Katie Couric and Ellie attend Sex and the City afterparty

05/28/2008 at 07:25 AM ET

CBS Evening News anchorwoman Katie Couric, 51, and daughter Elinor ‘Ellie,’ 16, (l) and a friend attended the afterparty for Sex and the City on Tuesday, May 27th in NYC. Dad is the late Jay Monahan.


Photos by Dave Allocca/Startraks; Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Click below for a photo of Katie with Ellie and her friend.


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Colby on

Caroline is towering over them for being so young! Gorgeous family, its just sad how young they were when their father died. Katie did an amazing job though 🙂

Marilyn on

The girl on the right doesn’t look anything like Katie, Jay, nor Ellie.

UggaMugga.com on

Yikes, those are awfully short skirts…especially on a 12 year old! And at a Sex and the City event…

Beverley on

Is the one on the right really 12?
Did the girls go to the movie or just the after party? I don’t think that the Sex and the City movie is appropriate for a 12 year old, and neither is the outfit she is wearing in that picture. We should not be dressing our young girls (and the girl above is not even a teen yet) in clothes that are too old for them. Childhood only last so long, stay a kid a little longer. She will have the rest of her life to dress in short skirts and tight shirts if she wants to, but 12 is too young for it. That outfit would be more appropriate for a 18 year old rather than a 12 year old.

Sarah on

They only went to the afterparty I believe.

Renee on

I saw these pictures and knew people were going to have something negative to say about it. They look fine. Just because their legs are showing doesn’t mean that the outfit is not appropriate. Also, these are her daughters not ours. It’s not our place to judge whether their outfits are appropriate. Just because you wouldn’t let your daughter wear something doesn’t mean you should expect and then criticize someone for allowing their daughter to wear it. Katie seems to be a dedicated mother and from what I hear her daughters seem like nice, intelligent young women.

Mel on

God forbid Beverly make a harmless comment.

Are these scoldings necessary on almost every article comment section by the same few people? It seems like nobody here says anything they agree with so we all get a slap on the wrist for it.

Safa on

Renee, I understand us not being critical or passing judgement on other people’s children. However, certain things are just FACT-or if not fact, at least generally observed. A micro-mini skirt is too GROWN for a 12 year old PERIOD. There are too many “elements” that prey on children in general without setting up a scenario where we place children on “blast” for that kind of attention. Granted she is not my child but I tell you what, I remember when I was 11, I got dressed for school while my mom slept, snuck out and went to school with a mini skirt on. Needless to say, my mom was called to pick me up!

I could not care less whether a child is mine or not, I grew up in a time where it took a village (hokey I know) but using the excuse that “it’s not my child” is not acceptable. We are all in this together, especially where kids are involved. Myspace is filled with little girls posing as adults… Good grief, Katie Couric’s dress is longer than her daughter’s!

Renee on

Mel,if you have an issue with my comments just email me.I’m not attacking her. I didn’t even say her name. You did.

Bren on

Those girls look just like their father! So beautiful!!

I agree with them being to young for sex and the city and for those outfits, but who am I to judge? maybe Katie wouldn’t like the way my daughter is dreessed! lol They seem like nice girls 🙂

Jackie on

I have no problem believing that Caroline is 12. My 12 year old towers over me in exactly the same way. Both girls look great. Katie has done a great job raising such wonderful girls.

Mimi on

Caroline is so tall at 12 years old! They are beautiful, and I think that their outfits are cute and appropriate!

Lauren on

You hit the nail on the head, Mel. Unfortunately, it seems your comment is beyond the realm of a certain someone’s understanding.

I agree that Sex and the City is not appropriate for girls their age, but it seems like they only went to the after-party, which I don’t see anything wrong with. And even if they did see the movie, I think it might be a little toned down from the show. I can’t imagine some of the incidents on the show being allowed in a mainstream movie. I think Caroline’s outfit is too mature for a girl her age, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ve seen far worse. Ellie’s outfit looks cute.

Beverley on

Sorry, Renee, but I think that I am allowed to express my opinion on this site. So are you.

You might look at that outfit and see a cute little girl in it, but to many pedophiles out there, this is exactly what gets them going.

We as a society have to stop making our girls grow up faster than their bodies and minds can handle. Dressing appropriately is one way. We also shouldn’t be sending out mixed messages to the boys and men who will look at these girls. Girls wear seductive clothes that reveal a little too much or are too tight, and the minute the boys look at them, we tell them it’s bad. Girls only get to be girls for a short time, and I don’t think waiting for a few years beyond 12 before dressing her like that will harm her in any way.

Sorry, thought police!

Tara on

I think both girls looks beautiful. As for the outfits, whilst the skirts are short, they seem to me to be quite posh, smart outfits. I love Caroline’s skirt.

stephanie on

I haven’t seen the movie myself, but seeing as it’s rated R, I expect there will be some (or a lot) of sex scenes not unlike the show.

Asiram on

Call me old-fashioned (at 39 – yikes! ;), but at age 12 a micro-mini and high heels are just not age-appropriate. She’s not even a teenager yet!

Mel on

I didn’t say anyone was attacked. I can send an email if you want but I don’t see why, I just honestly don’t understand why all the scoldings and lectures are needed on these posts sometimes when nobody said anything out of line. That was basically it, sorry to offend.

Casey on

If a movie theatre doesn’t allow anyone under 17 into an R rated movie, then it seems very inappropriate to bring your children to the premiere. Even if it is only the after-party, the theme is inappropriate for a Mom/12-year-old daughter night out! Katie should be a “mom” not a “friend” to her girls.

Stephany on

Katie and her daughters are just beautiful. I have to say, I had to rub my eyes because Caroline looks wayyy older than 12! Geez. I have 13-year-old cousins and they look 5 years younger than her! I tend to agree with the posters who don’t think her outfit was appropriate. But then again, Katie seems like a very involved mother and I don’t think we’ll see her on any TMZ programs featuring her “escapades.” Let’s hope so, anyway!

Tiff on

I think people are forgetting that it was 80 degrees and humid yesterday in NYC.

esperanza on

Why is it that when little boys are photographed shirtless or in shorts no one says anything about pedophilia? Pedophiles are just as likely to be sexually aroused by those images as by these. I agree that those are short skirts, and I would never let my 12 year old watch SATC. Im just curious as to why no one takes an issue with pictures of half dressed boys as well…

Alex on

Really, their outfits are just fine. Did anyone even mention that she’s wearing a black long sleeved shirt? Her skirt isn’t even that short!! People are being so old fashioned.

As a mom in her mid-20’s, I see nothing wrong with their outfits at all. You should’ve seen girls at my high school…many of you would have a heart attack.

I also think the comment about it taking a village is ridiculous – she’s not your daughter, so let her be and dress your daughter as you see fit.

Also, movie theaters allow under 17 into R movies with an adult. If they wanted, they could’ve gone in just fine with their mom, which as I’ve read, they didn’t. But my point is that you can see an R movie with an adult so it is appropriate. I remember my mom and I seeing R movies together when I was that age. It was a special girls time together, and sorry to disappoint, but I’m not all screwed up from it.

Sarita on

If anything, a phedophile would not be attracted to this girl because she looks too old. They like children, remember?

I think they look cute and not inappropriate at all. There are no breasts hanging out or anything.

carla at somethingaboutbaby.com on

Girl’s night out. The are such tall, beautiful girls.

J.M. on

Wow twelve???…..speechless.

Julie on

These girls are too young to go to this event. Celebrating a movie about women that change men as much as they change sox? I expected more from Katie.

Leigh on

I am the mother of an almost 12 year old and she would never be allowed to dress like that. But of course, we are not of Katie’s standing either. In the limelight, celebs let their children dress any way they want which their perogative(?). As guess as long as it is not my child or yours, we should not care too much. I do believe the 12 year old is hiding alot more things that the 17 year old with the almost see through shirt though. They both also look very mature and I am sure they have been taught how to handle themselves while in the public. Katie would definitely see to that.

fuzibuni on

everyone certainly has something to say about hows katie’s daughters are dressed.

and we’re worried about what pedophiles think?

i’d me more concerned about all the hens in the chicken coop pecking her apart.

SoDe on

I don’t believe the length of the twelve-year-old’s skirt is the issue. If most of us look at our childhood photos, we’re often in a short dress, however, we still look five, six, or eight or whatever age we are in the photo. The problem is the short skirt and the heels make her look older than twelve which exposes her to attitudes, conversations, and perceptions that are inappropriate for a twelve-year-old, especially if those around her don’t know she’s twelve. Unless, of course, her mother is always there to safeguard against such things.

Leia on

Please don’t let other’s comments about being young parents change your minds or make you think you’re just old and out of touch! I’m in my early twenties and have two young daughters. If either of them ever tried to go out in public dressed in such short skirts they would be getting sent straight to their rooms and the clothing would be getting burned! There is no need for a 12 year old to be dressed like this. I thought it when I was that age, and I still think that way.

Aitch on

I think that the mini-skirt and super high heels are way too “mature,” and yes, inappropriate for her 12 year old daughter. I think I have the right to post that without being attacked for simply stating my opinion. It not like it is going to change anything in Katie Couric’s life. Why can’t people have fun and make so- called “critical” statements about some of the celebrity parents— without being attacked.

sarah on

I totally agree that a short skirt like that is not age appropriate for a 12 yr old but have we seen the way kids dress these days? You rarely see age appropriate dressing for kids these days. Kids want to dress in what is popular and unfortunately micro mini’s are in for all ages.

brooke on

Both girls look like their dad, and look older for their ages

Bancie1031 on

I think all of them look great! What some people don’t realize (IMO) is that Caroline is tall and VERY “leggy”, so her skirt just seems shorter than it would on a shorter less leggier (not sure if that’s even a word LOL) girl. My 7 year old is almost as tall as me (she’s up to my chin) and taller than my friends 9 year old daughter, so when the 9 year old passes skirts and shorts down to my daughter they ALWAYS look shorter on my daughter than they did on the 9 year old just because she has more legs. I see nothing wrong with the way either of them are dressed (and if anyone is wondering I’m 29). I seen girls wearing a lot less in High School and everytime I go out. I think they look classy not trashy. Plus I’m sure Katie was around the whole time to supervise. 😀

Kristen on

The girl to the right isn’t Katie’s daughter Carrie. It’s one of Ellie’s friends who is 16, like Ellie.

Midwest Girl on

Those skirts are an inch away from showing everything. No way will my teens wear skirts that short.

e on

the girl one the right is NOT Carrie.. its ellie’s friend.. Ali Lebow. Her mother is the Deputy Mayor of NYC.

kris on

Did anyone acutally read the caption above the picture. It says Katie is with her daughter Ellie and her FRIEND. Meaning that the girl is not 12 yrs old

liith on

All that nonsense for nothing!
And dear CBB, if you make such a mistake, shouldn’t there be a more appropriate update, like in the header of the post?

esperanza on

Lol, Salty!

shell on

Please !! Ladies can’t you remeber when your skirt was that short? I commend Katie for doing what most Mother’s don’t do, letting your girls be GIRLS!!!!