Angelina Jolie on pregnancy, looks, plans, and being Brangelina

05/28/2008 at 08:37 AM ET

Angelinajoliedomin_51997195_max_cbbWhile appearing in Cannes for a promotional blitz for upcoming films Kung-Fu Panda, Wanted, and Changeling, Angelina Jolie sat down with journalist Helen Barlow of the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 32-year-old actress and Ms. Barlow discussed a variety of topics, including her pregnancy with twins, rumors that she and Brad Pitt may wed, the focus on her looks, good friend Gwen Stefani, mending fences with her father, being Brangelina, and more.

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On coming to Cannes:

Yeah, I’m OK, so far I’m just fine. Everybody said I didn’t have to come,but I was feeling all right. It’s not such hard work. I’m sittingand talking a lot and everybody is being nice to me.

If anything,being pregnant and not working I’ve had more time to read andstudy, to do all those things that I don’t when I’m working.

On her pregnancy weight gain:

As she held her stomach, Angelina answered,

No, Ihaven’t [gained elsewhere]. It’s genetics. Dad’s a lanky person. I’mactually trying to put on as much weight as possible so I canstretch, you know. I want as much room as possible.

On good friend Gwen Stefani, also due around the same time — again!:

Somehow we keep ending up pregnant at the exact same time.We were having a play-date and Gwen was trying to figure out whatshe was going to wear as she got more pregnant and I asked her ifshe had any spare clothes, and she gave me this [L.A.M.B. casual black] dress.

Plans after the birth of the twins:

I plan to disappearfor at least a month or two afterwards.

On rumors she and and Brad may wed:

I know! [laughs] I turned on thenews and heard we were getting married, and thought, ‘That’s odd!’You know, we’re not against it; it’s not something we’re making astand about or are scared of. It’s just not felt necessary. We’veboth been married before and I think we feel like we are togetherbecause we want to be.

We want to raise these children together;we’re committed to them and that’s the priority. It’s not aboutsome contract binding us to have to be dedicated to each other, butthat we were going to start building this family and be close justbecause we are. So we don’t need to do it but one day we will.Maybe if the kids start asking — they’ll probably be the ones tomake the decision.

On the focus on her looks:

I don’t take it seriously at all and I never listen to it. Ilook in the mirror and I see my mom and I see my little daughter.Like everybody, there are things about myself that I don’t like. I don’t want to point out my flaws. I have them. [laughs] But right now in my life I have a really good partner andsomebody who makes me feel that even when I’ve got the flu and I’msick or if I’ve just had my C-section in the hospital when I hadShiloh, he makes me feel beautiful.

I think there is a lot to beingsupported and loved. You know, my kids make me feel beautiful. Truebeauty is when you’ve reallyfound something inside yourself that you’re at peace with and thepeople around you are as well.

On being ‘Brangelina:’

We find it silly because we are both so goofy and we know whowe are. The fortunate thing is we have so many kidsand so many things that ground us. Brad was laughing on the redcarpet and people were asking if we were having a great time, butwhat he was laughing about was he’d just gotten peed on by ourdaughter!

On care for the children:

Angelina admits they have multiple nannies, but shared that they do not spend the night.

We take turns working so one of us isalways at home and when we work we limit the hours. We don’t workon weekends. We make sure both of us are at home for at leastbreakfast or dinner. We adjust everything around family and we’relucky that we can.

I feel for mothers who give birth and have to goto work immediately. We can bring our kids to work, and we onlywork four months of the year.

Why she chose to sign on to Wanted, an action movie in which she plays an assassin:

When this movie came along, I’d done A Mighty Heart,which is very emotional, and then I was going intoChangeling, which was also about losinga child. I had lost my mom, I’d had a baby and I’d beenbreastfeeding and I was in a very emotional place as a woman. Iknew instinctually and talked to Brad about it, that if I couldfind something that would get me physical again it would be liketherapy, because everything was making me cry.

On mending fences with her estranged father, Jon Voight:

I think sometimes you have to distanceyourself from relationships you feel are unhealthy for you. But wehave spoken recently and we are going to try to get to know eachother and maybe try not to be this daddy and daughter, but to bethere for each other as friends in the coming years.

More kids?:

We keep thinking, ‘is there ever going to be a time when wedon’t have kids in the house?’ Maybe we’ll eventually start afoster home or something. We have a clinic that handles children sothere are ways of looking after kids without actually physicallyhaving them in your home and we’re doing more and more of that. ButI think we will adopt again. I’d like to do it again.

Kung-Fu Panda is out June 6th, Wanted is in theaters June 27th, and Changeling will be released November 7th.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald; Photo by Dominique Charriau/WI/

Thanks to CBB reader Sarah.


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MMM on

I love her and Brad and their family. I love how she talks about Shiloh in this interview. It should clear up the rumors that she is the neglected child:).

Can you imagine Gwen and Angelina in Gwen’s closet swapping clothes? That’s great!

babyboopie on

Aw that is so beautiful! The interview really made me appreciate Brangelina all the more- they are so down to earth and really lovely people!
I’m always thinking about adopting because I want share my home with these little orphaned children, but from my country (France) so it will have that connection with my son and have that French nature in her/him. I am seriously considering it because it would be nice for my son to have a sibling and for myself to care for somebody that is not genetically mine, because I have so much love to give.
Angelina is my inspiration- more and more people should adopt- it is such an amazing feeling!

Natalie S. on

I seriously think Angelina is my generations Audrey Hepburn with a slight edge…lol I love Angelina pregnant, she’s stunning. I’m glad to hear that she and her father are making an effort to know each other again. I loved reading what she had to say in regards to her interview! Now I can’t wait to see pictures of the twins!

Bren on

Awesome interview! I love the part where she says she asked Gwen for her clothes!! How cool is that!??!! Rich people share clothes too!! 🙂

(LOVE- J ) on


sara on

Awesome woman, wonderful mother. She seems so selfless and devoted to her family.


I love “Brangelina”! I knew Brad was a goofball.

bridget on

I love her interviews!

Grayson's Girl on

What an awesome interview! I love how candid she is with her answers. It’s almost strange that they are such a force and such a Hollywood phenomena yet so normal. The image of big, sexy Brad Pitt walking Cannes with baby urine all over him and laughing his head off with Angelina because of it is the epitome of irony. Such a normal parent experience in the most dazzling of places and times. Same with Angelina and Gwen Stefani swapping maternity clothes. Who would have thunk it? LOL Insanely rich and fabulous people swap clothes too! It’s no wonder people are so enamoured with them as a couple.

ana on

I love her interviews also. She is always interesting. She rocks!!

Elyse on

She is a beautiful human being inside and out!

loris on

Her interviews are always interesting. I love hearing about her from her own words, she’s not this madeup weird person the tabloids have her to be.

She is really a very smart, sweet, and amazing woman.

Aurora on

I SO enjoyed this interview… I am a huge fan of Angelina Jolie and of her and Brad’s wonderful family! Can’t wait to see pics of the newest additions 🙂

AngieAdmirer on

Agree with above posts. Even though she is a “superstar”, “celebrity”, “sought after famous actress”, she nonethless comes across as humble, down to earth and quite “normal” when talking in everyday standards… I beleive that these two belong together and quite admire them for how they choose to live and parent their ever-increasing family. One interview that Ange gave awhile back really stuck a cord with me, she was talking about how she did not want Maddox to become accustomed to all the materialistic things that they can so easily afford and give to their children, she referenced their home in Cambodia and said that when they are there, Maddox goes out and plays with the local children and plays with whatever “materials” are available, for example sticks, balls, rocks, etc… whatever. She said that she does not allow her children to have playstations, etc.. in every hotel they subsequently travel too.. they make do with whatever is available in that part of the world. When ever I heard that, it made me appreciate her parenting style that much more… I get so tired of seeing/hearing about celeb kids kitted out in the best of the best and the most fabulous, etc.. yes, their “celeb” parents’ can afford all that, but what about instilling some less tangible qualities into the kids: i.e.: grace, humility, compassion, kindness, hard work ethics, etc…hopefully the next slew of “celeb” kiddies will not fall into the paris/lindsay “trap” of selfish over-indulgence and the narcissistic pursuit of self… Anyway, my two cents…

annie on

They should adopt a black boy next. For Zahara.

Evy-Miami on

Yet another one that has captured me….got to admit I was not a fan of Angelina…(always loved Brad)but you can understand without me saying here. I am starting to really like Angelina the more I find out about her. She truly is a great person beautiful inside and out. I am so happy for them that they can afford to adopt and have so many kids. God Bless them because I know it’s hard work no matter how many nannies you have. Great interview.

I don't believe it on

The woman will SAY ANYTHING – and does. She’s such a phoney piece of crap. Notice that she’s ALWAYS the one to “open up” about their relationship? The story changes often and we’re supposed to “buy in” to each version she decides to spin.
She’s a joke and her 15 minutes should have been up by now. NEXT!

KD Griffin on

What a wonderful interview. They seem like well adjusted grounded parents.

lia beth on

As a long long time Brad fan, I can not be more happy that he and Angelina found each other and have this beautiful family. I have come to admire Angelina more and more each day.

mary on

I loved the part where she says Brad makes her feel beautiful even when she is sick. That just makes me swoon.

FC on

It’s quite funny that she and Gwen ended up pregnant right around the same time, and I didn’t know they swapped clothes. That’s cute.

But I really loved how she said that her kids and Brad make her feel beautiful when she feels anything but. That was just beautiful to read, no pun intended.

morgansmom on

i agree, angelina is definitely my generation’s audrey hepburn especially with that comment about true beauty and where it comes from…have always been a fan of audrey and now am totally enamored with angelina…that comment about brad making her feel beautiful even with a c-section makes me swoon too on

I’m not a huge Angelina fan and I really loved this interview! She certainly had nothing to prove to me, but I found her much more likable and real after reading this…I’m glad I did! She may have a new fan. 🙂

Stephany on

I’m really not a huge Angelina fan but after this interview, I don’t know why I’m not! She was so candid and real in this interview. I just love the love she expresses about her children. Gosh, I would love to be a fly on the wall in their house for one day! It must be a blast.

Kaley on

I agree with the other posters who think that Angelina is like Audrey Hepburn. They are very similar in some ways, except that Angelina is more on the edgy side. I really admire Angie for her humanitarian work and her outlook on raising children. It was also really sweet how she mentioned that how she sees her mother Marcheline and daughter Shiloh when she looks in the mirror. I also love the fact that she is good friends with my other favorite celebrity, Gwen Stefani, and that they share clothes.

Erin on

Wonderful interview! ♥ Nice to hear that she and Jon are starting to reconcile again, though I fully understand/understood why she would not want him in her life. Hopefully it will work out this time but, if not, at least she can say she tried!

brooke on

It’s great at least her dad and her are talking. He is her only living parent, and parents sometimes make mistakes but he has always loved her and she has loved him too. And she is a mom herself and would probably feel bad if one of her kids didn’t talk to her in the future, so hopefully things work out for them. I think after the twins they won’t have anymore bio kids, but adopt another african child for zahara in about a year I bet

landroverdisco on

Initially, I’ll admit I was not a fan of them. But this pregnancy and the months leading up to it, I have a new found respect for them. She looks phenomenal…just absolutely gorgeous for being preggo w/ twins. And, she possesses this very peaceful and spiritual glow about her. Her girls, no doubt, are going to be stunning. I am hoping one or both of the twins gets her mahogany hair and blue eyes.

taegan on

What a beautiful interview. Thanks CBB.

Angie is always candid and sensitive, that’s why I love reading real interviews from her and not tabloid rubbish! She has NO secrets.

Brad is a great guy and has always been. There is no history of him being a ‘bad’ person and most of his Ex’s still praise.

I do hope things resolve properly for her and her Dad.

Jen DC on

What struck me most is the part of the discussion about her relationship with her father. About 10 years ago, I came to the same conclusion: Dad and I were never going to be father-daughter in the traditional sense; but we could learn to be friends. It’s frankly about avoiding the big trap of imposing your expectations instead of accepting the other person as they are. My mom was – and is – the one pushing the traditional type of relationship, but it never worked. But what we have now, our friendship, it works much better. I’ve stopped fighting his nature and that’s made all the difference.

Maria on

I doubt if I will ever like her. Evewn though I applaud her himantarian work, I feel she is false. I guess time will tell. She hurt another human being badly and to me that will always define her. She does not even seem to care one bit. What kind of person is that?

lily on

i bet when brad and angie are home there like any other family, playing with the kids, laughing, watching movies or tv, playing in the pool, and just being a normal family.

Jem on

she is so wonderful and i love how real she actually is! i love the part about how brad was laughing because one of their kids peed on him! classic!

Lilly on

I’m a long time Angie fan. In the past few years she has undergone such a transformation, what an inspiration she is and how incredibly lovely her family is! I really enjoyed this interview because I love how honest and generous she is.