Marc Anthony: "We don't have a nanny"

05/30/2008 at 11:33 AM ET

Jenniferlopez79591853_cbbIn a recent radio interview with Billy Bush on The Billy Bush Show, singer Marc Anthony, 39, revealed that he and wife, Jennifer Lopez, 38 — whom Marc calls "an amazing mom…and a gem to watch" — have not hired nannies for their twins Max David and Emme Maribel, 3-months.  Instead, the couple have split up the day in shifts and "are having a great time" experiencing the learn-as-you-go method with their babies.

She expects me to help and she makes no bones about it.  I get the late shift.  I get literally from 10 [p.m.] on because we don’t have a nanny.  It’s just me and Jennifer figuring it out.  From 10 p.m. to 8 [a.m.], that’s my shift.

With Marc’s upcoming tour in Europe and Jennifer’s schedule for three upcoming movies, both parents will soon be busy, but through it all, Marc said he wouldn’t change a thing.

The babies have been a blessing all the way around and [Jennifer’s] just amazing.

Source:  The Billy Bush show via People; Photo by Andrew H. Walker for Getty Images

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Sanja on

Didn’t they have a nurse when the twins were born? And I’m sure they have baby sitters and plenty of help in the house (maids, housekeeper. cook, etc.), so it’s not like there is no one there fo them.

lorenawoods on

How refreshing to hear that one of the biggest of celebs has decided to raise her children on her own!! I so applaud this news!!!!

ShopLittleGifts on

How cute! It’s all very challenging as new parents. and to not have any nannies – for these 2 super stars, I’m very impressed. Wonder how the twins are doing. Btw, saw this cool book at bookstore the other day – but the Super Nanny. She talks about life with her newborn son. It’s called: Jo Frost’s Confident Baby Care.

MB on

I don’t believe this. Jennifer said in People that they had night nurses to deal with night wakings. Call them what you want, but they’re nannies. Maybe Marc means they no longer use help? Still, I am with Sanja on this. I’m sure they have lots of other help and maybe they just use different words for them than nannies.

carla at on

Marc is so complimentary of Jennifer. I love to read stories where husband’s are so supportive.

Kristin on

I thought in people when they had the babies pictures they said they had 2 nannies but were still doing the night feedings and still taking care of the babies most of the time.

Courteny on

I had a nanny when I had 2 small children 18 months apart and for a short time after we had our 3rd 14 months after that. In NO way EVER did ANYONE else raise my child. I am their parent. I teach them, take care of them, parent them. My nanny HELPED. SHe took them to the park so I could nap. It was no big deal.

It erks me when others think that nannies raise someones child.

If I still had the money I used to have I would still have a nanny. An extra pair of hands comes in very handy.

layal on

That’s true Sanja, i’m sure they’ve got help in the house with a housekeeper and a chef etc. Any help is great when you have newborns but i think it’s really cool that they’re choosing not to hire nannies. looks like Marc’s got the tough shift though! lol! Personally i found the night shift to be a bit challenging but still loved every minute of it!

Emaline on

Interesting! I have to take this with a grain of salt, maybe they don’t have nannies now but in the near future I bet they may. Shoot I would if I had their money lol!

Heather on

If I had the means I would surely have some help. Maybe even just at night. I wouldn’t want to miss a thing, but a well rested mommy is a happy mommy especially when it comes to having twins! lol
What I don’t get is why these celebrities boast about not having help like a badge of honor lol Most people do not have help. Maybe the way so many non-celebs would love to relate to these high profile celebrities they too just want to identify with the normal folks like us.

Chicki on

This really doesn’t surprise me! As much of a diva she claims to be, she has a very strong reputation for being an extremely nurturing soul, so it makes sense that she would take advantage of her wealth to enjoy her children! She also comes from a large family, so I’m getting the impression that she does not employ “paid help” for the kids – I’m sure she realizes that this time only happens once for any new parent.

Mimi on

Not sure if I beleive the no nanny claim…in the People article after the babies’ birth, they claimed to have not one, but two baby nurses (one for each tike).

Maybe they just decided to do it all on their own. Who knows.

Laurie on

I don’t believe what Mark is saying about not having nannies. I am with MB, call it whatever you like but I highly doubt they don’t have a string of “(hired) helping hands” to help with the babies. Maybe they are taking over the brunt of the care but most likely there are those there for help at any hour. Jen and Mark both seem like dedicated parents though so I wish them well with the babies. Twins are a handful, having been a former nanny myself!! 🙂

jacky on

i totally don’t believe this… and if it is true, i bet they will have a nanny soon enough. but like others said i am sure that they have soo much other help, that they may not need a nanny.

well i hope it is true and they are raising their own children, but i highly doubt it.

best of luck to them, and hopefully we will all get to see a new picture of the twins soon

sheba on

Maybe, perhaps, just a really wild guess, they let the two nannies go. That has been known to happen. Perhaps they thought they would need the help in the beginning but realized the two of them could handle it and let the nannies go. Perhaps the nannies found better positions elsewhere and decided to move on to another family and Jennifer and Marc decided to not to hire a replacement. Why the assumption that Marc is lying especially sense he’s one of the few celebrities who is very “tell it like is” and is as low-maintenance as they come.

I’ve seen mere mortals have help the first 1 month or two with a new baby or multiples then the nannies are no longer needed. Some nannies actually prefer shorter term employment as oppose to caring for a family for a long-term period.

Either way I don’t have a problem with her having a whole army of nannies or if it’s just her and Marc flying by the seat of their pants. Marc certainly has more experience with babies than Jennifer so he’s probably quite comfortable in taking the “night shift” and is probably a natural night owl.

That being said, as my grandmother was a housekeeper for a many and household jobs are not interchangeable. I housekeeper is hired to do just that, keep house. A cook is hired to do just that. Cook the meals. It is not presumed that a housekeeper or butler or cook are to care for small children. For one I believe it’s illegal in this country to hire someone to be a housekeeper than spring caring for the children on them. So don’t assume the rest of their household staff cares for the babies. While I’m sure a housekeeper will heat up a bottle if asked or hold the babies while Jennifer gets a shower, their would be all kinds of legal and salary issues if the housekeeper was forced to take on the role of nanny or babysitter.

I believe this is why domestic household workers have organized because they were being taking advantage by their employers and employment agencies by the assumption that because you work in a home you are required to do every and anything asked of you regardless of job description. This is not fair labor practices and should not be asked of anyone.

sil on

“If I still had the money I used to have I would still have a nanny. An extra pair of hands comes in very handy.”

I totally agree with you, Courteny!
having a nanny that HELPS you doesn’t mean that someone else is raising your child. I don’t have a nanny, but i would love to! at least for a few hours a day, so I could do things at home (like cleaning or cooking) and maybe the nanny can take my daughter to the park when I can’t.

Stephany on

Why is it so AMAZING not to have a nanny? Lots of people do it. Lots of women are single parents with jobs and are able to “handle” it. Also, what is so horrible about hiring a nanny? Why do people seem to think it’s a downfall for celebrity parents?

And with Marc Anthony going on tour and Jennifer scheduled for THREE movies (which I think is insane with two twin babies), it’s not going to be long before they will be hiring some nannies.

Mila on

yeah they had a nanny but not since April, i guess they needed help for the first 2 months, but right now Jennifer and Marc aren’t working, and when they’ll be both busy with work they’ll get one again.

southlyn on

This story is difficult to believe. They might not have someone with the title “nanny” but I’m sure they have lots and lots and lots and lots of help.

Emily on

I wanted to say that Marc’s shift from 10pm- 8am isn’t that the easy shift, they are sleeping. Ok maybe one diaper change and feeding.

Kristina on

That’s really great to hear. I love when parents are just that, PARENTS! Go guys!!!

MB on

I don’t want to insinuate that I think having a nanny is a bad thing. Lots of people employ help. I’m sure my mother would have from time to time if she could afford it. However, I get tired of celebrities flaunting that they don’t have a nanny. MOST women in this world raise their children without hired help. I would rather applaud THOSE women then the celebrities who decide to do it on their own. 🙂

tink1217 on

I tend to believe they have other household help which makes it easier for Marc and Jennifer to care for the twins themselves but I also think they did have a night nurse or nurses for the first couple of months. Maybe now they feel that they can handle it by themselves. And I am sure they have an on call caregiver in case they need it too.

Julie on

Even if they don’t have nannies, I’m sure the hired help (including the two baby nurses they mentioned earlier) they have to do every other chore, etc makes it a lot easier. As a new mother myself, I’m not impressed, sorry if that offends anyone.

terri on

I think it’s great that they want to be very involved with their kids and not have someone else raising them. I don’t see why it’s so hard to believe. Yes they did have help in the beginning, but probably decided they didn’t want or need it. I’m sure they do have family and friends to help out when needed and don’t we all.

I guess if he said they had nannies working around the clock some people here would be saying what a shame that is and they they should be raising their own kids. No matter what she does people want to criticize and judge.

It’s their life, and their kids. I wish them nothing but the best.

Gia on

Why should we congratulate them on not having a nanny? I found that they were bragging about that to be rather annoying/stupid.

I give them credit for saying they work together. My husband also got the night shift for a while (although I still nursed, he would get up with our daughter for any other reason so I could sleep a little more).

I don’t really care about either one of them, but at least they are putting it out there that a father’s role is to be involved, not just let the mother take care of everything (while she loses all the baby weight in 6 weeks of course).

Mimi on

If I had the money, I’d have a nanny, too! I bet most of us tired Mommies would. To what extent we’d use them is another story. And, whether some women want to admit it or not, it’s very FREEING to let go of those baby reigns when the going gets tough and you need a few hours of uninterrupted sleep!

chris on

Hey I thought they DID have a nanny but she quit!

reader on

This is an obvious lie.They said/bragged about not 1 but 2 nannies for their twins.

I am wondering about Marc’s comment. He has his 14 old daughter Ariana w his ex girlf; as well as 8y old Cris & 4y old Ryan. He married and was present w Dayanara. So didnt he help w/ newborn Cris & Ryan?

What is he figuring out?

I think they should just stop making comments bc one always contradict the previous statement.

kimy on

LOL, he doesn’t realize that he is the nanny!

brooke on

Maybe they don’t have a nanny with the title, but they probably have a nurse, bodyguards, a maid, a lot of people around the house to help, and no doubt in the future with both of them having careers they will have a nanny. Which I personally find nothing wrong with a nanny, especially when people have careers and have to balance children and career. As long as you are an involved parent, there is nothing wrong with a nanny.

sheba on

I’m sure he meant figuring out the schedule with the twins and Jennifer not that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Actually he sounds very self-assured and confident and the Super Nanny would be proud. He has experience with babies, obviously, but not every baby is the same and some require different things. Maybe Emme and Max are light sleepers and his other children slept soundly. Maybe his older daughter had colic and the boys he had with Dayanarra never had it. Who knows. Parenting skills and schedules are not one-size fit all. And yes, you do have to figure out how everything is going to work as your family grows and changes.

I don’t think he’s contradicting himself at all and why find fault when there is none.

Leia on

You mean they’re working together to raise their children they brought into the world? So what- millions of couples all over the world do it everyday with singletons, twins, and more and we don’t get widespread recognition for it! It’s called being a parent, and it should be expected that parents are the ones taking care of their kids.

Tricia on

Hey, JLo & Marc saying they have no nanny could be true. When you think of it, people with that much money & who love kids are in a great position–they can hire help to do all the menial chores such as cooking & cleaning, etc., and devote themselves to the kids. The dishes & clothes don’t care who washed them, after all, but you are their parents–in a perfect world, no one will love them the same way you do.

Tricia on

Hey, JLo & Marc saying they have no nanny could be true. When you think of it, people with that much money & who love kids are in a great position–they can hire help to do all the menial chores such as cooking & cleaning, etc., and devote themselves to the kids. The dishes & clothes don’t care who washed them, after all, but you are their parents–in a perfect world, no one will love them the same way you do.

ang on

i guess he wanted to mention it coz a lot of celebs do have nannies.reese witherspoon and ryan phillipe don’t have 1 either, do they? if 1 of them is always minding the babies, i wonder how much time they get together? i guess, they help each other with it all sometimes, unless 1 of them is working????

Candace on

Why is it that celebrities, actually anybody with a nanny, are called neglectful, unloving parents? How is having a nanny different from the average person putting a child in daycare and hiring babysitters when they go out? To me this is hypocritical. Unless they agree to never work at the same time, they will have to hire nannies.

WOW on

Why do celebs deny having nannies when in fact they do?

brannon on

I agree with some of you — I’m a single mother (hate that term – let me know if anyone has anything better) and used a nanny when my son was 6 months and I went back to work. FOR ME it was a better option than day care at such a young age, which was my alternative. I am the ONLY one raising my son but she is certainly a wonderful assistant. Seems silly to assume everybody can spend 24 hours a day with their child. Regarding this article — with their money I would do things the same way — no “nanny” per se for nighttime, etc…but I sure could use a cook, housekeeper, personal assitant, shopper, stylist, etc.!! Can’t wait to see more of these little babies – Max and Emme (sort of wish they called her Maribel – love that name!)

Erin on

They’re “figuring it out”? Kind of the point of being a new parent.

Rebecca on

I don’t believe it, but I agree with the others, it’s a lot easier to get up with baby (and sleep in) if there are people doing everything else for you (stylist picking out what you’re going to wear, someone doing your hair and makeup, someone cleaning your house, making your breakfast, running your household, etc.)

lk on

LILKUNTA DO NOT PUBLISH “the learn-as-you-go method with their babies”

That statement doesnt sit well with me . He has 3 older children.

Perhaps he wasnt there for Ariana(his 1st kid born in 94) but he was married & living with Dayana …
(as a matter of fact in the same long island house he is now living in now with Jen)

…when his sons Cristian (5Feb01) & Ryan (16 Aug 03).