Christian band Selah suffers loss of second infant

05/28/2008 at 12:34 PM ET

Sadly, only seven weeks after his cousin Audrey Caroline passed on shortly after her birth, 10-week-old Gregory Luke Sponberg passed away last night, Tuesday May 27th, in his sleep.  A former member of Christian band Selah (which includes her brother Todd Smith) Nicol Sponberg had gone to check on her son — whom she had put to bed earlier — around 9:00 p.m. CST and found him not breathing.  Although paramedics were called to the home, they were unable to resuscitate the baby boy.

Angie, wife of Todd and mom to Audrey and their other three girls, has posted the tragic news on her blog, Bring the Rain. She shared that the extended clan will be traveling to Georgia to be with Nicol, her husband Greg, and their daughter Summer, as the entire family begins the grieving process yet again.

Our nephew, Gregory Luke Sponberg, is now in heaven with Audrey, just 7 short weeks after we lost her.

Source: Bring the Rain

Thanks to CBB readers Aimee, Courtney, and Debbi.

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Grayson's Girl on

Oh no. That poor family! His poor mother, I can’t imagine her finding her baby like that. May God carry their family through this Job like period and bolster them with the faith and love they’ll need. Judging by the families carriage through Audrey’s death, I’m guessing “Thou he slay me, yet shall I trust him” will be the verse most descriptive of them. My prayers and heart go out to them.

Jennifer on

I pray that God is with them during this horribly difficult time.

Christine M on

That is so tragic and unfair. My thoughts are with them all

Jess on

Poor family, to lose a baby or any loved one is hard enough, to lose yet another so soon…I can’t even try to imagine it.

Crystal on

I wil say a prayer for this family. I have already said many for Audrey’s. This is so tragic.

Rach on

I have been feeling sorry for myself over my daughter’s medical conditions…this just puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

Mimi on

I can’t even imagine the grief and pain this family is suffering. It truly breaks my heart to hear this. I hope they find solace anywhere they can as they mourn the loss of their baby.

Melanie F. on

Such heartbreaking news, their families are in my prayers.

principesa on

Words fail me. How incredibly tragic.

jen on

You might want to check your post. On Angie’s blog, she lists her nephew’s full name as Gregory Luke Sponberg, not Luke Gregory Sponberg. Thanks! Keeping the family in our prayers.

anniebabe on

Oh, my heart breaks for that family.

My thoughts are with them xxx

sil on

sometimes life is so unfair…

Michelle on

How absolutely horrible and heartbreaking for all of them.

Pogue Mahone on

The Bible states “Many are the afflictions of the righteous” and I certainly find that to be true.My prayers are with the families.
It seems tragedy also runs in families; I know in ours 2 of my husband’s nephews’ babies died(their fathers are brothers) within a year of eachother; one at 6 mos. of SIDS and one at 15 months. it’s the most tragic and heartbreaking thing.

Melanie on

It seems so unfair that one family could lose two babies so close together. These poor people. 😦

Carrie Jo on

How terribly heartbreaking. My prayers are with this family in such a tragically difficult time.

Heather on

Wow. Just wow. I’m so sorry for this family.

Janna on

This family has had more than their share of tragedy. May the future hold nothing but joy for them.

Rebecca on

I certainly don’t think it’s fair that this family has had to grieve so much for the losses of children, but God never gives us more than we can handle. This family’s faith is astounding through all their suffering and loss. I know through this they will all be even more faithful, while I personally would question my faith at a time like this.

I’ve been reading their blog since CBB posted about Audrey and my heart just aches for them.

Stephany on

Wow. I am speechless at the loss Selah has had to deal with during these few short weeks. To lose two little babies is just tragic. Their faith is strong and they will be able to carry on through this tough time.

CTBmom on

My thoughts and prayers go out to family. Although, I do believe in God, sometimes I can’t help but wonder…why?

CTBmom on

… clarify what I just posted, I mean sometimes I wonder WHY? As in, why do things like this happen. Especially when the family has already suffered such a horrible loss.

Daze on

Could there be a connection between the deaths of these two infants, like a hereditary medical condition? Being first cousins, it could be a common trait causing it. They should research it.

Sarah on

I don’t think so. Audrey had severely underdeveloped organs and related issues while Luke was healthy and seems to have passed away from SIDS or something similar. Just so incredibly tragic.

Des on

Sooooo sad. I wonder how recently they received vaccines.

Margot on

Des, vaccination does not cause SIDS, which is what Luke’s death is most likely attributable to. Audrey did not die of SIDS. Sometimes babies just die, with no obvious cause. Blaming vaccination just smacks of ignorance and blame-ism.

Maxine on

Life is very unfair sometimes, a loss of a child is one of lifes biggest hardships. My sympathy and love to them and all who have lost a child.

Nicole on

Above is a link to little Lukie’s obituary (including an incredibly cute picture).

RobL on

Check out Congo Vignettes: Stories of God’s Faithfulness to Three Generations in the Heart of Africa. This is the story of Selah (Todd & Nicol’s family) in the Congo.