Jack Black says he thought Jolie-Pitt twin news was 'common knowledge'

06/02/2008 at 07:36 PM ET

Jackblack Though some people may have taken issue with Jack Black‘s accidental revelation that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were expecting twins, don’t count Angelina among them.  In a new interview with Extra, Jack revealed that the 32-year-old actress later told him that "she was relieved because she and Brad didn’t want to hold in the secret."  Jack said he didn’t realize there was even a secret to be had, after his wife Tanya Haden read about the rumor of twins in a magazine.  He added,

Then I thought [the twins news] was common knowledge.

As for his own happy baby news — he and Tanya welcomed son Thomas David last Friday — Jack joked that the birth has been low-key, at least from a media perspective.

Nobody cares about my babies. It’s all about Angelina’s babies. All we hear about.

Jack and Tanya’s first son, Samuel Jason, turns 2 on June 10.

Source:  Extra via US; Photo by Splash News

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Candice on

Oh goodness! I totally missed that they had their baby. I guess he’s right. Those Brangelina twins steal the spotlight.

cinnarose on

Aww Jack! I care about your babies! I love reading about celebrity babies, all of them, not just the Second Coming. 😀

stephanie on

I felt so bad for him when I watched that video. He looked so mortified and Angie just laughed and tried to tell him it was okay 😀

I love that celebs got updates on their friends/co-workers through tabloids. Just like us, indeed!

Bugs on

My honest opinion on this is that i don’t thik that was accidental at all. To me, Angelina wanted the reveal that she was expecting twins. Otherwise, she simply could’ve kept mum about it, even after what Jack said. The reporter asked “so is this the confirmation?”, Angelina didnt’ have to say yes, if she didn’t want to say it she could’ve simply said “i’m not saying anything” or anything else. They could’ve also edited the interview to cut that.

So, either the whole thing was scripted (as it happens in mostly all inteviews for tv) to for reason make it appear as accidental, or she wanted to reveal it because she simply wanted.

ang on

well, what to say to that? LOL.

Lilybett on

I wonder why he called his second son Jack and not the first? I don’t have a problem with it, but think it must be quite unusual. Have any other celebs or readers done this with naming their kids?

stephanie on


It’s not really the same thing, but David Beckham’s third son Cruz’s middle name is David 🙂

Amber on

@ Lilybett:

I know that a couple of years ago Dutch singer Frans Bauer has named his third son Frans (his two older sons are named Christiaan and Jan), and I remember thinking it to be a little bit strange… Like the older two were “not good enough” or something like that to share the same name with their dad.

But as far as I know, he and Jack Black are the only two celebs who’ve done this…

SJ on

I for one love Jack Black. He represents what I love about famous people. He does his job and goes home afterwards. He never creates a media buzz around his family. So what if he let slip about the twins, Angelina is obviously pregnant and she chose not to confirmed it to the media in the same and simply way the delictable Cate Blanchett did. In my opinion, denying it, only creates more media intrusion than the Jolie-Pitts need.

Jack and wife, congratulations on your two little boys and

Nelle on

Re: Lilybett’s comment, I always found it peculiar that JonBenet Ramsey was named after her father (John Bennett Ramsey) and their older son was not.

I wonder if Samuel Jason is named after another prominent family member. Do we know?

Sanja on

I don’t get it! Did she give birth while he was in France or did he leave her with a newborn and a toddler while he promoted a cartoon?

Lilybett -I know a lot of people that have a younger son named after the father.
It’s usually because:
A) the first son is named after the grandfather(s) / uncle, etc.
B) people who only want two kids usually have one girl and one boy name picked and then don’t know what to do when they have two sons (or more) and unlike me aren’t into names, so this is just easier

And as someone mentioned in an earlier post, Jack’s real first name is Thomas and Jack is his middle name and might be honouring someone else entirely.

Jeanne on

I do know of another family where the second son was named after the dad and not the first. In that case the first son was named after a close friend of his dad’s that had died recently. So maybe Samuel is named for someone else. In either case they’re both great names, I have a baby cousin named Jack and I love the name.

lily on

My friends named their second son after the dad as well. It was because they only had one boy name and one girl named picked out that they REALLY loved. The first son got the boy name. If they have another son they’ll name him after a grandpa or an uncle.

It wasn’t that the first one wasn’t good enough, obviously, but many parents have names that they have loved for years and the first child usually gets that one and after that they can honor someone else with the name.

I hope that makes sense.

Bren on

Jack I CARE about your babies 🙂

I love him, he is soo funny and he seems to be so down to earth.

TwinMamma on

I love Jack Black. My hubby and I met him when I was newly pregnant with my twins. Very down to earth guy. Congrats on the newest edition!

On a sidenote: my father in law was the youngest of three and a surprise baby. He was named after his father AND grandfather. Two generations later, my son is the fifth child to carry the name.

stephanie on

Jamie Lynn Spears was named after her dad (Jamie) and mum (Lynne).

Sanja- I think he was already home when she gave birth. During the same interview he said the baby was due any day now. He was probably only there for a day or two, he only attended one premiere. Michelle Williams was in Cannes for 48 hours!

Sanja on

I guess I saw so many pictures of him and Angelina that it seemed a long time.

And my brain boggles at the thought of two transatlantic flights in two days. I’d be a zombie!

Courtney on

I love how down to earth he is….Seems very nice and genuine.

As far him leaving his wife at home with a newborn and a toddler…lets see…doesnt that happen to TONS of people every day?? I mean the day we broght home our 3rd child my husband went straight to work. I was at home by myself with a 2 year old, a 14 month old and a newborn. Jack was out doing his job just like my husband did.

When we had our 4th my husband was able to tqake off 2 weeks to stay home, but I also had a C section that time.

brooke on

I love jack and if the public didn’t know they were having twins, well now they do. No big deal, it wasn’t gonna stay a secret for long anyway lol