Dean McDermott plays prank on the paparazzi

05/30/2008 at 08:44 AM ET

Canadian actor Dean McDermott, 41, and a friend played a prank on the paparazzi while out in Beverly Hills, CA on Thursday, May 29th. Dean’s friend dressed as a pregnant Tori Spelling but later revealed her actual red hair and fake bump. Tori and Dean already have a 14-month-old son Liam Aaron and expect their daughter in about a week.


Photos by Flynet.

Check out the revelation below.


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Jennifer on


brannon on


Philippa on

AHAHAHA OMG that’s so funny!

Karrie on

Boy, aren’t they clever. It must be nice to have so much free time on your hands…

moore on

I don’t understand what the point of that was. Was it for their show or something?

janice on

Um…okay? Strange prank for people who seem to thrive on the attention of paparazzi, but whatever floats your boat. Can’t wait to hear the name of their baby girl!

Nicole on

O…K…What was the point of that?

Angie on

I don’t get it either – and here’s a correction for ya….

but later revealed her actual read (< -- red)hair and fake bump

ZBella on

Strange. Very strange.

chris on

Funny! But what was the purpose?


I don’t get this either. Usually they purposely have paparazzi following them around don’t they?

(i’ve read on CBB before that an agency named something like “star trax” has a contract with them.)

guess they were just feeling silly.

SF Scorp on

I don’t get it either, moore…..bizarro

sil on

i agree with you, Moore.
I don’t understand the point…i mean, is not that funny.

Gina on

Actually it doesnt even look like a real baby bump, but yeah i think thats hillarious!

LaurenH on

Maybe it means Tori is on her way to the hospital? x

Lacey on

It’s Suzann! She’s the lush that’s always on their show.

SJ on

Could it be that Tori, now nine months pregnant is feeling stressed out and wanted to go out without the cameras trailing her?

Come on, girls, have some thought for her situation.

Bancie1031 on

I really do think it’s funny. We know that it’s time for Tori to give birth any day now so the Papparazzi is probably following their every move. Maybe they wanted to give them a run for their money – or show them that if they (or Tori) wanted to get out without them knowing they (she) could.

Mimi on

Have they nothing better to do with themselves?

Stephany on

Geez, what happened to everyone’s sense of humor?

I thought it was funny and clever!

Chantelle on

Guys! They did it for a laugh!

jennifer on

Huh? And the point of that was? Instead of wasting time they could be doing something productive… Like helping those who were affected by the earthquake in China… Come on guys, what are you three years old?

Chicki on

“Could it be that Tori, now nine months pregnant is feeling stressed out and wanted to go out without the cameras trailing her?”

Yes, and if she’s feeling that stressed out, how about taking a day off from celebrity-dom and relaxing at home? Maybe she is so addicted to the spotlight she simply can’t fade out for a few days, so they’d rather concoct a ruse to play with the paparazzi – so at least people are still talking about her! Give us a break!

tink1217 on

I love that they have a sense of humor! And, jennifer, just wondering…how would a 9 months pregnant mother of a just turned one year old and her ever available and doting husband do for the people in China right now?? I didn’t think China wanted help from the US anyway. Just curious. I think the little prank was kinda funny!

Chloe2 on

It is called a JOKE people!! Sigh!!! They were trying to have a thing called FUN!! And what does this have to do with them helping people in China???? The logic and way people connect things really blows my mind.

Lighten up!!! This whole prank took what 5 minutes?? Yeah, that proves that they have too much time on their hands lol

Would you rather them be angry with the media and punching them???

brooke on

LOL well someone loves attention

Morgan on

I agree that they just did it for a laugh. I personally thought that it was funny, but even if you didn’t, it’s not like they hurt anyone. And how exactly was that a waste of time, as though that took hours for them to plan? And that comment about how they could have been helping people from the earthquake in China? Was that joke? I agree that helping people is great, but how do you know that they haven’t been helping? Lokking too far into this is is one thing, but I just don’t understand how this harmless joke has created all of these personal attacks towards their family. It’s ridiculous.

babyboopie on

maybe shes in the hospital, popping the baby girl out and decided to draw attention away from herself as she enters hospital secretly???

ang on

LMAO! god, it was a JOKE.they just wanted to catch out the paps for a change, like bancie said. t&d r prob a bit stressed atm so dean might’ve done it to give his wife a good laugh and help her relax.they were just fooling around, lighten up, hey?…..

Jasmine C. on

Hey Morgan, I totally agree with your comment nicely put.

Rachael on

I don’t know of two people that LOVE the cameras more than they do, so this is just odd…. Whatever floats their boat I guess?!

Apple on

First of all, it’s not very original.
Second of all, I feel like they were probably just doing this for their reality show, which just goes to show how fake reality tv is.

Jen on

It would have been funnier if the assistant had placed a water filled balloon under the fake bump and then had a needle in the other and when she had a chance “popped” the balloon to make it look as if her water had broken. I played that prank on my hubby. Hillarious.

Bancie1031 on

I don’t understand what their little prank/joke has to do with a earthquake in China? And they were acting like a 3 year old by playing a prank? So u believe that adults shouldn’t have fun in their lives, I still say good for them. They had fun regardless if it was productive or not.

Marie on

Hahahaha… 🙂

Sara on

Haha, I personally think that was funny, and really think its funny how you people think that just because they are followed by the press 24/7, that they can’t be human and have a little fun. Ashton Kutcher was okay with Ashton going around pranking other celebrities for a tv show. So how come its not okay for Dean to have some fun with a friend??

Phil on

Good for them!!! People don’t realize the pressure Tori and Dean are under. To understand, think of your cell phone as the paparazzi and your waiting for a very important call. So you can’t turn it off, there’s no caller ID, and they are constantly calling. One right after the other. Now think of everyone in your family going through the same thing, including your 10 month old son. Sure, actors are in the business to be noticed and popular. That’s how they get their next job. And how much they get paid depends on their popularity. But I realy doubt thier son and new born daughter are looking for their next gig. Tori and Dean are a guilty pleasure, and one their willing to share. And since some of you are posting blogs saying how bad they are for not helping the people in China? Being bad parents? Or not being a true reality show? For one, have you donated anything for the earthquake victims? Spent quality time with your kids? So the next time you decide to critisize Tori & Dean, be thankfull their willing to share their private lives just for our entertainment!!! Lifes a b*@*h living in a glass bowl.

Meg on

Well on the show they did it so Tori could get to the hospital without bein followed by the cameras.

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