Erika Buenfil confirms Ernesto Zedillo Jr. is the father of her son, Nicolas

05/28/2008 at 12:02 PM ET

Erikabuenfilrodol_15119987_max_cbbSince the birth of her son three years ago, Mexican actress Erika Buenfil has remained mum on the identity of her son Nicolas‘ father.  Now — in what Erika is calling a breech of her son’s privacy — talk show host Ines Gomez Mont, from the show Ventaneando, has announced on-air that the boy’s father is indeed architect Ernesto Zedillo Jr., the son of Mexico’s ex-president, Ernesto Zedillo.  Ines claims that she is close friends with Ernesto and his wife, Rebeca Saenz, and had been given their permission to make the announcement.

Erika, who has since confirmed that Ernesto is her son’s father, is extremely upset that her son’s private life has been made public without her consent.  Up until this point, there had been an agreement between Erika, 43, and Ernesto that they would not discuss their relationship or any other aspects of their private life together — including Nicolas.

I have never received anything from him, nor does he support my son, but I will continue on; I haven’t had any form of contact with him, no one has called me.  No one — but me — has the right to talk about how things were.

Erika shared that her relationship with Ernesto lasted for two months in 2004, but when she was eight months pregnant, Ernesto married Rebeca.  Ernesto and Rebeca now have two daughters together.

Source: People en Espanol; Photo by Rodolfo Michel/


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Amelia on

Wow – it’s terrible that the talk show host felt it necessary to share such personal information that did not even involve her. What do people get out of doing things like this?? Erika was just trying to protect her son (who’s most important in this situation) and her right to privacy and it’s really sad that someone outside of her life would share this information with the public without her permission.

Sarita on

What an awful person, or persons actually! The father of her child also sounds like a very unpleasant person!

Bren on

Erika is so brave!! I watched how sad she was when she was pregnant and then gave birth to Nicolas because the father of the baby was not there with her…she said she as a women was fine with it, but as a mother she could not understand how a father would not show any interest on their baby. She never said who the father was, but a lot of people in Mexico knew it was Ernesto Zedillo Jr. which he got married when Erika was 7-8 months pregnant and he NEVER visited Nicolas or gave him any child support…I have seen pictures in magazines of him, his wife and with their 2 daughters, (I believe once is 2 and a half and the other one is about 1 yrs old.) It makes me sad and angry how a man can do this to his son and how a women, because there is a rumor is wife knew, can just ignore his son for over 3 years and now all of the sudden come out and say oh yeah he is mine, but he has never said, I will give him my last name and give him support. Oh and Ines Gomez-Mont is a **beep** for saying something so personal!

Sorry to write so much…it just makes me soo mad!!

Erin on

Did he cheat on Rebeca with Erika or the other way around?

Is there anyway that she can sue for invasion of privacy?

IMO, it is extremely low for this Ines person to announce this without asking ERIKA first – it’s one thing to get permission from the dead-beat dad and his (trophy) wife but not from the MOTHER, the one raising and supporting this child all on her own. I mean, how DARE she.

Obviously something else is going on here – Ernesto and Rebeca seem to have ulterior motives to let this leak NOW… to embarass Erika or publicity… both?

babyboopie on

I totally understand this- although my ex-boyfriend was with me throughout my pregnancy with Pierre, he was very dismissive about it and wasn’t even vaguely interested, I think he saw it as a duty. Anyway, he was better after the birth of our boy, and he was quite supportive but then when my son was 18months, he left us and only saw Pierre occassionally til he was 2 years old- He has never given me money to support my baby. I was on my own with a demanding 2 year old son in Paris, having only just learnt the language and it was a very tough time for me. My son and I haven’t seen his father since he was 2, and I feel sad about that, because I want Pierre to have a dad, to have that male role model and he doesn’t have one. I also feel guilty as well, and it is difficult.
We don’t know where he is living now or if he has a new family.
However, since I am the primary carer of my son- I feel I have total right to my son’s privacy and his life- because he is innocently so young.
I feel for Erika, and I hope she sees sense and do something about it as it’s her son’s life.

Bren on

Erin, some people say that Erika and Ernesto had a one night stand, Erika said they had been dating for 2-4 months when she told him she was pregnant he got nervous and left her…then a couple of months later he started dating this Rebeca lady and I believe she got pregnant and married her…so they were both single when the preganancy occurred…Erika said a while back that she felt so so sad when she found out he was getting married only a couple of months after meeting Rebeca and that Rebecca was pregnant and she (Erika) was 7-8 months pregnant!! Poor girl!! imagine!!!!???

Then after Nicolas was born he did not want to see him, she pressured him a little and he went to see him, yet she said he did not hold him or anything, he jusst saw him and left, she eventually gave up and decided to raise Nicolas on her own, and NEVER made any more comments about it and NEVER revealed his name.

Now Erika is dating this new guy, after 3 years and all this happens..why he and his trophy wife decided to make it public now? nobody know, Erika said this news surprise her very much. I personally think is because he is the only male son he has and Ernesto Zedillo is son of the ex president of Mexico, and some men are all into keepin the last name going…and he only has 2 girls..I don’t know…is my opinion…and what makes me more mad is that he did not even have the ‘ba***’ of saying it himself, he had his ‘good friend’ say it…

SweetDiva on

I hate to think this way, but doesn’t this revelation also impose a greater security risk on young Nicolas (as the son of the former president)? It was incredibly irresponsible to draw this kind of attention on a child.

Ivey on

She should of had some sort of gag order and she definetly should have gone after child support!! Regardless of how long the relationship lasted, you need to take care of your child. End of discussion.

ZBella on

He’s the former presidents grandson…
What a creep, this Ernesto Jr. I feel sorry for both women and all his children.

Bugs on

SweetDiva, Nicolas is not the son of the former president, he’s the grandson.

I personally think Edith Gonzales’ case is worse cause the father IS a politician himself and a married man.

Kat on

I have to agree…. whatever arrangement about his care and all was made should be honored by them keeping silent.

And I think that keeping silent was what was best for Nicholas anyway… not having the press all over it and publicizing it.

And what about his sisters? I doubt they will want to be able to look on the computer one day and read about how it came out their father did this. Much better to be able to keep it private and between family members.

Of course, I think it is wrong that he has gotten out of paying any support or anything, but since he doesn’t get to see him and Erika chose not to force him, that’s her business. But if he’s not going to be a father in any way to the child, then he needs to keep his trap shut.

Amillia on

My 2 cents –

The sperm bank (Jr.) feels that his baby’s mama is going to get married to her present boyfriend. The baby will most likely call his step father “DAD”. So, sperm bank wants the world to know that he is the baby daddy.

We all know, if this actress would have NEVER dated again…only lived her life as a SINGLE MOTHER Jr would have never opened his mouth. Jr is upset because another man (A REAL MAN) will be raising his ONLY son.

Bren on

Amilia: So true…

and the ‘sperm bank jr’ is so funny and so true!! lol

Nicole on

Listen, I was 18 when I had my daughter, her father has never given me a dime in child support, and I’ve never asked. He has not seen her since she was about a year and a half, (she’s 15, now)and I just don’t think you should ever have to go after child support from a parent. It takes 2 people to create a child (usually) :)so I’ve never understood why anyone should have to make someone pay for the child that they helped create. It should be done automatically. But boy he sure loved to show off her pictures and tell people that he had a daughter. That just burns me up! Obviously my daughter’s father isn’t the only scumbag out there. I would never say a bad word about him. When she was younger, I just told her that her dad wasn’t ready to be a parent. That way she can make her own mind up about him whenever she chooses to allow him into her life.

Erin on

Thanks for all the info, Bren! I completely agree with you and Amillia – this guy is definitely having some issues about his only son possibly getting a new – REAL – daddy. Boohoo for him – should have been around long before this… =P

I don’t know anything about Erika but this story just burns me up… the nerve of some people! And this Ines girl… isn’t she the one would showed up at a football conference or something in the states wearing a wedding dress and proposed to Tom Brady and some other guy?? Definitely a publicity hound!! =|


carol on

I think that is shameful that a talk show use such personal information to get their ratings so pathetic to give their opinions on something that is not their business ..i think that Mr. Zedillo is such a coward man that he couldn’t admit himself that he was the father..he has to leak the information to a third party to do his job..i feel sorry for the baby and the mother for having any connections whatsoever with this individual