex-husband (Danny Mozes) Julia Roberts’ current husband?

Ash on

I agree this problem is happening all over the country and it’s scary. A small private school in my town recently closed for several weeks and basically “went out of business” during that time because of a shortage in funds. No one knew if it was going to reopen or not, and the high school seniors there went into a panic because they didn’t even know if they were going to be able to graduate! Can you imagine? What a nightmare…

Allie on

I’m sure she could put her money where her mouth is also…

Victoria on

This is an issue so close to my heart (my kids are in a public Montessori magnet program which has experienced similar cuts). I applaud her for being so involved and vocal. Many parents – regardless of their celebrity – are not.

Daniela on

Sadie – I was just about to post the same thing!! 🙂

I’m also impressed that she’s fighting for the funding instead of pulling her kids out and putting them into another school, particularly a private one as funding issues are rarely a problem.

Wendy on

Good for her for being involved. She’s put her money into that school just like everyone else with tax dollars.

Jennie on

RitzGirl, her ex-boyfriend is not Julia Roberts’ husband. Julia’s hubby is Danny Moder…although I do admit their names are quite similiar. 🙂

Bravo to Cynthia for standing up for what she believes in!

say1031 on

No Ritzgirl, it’s two different Danny’s. Julia’s husband is Danny Moder, not Mozes.

Sugemom on

Allie – If you knew any of the details of the situation with NYC schools, it’s bigger problem than her old HBO paycheck can handle. And in a time when the city is having record construction, our mayor is giving tax cuts to corporations instead of keeping promises to our kids. While I realize it’s more complicated than my few sentences here, it’s a real crises for the schools right now. Good for Cynthia Nixon to bring her celebrity to such a great cause. She could just pull her kids and put them in privates.

Carrie on

I remember reading that Cynthia Nixon was herself a product of public schooling and feels very strongly about giving her children a quality public school education. I admire that very much.

Her ex boyfriend, Danny Mozes, is a different person than Julia Roberts’ husband, Danny Moder.

Stephany on

Allie, if it were only that simple!

I’m studying elementary education, which seemed to be a stable career with easy-to-find jobs at the time and now I don’t believe I’ll be able to get a job in my own county! In my county, they’re cutting 25 million dollars and over 100 jobs. A simple check isn’t going to cut it – and who the heck has 25 mil laying around? These celebrities also have their own expenses.

I applaud Cynthia for getting involved and not just cutting a check and keeping her hands clean of it. It shows a lot more involvement.

csc on

Im glad Cyn is doing this. Her actress job will put pressure on NYC & that is what is needed! Stop giving tax cuts for the new luxury building when the builders definitely can afford to pay!