Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes want their 'shopping habits' kept private

05/27/2008 at 07:41 AM ET

Suri_cruise_pcn_21661pcn_tomkat08_2TMZ is reporting that actors Tom Cruise, 45, and Katie Holmes, 29, have been in contact — via their lawyers — with the Hollywood upscale boutique, Petit Tresor asking that any shopping they do at their store for their daughter, Suri, 2, be kept private. 

Recently, a statement had been released by the popular boutique stating that the family had spent somewhere between $350,000 – $400,000 on clothes at that store’s location within the past two years.  Although the statement is said to be false, Tom and Katie feel that their privacy rights were violated and had their lawyers ask Petit Tresor to "not say anything (whether true or false) about Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes’ shopping habits."

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Thanks to CBB reader Erin.

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Amanda on

But judging people based on their choice of dealing with post partum depression, thats okay. As long as you don’t talk about what clothes I buy for my child! I mean there are boundaries people!

Brandi on

Petit Tresor always seems to have someone willing to tell about the people who shop there, what they bought and how they felt about it. That is often where the rumors seem to start about celebrities having a boy or girl, or even that they are pregnant to begin with.

leni on

Geesh, he seems so litigious to me. Just don’t shop there.

nora on

While I see Cruise’s point, getting lawyers involved makes me think the store is correct on how much they spent on Suri. That store likes to get publicity by mentioning their famous clientele; that is understandable, but if celebs don’t like this..they can always shop somewhere else.

Sarita on

I don’t understand why celebrities still shop there. If I was one I would boycott them or put out some bad press if they told on me.

stephanie on

Petit Tresor is infamous for leaking info, some they made up themselves.

It’s sad that they have to ASK the store to do that. It’s so disrespectful to their customers.

brannon on

I agree – for someone who has a lot to say about others, AND the ability to shop anywhere in the world for Suri – it seems as if this is a silly problem. Just stop shopping there. This reminds me of when celebs go the Ivy and then get mad at the paps. They make millions off of being seen but they are also smart enough to know where to avoid.

Nicole on

I see his point… who cares how much they spent? Why tell people that? Just another example of people who can’t mind their own business.

sheba on

I agree with Tom on this one. I’m sure he did approach the store and asked them not to reveal details of their shopping experience and they refused to comply. While I think it’s okay for a store to advertised that “so and so shopped here” it’s completely inappropriate to give details about how much they spent and what they bought. It’s no one’s business. These people should act professionally and if they have staff members that are leaking details to the tabloids they need to be fired. It’s very simple to contact a celebrities handlers and put in a request to use their name in some local advertisement or to get a quote for their store. If the celebrity says no, they should respect their decision and move on.


. I’m sure he did approach the store and asked them not to reveal details of their shopping experience and they refused to comply.

Why would you assume that? And why would he unless he suspected someone there to talk..if I suspected as much, I wouldnt shop there.

Can you imagine if the Jolie-Pitt family threatened to sue every time they were said to be buying a house in France? Recently they were supposed to be buying a $70 million dollar home there! Or a yacht? Or an island?

Yes I would be very annoyed at the store, but suing them? Just say you aren’t shopping there ever again, this will let other celebs know they too could have their purchases made public. THAT would hit the store in their pocket book, not to mention give them a tainted reputation…THAT might get them to curb this practice.

lois on

Sounds like he is just embarrased for people to know how much they spent on baby clothes.

mikayla on

This store sells more than clothes..also furniture, bedding etc etc. You would think they would want to keep their biggest client’s happy and be more dscreet.

Cait on

Shouldn’t it technically, as far as legal purposes go, be Mr. and Mrs. Cruise and not Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes since they’re married? I know that’s a funny thing to point out, but it jumped off the page at me.

Mindy on

Hmmm….I wonder if this means she is pregnant again? The store has been releasing information since she was pregnant with Suri. The timing makes me wonder!

Lila on

I agree with Tom Cruise here. First of all from what I read the shop actually made up the numbers….they are now denying ever leaking out the false info.

“We didn’t leak any information,” Winch told “We don’t leak. It’s our policy not to discuss our celebrity clientele.”

brannon on

Cait – They probably released the info that way since she still uses her name. (On a personal note, I prefer this anyway since there is no reason for her to just be an attachment to him, she should retain her own identity. I feel this way anyway, but especially when someone marries someone so famous. She could easily be lost and enough people already speak of her as “his.”)

cale on

I doubt Katie is pregnant since she is doing a play this fall.

tara on

Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Bergdorfs, Saks etc.. never/rarely leak information on purchases by celebrity clients (to my knowledge). It is just wrong and disrespectful and I am glad the Cruise family has decided to give them a slap on the wrist. I find the “marketing” methods of this store quite shady.

reda on

So it is possible they didn’t leak anything. It could just be more tabloid tall tales like the jolie pitts buying that mansion or yacht in france?
But once again Tom has to flex his suing muscle.

Yasmin on

I’m sure Petit Tresor was horrified to have this made public and I wouldn’t doubt they are taking steps in the future to maintain and respect their clients’ privacy. It isn’t good for business to have this negative publicity of not being discreet with customer information.

Emaline on

First thing that came to mind was maybe they’re expecting #2 and will be buying more things from them and want it to be kept secret! Or maybe it’s wishful thinking upon me lol, I’m ready for Suri #2 đŸ˜‰

Campbell on

Everyone has to choose their battles…. and i think there are many when you are at this level of stardom. Shopping purchases are incredibly personal. I have always thought (and stated so in past posts) that it is incredibly unprofessional to publish actual shopping purchases. There are more discreet ways to hint at TYPES of items and not actually disclose shopping purchases. I think it is wrong. Period. I say good for him, if this is true.

Leslie on

I’m not saying that Petit Tresor isn’t guilty, but perhaps the store owners/managers didn’t say anything, but most people that work in a retail store aren’t making too much money, so perhaps one of their employees leaked the information. My husband’s family own a retail business, and I know it is very hard to find good, loyal people.

Maria on

For all the money they give that store, you would think they would keep it private and respect their customers. I am with Cruise on this one.

No one is suing any one. They just told them to shut up.

Jess on

If it were me, I would notify the management of my displeasure with the situation and stop shopping there. It’s not as if there aren’t a million other sources for clothing and baby/child gear that would be much more respectful of their privacy and appreciative of the large amount of money they have available to spend.

Lenny on

Let’s not get carried away here. There is no right to privacy concerning how much you purchase at a store. If they have a problem with it, why not stop shopping there? I may seem insensitive, but this is the type of unwanted publicity they could easily avoid. There are many places to shop that won’t tell. PT is not known for being discreet. There are many ways to shop without anyone at the store even knowing it’s you. Walking through the front door dressed to the 9s with security pushing everyone out of your way is not the way. This is not an issue of privacy, but of being unhappy with their own PR tactics.

Mindy – I used to think so too. If you keep your last name, Ms. is the appropriate title even when married.

lulululu on

This stuff is not “leaked”. They have a PR rep who went overboard. This is a common practice to create buzz and get regular people to spend money there too, this store just was unsubtle about it at best, though over the line in my view. These are the second celebrities to slap the store on the wrist.

As mentioned above, truly high-level stores don’t leak information. This store with its fancy name is a big wannabe.

Kat on

I honestly can’t imagine why they are so upset about this. It’s not like they are ones to try to maintain a simple, normal life despite their celebrity. There are articles in magazines nearly weekly that discuss how much $ they spend on Suri’s clothing, why get upset over this one store? Yes, it’s not exactly an ethical way to do business, but simply go elsewhere, no need to call out the lawyers. I can’t help but contrast this to last fall when George Clooney was in the motorcyclde accident & his medical information (!) was disclosed. Even with something that personal, he was able to be gracious & say that he hoped he would be resolved without loss of jobs, etc. Compare that to Cruise having a fit over something as silly as how much he spends on his kid’s clothes!

sheba on

I believe everyone has an expectation of privacy when shopping. What you bought and spent is between you and that establishment. When you get your receipt, the cashier doesn’t hand it to the stranger next to you. Most of the time they fold it and give it to you directly because it’s no one’s business how much you spent on what, what you bought and what is the last 4 digits of your credit card number.

Whether PT did something wrong or not, clearly something transpired that they had to be issued a warning.

In retail you are dealing with very personal information and that information should be handled descreetly for everyone including what and how much you purchased. If it’s okay for someone to leak how much you spent on baby clothes, next it will be okay for someone to leak how much someone spent on their AIDS medication.

It’s ashame we live in such a tabloid society where everything from medical records to store receipts of celebrities are for sale. It’s disgusting.

And it’s not just celebrities. Your identity can be stolen at any time each time you swipe your credit or bank card or write a check at the Winn Dixie.

luckymurre on

From what I understand from the other celeb site I visit, Tom and Katie had no problem with Petit TrĂ©sor leaking info about their purchases before, such as when Katie was pregnant with Suri. Seems like they only want good publicity. Spending $300-$400K on baby clothes/accessories is kind of embarrassing, in my opinion. (Yes, I realize the Cruises can spend their money however they wish, but I still think it’s ostentatious and unnecessary consumerism, much like JLo’s over-the-top nursery.)

annie on

FYI, there is no privacy when you are shopping. It is a public activity. The next time you are at Target anyone who wants to can tell the press what you purchased….everyone sees what you are buying. While your account information (credit cards, etc.) is controlled by the store and state law the actual items that you purchased are public….shopping is a public activity.

Tom needs to find a better way to spend his time. And if they are unhappy with the store they need to just stop shopping there…not rocket science.

Erin on

I’m actually glad Tom and Katie pounced their lawyers on them – Petit Tresor needs to learn to keep their clients’ information private and stop spreading gossip about them. I don’t even understand how this store is still in business since they obviously have a great lack of ethics.

celia on

I guess we aren’t getting a Shiloh birthday thread today. : (

Kat on

Annie- Thank you for pointing that out! I was about to do that myself. I’ve never commented before but this was so ridiculous I had to!

An expectation of privacy when you shop? Are you kidding me? If you want privacy then shop online from your house. If you go to a PUBLIC store ANYONE can see what you purchase and how much you spend. I agree that maybe the store shouldn’t disclose that to the press, but it certainly isn’t worth suing over. Just don’t shop there. But there shouldn’t be any assumptions that your shopping will be private. That is ridiculous!

avidia on

well… legally speaking, there’s no confidentiality agreement bet. customer and store owner. it’s only the discretion of the store owner who choose not to reveal the details of the customer’s purchase. Tom can flag his high lawyer all he wants, but there’s no cause of action.


I don’t think they are suing. They just sent a letter asking the store to stop blabbing to the tabloids.Legally speaking, there is no confidentiality agreement, but if the store is giving untrue information about how much money they spent (which is what the lawyer’s letter says), they would have a case. If you have a high profile customer that spends a lot of money at your store, it makes good common business sense to respect their privacy and not blab to the tabloids.

Maria on

I would like to see how posters saying it is OK fro Petit Tresor to talk about their clients react when Target tells people behind you in the queue what you have just purchased. I am sure this letter too was supposed to be private. Whatever they spend, it is their money and they have a right to privacy. Notice that they are not suing CBB for info published about Suri’s clothing on this site.

Lauren on

Petit Tresor has made it clear they have no problem revealing their customer’s purchases. While I agree that doing so is highly unethical behavior on their part, I think Tom is at the very least surprisingly naive if he and Katie chose to drop so much money at a store with such a blabbermouth reputation expecting that their purchases would be kept private. Don’t like a store’s marketing strategies? Don’t support the store. Doing so only adds to the problem.

On another note (and I don’t expect this portion to be published), I have noticed a trend on this site that is slightly disturbing to me. When I just browsed through the last 100 comments, I came across several regarding a post about Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s hair. All the comments I read were interesting, informative, and in no way confrontational. Despite that, when I clinked on the link to the story, it had inevitably been removed from the site. Because I didn’t get to see the original story or all the following comments, I have no way of knowing whether things got out of hand. But removing this story is the latest example of what I feel is this site’s avoidance/silencing of any opinion that may not be completely PC, for lack of a better phrase. What I always enjoyed about this site was the fact that people were allowed to say what they thought as long as it wasn’t outlandish or disrespectful. The fact that the site has now taken to refusing to post comments regarding certain parenting practices, childrens’ hair styles, and continued uses of infant accessories into childhood has become outright censorship. I say this not because I wanted to post nasty comments regarding these topics-I usually don’t post at all- but because I think not allowing readers to say, “I don’t like this” or “I disagree with that” is only encouraging the mindset that the site should be all puppies and popsicles with no legitimate discussion. I don’t know why this trend has begun, but as I already said, I find it discouraging and disturbing on several levels. I don’t know how many readers feel the same, but for whatever it was worth, I wanted to say my piece. I’ve continued to read this site because there is no better when it comes to the subject and discussion of celebrity babies; now that much of the discussion has been silenced, it has me seriously contemplating whether to take my readership elsewhere.

loren on

I don’t even let my husband know exactly how much I spend. lol If I was a celebrity I would have to shop under an assumed name lol.
I don’t think it is neccessary to say how much they spent. (or how much I spent for that matter):) That said if I was the store I would keep my customers spending habits private so they could continue shopping and dropping those big bucks:)

Lilybett on

Yes, it’s a bad way to do business. Yes, they should have some right to privacy about their purchases… And I agree with comments above that celebs have to pick their battles but of all the things in the world they could bring their might, money and attention to, why this? We see nearly all the baby clothes in pap pictures. Cruise showed Oprah and the world through his house and even picked up a pair of ladybeetle shoes and said these are Suri’s favourites (enormous plug for that company!). It does seem to be about the public knowing the amount, rather than the individual products themselves.

Ashley on

First off people need to understand. TOM AND KATIE ARE NOT SUING THEM. All they did was have their lawyers send them a letter asking the store to stop, and the store has said the problem has been resolved. And also if anyone does research, when the store owner did interviews she replied that the amount that Tom and Katie have spent at the store was “significantly less.” People are just being nitpicky with them, which is nothing new with them.

celia on

when will we get a shiloh birthday post?

Jessica L. on

Petit Tresor has always rubbed me the wrong way. I absolutely refuse to buy anything from them, which is a shame because they sell adorable stuff, because they have ALWAYS done stuff like this. They are always telling the press and paparazzi about what celebrities are buying there and who just created a registry there. Petit Tresor has a bad rep for releasing false information about celebrities who supposedly shopped there and it turns out to be false. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. And the poster who said above “How would you feel if the cashier at Target told the other people in the store everything you bought and how much it cost?” You would all be irate! I would be extremely frustrated if I were Tom & Kate. For cryin’ out loud who cares how much they spent on a bunch of blankets and clothes and whatever else?

sheba on

I don’t believe that I’m ridiculous in expecting my purchases to remain my business and that of the establishment. If someone sees me buying something then blabs it all over town, so be it, but I expect store staff to handle their customers information with respect, courtesy, privacy. This wasn’t some fan blabbing to the tabloids this was a store that leaked private information and while it may not be a legal issue it certainly is a courtesy issue.

And maybe Tom doesn’t have a legal case but he can certainly make it so that no other celebrity shops in that store again as they lose their credibility. I say good for him.

I agree with the poster, that said let the cashier yell out that one of these mothers on here just bought wart medicine for their kid or pull ups for their 9 year old or a large box of condoms with spermicide and then tell me you don’t have an expectation of privacy even when shopping in a store.

There is also no such thing as shopping anonymously online. Amazon, Itunes, Macy’ all sell your information and usually with your permission to any and all companies they do they business with and then they sell to their friends, and so on and so on. You’re actually better off going into a store as their is much less of an electronic footprint.

brooke on

I agree with tom

Audrey on

I agree with Amanda, Tom can defiantly hand out the judgments but cannot take them himself, it irks me the way he does this.

To me I don’t really see what the big deal is, people buy things everyday, spend alot of money, and they don’t sneak around the register trying to look inconspicuous so others would not know what they are buying. Just makes Tom & Katie look guilty to me.

Kim Klotz on

I am just tired of Tom Cruise. I don’t mean this to be a insulting remark, but I have felt that in the past several years he has put himself high up on a pedestal and looks down on everybody. Fans that watched his movies 25 years ago put him where he is today. I really love Katie and Suri though, and I read all about them. I love that they are so fashionable and Suri seems to like to have her picture taken. I just wish Tom would realize that we helped him get to Superstar status.