Denise Richards takes daughters to The Palms Super Slide Park

06/01/2008 at 08:24 PM ET

Lola Rose Sheen celebrated her 3rd birthday with mom, actress Denise Richards, 37, and older sister Sam J., 4, at The Palms Super Slide Park in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, June 1st. Dad is Charlie Sheen.

Check out Lola’s Celebrating Celebrity Baby Birthdays post here.


Photos by Fame Pictures; Flynet.

More photos and fashion info below.


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Mary on

wow, i actually thought that was Sam in the first pic. Lola has gotten so big! can’t believe she’s 3 already.

Ella on

I think Denise has owned up to making mistakes in the past and I commend her for being such a good mom to her precious little girls! I was just wondering, does anyone know what Sam’s middle name is?

Lacey on

I love her kids, they are so cute. Sam looks like charlie.

amanda on

No matter what the public thinks of Denise, I’ll always give her the benefit of the doubt. She seems like a very devoting mother and I’m def planning to keep up with her new show 🙂

brooke on

Denise is beautiful, and so are both her girls. I have seen her reality show and she was totally right, the girls are barely on. I love how close denise is with her dad, and the girls with their grandpa. Their so cute, sam and lola.

Nelly on

Very beautiful girls. I like seeing Denise with her kids. They are always happy and smiling.

Nelly on

Very beautiful girls. I like seeing Denise with her kids. They are always happy and smiling.

Caroline on

In the first pic I wasn’t sure if that was Lola or Sam … Lola is looking more like Sam now … So cute the both of them 🙂

Sheri on

I’ve seen the show and it seems like Denise is a loving mother ~ but she sure does curse like a sailor! I was very surprised and disappointed to see that ~ especially with little ones in the house who can overhear this. I am not a prude, but she really needs to reign in her foul language.

Margot on

Ella, I think that Sam’s middle name is just ‘J’. I don’t think it stands for anything – it’s just an initial.

Bancie1031 on

What is Sam’s full name, Does anyone know? These girls are so precious. I can’t believe how big they have gotten … I remember when Denise was pregnant with both of them … seems like yesterday …. Can anyone tell me what day, time, channel her show comes on?

Steph on

Ella, I think her middle name is just J., just an initial. But I think maybe the J. is in honor of Denise’s mom Joni. But I don’t think her name is Sam Joni Sheen, I think it’s just Sam J. Sheen.

Cheyenne on

The girls are cute.
Looks like they had fun in the Super Slide Park.

Jennifer on

Does anyone know where the Palms Super Slide Park is located?

Stephany on

Sheri, I feel the same way! I have only seen snippets of the show but it’s just not my thing. I don’t like watching shows were there are more bleeps than real words!

Anyway, I cannot believe Lola is 3 years old! Wow. They grow up so fast!

Melly on

The “J” in Sam’s name is just that. She doesn’t have a full middle name. And, I agree with other posters concerning Denise’s language during her new show (as well as her comment of not being able to help it that she’s attracted to bad boys with big d***s, which her daughters may view when they get older.) Her language, laden with the “f-bomb”, was unacceptable to me. (Not passing judgment on others who might find it acceptable…I said “to me.”) And it wasn’t from edited scenes with Denise by herself and the girls edited in later…they were clearly present when she said it. I think Denise’s father seems like a sweetheart. He was clearly devoted to Joni, Denise’s mother who passed away last November, as well as to his daughter and granddaughters. Those little girls are beautiful.

ellie on

I was watching Denise’s new show and they referred to Sam as “Sammi”.

I, too, thought that was Sam in the first pic. Such beautiful girls, and I love how happy Denise looks whenever she’s with them.

cherish on

Samy wears Splendid Littles Tiger Terry Tunic.
Lola wears Splendid Littles Barbi Pink Leggings with Buttons.

Jon on


T on

Wow you all need to get a life!