CBB Exclusive: A Bailey Baio update from Renee

05/28/2008 at 04:22 PM ET

Scottbaion3152_cbb_2Now that Bailey DeLuca Baio is growing like a weed — she’ll be 7-months old next Monday — parents Scott and Renee Baio are slowly introducing her to the world of solid food! In her latest CBB-exclusive update, Renee shared that because she has known food allergies and Scott’s brother Steven has a severe allergy to wheat, Bailey’s pediatrician suggested a delayed scheduled for feeding, which they’ve followed. However, Bailey has also some ideas of her own.

Last week at Scott’s mother’s house, Bailey took mashed potatoes and a handful of cornbread off of my plate and shoved them into her mouth. So we thought, "Well, she must be ready to eat now." I started her on rice cereal and peach cobbler. She doesn’t really care for sweet potatoes too much. Bailey has been holding her own bottle since she was 4-months old (see photos) anduses her sippy cup once a day when she eats her solids.

Despite being born five weeks early, Renee is happy to report that Bailey has completely caught up from her 5 lbs, 12 oz starting point, and is even making noises that sound suspiciously like "da-da," much to Scott’s delight.

Bailey is 90th percentile in height! Scott and I are still scratching our heads on that one as he is 5’10" and I am 5’3" — she is 75th percentile in weight. Two weeks ago she woke up saying "da-da" so Scott is totally whipped on his little girl! He has always been proud of her, but now he is over the moon and back again.

Images of Bailey and info on Renee’s favorite new products below.


Being new to many of the products on the market, Renee, 35, told us she is especially enamored with Boon. The company prides itself on carrying "innovative products for modern parents," and Renee can’t say enough about them. She’s currently loving the Benders spoon and spork set ($6) and the Flair Elite Pedestal highchair ($380).

Thischair is so amazing! It is very easy to get in and out of — using onlyone hand! — and very easy to clean, plus it’s on wheels with a brakepedal. They also have a great spoon and spork setthat bends so the child can feed themselves without having to turnthe wrist too much.

Renee tells us the family’s MySpace was hacked recently, but they’ve got a new one up and going here.

Bailey’s pants are by Zutano.


Photos for use on CBB courtesy Scott and Renee Baio. Use elsewhere prohibited without express permission.

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ashley@la.com on

Bailey is so cute–she looks just like her mom to me!

Irene on

She’s beautiful! I want to squeeze those cheeks.

Mystie on

I was wondering how they were since Renee took down her myspace page. Bailey is just too cute for words!! She really is growing like a weed. I can’t believe she is already 7 months old! Wow! Am I the only one who chuckled reading that Scott is over the moon and back again when it comes to Bailey? He’s totally changed since she was born(from what I see from a fan point of view). Fatherhood seems to really agree with him. Renee has been good for him too I think:)

CTBmom on

Sweet baby!! I agree….she totally takes after her mama.

tink1217 on

what a sweetie!!! $380 for a highchair though?? Not for me! I think I might spend $100 on a Fisher Price. I think my daughter’s high chair (back in 1989) cost me $45!! LOL.

Beverley on

Do you really think she paid for it? It was probably given to her by the company so she could mention it on her blog.

m on

Severe allergy to wheat? Does she mean Celiac? It actually is not an allergy but an autoimmune disorder. Hope Bailey doesn’t get it. It runs in my family and it isn’t fun!

Cait on

M – allergies to wheat are not necessarily Celiac. My mom has an allergy to wheat, luckily it’s not severe like Scott’s brother, and she does not have Celiac’s.

Adorable baby girl! So cute how she decided she was ready for real people food all on her own!

Bancie1031 on

OMG she is SOOO cute! I wonder if their show is coming back on.

Stef on

M–Perhaps she means gluten intolerance?

Bailey is such a cute little squirt. I can’t wait until the next season of “Scott Baio…” It is honestly one of the funniest shows on tv.

Lisa on

I think that Renee is such a sweet lady and I am glad that fatherhood is agreeing with Scott. Bailey is the same age as my son and I have to admit I am a little jealous. Matt is still not holding his bottle. LOL. He does eat a mean ham and apples though 🙂

Maybe they could have a play date? *smile*

Lacey on

She is so cute!!!

Carrie on

Then she was born I though she looked like Scott, but I must say at 7 months she is the spitting image of Renee.

Kaitlynn on

Oh my Bailey is so cute and love her beautiful eyes. She looks so much like her mom.

Kat on

I just love this family. I watched the reality show because of Scott Baio and knowing he was seriously trying to find love.

I loved Renee… she was not super young and was just a normal single mom who was trying a slightly out of the norm way to find love.

It worked and they are now married and have this beautiful baby. It doesn’t get any better.

They, along with Trista and Ryan Sutter, are the success stories that come when people enter these situations for the RIGHT reasons.

Stephany on

She is so adorable! Bailey is my new favorite girls name. It’s cute! I can’t believe she was holding her own bottle at 4 months old! I used to work in an infant room and we were lucky if we had a 6 month old holding his own bottle! 😉

Charity on

What a doll! I bet Scott is already buying locks (for her room) and learning to use a gun. No doubt she’ll be breaking hearts when she’s older.

Thanks to Renee for updating us CBB fans. I loved the show and hope VH1 renews it for this year.

Sarah on

Yeah, I agree 100% with you Carrie. At first she looked just like Scott now she looks like a litte mini mama.

Kate on

Bailey is so precious!!

brooke on

Bailey is so cute, she has gotten so big. She has beautiful eyes, and looks exactly like her mom. She looks nothing like daddy now. That’s a nice highchair, and sciott is so handsome

Linds on

she is SO cute! looks like a Gerber baby!

Sheri on

Even though Scott was freaked out on the show about fatherhood, I knew once he had this precious baby that he would be nuts about her! She’s a beautiful baby ~ I do think she looks like Renee, too. And I agree … Scott is looking mighty handsome in this picture 🙂

LaMama on

She is such a sweet baby! Thanks, Renee, for sharing!

JOwens on

I am so happy to hear that everything is going well for all of you. I loved your show and and so happy for you. Congratulations on your marriage and the birth of your little princess Bailey.