Update: Pete and Ashlee Wentz confirm pregnancy, expecting a fall baby

05/28/2008 at 09:55 PM ET

Ashleesimpson_15757619_max_cbbUpdate: Pete and Ashlee have officially confirmed on his site that they are indeed expecting their first child.

Whilemany have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after thefirst trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our firstchild.  This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we areexcited to share the happy news and start our family.

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Update May 18th: Ashlee and Pete were married in a sunset ceremony at Ashlee’s parents’ home inCalifornia on Saturday, May 17th. According to OK!,Ashlee also confirmed her pregnancy to the guests during the reception.She is reportedly 4-5 months along, with an October due date.

Update April 15th: A close family source now tells Peoplethat Ashlee and Pete are not only expecting, but that they are planningto get married next month at a private residence in Southern California.

Update April 24th: Ashlee avoided pregnancy discussion while appearing on Ellen.

Update 3:50 pm: When asked if she was pregnant today at MTV’s TRL, Ashlee replied,

I just think it’s an inappropriate question toask any woman.  For me, that’s something that I didn’t ever want torespond to, because I think it’s an inappropriate question.  Somethings, you want to keep personal and I think that when people deny[reports], it’s probably because it’s something they want to keeppersonal.

Update April 14th: Pete has denied the story to MTV. He said,

Thereis a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged inHollywood. This is all news to me. I can’t wait for the story about howI’m really in a gay relationship and this is all just a cover. … Imean really, this is crazy. … I mean we’re engaged, that’s true, andhappy about it.

Update 1:40 pm: OK! Magazine is reporting that Ashlee is due this coming October and was battling morning sickness when they caught up with her on Saturday, April 12th.

Originally posted at 1:32 pm:  Singer Ashlee Simpson, 23, and fiancΓ©, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, 28, are apparently expecting their first child together, according to US Weekly.  There has been no official confirmation from either Ashlee or Pete.

The couple began dating in late 2006 and recently announced their engagement.

Source: US Weekly; Photo by Ilya Dreyvitser/WireImage.com.

Thanks to CBB readers Brandi, Stacy, Justine, Britt, Devon, Malia, and Aline.

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Lissette on

I’m really surprised with this news. Congrats to them!

Erica on

Hmmm…I’m not buying it. πŸ™‚

Colleen on

I would LOVE to see them have a baby together. They seem like a very happy and stable couple. I can see their baby being best friends with Harlow Madden, they both have rocker parents. Congratulations to Ashlee and Pete if they are expecting!

kaitlyn on

what?? Totally did not see this one coming!

brooke on

Wow it seems every celebrity is pregnant now. Ashlee is so pretty and nice though, I met her once. So congrats to them, I love both jessica and ashlee simpson

tan on

I agree didn’t see this coming but after the engagement announcement last week it all makes sense now.Congrats to them both.

jaQ on

holy cow~ i’m blindsided by this one.

congrats to them, if they’re indeed expecting. babies are such a blessing! i have followed their relationship, with ashlee being my age, and into the same styles as me. πŸ™‚

Sara Watson on

Ive been waiting for this yayyayay! im so happy!

melissa on

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true, since the just got engaged but i will wait for an offical announcement from one of them.

erica alayne on

I don’t know if I really believe this or not. I don’t think I will until a publicist or something like that confirms it. If it IS true, though, good for them!

Jamie on

NOT true. http://www.buzznet.com. If it WERE true which it isn’t, this would be the first place you would find out since they were the first site to announce the engagement.

Beverley on

Oh for the good old days of first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

elizabeth on

i have a hard time believing this, especially considering poppa joe and how happy he was with jessica waiting until she was married. if it is true though, congrats!

lis on

I wish them the best! They seem genuinely happy with each other. I’m not really a fan of either’s music, but I enjoy keeping up with them. They seem like real people, which is increasingly rare in Hollywood…

J.M. on

Well if this is true then I think we know why they just got engaged last week!

I am kind of surprised but I guess not really. With the way celebs are now a days nothing shocks me!

SMC on

I agree that this would be surprising, yet good, news IF it turns out to be true. I just came from People.com and there was nothing posted about it. And their publicists haven’t confirmed anything. I’m actually surprised this isn’t posted as a rumor or gossip right now, being that nothing has been officially confirmed.

Jeanette on

Wow! Like many of you, I was shocked when I opened CBB and saw this headline! I’m totally taken aback.

chris on

For some reason I just can’t believe it!

alex on

i saw this one coming. congrats to them!

Grayson's Girl on

Color me a million different shades of surprised! This one is reminiscent of the Jessica Alba announcement, completely out of the blue!

All that being said, congrats to them! So long as they are happy (which they seem to be) and healthy nothing else matters. Best of luck and no more morning sickness to them. They remind me a bit of Nicole and Joel, and if they follow suit this child will be blessed with wonderful parents and an even better extended family.

Melissa on

I really hope this is not true. If it is, I think Jessica is going to go off the deep end. I know she says she’s “thrilled” with the engagement, but there is some jealousy going on there. If Ashlee is getting married AND having a baby, then Jess is bound to go out and do something really stupid.

Simply Bohemian on

I knew that’s why they became engaged.

tink1217 on

I don’t think I will buy this one til I see it on People.com. They don’t post rumors and usually CBB doesn’t either. I would love to see these 2 have a child and it would explain the sudden engagement. Well, I know that Pete gave her a “promise ring” awhile ago so we all knew engagement was coming. I guess time will tell.

lk on


Wow this is a totally unexpected but now the engagement makes sense.

I wonder how her musc co feels seeing how her cd is coming soon.

tink1217 on

ok so X17 reports that Simpson’s rep has confirmed the news…wonder when we will see something on people.com?

Steph on

Wow! What a shocker! I love Ashlee Simpson and I love Ashlee and Pete as a couple (they are way too cute together!!!) so congrats to them! The baby will sure be gorgeous!

Craig on

Umm, I hope this is one of those stories to PUNK all of us. Sure smells like it. Good stuff. Good idea for the celebs to fight back in a fun way.

brannon on

Yay! I totally saw this coming! Congrats to them!!

Kate on

Am I missing something? Websites keep saying it’s confirmed by the Fall Out Boy’s bassist but he specifically said “”We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple. BEYOND THAT THERE IS NOTHING TO SAY” that seems like a denial more than a confirmation to me. hmmmm…?

Cat on

i think its great that they are expexting but the baby we have a tought time sharing eye liner with its mom and dad

anonymous on

Beverley, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Janie on

Doesn’t anyone get married first anymore?

iluvallbabies on

Beverley- unfortunately marriage doesnt always equal stability though. You can get drive through and online divorces now!!

Im finding more & more “rumours” are actually proving to be true, so Im saying she probably is…

I completely agree with Grayson’s Girl though- this one really shocked me, exactly the same as Jessica Alba!

HardCandy on

I hope this comment doesn’t start an argument but why the congrats to Ashlee and none for Jamie Lynn when she announced her pregnancy. They are both young and unwed and they both have enough resources to support their (if Ashlee is pregnant) babies. Ashlee is a role model (something that was placed upon them by the media) for young girls too so why the prejudice. I also don’t know many young girls who are going to jump up and get pregnant just because their favorite star did. I thought age is supposed to be just a number. At least that is the way I view age.

As a side note, I’m all for people who believe marriage is not for them and who decide not to get married even after they have kids (Goldie and Kurt) but I hate it when people get married/engaged right after they find out their having a baby to me that is a recipe for disaster. Not that those couples can’t have a successful marriage but the odds are against them.

Abby on

I’m still a skeptic, but congrats to the couple if it’s true. I have some opinions on the likely longevity of a relationship that involves two entertainers whose engagement coincides with a pregnancy announcement, but I’ll keep those those to myself.

Nicole on

I guess it is true. I first read about it on TMZ, and I came here to check. I’m still a little shocked.

Renee on

I agree iluvallbabies. If you want to be married before you have kids, fine but don’t judge people who don’t. Anyhow, I’m not buying it either until it’s confirmed.

Nikki on

They just announced on TRL that they asked Pete personally and he said “news to me” and that there is always a witch hunt for people to get pregnant when they get engaged.

Me on

Yeah, its all over MTV that Pete has just personally denied this!

jenni on

I read on Eonline that Pete Wentz has emphatically denied this. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but as of now he is saying that this isn’t true.

Gabrielle on

Like many people, I am shocked to see this story on CBB. Danielle and Sarah have both stated NUMEROUS times that the only time a story is run is either with confirmation or when it is glaringly obvious (ee Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie).

I’m not sure who put this article on the site, but I am shocked.

Gabrielle on

Additionally, X17Online only says this:

Ash’s publicist Rhett Usry told X17online.com:

We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple. Beyond that, there is nothing to add.

It doesn’t look like it’s true.

tink1217 on

I kinda figured if People.com hadn’t reported it yet that it might not be true. Guess we will have to wait and see if they pull a JLo and Marc and deny til she has an obvious bumps!

poppy on

I have to say, I’m not thrilled about all these young stars getting pregnant. And yes, I think 23 is quite young. Especially if you’ve grown up in a culture where women normally have babies in their 30s and adolescence is extended well into the 20s.

If it’s true, then congrats to them and I wish them the best of luck and hope that they can last.

Mary on

My only comment would be that tabloids should not always be trusted. Not that celebrities want to tell everything, but I like the way the Angelina Jolie pregnancy was handled. Maybe she is just not ready to say anything, or else, she is just plain not pregnant. The obesession with whether a celebrity is pregnant or not has gotten a bit out of hand in my opinion. If and when they choose to share or not share is up to them.

Christina on

Well.. I think they might wanna pretend not to be since its very early and most celebs wanna make sure everything is cool and good before they announce it… But now they will have 10 times more razzi’s after them trying to get the first bump pics… either way.. come summer.. i think we’ll all know the truth if they haven’t announced anything…

Anna Maria on

I never thought I’d see the day that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson made it on CBB!!

If they are indeed pregnant, congratulations and best of luck. And if not, then OK! and Us Weekly are just awful.

jamie on

TOLD YOU she wasn’t preggo.

anonymous on

Just goes to show, you can’t believe the tabloids.

Crazy Baby Lady on

US is usually a reliable source. Yes, they are a tabloid, but most of the time they are very careful when announcing things like that. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Jessica on

CBB, I thought you didn’t post rumors? Don’t you usually wait until they are confirmed?

anonymous on

I’m not just referring to US, I’m referring to all tabloids.

J.M. on

I personally don’t think Pete would deny it only for it to turn out true in a few months when she’d be obviously showing. This is his response:

“There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood,” he wrote. “This is all news to me. I can’t wait for the story about how I’m really in a gay relationship and this is all just a cover. … I mean really, this is crazy. … I mean we’re engaged, that’s true, and happy about it.”

Asked again if he was denying reports that Simpson is pregnant, Wentz, 28, replied, “Yeah.”

Lola Bella on

I believe she is.

CelebBabyLover on

J.M.- ITA! Pete’s denial wasn’t just a brush-off one like some celebs (who have then turned out to have been lying when they gave the denial) have given. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I saw a more direct denial!

For goodness sakes, they’ve been dating since 2006, and he apparently gave her a promise ring sometime last year. Why is it such a shock that they are now engaged? I could see people being suspicious if they’d only been together a few months and then got engaged….But they’ve been together for close to two years! I don’t see this as a “sudden” engagement at all! From what I’ve read, it seems to have been a long time coming!

All of that said, I always take everything OK says with a huge grain of salt (my rule of thumb with them is: “If it didn’t come directly from the celeb’s mouth or their rep’s, don’t believe it”.), and while I’ve found US to be reliable most of the time (in fact, I actually don’t consider them to be a tabloid), they HAVE posted untrue stuff before.

For example, they reported that both Angelina and Katie were having boys when they were pregnant with Shiloh and Suri respectively! They also orginally reported that Brad and Angelina were adopting a baby boy when they adopted Zahara (and were wrong on two counts, as Z is a girl and, although Brad went with Angie to pick her up, Angie adopted her as a single parent)…though they did end up catching that one and quickly correcting it.

Also, US didn’t say that Ashlee is DEFINENTLY pregnant, just that it is being reported that she is. They also added that, at press time, they had recieved no offical word from Ashlee, Pete, or either of their reps.

Anyway, I agree completely with what Joel said. These days, it DOES seem like the tabloids seem to think every female celebrity that is getting engaged must have done so because she’s pregnant! Even in Hollywood, people DO get engaged (and subsequently married) because they love each other!

Amber H. on

Interesting choice of words. I think she is pregnant and is uncomforable being “outed” with her baby news before she was ready to share the info with the world. Which is really sad.

Amanda on

Ashlee’s response to TRL makes me think she is pregnant after all. Good for them either way, they seem like they really care for each other. πŸ™‚

Jessica L on

She is pregnant. Any woman, I don’t care who she is, that is asked if she is pregnant and knows she is not will just flat out say “No.” Not a big deal, end of story. But the fact that she is going on and on with her answer and that Pete just didn’t say no and instead gave an essay long answer as well makes anyone with any common sense go “Hmmmmmm.” I could really care less if she is pregnant or not, she’s not my favorite “celebrity” out there but I do hope that they didn’t get engaged just because of this pregnancy. I do wish them all the best in the world. They’re young but they can make it work if they really love each other. My husband and I are proof of that.

jasmine on

Ashlee’s reaction really makes me think that she does have a bun in the oven after all…

Doreen on

I watched the clip and she doesn’t say ‘no, I’m not pregnant’. I believe she IS! Hmmmm I’m more suspicious now….:)

brannon on

Kind of sounds like spin for Pete πŸ™‚ I totally respect her decision to keep it personal, but I do believe it’s true πŸ™‚

meghan on

i didn’t think she was pregnant until i just read her response from TRL. now i definitely think she is… ITA that if she weren’t she would just say “no.”

J.M. on

Okay let’s just cut to the chase here!

Ashlee Simpson is promoting an album. We all know she hasn’t done well in the past with album sales and tours. Why not let the baby rumors swirl to drive up more controversy to sell more records? Seriously it wouldn’t be the first time someone would do this especially not this family who also has a father that would do anything to make sure his kids are successful! I am just being honest. I think the answer alone doesn’t prove she is pregnant just that she is trying to keep things sensible for the time being and not letting people know one way or the other. Pete denies it left and right and she just says, “it’s inappropriate?!” And speaking of that. It’s not really all that inappropriate. Ryan Seacrest asking Jessica Alba if she’ll breastfeed was quite inappropriate but asking someone, hey I heard your pregnant, are you? isn’t all that inappropriate imho. Plus your going on MTV don’t you think they’re going to ask you? You certainly would have to come up with a better answer then that!! I’m sorry but I’m chalking this all up to a nice publicity stunt for the time being. *sigh*

Bugs on

I thought it was just a rumour, but yeah, after reading her response to TRL, i definetely take that as a yes.

She’s pregnant.

Allie on

To me, Ashlee’s response pretty much confirms she is pregnant! However, I hate celebs who beat around the bush. Just straight out confirm it. But whatever.

Autumn on

Well most people probably don’t remember, but back a decade or so ago Joe Simpson was a pastor and Jessica started out as a Contemporary Christian Artist, so I’m thinking that despite how Ashlee and Jessica dress or appear in public today, either could be a bit nervous (and perhaps a bit embarassed?) to be unwed mothers even at their ages.

I wouldn’t be surprised that if Ashlee is pregs, that she and Pete marry fairly quickly…but who knows if the pregnancy rumor even is true.

Gabrielle on

And in my opinion, I think that doesn’t want to be discussed in this way. She said it was inappropriate to be asked if you’re pregnant, and the ONLY reason people are asking her is because she’s a celeb. I was asked once if I was pregnant, and I was insulted because I knew it was because I’d recently put on weight.

It isn’t always cut and dry.

It is bothering me that CBB is feeding this type of rumor.

lizzielui on

People.com is reporting that Ashlee is pregnant and planning a May wedding. Here is the link :


Angie on

PEOPLE.COM JUST posted that she is pregnant…

Crazy Baby Lady on

I’m glad to see people’s confirmation. there is no point in denying it anymore. People WILL NOT report something like this unless they are 100% sure it’s true.

Robin on

Only time will tell…until I see a “baby bump,” I won’t believe it!

Katie on

Well, if People is confirming it… lol either way, I’m thrilled for Ashlee and Pete. I wish them only the best for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Here’s to another rocker baby! =)

Keller on

i think she is preggers I mean it may not be the right time because she is not married but why would you want to hide something so beautiful as a child being born. and so what her big sis didn’t do it first.

chris on

Well I guess she is then. Wow. I wonder who’s next?!

Rachel K. on

Well if she’s pregnant I’m very happy for her. If not, okay. However, I always read these stories that say “a family source” revealed or said… Um seriously, if I had a family member who was expecting or going through something that they obviously wanted kept private I surely would NOT reveal it to the world. I think it’s a shame that such close “family sources” are so quick to reveal personal information on these stars.

Carm on

I think that both Ashlee and Jessica Simpson’s music is awful..BUT I love Pete Wentz AND…I adore Ashlee’s fashion sense.
I honestyly am not buying the story one bit, expecially after I read Pete’s comment about it. They are a young, very attractive couple that is engaged. That does not have to mean their pregnant. Although, their baby would be really cute & I’m sure a really awesome name.

ps- the baby stuff is getting old, agree??

Lisa on

Just from her comment I believe that she is pregnant. If so, just come out and admit it. What is the point of denying it so that 4 months later we can all tell that it is true?

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with Autumn and Gabrielle. Anyway, she’s certainly going to be a young mom (not that there’s anything wrong what that)!

In any case, it bothers me that the a “close family source” outed the pregnancy to People. I mean, their comments make it pretty clear that they wanted to keep this to themselves for now. If I were them, I’d be pretty annoyed at this “family source”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Autumn is right and she is nervous about being an unwed mom because of her father having previously been a pastor. My father is also a pastor, and you can bet I’d be a nervous wreck if I was unwed and pregnant (not that I ever intend to be!).

CelebBabyLover on

I also don’t get why the rumors started swirling when she’s not even showing yet!

brooke on

I think she is pregnant, but who knows. So many were sure fergie and kate hudson were, and that proved wrong, so I guess time will tell. Ashlee was at a taping of TRL that will air thursday and she said she is not pregnant, and that rumor has been going on for awhile and by now she said she should have had a baby. Celebrities sometimes lie though about pregnancy, but she isn’t showing either yet. But if she is congrats, I really like her.

Sasha on

I think they’re a super cute couple and I wish them the best, whatever the rumors or truth may be πŸ™‚

Ashley on

One thing that confuses me, if they obviously don’t want the news shared with the world yet, why is a ‘close family source’ telling a magazine? Some friend!

Heather on

I think Ashlee’s response kind of suggests she is pregnant. Time will tell

delilah on

Fortunately those “good old days” evolved with the realization that being a married couple does not make you good parents anymore than than being pregnant outside of wedlock makes you “loose”

Amanda on

Pete is also the one who denied him and Ashlee were dating for the longest time (remember the Rolling Stone interview?).. he likes to keep things seperate so I think he would deny it either way.. but Ashlee’s normally a more open person so I think if she really is, she’ll announce it when she’s ready.. it probably is hard cause she knows Jess made such a big deal about waiting, and she probably made the decision not to, which is everyones personal choice.. I guess time will tell but congrats if it’s true.

Heather on

Congratulations to the couple! It is definitely a bummer that this information was made public before they were ready. Hopefully Ashlee will have a very happy and healthy pregnancy.

Landon on

I think this is going to be an unfortunate kid. Im sorry to say this, but I dont like those people from the inside as well as how they look, they are butt-ugly to me. no need to say that ashlee had a plastic surgery, didnt really help. she should’ve stayed the way she was, coz the baby will look like her or him anyways.

Andrea on

Sources bother me, how hurtful to have somone you trust talk about your private life with the world!
Even the Jennifer & Toby maguire independant source I figure must have a connection with them to know something so personal and yet they talk to a blog about it.
Sad 😦

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- Maybe they want to keep it to themselves for now. I don’t understand why people think that celebrites have to announce their pregnancies. Naturally the whole world will eventually know, but what’s wrong with stars like Ashlee and Pete wanting to keep it to themselves until then?

Also, she doesn’t appear to be showing yet, so it’s very possible that she is still in the very early stages of pregnancy. If that is the case, she probably wants to wait until the three or four month “safe” mark to announce it. I mean, can you imagine having to suffer a miscarriage in the public eye? (and, unfourtnately, some stars have. Lily Allen is one example.) Just suffering one is bad enough!

Renee on

Celebritybabylover,you make good points. Ashlee could, if she is pregnant, be only a month along or two months along. Some of the media makes it sound like she is four months pregnant.

andrea on

Just heard Pete on Sirius this morning (Channel 1). I expected that they would tiptoe around the rumours, but instead they dived right in and asked him flat out- is ashlee pregnant? His response was basically no, and instead he is actually the one who is “withchild” (a la the pregnant man on Oprah). :p

Still not totally convinced (skeptical much? lol)- time will tell. But i thought i’d share his comment. πŸ™‚

Not sure if Sirius is going to have the audio of Pete and the Morning Mash Up crew on their website in time. http://www.sirius.com/siriushits1

styles on

she’s got him where she wants him now if she is pregnant good on you bird i mean hes talented upstanding gorgeous and deep and it seems easily manipulated by ashlee simpson whom treats men with blatant disreguard constantly she merely wants a trophy if i had a guy like pete wentz i’d covet him and make sure he kept his self worth intact i hope you trip on your goth clogs up the isle you two bit concubine phew peace yall

Roxi on

Is it true that Ashlee called Britney Spears “trashy” in an interview. I heard this on a local radio station but I’m not sure it’s true. She doesn’t seem to be that mean.

tink1217 on

I had read on People.com that she and her rep confirmed it. 4-5 months??? She is not showing at all!!! Anywho…congrats!!

Sarah on

They just confirmed the marriage to People.com – the pregnancy People still has is “sources say…” about a baby.

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

She has a tiny little baby bump. Hope everyone is well and healthy

Autumn on

Well the fact that Ashlee and Pete married only a month after getting engaged makes you wonder if she might already be pregnant, but if she is, at least so far she doesn’t seem to be too far along.

At least they’re married now though, so if they do have a baby someday (whether its sooner than later), it’s their life. Congratulations and best of luck to Ashlee and Pete in their future together.

jillyen on

I honestly don’t understand why people are surprised. they were only engaged for maybe a month. if you really want people to believe you aren’t pregnant don’t get married a month after you get engaged. to me that confirmed she is pregnant

tink1217 on

Sarah, they must have changed it on People.com then recently. Early this morning it said “Ashlee, who is expecting the couple’s first child”. It said nothing about any sources say…it was definite. I also read on another site, I don’t remember which, that their rep actually confirmed. It does make sense since they married so quickly though.

Sarah on

hang on…let me care…wait for it…here it comes!!! Oh darn…there is went.

Do celebs not use birth control?

Sidda on

If there is a baby, I sure hope it has her real nose.

Heather on

After I heard they were about to be married after the quick engagement, I assumed the pregnancy rumors to be true. Congrats.

Kim on

I’m not surprised by this at all, I actually kind of expected it. Most Hollywood couples get pregnant, then get married…and it looks like they are no exception. Their engagement was so short that it seemed obvious to me. I wish them the best!

Bancie1031 on

well congratulations on the marriage and IF the pregnancy rumors r true …. I hope them the best.

Kelly on

i think that as fast as they got married she mite be pregnant it was so fast i know every girl ive talked to dreams abt their wedding & it takes them time to plan not a few weeks

Courtney Grace on

Well no matter what, Ashlee looks gorgeous in that picture and when they do have a baby it’ll defiently be a cute rocker baby, maybe possible playmates for Kingston and Harlow?

brooke on

Congrats to them, I love ashlee so can’t wait to see her baby. I just saw pics of her in a bikini, she isn’t showing yet and she is like 5 months, she’s so cute.

Stella on

Yeah you could definitely tell she is pregnant from the picture of her and Jessica from the wedding spread in People, so no surprise to anyone really … but their reasoning for waiting is totally understandable, congrats to both of them πŸ˜€

Heather on

Kind of thought so after that one pic from the People spread of Ashlee and Jess – the one with Jess’s hand on Ashlee’s obvious bump!

I am so happy for them. They seem like a solid couple with a great relationship, I wish them all the best! Happy, healthy pregnancy to you.

Cait on

I am SOOO thrilled for them! They’re going to make great parents.

Kayla on

Congrats to them!

It’s kind of funny to go back and read the flat-out denials. πŸ™‚

Danny on

Agree, They would be a great parents.

L on

The tabloids have been getting it right lately. For example: this story and with Angelina’s twins.

Angie on

I saw this coming ever since Ashlee said something about not asking a woman if she’s pregnant statement. I personally think her father wanted them to wait until they were married to confirm it although, the first trimester thing could be it too. My first reaction was that daddy didn’t want them confirming it out of wedlock though.

Bancie1031 on

put this with one of the worse kept secrets (right next to Angelina Jolie’s twin’s LOL). But Congratulations to them both I wish them the best of luck!

sheba on

Congratulations to Pete and Ashley! I have no problem with their denials because it’s nobody’s business. I’d really like to see celebrity get in someone’s A#$ when asked if they are pregnant or not. My friend announced she was pregnant to everyone and she was just 3 weeks pregnant. My other friend didn’t say a word until she was 5 months in because she was so worried she would loose the baby or something would be wrong with the baby.

Parents, celebrities or mere mortals like myself should have the right to announce their pregnancy at a time they think is right.

And what I don’t get is who are celebrities announcing it to and why are under some sort of ridiculous obligation or mandate to the fans? You tell your family friends usually in person or through a personal announcement. Announcing it to the press? For the fans? In my opinion the fans don’t need to know. They’ll find out when they see the big belly.

jasmine on

This is so weird because I literally just googled “Is ashlee simpson pregnant or not?” and found nothing new…then I went to People.com and the headline read “Pete and Ashlee Confirm Pregnancy”… lol

Congratulations to them πŸ™‚

Aelys on

I think it was kind of obvious – if Ashlee hadn’t been pregnant, she would have said so from the beginning, not avoided answering the question.

Congrats to them.

charizma on

congrats to Asdhlee and Pete its about time one of the simpson girls get pregnant coz after what happened to Jess and Nick i cant wait to hear what they name thier baby……

Sheri on

Ashless is due in October an she has a concert in Jacksonville,Fl on June 22nd. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets cancelled bt I do love Ashlee Simpson.

tink1217 on

I totally understand the need to wait til after the first trimester. As someone who has experienced many miscarriages we don’t tell anyone when I am pregnant. We wait til after the first trimester at least. Good luck and congrats Ashlee and Pete!!

Daze on

After seeing a picture of her at her wedding, with Jessica’s hand on her stomach and her hand on Jessica’s, it affirmed to me that she was pregnant, esp. when she looked about 4 months along and the rest of her wedding pictures showed her squatting/hiding the bump.

Stephany on

Not a big surprise but I’m happy they finally confirmed it. You always know a celebrity is pregnant when they hem and haw on talk shows about whether or not their pregnant, not just saying, “No!”

Good for them, though. They have been together for a LIFETIME in Hollywood years ;). I like them both and hope for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Amber H. on

I figured all along that she was pregnant and I felt bad for her being hounded about it. She was probably just a few weeks along at the time and didn’t want the whole world to know! In the People article today it says something about waiting until after the first trimester, which most people do, so I hope whoever felt the need to “out” her pregnancy feels really great about themselves now that it’s known.

Bren on

Congrats to them!!

Where is that picture and Ashlee and Jessica??

Ashley on

This confirmation didn’t surprise me at all. In the People’s magazine spread of their wedding, the picture of Jessica and Ashlee totally made her look pregnant. You could see a little baby bump and Jess was holding her tummy.

Kate on

I have been a fan of Fall Out Boy since 2002 and I have been a fan of Ashlee’s since her days on 7th Heaven. They seem truly happy together, and with all of the crap Pete has been through in past relationships, it’s nice to see him with someone that shines.

And I am absolutely convinced this baby will have a literary-themed name. I mean, Pete and his ex-girlfriend did name their dog Hemmingway. πŸ™‚

Elizabeth on

Ah, this takes me back. We got married on May 19, 2001. Our daughter was born November 7 of that year. So, perhaps an early November due date? πŸ™‚

tan on

I don’t blame them for waiting to spill it to the public.Like its been said before its their business.I respect that even though I love hearing celebs stories.I still can’t believe little Ashley is gonna be a mom.They are such a great couple I know they are gonna be great hands on parents.

Devon on

Bren, there was a picture in the People spread of Ashlee’s wedding where Jessica’s hand was resting on Ashlee’s stomach. There was definite baby bump there.

I can definitely understand not wanting to share to the world that they are pregnant until they are ready, and wanting to concentrate on their wedding first. I feel bad for them that it was leaked out and they felt they needed to dance around the issue.

Congrats to Ashlee & Pete!

Bren on

Thanks Devon πŸ™‚

heather on

Congrats to the couple. I think she wanted to wait til after the wedding to announce the pregnancy. being from a family with a church background, probably had someting to do with that decision.

brian on

yeah wow

joely moley on

Haha as if that wasn’t obvious.

Doreen on

Very cool!! πŸ™‚ How exciting! It would be cute to see Jamie Lynn’s baby and Ashlee’s baby perhaps become play buddies one day. Who knows! πŸ™‚

Scarlett on

This is shocking… but great news!

teresax4 on

Ashlee confirmed it on her MySpace about a month ago…and about 2 wks ago said the due date is 1-17-09…

kimberley on

ooooh im due in october too!!!! ill be following this one!! i know how she feels battling morning sickness, had it the first ten weeks now all of a sudden its come back!! lol. aww they make such a cutie family, i can understand why she would want to keep it secret, family members could get hurt if they read in a paper or something about her being pregnant and she hadnt personally told them, maybe thats why she waited…..anywho congrats to them (jessica will make such a crazy auntie!!! lol!)